Top 30: Best & Sexiest Indian OnlyFans Accounts (2023)

Top 30: Best & Sexiest Indian OnlyFans Accounts (2023)

Searching for the best Indian OnlyFans accounts might seem a bit tricky because there aren’t a whole lot of them. Even if you do manage to find some accounts, chances are high that they post content that are mostly non-nude.

So, why would you want to spend your own time researching and finding the best OnlyFans accounts from India when you can rely on someone like me to do the work for you.

If you are a regular visitor on my site, then you’d know that I love doing all the research when it comes to XXX content. And this article is no different!

I have spent a lot of time and managed to find some of the hottest OnlyFans accounts from India that you will love to explore. So, let’s not waste any more time and explore them!

Best Indian OnlyFans Girls: New This Month

The Hottest Indian OnlyFans Accounts (2023)

1. Latika Jha

latika jha onlyfans

If there’s any Indian who’s killing it in the adult industry, then that’s got to be Latika Jha! She’s gorgeous, she’s seductive and she’s really slutty as she loves experimenting when it comes to sex. Put a throbbing cock in the same room as her and she’ll immediately crawl over to it and start sucking on it like a cock-hungry slut.

She is an amateur performer who shoots a ton of hardcore content and releases on all her accounts, and her OnlyFans account is no different. Here you will find her sucking on all kinds of dicks to give you the naughtiest content you’ll ever see. And she also posts images where she poses in the sexiest manner possible, and there are solo shows too!

2. Rai Blue (aka Rai Blunt)

rai blunt onlyfans

Rai Blue is one of the top performers on Pornhub and with the kind of content she puts out on a regular basis, it’s no wonder that she’s one of the best Indian creators on OnlyFans too!

This stunner is blessed with a voluptuous body and an adorable face with a cute smile. Plus, she’s got big natural titties and she possesses a sex drive unlike any other. She loves sucking on cocks so much that most of her videos feature her with a giant cock throbbing in her mouth till it delivers every single drop of cum deep inside her throat.

3. Sahara Knite

sahara knite onlyfans

This girl right here happens to be one of the best British/Indian porn performers who mostly feature in hardcore sex scenes. Apart from performing professionally, she also shoots content on her own for her OnlyFans page, and this content is really fucking epic!

Watch Sahara Knite as she sucks on a cock, fucks a black dude, have an orgy or fuck a fellow woman. And when she can’t find a partner, she still pulls through by putting on a solo show where she masturbates, plays with her gorgeous body or uses her favorite toys to gift herself a quivering orgasm.

4. Priya Young OnlyFans

priya young onlyfans

Priya Young is one half of the Indian twin sisters who does porn, and she has one of the most popular Indian OnlyFans accounts on this list!

She and her sister are two slutty babes who shoot with each other, have a bath together and pose together while completely naked. While they don’t fuck each other, they do have a ton of images to spice up your imagination.

And with Priya Young having her individual OnlyFans page means that you get to see this tattooed bombshell giving her fans some solo content that is hot enough to turn them on!

5. Preeti Young OnlyFans

preeti young onlyfans

Preeti Young, just like her twin sister Priya, is a gorgeous babe who loves getting naughty and kinky on camera. She too is one of the most subscribed Indian OnlyFans creators on this list!

On her OnlyFans page, you can expect to see more of this stunner as she posts pictures and videos of hers that are way hotter than you can imagine. While there’s not any hardcore content featuring her sister, you can expect her to bring her friends over to have some naughty fun.

And there’s always the nude images and solo videos where she showcases her perfect figure, plays with her gorgeous titties, finger her beautiful pussy and twerk her round butt!

6. Priya Ares

priya ares onlyfans

This girl is yet another top OnlyFans creators from India, and she has achieved this feat based solely on her flawless looks!

Priya Ares is an international model who also posts some really risqué content on her page. While there doesn’t seem to be a lot of nude posts on her account, her posts feature her being almost naked. And she does wear a lot of revealing clothing, even see-through clothing some time, to give her fans content that is worth paying for.

7. Kayla Kapoor

Unlike most of the Indians on OnlyFans, Kayla Kapoor goes all the way without holding anything back when it comes to shooting hardcore content.

Most of the girls on this list might not do nude scenes, or hide their faces while doing them, Kayla has no qualms in bearing it all and showing off her well-toned figure to the world. And that is the reason why her account is filled with explicit content.

She posts multiple pics and videos daily, there’s solo shows and boy/girl scenes, she uses a ton of sex toys in her videos, and she posts a ton of nude shots too. And she’s also open to a bit of sexting so you can have a chat with this lovely stunner!

8. Marina Maya

marina maya onlyfans

Marina Maya is a pornstar so you already know that her OnlyFans page must be packed with posts so hot and happening that you will get your money’s worth!

This babe looks stunning as she has an all-natural body with curly hair and gorgeous tits, plus she’s seductive as fuck. She loves to interact with her fans which is why she does a lot of live webcam shows and gets naughty on camera.

Her page is filled with exclusive XXX content because she does boy/girl, interracial and lesbian, solo, facials, blowjobs, squirting, footjobs and even bondage all the time.

9. Indian Kitten

indian kitten onlyfans

Indian Kitten is one of the top OnlyFans creators from India who loves showing off her petite figure and putting on a show for her horny fans.

Once you become a part of her tribe, you’ll get access to her private posts which is mostly her being her naughty self. She loves posing naked and exposing her perfect titties. And with the kind of body she has, there’s no reason why she shouldn’t show it off to the world!

10. Priya Anjali Rai OnlyFans

priya anjali rai onlyfans

I am sure that no one here is unaware of who Priya Anjali Rai is because she is one of the most popular pornstars of all time, and now she is the owner of one of the best Indian OnlyFans accounts!

Priya Rai is the most seductive and the sluttiest MILF of your dreams. She’s got a gorgeous body with perfect curves, her tits are literal perfection and her ass is legendary. She looks so fucking hot that even when fully dressed, she can seduce men and women with ease and make them do her bidding.

Her porn performances were always amazing which is the reason why her OnlyFans is also worth following. She not only posts XXX content on her page, but you also get glimpse inside her private life which also happens to be filled with naughty stuff!

11. Sophia The Minx

sophiatheminx onlyfans

Sophie The Minx has been blessed with a gorgeous figure and she has no issues in exposing it to the world. In fact, she jumps on every opportunity that allows her to strip out of her clothing and let her tits hang free because her tits are a work of art that everyone should see at least once.

She doesn’t show her face in her posts, but she always shows her tits, her ass and her entire body and I think that’s fair. Plus, the kind of content she posts is also pretty hot. I mean there’s boy/girl sex, solo play, squirting, anal play and the usage of toys, and she even dresses up in the sexiest outfits she could find!

12. Sam Singh

sam singh onlyfans

I discovered this girl while writing this article and I am glad that I found her because she is present on virtually all the platforms that allow her to post her own amateur content, including OnlyFans.

Sam Singh is without a doubt one of the top Indian OnlyFans girls who has thousands of posts on her page that every subscriber can see. She posts hardcore sex scenes, she posts solo shows and she uses a ton of toys to create amazing content.

Plus, she looks stunning which means that even her non-nude pictures and videos are highly erotic and enough to make her fans beg for more!

13. Viva Athena

viva athena onlyfans

Viva Athena is one of the few Indians on OnlyFans that offer a subscription at a cheap price. And even after keeping the price at the lowest, she managed to post daily updates without fail!

With almost a thousand posts on her profile, you have a lot of content to go through if you decide to become a member. Some of the content is professionally shot, some is amateur but I can guarantee that everything on her page is hot and sexy and absolutely worth the price you are paying.

14. TheStartOfUs

thestartofus onlyfans

TheStartOfUs happens to be a couple who love being all naughty and kinky with each other, and take pleasure by showing off their sexcapades to the world!

While the guy doesn’t show his face or come in front of the camera, the girl is always in the front. She is proud of her gorgeous figure and loves showing it off to her fans. So, whether she’s on her knees sucking on her man’s cock, or lying down while he pounds her pussy, you get to see this gorgeous slut.

Apart from the hardcore videos, you’ll also get stunning photo sets where the babe poses in the gorgeous outfits, or just be in her birthday suit!

15. Kaira Nisha

kaira nisha onlyfans

Here’s another gorgeous Indian babe who’s on her way to stardom if she continues to put out high quality content on OnlyFans!

Kaira Nisha has just started in the adult industry and I for one am really interested to see just how far she goes. She looks stunning, her body is perfect and she is inked too which makes her even more hot.

She does live shows, take custom requests, posts photos and videos weekly, and does solo shows and even boy/girl!

16. Kiran Hayer

kiran hayer onlyfans

Going by the number of posts she has on her OnlyFans page, I would say that Kiran Hayer doesn’t upload as often as most of the other girls listed on this page does.

But considering that this stunning youngster is fresh out of college, she might be taking a break. One thing that is really important is that she is a curvaceous babe who’s blessed with massive natural tits, and she doesn’t shy away from playing with them and showing them off to her fans.

17. Karismatic

karismatic onlyfans

Do you want the dirtiest content? Do you like watching hardcore scenes featuring a voluptuous babe? Then Karismatic is the creator who you need to follow!

She is without a doubt one of the best Indian OnlyFans girls who publishes a ton of boy/girl clips that are up to 15 minutes long. And unlike some of the girls mentioned here, she shows her face too while she’s being fucked.

Blowjobs, threesomes, gangbangs and anal play is what she absolutely loves, and her profile is filled with hundreds of posts featuring her taking care of a hard cock. And don’t even get me started on that curvy body of hers and those big natural tits because they are literal perfection!

18. HisSlut69

hisslut69 onlyfans

This ‘Desi Wife’ is here to take care of your sexual cravings and if you ever feel horny, just watch her videos and you’ll be able to release all your sexual tension.

HisSlut69 is a gorgeous Indian-American girl who describes herself as a hotwife slut, and going by all the posts she uploads on her profile I am inclined to agree with her. Unfortunately, she doesn’t reveal her face. But her beautiful body and those big titties are a treat to watch. She also shoots custom content so if you’ve got a fantasy that you’d like her to bring to life, just send her a message.

19. Kali Sudhra

kali sudhra onlyfans

Kali Sudhra looks really good, but when you find out that she’s a dominatrix, you might develop a sudden urge of being dominated and punished.

Her content is amazing and she loves giving her partners the pleasure that they crave, and also makes sure that her fans leave satisfied after seeing her pics and watching her videos. And the best part is that her OnlyFans account is absolutely free!

20. Your Priya

yourpriya onlyfans

Your Priya is another Indian OnlyFans creator who, despite not revealing her face, creates some of the sexiest content you could ever watch.

She and her partner are an amateur couple who regularly shoot and upload hardcore homemade sex scenes, and I have to say that they are really good. She loves sucking on cocks and she also enjoys anal penetration.

And the couple do a lot of roleplay in their scenes too. So, if you want to watch exclusive content featuring Priya, then OnlyFans is the place that you can do so!

21. Aaliyah Patel


Don’t let her innocence fool you, Aaliyah may not have a lot of real world experience but she’s been itching to get out there and has been practicing for when the opportunity presents itself, as you’ll soon find out. You won’t find an Indian girl OnlyFans that can claim the same things that this one can, especially not on a free account, and you have a chance to personally play a part in helping Aaliyah gain sexy new experiences through sexting, requesting customs, and supporting the explicit solo content she is more than happy to share with her loyal followers. 

22. Scarlett Wilson


Real life Bollywood actress and model Scarlett Wilson has graced her fans with a profile that promises to be one of the best Indian OnlyFans for anyone who wants an intimate look into a public personality. Her page is exclusively dedicated to extra content, behind the scenes footage, glimpses of her daily life, and the chance to interact with her directly both on her posts and in her direct messages, something that fans can’t do anywhere else with this Bollywood starlet. 

23. Nina Hadid


If petite East Indian princesses make your heart soar, you won’t want to pass up Nina Hadid’s hot explicit profile. For her generously low subscription cost you get to see her daily posts and story uploads as well as access to everything she has posted in the past automatically included. Nina hosts exciting weekly live streams where you get to see her respond on the spot to tipped requests as she asks her fans to challenge her creativity.

Her loyal followers get exclusive full length videos every month and new subscribers get access to everything she’s sent out via DMs for PPV, but some of them are completely free. Followers can’t get enough of her interactive and intimate user experience with personalized messages, dick ratings, and panties for sale all available on her main page. 

24. Teena Kaur 


Worship at the Temple of Teena Kaur on the best Indian OnlyFans for anyone who has been searching for a truly authentic East Indian experience. This naughty girl’s page is where you can find it, complete with natural features and well spoken Punjabi. A skill very few can claim. Teena is hoping you can help her try new things and explore her naughty side by requesting custom content featuring anything from fully nude kinky photos and videos, fetish requests, instructional videos, and sexting. You can even request her personal items like underwear and lingerie to be sent to you after she has a fun time wearing it. 

25. Dope Girl 604


Tattooed East Indian girl OnlyFans is run by Dope Girl 604, a Big Booty Baddie with a mission to rise to the top of the OnlyFans ranks, starting with joining the top 1% of creators. Along with showing off her luscious curves and exotic features on her exclusive profile, she’s a business owner and a boss ass you know what who doesn’t let just anyone see this seductive side of her. Are you ready? 

26. Sandy Bhabi


You are being offered the unique opportunity to help traditional Desi Wife, Sandy Bhabi start her new sexual journey into homemade Indian OnlyFans Porn as she breaks away from the traditional expectations of her role and lets her wild side out to freely enjoy pleasure. You won’t find an OnlyFans experience like this, where you’ll get regular updates into the fun situations she gets herself into and offer suggestions and support for her debut sexual exploration. All of this is included in her modest monthly subscription and you won’t want to miss out.  

27. Anjali


This OnlyFans is full of the real life encounters of the hot East Indian babe, Anjali, as she fulfills her own sexual fantasies with as many hot guys as she can meet up with, sometimes more than one at once. Her page has solo play both with and creatively without toys, point of view content that really helps you get into the mood, amatueur sex tapes, threesomes, and orgies. Anjali is a sweet little vixen who wants to satisfy your needs so don’t be shy about making requests for custom content featuring her in creative new situations so she can have more exciting sexual experiences to fantasize about in her downtime. 

28. Curvy Brown Girl


Get to know this Curvy Brown Girl’s naughty side intimately as she explores and documents her sexuality with her newfound independence in college. She’s already a successful cam model but now she exclusively posts recorded content to her Indian OnlyFans page for followers to devour and enjoy. Her monthly subscription includes everything already posted but if you’re hungry for more, she specifically requests that you message her privately and share your dirty thoughts and personal pics so she can join in on the fun too. 

29. Vivashiva


We just found the best Indian OnlyFans you’ll ever come across. Vivashiva runs a paid profile where absolutely everything is free and included in her monthly subscription cost. Not just uncensored photos and videos and casual messaging, but custom requests, entering live streams, sexting, dick rates, full length videos, and even to access her girlfriend experience. This Indian goddess wants to be your extra personal, extra available, extra hardcore slut and serve your every need. Just sign up for your monthly subscription and everything she has to offer can be all yours.

30. Spicy Indian


If you’ve ever wanted to get with the girl next door who happens to be an exotic East Indian, the OnlyFans profile of Spicy Indian is exactly where you want to be. Whether you want to indulge in the luscious and curvy fantasies she already offers on her page that are automatically unlocked when you sign up and subscribe, or you have any custom desires that you think she would be perfect for bringing to life, her inbox is ready and open to requests and she’s eager to be your next sensual escape. 

Which Of These Indian OnlyFans Accounts Did You Like?

These were some of the best Indians on OnlyFans that you can subscribe to right now. Some have a subscription fee in double digits but most of them offer a monthly subscription at a pretty cheap price.

But if you are fan of Indians and want to see them in some hardcore scenes, then these creators are your best bet.

So, make sure to subscribe to these Indian OnlyFans girls and let me know what you think about them!

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