Check out the new video starring pornstars, Bonnie Rotten, Kira Noir and Bill Bailey, titled “He Came At Night: Part 2” released on October 27, 2018!

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Synopsis: “Bonnie wakes up to her phone ringing and groggily picks it up. Her eyes open wide with terror when she hears the caller breathing heavily. She jumps up and sees the hooded figure watching her from the corner of the room. Bonnie runs out of the house and down the street to her neighbor’s house, banging on the door until Bill Bailey answers smiling. Bonnie bursts into the house and tells her story in a panic while Kira Noir tries to console her. Bonnie insists that this wasn’t a prank, but Kira and Bill convince her there’s nothing to be worried about. Eager to believe them, Bonnie starts to calm down with the help of Kira and Bill. A sexy threesome is exactly what Bonnie needs to take her mind off thingsā€¦ but is she really safe at their house?”

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