the landlady foxxi black izzy delphine kathy anderson fake hostel

When you are a couple of hot girls on a backpacking trip, it is essential to keep your purses stocked with money, otherwise, you will have to eat the landlady’s (Kathy Anderson) pussy and ass as a form of payment so that she let’s you stay at the hostel.


Synopsis: Backpacking buddies Foxxi Black and Izzy Delphine are on their way to Amsterdam, and their journey has been an arduous one. Exhausted from the day’s travels, Izzy begs Foxxi for a quick rest at a nearby hostel. Arriving on the premises, the ladies are met by The Landlord’s wife, a blonde MILF wearing a white robe. Showing them to their rooms, The Landlord’s Wife demands payment from the ladies, a sum of 100 Euro each! Shocked, Foxxi and Izzy stammer how they do not have that kind of money, and ask if they can make a deal. The Landlord’s Wife drops her robe, revealing subtle tits and a shaved pussy, then eats Foxxi out. After she’s finished with the brunette, The MILF eats Izzy as well, then turns both ladies around to give their tight asses a spanking. Once satisfied, The Landlord’s Wife pushes Izzy and Foxxi to their knees, where they eat her ass and pussy until she gets off on their faces!


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