17 Best Free Dick Rating OnlyFans Featuring Free Cock Rating Models in 2024

Every guy has probably looked up the average dick size and measured themselves to know how they stack up against the rest, but if you’ve ever wondered about appeal, shape, and girth, who better to ask than a girl who has seen hundreds, or even thousands, of dicks? Free dick rates are not only a great way to get an honest answer, they can be a big turn on and ego pump while showing off your cock to make her blush.

A free dick rating might be included in your subscription for a model while other models may charge a small fee for their experienced wisdom, but the best free dick rates don’t cost a thing. We’ve scoured the web for girls who offer free dick rates on OnlyFans and compiled a list of the most experienced, sexy, and usually honest girls for your pleasure.

Top Free Dick Rate OnlyFans – Best Free Dick Ratings

Free Dick Rating OnlyFans – Free Cock Rating OnlyFans Models You Can Follow

  • Lea — Fetish Friendly Dick Rating OnlyFans Page
  • Lagonzalez31 — Daily Posting Free Dick Rate OnlyFans Babe
  • BabyTammy — Free Dick Rate OnlyFans with Many Pics
  • Terin — Free Dick Rate OnlyFans and Couples Content
  • Emma — Friends with Benefits Dick Rating OnlyFans Gal
  • Amber — Free Cock Ratings OnlyFans Stripper
  • Kirajoh89 — Dick Rating OnlyFans Queen
  • Feebz — Bushy Free Dick Rate Free Spirit
  • Annabelle — Free Dick Rate OnlyFans Mistress
  • Lala — Wettest Free Cock Rating OnlyFans Model

The Best Free Dick Rates OnlyFans Accounts With Dick Rating Only Fans Content in 2024

1. Lea — Fetish Friendly Dick Rating OnlyFans Page


  • Almost 2,500 pics to see
  • 53,000+ likes
  • Subscription bundles and deals

Where to Follow:

About Lea:

Lea is a blonde bombshell that will do anything for a good time. She specializes in sloppy blowjobs, messy facials, and everything else that might require extra clean up. After subscribing, Lea offers free dick ratings and custom content made just for you. If you want extra special attention, Lea offers a VIP tier on her page where the content gets even sexier and more personalized. Have a certain fetish you like? Lea will be more than happy to accommodate.

2. Lagonzalez31 — Daily Posting Free Dick Rate OnlyFans Babe


  • 51,000+ likes
  • Free to subscribe
  • Replies to all messages personally

Where to Follow:

About Lagonzalez31:

Naughty nurse and pigtailed princess Lagonzalez is a bilingual goddess ready to serve you. She never leaves her followers out to dry because she posts explicit content daily on her free dick rating OnlyFans page. Lagonzalez’s ratings aren’t your standard copy paste script, no, she’ll use your name and personalize every aspect of the custom video to make sure it’s exactly how you like it.

3. BabyTammy — Free Dick Rate OnlyFans with Many Pics


  • Approaching 16,000 pics to unlock
  • Free to subscribe
  • 68,000 likes and 47,000 fans

Where to Follow:

About BabyTammy:

With her effortlessly cool style, and eyes that tell you she’s up to no good, BabyTammy is the definition of a baddie. She already has an incredible 15,000 pics waiting for you to unlock on her page and doesn’t intend to slow down anytime soon. The self proclaimed queen of dick rating, Tammy knows good dicks when she sees them and isn’t shy about telling you how yours measures up. Big or small, she likes them all, so snap her a pic of yours and she can start fantasizing about everything she will do with it.

4. Terin — Free Dick Rate OnlyFans and Couples Content


  • Almost 145,000 likes
  • Subscription bundles and deals
  • Over 3,000 pics and videos to enjoy

Where to Follow:

About Terin:

Terin is a fun username that combines the names “tyler” and “erin”, the two creators of this dick rating OnlyFans account. This salacious couple likes to post hot sex tapes and behind the scenes videos of their naughty antics, in fact, it makes them horny to know their fans are watching. With a low subscription fee, you’ll get access to tons of different kinds of content including a free dick rating when you subscribe and hours worth of content to sink your teeth into.

5. Emma — Friends with Benefits Dick Rating OnlyFans Gal


  • Free to subscribe
  • 163,000+ likes
  • Almost 1,000 media posts

Where to Follow:

About Emma:

A self described dick rating fan, Emma isn’t shy at all when it comes to her desires. Friendly by nature but naughty as all hell in the bedroom, she’s looking for any excuse to see your hard cock — don’t keep her waiting. Rather than a committed kind of wifey, this girl is perfectly happy as a straight up, hit-it-and-quit-it friends-with-benefits type so don’t worry about her catching feelings.

6. Amber — Free Cock Ratings OnlyFans Stripper


  • 22,000+ likes
  • Replies to every message
  • Approaching 1,600 pics and videos

Where to Follow:

About Amber:

Amber, the color of caution. That is exactly what you get from this free dick rating OnlyFans creator because if you are not careful you will fall completely and utterly under her spell. Her stripper and exotic dancing past has given her the skills to handle loads of all kinds, so yours shouldn’t be a problem for her. If you want to find the way to her heart, check out Amber’s wishlist and send her a gift to get pics that can make your knees quiver.

7. Kirajoh89 — Dick Rating OnlyFans Queen


  • Free to subscribe
  • Almost 80,000 likes and over 100,000 fans
  • 1,600+ pics and videos

Where to Follow:

About Kirajoh89:

Another self appointed royal member of the dick rating kingdom, Kirajoh loves to flaunt her skills and give honest ratings. She won’t hold back on letting you know exactly what she thinks of your cock, so if you don’t think you can handle the heat then stay out of the kitchen. Kira’s free dick rating page is just for teasing you, once she has you begging for more you can check out either of her two paid OnlyFans pages to get the content you crave.

8. Feebz — Bushy Free Dick Rate Free Spirit


  • Under $10 / month to subscribe
  • Over 650 pics and videos to see

Where to Follow:

About Feebz:

Some women shy away from rocking an unruly 80’s style bush, but not Feebz. In fact, she is extremely proud of her unkempt forest, lovingly naming it Feebz Jr. Her bush often makes guest appearances during her sexy dick ratings, but it’s just trying to say hello. Whether you want someone to boost your ego, or degrade your pathetic cock, Feebz can do both. As a free-spirited OnlyFans creator, she loves to share what she is getting up to on her time abroad and shares all aspects of her life on her profile and dick rating OnlyFans page.

9. Annabelle — Free Dick Rate OnlyFans Mistress


  • Almost 100,000 likes
  • Big menu of content
  • Cheap subscription and bundles

Where to Follow:

About Annabelle:

Annabelle, not like the scary doll from your nightmares, more like the salacious girl from your dreams. Going by Annabelle roars, this model is no stranger to holding her mouth open and screaming — in pleasure and in pain. Her subscription rate is low and includes a free basic dick rating. If you are nice and spoil Annabelle, you might even be able to squeeze additional ratings out of her, but be careful what you wish for.

10. Lala — Wettest Free Cock Rating OnlyFans Model


  • 200,000+ likes
  • Only $4.99 / month to subscribe
  • 6,000 pics and counting

Where to Follow:

About Lala:

Bring an umbrella, or multiple towels to lay on the bed because Lala has a nasty habit of soaking any room she enters. Aptly naming her account Lala gets wet, she is a gushing goddess that truly does not hold her inhibitions back. Seriously, you’ve never seen a wetter pussy before, and once you have a taste it will be all you can think about. Lala does her dick rates in either record video or live call form, so pick how you want it and get to business.

OnlyFans Dick Rate Models – Free Dick Rating OnlyFans In Conclusion

Whether you’re hung like a horse or have a small pecker, free dick rates are an easy way to find out what your favorite OnlyFans girls think about your cock. As these girls are all online, there isn’t really another way to know if she’d be wowed by your dick unless you show it off and she rates it. Experience the thrill of putting yourself out there and if you’re lucky you might even turn her on and get some action on a call.

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