73 Best Gay OnlyFans Models Featuring the Top OnlyFans Gay Accounts in 2024

Many people assume that the OnlyFans platform is just designed for straight males. The truth is, OnlyFans is chock-full of amazing content creators of all backgrounds and orientations. Our crew sat down and looked for some of the best gay Only Fans accounts to please our homosexual audience. We think you’ll be thrilled and enchanted with these incredible Only Fans gay models, so let’s jump right in and take a look!

Best Gay OnlyFans Models – Top Gay Only Fans Accounts

Best Gay OnlyFans Models – Hottest Gay Only Fans Models You Can Follow

The Top Gay OnlyFans Model Accounts

1. Jayden Rembacher — Most Muscle-Bound OnlyFans Gay Model


  • 788.9K likes and counting
  • 599 pics and rising
  • $9.95/Month Subscription

Where to Follow:

About Jayden Rembacher:

Jayden is an absolute dream with his tanned, muscular body and penchant for all things porn. Check out this hot AF Only Fans gay content creator to get a load of steamy content. He’s a big fan of giving steamy jerk-off instructions and responds to every DM he gets. Jayden also loves to make custom content for fans and posts new goodies weekly including plenty of hot solo content. He also offers lots of privately sold, extra XXX videos you can buy if you’re looking to get down and dirty.

2. Tomtompics — The Top Gay OnlyFans Creator From the UK


  • 793.4K likes and counting
  • 1K pics and rising
  • $5.95/Month Subscription

Where to Follow:

About Tomtompics:

This Only Fans gay creator says he’s just a “normal gay lad” from the northern part of the UK, but he definitely has something unique to share. He uploads a mixture of short and long videos, most of which are solo. However, he also loves to surprise his fans with pornography collabs, too. This ginger is all about wanking and making sure that everyone cums right along with him. He also welcomes subscribers to send him DMs since he replies to everyone. Tomtompics also wants everyone to know he won’t spam his channel so everything you see is worth the view.

3. Leo — Top Gay Only Fans Creator With the Best Face


  • 774.7K likes and counting
  • 488 pics and rising
  • $15.99/Month Subscription

Where to Follow:

About Leo:

Leo is without a doubt one of the hottest and most beautiful of our favorite Only Fans gay creators. With his incredible, piercing blue eyes and chiseled body, he had to be added to our list. He offers both gay and bi content that shows full face and body shots throughout, along with collaborations and duo videos with other OnlyFans stars. Enjoy daily wanks and naughty sex tapes, cumshots, fingering, toy play, and tons more. Everything is uploaded in 4K and high-definition quality so you don’t miss a single detail.

4. Timothy Champagne — Tallest Top Gay OnlyFans Creator


  • 368.1K likes and counting
  • 3K pics and rising
  • $9.99/Month Subscription

Where to Follow:

About Timothy Champagne:

Crack open a bottle of bubbly, because we’re about to introduce you to Timothy Champagne, one of the best OnlyFans gay creators online. Not only is he hot and muscular, but he’s also rather tall, coming in at an impressive 6 feet, 5 inches. You’ll never have to worry about PPV videos here. Instead, Timothy uploads full-length porn for your enjoyment without an extra fee. Check him out on X to see what he’s up to and to get even more announcements about his latest steamy endeavors.

5. Daniel Shoneye — Hottest Gay OnlyFans Model in London


  • 329.8K likes and counting
  • 546 pics and rising
  • $9.99/Month Subscription

Where to Follow:

About Daniel Shoneye:

We were thrilled to stumble upon Daniel’s page because he’s without a doubt one of the hottest gay OnlyFans creators on this platform, hands down. This ebony, muscle-bound Londoner is a seasoned pro when it comes to porn, which is why you should subscribe. He’s taken to uploading longer videos and now has over 60 steamy collaborations as well. Daniel encourages his loyal fans to chat with him one-on-one, so don’t forget to slide into his DMs. He’ll also make you some custom videos if you ask him to create something specific you’d like to see.

6. Noah Way — Best Gay OnlyFans Twink Model


  • 275.3K likes and counting
  • 4.3K posts and rising
  • $9.99/Month Subscription

Where to Follow:

About Noah Way:

We think you’ll love Noah thanks to his gorgeous aesthetic and talent that makes him yet another of our best gay OnlyFans models. This twink is 22 years old and currently lives in Los Angeles, California. He’s also a gay VN winner and a fitness buff who loves to make custom pictures and videos on request. Make sure you check out his X and Instagram pages, too, where he loves to upload even more steamy photos and shorts to get you excited about what’s to come (or to cum).

7. MrDeepVoice — Sexiest Gay OnlyFans British Man


  • 257.7K likes and counting
  • 963 pics and rising
  • $10/Month Subscription

Where to Follow:

About MrDeepVoice:

Get ready for the thrill of a lifetime with this hot British bodybuilder. Also known as Thomas, MrDeepVoice is a sexy man who had to make our top gay Only Fans list. According to him, he has a big, tight backside and a thick cock that’ll get you going in no time. He also loves fitness, reading, traveling, and going to festivals. Not only does this hottie work toward constant self-improvement, but he loves to share his journey and interests with his adoring fans through DMs, so make sure you send him a message to connect while you tell him all about your deepest desires.

8. Alejo Pino — The Hot and Spicy Latin Gay OnlyFans Model


  • 200.5K likes and counting
  • 318 pics and rising
  • $12.99/Month Subscription

Where to Follow:

About Alejo Pino:

You might need to douse yourself in some ice water for this hot and spicy gay OnlyFans model. Alejo hails from Columbia and has a certain spiciness to his vibe. When he’s not out sunning on the beach and showing off his near-perfect body, he’s making loads of hot, uncensored porn on the OnlyFans platform to ensure his fans get off. Don’t forget to follow him on Instagram, because he loves to showcase his skills, friends, interests, and physique on that social media platform as well.

9. Malik Delgaty — Most Talented Top Gay Only Fans Creator


  • 197K likes and counting
  • 564 pics and rising
  • $11.99/month subscription

Where to Follow:

About Malik Delgaty:

While Malik is one of the best OnlyFans gay creators online today, he’s also talented in many other ways. This sexy 23-year-old man is based in Montreal, Canada, and says that he’s a hung muscle stud with a vibrant career in acting, modeling, and dancing. His goal is to make your dreams come true through loads of steamy content. Malik uploads new videos twice a month and is happy to make custom videos on request, Check out his 6’3”, 230-pound, muscular body to see what all the fuss is about.

10. Gymnastkid589 — Best Gay Only Fans Butt Online


  • 189.9K likes and counting
  • 2K pics and rising
  • $9.99/month subscription

Where to Follow:

About Gymnastkid589:

If you’re looking for some fun, cheeky content, you’ve come to the right place. Gynmnastkid589 says he’s a former gymnast but now he is currently a fitness and travel model. That’s why we chose him for our last best gay OnlyFans model. His short, fit physique will charm you while he gives you a peek into his life and his sexual adventures. If you like a nice butt, then this is the OF channel for you. He also wants everyone to enjoy his “cheeky content,” so you should go ahead and subscribe!

Best Gay OnlyFans Models in Conclusion

These incredible gay OnlyFans creators have so much to offer. From the cut and muscular beach Gods to the charming twinks, there’s something for everyone here. We hope you liked the picks for this list, and we’ll be back again soon with a brand-new roster of hotties to discover.

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