20 Of The Hottest German Onlyfans Models You Need More Of

20 Of The Hottest German Onlyfans Models You Need More Of

Today, we will showcase the hottest and best German OnlyFans Models you need to see more of. Germany is full of rich culture and fascinating history, not to mention some of the most alluring Only Fans creators to watch in 2023. They produce some of the sexiest, freshest content, you just have to check out. But first, if you’re new to OnlyFans, you’ll probably want to know what it’s all about.  

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is an all-access site founded in 2016 by the now billionaire Timothy Stokely. It increased significantly in popularity during the pandemic when sex workers and other performers found themselves unable to work with the public. This exciting website gave these inventive creators a platform to showcase their talents and skills without exposing themselves to unsafe practices, creating a wildly entertaining site for all of us to enjoy and flock to. OnlyFans has attracted 130 million registered users and over 2 million creators to date, with a user base that rose from less than 20 million to transactions increasing to $2.36 billion.

How does OnlyFans work?

OnlyFans is similar to Facebook in that each creator has their own page where they post pictures, videos, and other such posts. They can also direct message with their fans and unlock custom content if they so wish. Some pages offer a free subscription and some are paid monthly, or in monthly bundles. Some creators also offer a tip menu for more content if the user so desires. Each page is unique to the creator and access is open to anyone who subscribes. OnlyFans has a place for everyone to open up and be their sexy, wild selves – there are couples, pornstars, music creators, influencers, and so many more creatives.

Now let’s dig in and see what all the fuss is about. Are you ready to meet our top 9 German Only Fans you need to see more of?

Best German Onlyfans: Featured This Month

The Best German OnlyFans Accounts of 2023:


1. Lulusdreamz

Meet Lulu. This 18-year-old German beauty is ready to fulfill all your fantasies. Lulu loves to get wid and explore her naughty side. If you want to come to play the chastity game with her, she’s also a key holder. Lulu is creative and always into trying new things, although she asks you to be respectful.

Come journey into her private world – her thoughts, desires, and experiences – she wants to share them all with you. With regularly uploaded salacious pics and videos, Lulu is everything you need for a sexy, fun time. Come check out her page today and see what this hot young thing is all about. A subscription is only $25 per month – she wants to meet you! Come unload with Lulu!

2. Anna’s VIP

Anna, oh Anna, this sweet, sexy, and sultry German OnlyFans creator is just what you’re looking for. Anna is a humble girl that lives in Germany. She keeps this side of her hidden but loves to share it with her fans. You see, Anna has a dirty side, a side she keeps private and only discloses to her subscribers. Anna loves to talk about her fantasies and act them out for those watching.

A subscription gets you many exclusive things, including sexy photos and stunning videos, fetish-friendly services, chatting and sexting, explicit solo and girl-on-girl content that’s full length, not to mention custom content too. Anna wants to get to know you and chats every day with her subscribers.

If you’re going to get to know every inch of this hot AF model, check out her page and subscribe today. She even has special offers for new subscribers and those that set their subs for auto-renewal. Come be a VIP with Anna today!

3. Amanda Ries

This previously shy girl has discovered her sexual energy and wants to share it with all her subscribers. Amanda has a banging body that she loves to flaunt and show off — it’s perfect, curvy, and she has an ass that won’t quit, never mind her luscious, perfect tits. She practices many sports and works hard on her fitness, and it shows. Amanda has silky long blonde hair — the stuff dreams are made of.

This perfect babe posts daily exclusive content full of naughty, horny stuff you won’t be able to get enough of. She remembers being shy, so she doesn’t want you to be and will help you come out of your shell if need be. Amanda is a safe place to fulfill all your fantasies. She doesn’t think talking about sex is dirty — it’s a part of nature and a part of who we are.

So feel free to let loose and let your authentic self come through — there’s nothing to hide here. Amanda will sext with you, do dick ratings, and fulfill any custom wishes you may have. She has many favorite fetishes as well. Come explore your sexual energy with Amanda and check out her special subscription bundles. 

4. Scoopcake

Get ready to get wet with Scoopcake. You may know this sexy diva from Instagram, but here on OnlyFans, this German holds nothing back. Scoopcake actively posts multiple daily pics and videos, direct messaging with her subscribers constantly. Her exclusive, never before seen footage and the content will be sure to have you cumming in no time.

From a sexy secretary in sensual lingerie to a squirting nylon queen, this German has it all, and it’s all for you! Come subscribe today and unlock all her juiciest content – pictures, videos, and chats with your favorite

German princess. Scoopcake even offers subscription bundles, so what are you waiting for? Check out her tip menu for even more of the hottest content you can imagine.

5. Julia Römmelt

Julia is a sultry German model, luscious and fine. She is the primary owner and operator of her Only Fans page and produces all her own exclusive content, so you know when you’re sexting, you’ve got the one and only Julia.

Her page is very active, with constant videos and pics uploaded, giving you all access to her exciting life. Julia loves to play and share her world with her adoring fans. OnlyFans is the only place she can truly let loose. Sure, her Instagram is hot, but nothing beats her OnlyFans content.

With her premium nude photos and a free subscription, this site never gets old. There are so many reasons why you must check out Julia — you never know what you’re going to miss.

Come visit her page today, and see all the hottest content you’ve been missing with this German Only Fans account.

6. Chrissi

For only $14.99 a month, you get all access to this ample star’s content. Chrissi’s ass is gorgeous, so you’ll want to subscribe to see all she has to offer. This German model gives you exclusive entry to all she produces, including x-rated pictures and videos, sexting and chatting, and so much more.

For tips, you can get live videos and online messaging, custom content, salacious views, and anything else your heart desires. This brunette’s page is full of the hottest, never-seen-before footage that you’ll want to get your hands on, and it’s all just a click away!

Come see the best ass in Germany, you will not regret it!

7. Lylou Black

Lylou promises to become your favorite black-haired German girl. This buxom beauty is worth the subscription of only $12.95 per month, which gives you unlimited access to all her naughty and nice content. She produces all her own material and we promise she will leave you wanting more, which isn’t a problem since she posts regularly — all the hot x-rated pics and vids you could possibly ask for.

Lylou is a queen and has no problem showing you all her nude exposés, dynamic positions, and explicit videos. Lylou will even DM with you and she promises to reply, but a little tip will always get her attention faster.

Subscribe today to see all that this German OnlyFans creator has to offer. 

 8. Lins Pics

This amateur 23-year-old just might be your next favorite pornstar. Lins is a stunning, tattooed beauty that loves all things erotica. Her page is full of content that just oozes sex. Lins is a masturbation queen and will give you the time you need to get off and blow your load. Her content boasts creampies, teases anal arousal, and girl-on-girl action. You won’t be able to get enough of Lins Pics.

A subscription to all her hot AF content is just a click away. She’ll take you to places you’ve never dreamed of, and those that you’re fantasizing about. All you have to do is ask and Lins will see how she can accommodate all of your wishes.

Come see what this fetish-friendly babe is all about — for only $15 per month.

9. German Highheel Girl


An elusive dark haired fashion model who goes only by the name German Highheel Girl runs an exclusive OnlyFans profile where only the brave and bold may enter. This is because of the niche fetish she caters to which she’s made a part of her title so there’s absolutely no confusion. Fans are obsessed with her massive collection of shoes which she features in weekly released extensive photoshoots starring her, sex appeal, and extreme boots. All of her photos are professionally shot so you get to see her in her full high-definition glory. 

10. Luventa


Red-haired with delicate features, Luventa is a hot German fantasy that cannot be missed. Her page is her free creative room for bold artistic projects where her supporters get to see content that isn’t allowed on her Instagram or other social media profiles. She’s a generous creator, always looking for ways to engage with her followers and reward loyalty through freebies or going the extra mile in making custom content. All around, Luventa is offering a sensual experience you don’t want to miss. 

11. Anet


Sexy blonde Anet is a gorgeous German who can only be described as a supermodel, with flawless features and long tan legs that she happily reveals in all of the teaser photos she shares to her main wall. This German girl OnlyFans is free to subscribe to with the option to unlock paywalls to view spicier content or sign up for a lifetime membership to her VIP club where you get everything she posts unlocked straight to your DMs, the ability to chat with her for free, and also make custom requests at a huge discount. You won’t want to miss out on this model’s professional quality content, and the chance to dive in is completely free. 

12. Mistress Susi


Mistress Susi is a professional German Fetish Dominatrix. When we say professional, we mean it. This Mistress isn’t just putting on a show for her German OnlyFans, she does this for a living, and you can even find out where to solicit her services in real life by following the links to her website. Dominatrix Susi specializes in rubber and latex-wear, a highly sought after category of this niche, and often showcases her outfit collection and skills in the photos and videos she shares to her main feed. If you’ve ever been disappointed by the wanna-be FemDommes on OnlyFans, subscribe to Mistress Susi for the authentic experience you’ve been waiting for. 

13. Ema Karter

emakarter1 (1)

For a personalized OnlyFans experience, subscribe to Ema Karter, a gorgeous and petite brunette who loves to show her genuine self on her fully self-run page. She is passionate about her subscribers and spends as much time online as possible, making herself available for messaging, taking custom requests, or just to chat. Fans love the ‘girlfriend experience’ atmosphere she creates without even making it a service you have to pay extra for, that’s just how she enjoys running her page. Sign up for this intimate OnlyFans to see Ema in all her fully nude glory, catch her on live shows, and so much more. 

14. Psycat


Serving up spicy OnlyFans exclusive content on her OnlyFans German-based profile is fantasy expert Psycat. This creative beauty specializes in all things lewd featuring lingerie, strategic implied nude posing, cosplay and even themes that cater to feet and that fetish category. Fans get to experience their hottest desires on another level when they subscribe to Psycat and challenge her creativity to keep them on the edge for the most delicious delayed gratification. She can’t wait to be the next object of your desire and show you what you’ve been missing. 

15. Cherrie


The saying goes “Double Trouble” but not in the case of Cherrie who is running this free OnlyFans as well as a premium monthly subscription page so no matter what, you’ll definitely get the chance to take a bite. On her free page you can find tons of teasers, some barely censored, and the chance to fully unlock the explicit fun at your choosing. Her paid account is all-inclusive with even hotter content than what’s on her free page if anything is behind a paywall, needless to say, subscribing to Cherrie is a delicious experience. 

16. Val Cortez


Whether you’re into tits or ass, you’ll be in paradise if you subscribe to Val Cortez. She has luscious curves in all the right places and knows exactly what to wear and how to pose to catch your favorite assets at their absolute best. Her OnlyFans is dedicated to sharing her sexiest and most exclusive content that is entirely created with her subscribers and their desires in mind. Subscribe for the chance to view all of it unlocked and also exchange private messages or make custom requests of the vivacious Val Cortez. 

17. German Vixen


Her name says it all, German Vixen is here to entrance and entice you with her feminine prowess as she eagerly fulfills your deepest fantasies. This diverse creator loves both to serve and be served, with experience as a FinDomme to offer her followers among other popular kinks. Her page also offers sexting sessions, the chance to personally own a pair of her used lingerie, and of course only the hottest and most tantalizing photos and videos that she is dedicated to posting regularly. 

20. Cat


 The German OnlyFans run by the bombshell known as simply Cat is all about nylons, hot lingerie, high heels, and her. She loves the feel of nylons on her legs and she loves to play. She’s more than happy to let her followers get to know her intimately and learn their personal desires and wishes that she can bring to life for them on her page. Her inbox is always open once you subscribe to her page and she’s just a message away. 

21. Wika99


View Wika99’s natural European Femininity in all its glory on her highly active and engaging OnlyFans page. Fresh and young at 22, she’s taken her hobby of posing her beautiful feet and photographing her sexy body and turned it into a passion everyone can enjoy. Her page features fully uncensored photos and videos of her in tights, stockings, and fishnets with special attention to her lovely ass and fetish themes. She’s posting every day to keep fans on the edge of her seat and offers hot perks and freebies to loyal supporters. 

22. Candy


Sexy German Girl Candy is a bilingual beauty who posts almost everything in both English and her native Deutschland dialect, making for a hot “otherlands” experience on her creative page. She specializes in roleplays and flirty ASMR but she also has the classic photos and videos of her playing solo and also some couple content. This page is free to subscribe to with a one-time VIP upgrade fee so you can access some of her services completely for free. Candy also loves to reward her loyal followers who show their support by staying active on her page and liking or commenting on her posts. Those who do can expect free photo or video surprises in their inbox, so have your notifications turned on if you’re following this wildfire.


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