Top 20: The Hottest Brazilian Pornstars of 2020

While I was looking for the sexiest Brazilian pornstars to prepare this article, I came to a conclusion which was that some of the most beautiful women in the world are Brazilian. Women from that geographical area have the exotic look down pat, often boasting flawless golden skin, legs that stretch to forever, and the kind of small but immensely perky booties that can shock you with their firmness and sweetness if you so much as stand within touching distance! Thankfully, Brazilian women are not selfish. So, rather than concealing their beauty and keep it to themselves, they delight in showing it off in beauty pageants and competitions like the Miss Bum Bum.

Being so effortlessly fabulous, it is not that much of a surprise to know that quite a few Brazilian sweeties are in the porn industry, busy doing their business. In case you want to seek the best of these out and wring your cock dry on their behalf, we thought to compile a list of the best Brazilian pornstars that you should definitely know of. This list includes all the sexiest babes in the industry, active right now as well as the ones that are really popular but no longer working; but there’s an abundance of porn videos featuring these Brazilian pornstars, so you could keep jacking off and never run out of fapping material. With that said, let’s begin our list and see the top pornstars from Brazil.

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The Best Brazilian Pornstars of 2020

20. Juelz Ventura

juelz ventura

Born in 1987, Juelz Ventura is one tough cougar who won’t stand still and take your shit. Get her angry and you will shortly find yourself on the ground, with your head so far up her butthole the fire service will be needing a shovel to remove it! Juelz can be friendly, knows how to pour on the charm, and smiles like she is aware of all those used Kleenex in your dustbin and what they were used for! She has a sizable pair of fake tits and both her asshole and cunt are always open, wet, and willing to welcome any cock that comes their way. This lady is not a shrinking violet and getting gangbanged while her jugs jiggle and her pussy bleeds are what she revels in. Better steer clear if you know you can’t keep up with this top Brazilian pornstar!

19. Sheila Marie

sheila marie

Plastic surgeons worked like slaves on Sheila Marie and the results of their hard work are there to see. This cougar has hard watermelons where her boobies should be, plumped lips, and other modifications we don’t feel comfortable revealing. She also has a can-do attitude you can’t help but admire and get excited over, a fat booty it is my sincere wish to die while deeply lodged in and doesn’t mind getting fucked in any hole in her body. She loves to suck on huge cocks, and I wouldn’t be surprised if her favorite dish turns out to be cock boiled in fresh jism and washed down with 100-year old scotch!

18. Luna Corazon

luna corazon

Born in Brazil in 1989, Luna Corazon is one of the few ebony sweeties on this list. She has brown hair and the kind of prime body kings used to risk their empires for! Luna is slim, bisexual and so friendly that she will offer up her snatch for free if you are nice to her! A queen like her needs all the love she can get, which might be why she has starred in lots of bukkake and orgy porn, where all her holes get jammed close, while she is bathed with buckets of cum from exploding cocks! Watching this babe in action, collecting more cocks than is good for her is one of the things to do if you want to go a little crazy!

17. Mila Marx

mila marx

If you are on the lookout for a beautiful pornstar you can fall so deeply in love with that your balls and brain matter ache, you can’t do better than Mila Marx! Throw this a babe in a vat of absinthe and she will make it sweeter than fresh orange juice! Mila was born in 1996 and is a positively petite 5’2″. She’s a classical beauty with an oval and very expressive face, lush brown hair that cascade past her shoulders, and an eye-popping pair of medium-sized mammaries. Dare look at her back end and lose all control, because what is there is big, firm, perfectly formed, and precisely what the doctor ordered to drive you insane! For all her innocence, Mila is a bad girl whose cunt and butthole gets to enjoy some of the most erect penises to ever grow from a groin. And she really knows how to moan!

16. Jessie Rogers

jessie rogers

This blonde slut was so horny she became a pornstar as soon as she turned 18. That means that while her peers were getting a degree at universities around, Jessie was schooling at the institute of hard fucks and pussy thrashing! Jessie Rogers is a blonde and immensely sexy young lady, with very full breasts and an award-winning ass she generously shares with anyone that asks! Her smile could light up the darkest cave in the Amazon jungle, while her curves could drive the world off the rails! Just how big are you down there? Jessie only gets down and dirty with the best of the best male pornstars whose cocks can pass for an oak tree trunk. So unless you are unusually blessed in the cock department or have a sweet pussy, she is not going to pay any attention to you!

15. Sophia Fiore

sophia fiore

Sophia Fiore is 5’10”, and a multiple award nominee who is addicted to the cum juice that comes out of horny pussies. She loves to touch herself while everyone with a working pair of eyes is watching and despite her love for pussy, she can still suck and ride a dick along with the best of them. She’s pretty and small-breasted, leggy and has a booty it is my fondest wish to have a bite out of! Getting to ride this girl from Jerusalem to Jericho should be your biggest accomplishment in life! Fiery, sweet and skilled, fit and toned, Sophia brings loads of sweet goodies your way and is undoubtedly one of the top Brazilian pornstars for anyone keeping track!

14. Monica Santhiago

monica santhiago

In a country famous for the quality of the bottom of its females, Monica Santhiago manages to stand out. That is an exceptional feat by any measure! Hanging at the back end of this cougar is a massive and fabulously shaped derriere that should win every award in the continent. This booty is Monica’s ticket to good times and she only has to shake it to make blood pressures rise on a global scale! Monica is curvy and meaty, with medium-sized mammaries and a bottomless twat rounding off the rest of her assets. While she likes cock in her, she’s not averse to putting her face between the legs of some beauty and gorging herself on the sweetmeat and juice to be be found there!

13. Marilyn Mansion

marilyn mansion

Marilyn Mansion is so cute and adorable you want to take her home and cook her a pot roast, before taking off her panties and ramming your way into the promised land! Cuter than a button she might be, this lass is not here to play. She’s pretty, petite and brown-haired, and sexier than a million dollars in the bank! This babe has a smile that makes you want to protect her from herself, and a cunt that must be the entryway to the cumming heavens itself! She’s young and fresh, busty, naughty and nice and fully the kind of girl you save your cum and strength for!

12. Angel Lima

angel lima

The only way this slut is an angel is if this world fell on its head as a baby! Angel Lima is a very bad girl who knows it and likes it that way! There’s a lot of sweetmeat on her, with her ass being of the big and jiggly type, while her bosom is medium-sized, full, and natural. Angel Lima happens to be very pretty and doesn’t know the meaning of shame. You can find her at orgies busily taking a cock in every hole her body comes with, licking and fingering some lesbian snatch and happily bouncing on a dick that has the extraordinary good luck to be stuck in her deep cunt! Yes, she likes it fully hardcore and is the angel of cum deliverance!

11. Kayla Carrera

kayla carrera

This cougar has some pretty sharp claws and once she pounces, the fur will fly, along with a healthy amount of cum! Kayla is one of the sexiest MILFs in the industry and she is fit, busty, taut, leggy, and of mixed ethnicity. Describing her as beautiful is a stretch, but this lady is the original fuck mistress who focuses on opening her snatch and hissing wildly while she waits for the hard cock in her to tire out and wash our her innards with its cleansing liquid! She can take it up the ass too and can lick a pussy six ways to Sunday if she’s in the mood for hot lesbian action.

10. Adriana Sephora

adriana sephora

With flowing blonde locks, a rather full and juicy pair of tits and a pretty face, Adriana Sephora would be rather easy to mistake for a famous singer or entertainer. Entertain she does, but on a bed or kitchen countertop, with her legs spread as wide as they can go so that her cunt can taste the fury of an aching cock! Sadly though, I have yet to see a cock sampling the sweet pussy that this babe brings to the table because Adriana happens to be a full-blown lesbian pornstar. That’s right, she eats pussy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, before treating herself to a side of frozen pussy juice for dessert!

9. Francys Belle

francys belle

If you value being sane, avoiding Brazilian pornstars like Francys Belle should be at the top of your bucket list! She’s a slim and ultra-sexy wench with skin so smooth it looks like it was painted on and the perkiest small titties by a mile. Her ass is a wonder and hosts what must be a too accommodating asshole. You see, Francys gets off on getting her asshole stretched so wide it could tear apart and is never more content than when this hole is getting rammed and romanced by cocks that are nearly bigger than her head! She also loves BDSM action and if you don’t behave she will surely tie you up, sit on your face, pee in your mouth and suck your dick till you end up in the ER for dehydration and exhaustion!

8. Mariska X

mariska x

Mariska X is in her early forties, but is still an overwhelmingly sexy piece who can suck a cock till it repents and cums to heel! She takes excellent care of herself and could pass for a girl in her twenties, rocking as she does a pair of medium-sized jugs that could feed a truckload of starving refugees, curves in abundance, and a rather sexy smile. This brunette pornstar can take a frightful pounding in either her butthole or the crack between her legs and is the kind of MILF you will gladly give your left ball to suck dry and fuck till the next century! X is her name and cumming is the game, and so better get busy praising this gorgeous slut, cock firmly in hand, and cumming murder on your mind because there’s little doubt that she’s one of the sexiest Brazilian pornstars right now!

7. Jade Jantzen

jade jantzen

Brazilian pornstars like Jade Jantzen are the sort of treat you only get to sample once in a generation! This slut has more curves than a truckload of firm stars and a face that gets her mistaken for a teen. Her melons are rather small, but perfect for her size and shape, while her booty is in a class all its own! I recommend her snatch for a Nobel prize or the like because it really rolls out the red carpet and gets wetter than a fountain anytime a hard cock comes near it! Slim and petite, sexy, ravishing, and bootiful, Jade Jantzen sure is by all accounts a precious jewel and all that a man needs to be happy!

6. Sybil Stallone

sybil stallone

This hot cougar comes loaded and in the mood to cause trouble! She has one of the biggest pair of tits in the business and is still fresh looking enough to bless your nights with the sweetest wet dreams that gets thick cum outta you! Born in 1980, Sybil Stallone is a tall, plump, and black-haired seductress who spreads her legs just cos she can and rides for the cumming heavens cos she’s very good at it. Yes, she loves her work and you can see that from her videos. I just wish she lived nearby, so she can help offload a shipment of juice I do not need!

5. Jenna Sativa

jenna sativa

A girl like Jenna Sativa can make your dreams go up in weed smoke! Yes, rather than devoting your attention to your forthcoming exam and the like, you might choose to see her spread her legs on screen and get the kind of finger fucking that makes your throat drier than a piece of kindling, while the little fella in your right fist gets milked for all it is worth! The Latina babe is cute, slim and small-breasted, more popular than cured ham and mayo and sweet-faced enough to be ladled into your Colombian coffee! She’s full-time lesbian, so you will see her plenty of times sucking jelly out of a cunt hole and eating snatch like she’s dining in the best restaurant in London.

4. Abby Lee Brazil

abby lee brazil

Mention sex freaks and Abby Lee Brazil will always make it atop the list! She’s a confessed nympho who cannot be happy unless her greedy twat is being fed a whole lot of hard meat! She comes rocking very firm 34C titties that don’t know what gravity is, plus a 35-inch ass I will not hesitate to give this year’s Miss Bum Bum award to! Abby Lee was born to rest atop a dick and wriggle her fanny and every one of her performances is a statement to this! See her in action if you will, but better have a bucket of Vaseline nearby and a mop bucket handy!

3. Gina Valentina

gina valentina

Gina Valentina is a cherry teen pornstar in her early twenties who in the days gone by would have been a concubine for a randy king somewhere in Latina America! Her smile is her main weapon and once she unleashes it no one can resist bending themselves to her will. This sweet-faced angel has what must be the most innocent look in the porn industry and is built for maximum cum outflow! She has small titties that don’t require a bra and the most perfectly formed medium-sized bottom to ever grow on a Latina chick! She’s bi, happens to be an exhibitionist too, and is always busy offering her cunt for a lick or extensive plumbing that will leave it sore and sweetly aching for weeks!

2. Karlee Grey

karlee grey

I don’t know what’s in the water that all these Brazilian pornstars are drinking, but it sure is making them real fine, as a look at Karklee Grey will show! Yes, she’s stunning to the max, endowed with big natural titties, and not the kind you introduce to your friends, because she will fuck them all and make you watch while she moans and tells you how much it makes her happy! Yes, Karlee Grey is wild, and has sampled more BBCs than you have had a haircut this decade! She likes it when her cunt gets some hard love from a big cock and can happily ride from dusk till dawn like the champ she is.

1. Alina Belle

alina belle

The petite Alina Belle is there to help out when you have a load in your pants that you are most anxious to offload! Just slot in a video of her riding atop a sharp cock and your cock will do things that will make you wonder if it really belongs to you! Alina Belle is the typical sexy-as-sin and beautiful-as-hell Latina chick. She’s young and pert, sassy and sweet, boasts the sweetest and most upright set of medium-sized knockers to ever grow on the chest of a Latina slut and has a most wonderful bubble butt that could make world peace possible! Yes, it sure is hard to be angry and stressed when Alina Belle is having her hair pulled on a sofa, while her fat pussy enjoys the companionship of a joyously plunging penis! She may be one of the newest pornstars, but there’s no doubt in my mind that she is also one of top Brazilian pornstars at the moment!

Who Are Your Favorite Brazilian Pornstars of 2020?

So, these were some of the best Brazilian babes in porn that you can watch right now. There aren’t that many pornstars active in the industry at the moment, but it is pretty clear that every single one of them is super fucking hot and blessed with incredible figures. So, make sure that you check out the porn videos of all the girls mentioned above, and also share them with your friends.

And, if you think that we missed out on some popular names, or you have your own list of the hottest Brazilian pornstars, then do let us know in the comments section below.

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