How Do Women Get Into the Adult Industry?

Have you ever thought of getting into the adult industry? I am not talking about becoming a pornstar because that’s just one avenue that the industry has to offer. There are several other options that you can choose from as you can become a stripper, become a professional escort or even become a cam model.

It doesn’t matter which of these options you are most interested in, you need some guidance on how to get into the adult industry because you don’t want to end up in the wrong circles who might ruin your career before it even begins.

Working in the adult industry allows many women to make their dreams come true. Some follow the tried and true path of pursuing stripping to fund their tertiary education. Others use escort jobs to make connections that help them achieve their ambitions.

For women who have an aptitude for this kind of work, the rewards are immeasurable. Why work for minimum wage as a cashier when you can make hundreds of dollars a night in escort or stripper jobs?

Do you want to know how to start your career in the adult industry or how to become an escort? If yes, then let’s get started.

Choose the Part of the Industry that Interests You Most

When people hear the phrase “adult industry,” minds invariably shift to porn, but that’s not the path that everyone needs to take, though. If you’re not interested in having sex on camera, there are far more comfortable alternatives.

The adult industry is not just about stripping and having sex with multiple people on camera. It’s much more than that because there are several different avenues that you can explore.

Become An Escort

In history, courtesans held an enviable position in society. These ladies were amongst the most educated and wealthy of their day and allowed to participate in discussions traditionally reserved for men. These escort careers also made them powerful and well-respected in their fields.

Escorts today form a similar function. Companions still move in enviable circles, but the difference is that today sex (or even stripping) doesn’t have to come into it.

Modern society makes forming long-term relationships difficult. Up-and-coming executives often need a beautiful woman on their arm to show off. Hiring an escort is an uncomplicated alternative to the work of maintaining a relationship.

Becoming A Stripper

As a stripper, you can perform in front of a live audience every night. You decide exactly how far you want to take your act – stripper jobs only require that you titillate your audience without touching anyone. You’re the unattainable goddess to be worshiped from afar.

Although there are some strippers who will likely go a step ahead and allow their clients to get a little closer, but it all depends on the stripper. If you are comfortable dancing in front of your clients, seducing them and titillating them, then it’s all good. Most of your clients will also respect your wishes and not try to get handsy, but you will come across some oddballs that you’ll need to handle.

But if you are not interested in becoming a full-blown pornstar, or even a cam model, then stripping as a career is definitely something that you should consider.

Other Options

The industry does have its seedier side as well because pornstars and cam models can make a lot of money, for example, but they do have to be exhibitionists. And a lot of these pornstars started their careers as a stripper before graduating to the more hardcore side of the industry.

At this level, it’s not even about the act itself. Sex under the hot lights and in front of a full camera crew is enough to cool anyone’s ardor. And it’s only something you should do if you really love having sex, and only if you are okay with several people present to watch your every move. Otherwise, it’s not gonna last so you need to think it through before making a career switch.

Join a Reputable Agency

There are two primary ways to enter the adult industry – on your own or through an agency. Joining a reputable agency is the better option by far. A decent agency will help you develop your skills and even provide training for you.

If you can make it onto the books of an exclusive stripper or escort agency, you’ll benefit through association. Working with professionals lends instant credibility to your career. You’ll also have access to lucrative, career-launching opportunities.

High-end clients choose exclusive agencies because they want the best service. The agencies are strict about protecting their clients and the employees on their books, vetting both before confirming any transactions.

Discretion is guaranteed for both parties, and there’s a clear understanding that all requests must be above board. Going it alone is risky – there’s no way to check potential clients, nor backup if something goes awry.

How to Get on the Books of a Reputable Agency?

Do you want to apply to be an escort? The agencies are selective, but always open to fresh talent with the right attitude.

You don’t need experience, but you must have a unique quality that sets you apart. Anyone can strip, but not everyone can win over an audience.

If you can prove that you have style, confidence, and a killer body, apply with an agency today. You’ll need to provide recent full-length photos, proof of ID and residency, and a willingness to learn.

Put your best foot forward, and claim your fresh start with both hands – you may discover a whole new career.

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