Jerkmate Review (2020) – What Is Jerkmate & How Does It Work?

Ever heard of cam sites? If you haven’t then you must have been living under a rock so big it should show up on maps! Cam sites are online sites filled with performers of all possible sex, tastes, body types, and descriptions. These performers engage in just about every sexual act in the book, dance, sing, and do whatever they or the client feel like. Most cam sites are free, but some do require registration and payment before you can access what’s on offer.

Now that I have gotten that description out of the way, it is time to ask if you have heard of a cam site that goes by the rather appropriate name of Jerkmate? It just so happens that I will be reviewing Jerkmate today, so sit back, put your feet up on that stool and learn enough to use the platform to chat and jerk off with live models!

Jerkmate Review – How Does It Work?

So, Jerkmate looks a lot like a professional set up. If you are logging in for the first time a small screen will pop up and you will be prompted to state your preferences so that you can match with kind of girls that you are attracted to. You can choose from men, women, couples, and trans as your sexual needs dictate and get content that is tailored towards the exact cumming stuff that you require.

jerkmate dashboard

I clicked the “women” option of course and got a screen prompt asking the kind of ladies I find most attractive, with the available options ranging from Latina to Ebony. Further clicks let you select the hair color and body type of your preferred cam worker, with the girls that match your needs and preferences being showcased on the main page where you can pick and choose like a lord.

Looking at all these pretty ladies is all well and good, but chatting with them requires that you register. Registration is free and takes seconds. You just have to choose a nickname and password and click the link they send to the email you used to register, or you can simply sign in with your Google account.

jerkmate account setup

See that image above? That’s right. Jerkmate has both a free and premium plan; and the best part about it is that you can become a premium member for free! Becoming a premium member doesn’t require you to pay anything and you get all the extra features that you wouldn’t get otherwise.

Don’t have time to read the complete review? Do you trust me to make a fair recommendation? If yes, then you can skip reading the entire review article and just see it for yourself why Jerkmate is currently one of the top cam aggregators on the Internet! Click on the button below to get started for free:

Jerkmate Review 2020 – Site Features

With registration over the fun starts at full throttle! You get a screen full of pretty cam girls and a fair list of options. The top left corner of the page has options to change the default language, reach support, check out scheduled events via the Calendar, and ogle at the newest cam girls on site.

There’s a search bar at the top left too, not that you will need it given that options in that general area let you search for performers of either sex, choose which site language to chat with, tweak the audio and video quality, chat with performers from specific regions and lots more. Also featured is a comprehensive list of categories like Pornstar, Lesbian, Mature, Curvy, Babes, Toys, and more that really do a great job of directing you to whatever you are looking for.

jerkmate models

The top right of the page is where to look when you need to see how many cam girls are online. There were nearly 3,000 of these babes online at the time of this review, which is more than respectable.

Now, the main screen has loads of cam model profiles, with names, ages, and a very short bio shown. The thumbnail profiles of these models can be tweaked, resulting in more or less of them showing up on your screen at any one time.

You might not know this but I have a weakness for petite cam girls and so that was the first section I went to. Have a look at the photo below and the cam girls it lists and tell me you don’t want all these petite sluts to sleepover at your house and ease themselves on your face!

jerkmate cam girls

How Does Jerkmate Work?

Now, provided that the cam girl whose profile you clicked is on a public show, you can send her all the messages you like right on the show. Whether she reads them and reacts or not is another matter, though a good way of catching the attention of any cam girl is to dash her tokens, or tell her how great she would look with your cock so deep in her snatch it could wink at her ovaries!

The kind of stuff that goes on in public shows varies from performer to performer. Some will get naked for free, while others need you to tip them for that. Some freely finger and touch themselves, or get nasty with XXX toys that can be controlled via tips, while others need you and your fellow wankers to cough up tokens before such can happen.

You can easily surf from performer to performer if you don’t have tokens to motivate them with and will generally find someone who likes to bare it all and get fully nasty for kicks. Or you can just sit back and watch as a cam girl gets tipped with tokens and turns on the charm in such a fashion that your cock cannot stay still and must testify to her goodness and faithfulness!

While public shows are OK, you can opt to splurge for a private show. These are however only accessible to Premium members. There’s generally no limit to what goes on in private shows, with most performers really pushing themselves hard and using every bit of their skill during such shows.

Still, do take it easy during private shows because your computer system won’t be thanking you much for drowning it in your own jism while watching a cam girl finger her snatch and shove a toy so far up you could hear her pelvic bone groan!

How Is The Audio/Video Quality?

I never noticed any issue while streaming content from Jerkmate, but then the girls there were generally so pretty they could use a black and white camcorder and I wouldn’t pay any heed! Sincerely though, while I was unable to check the cam quality of every performer on the site, most seemed to employ professional full HD quality camcorders and cameras, though 720p cameras are common too.

Buffering was a non-issue and audio tended to be so crisp I heard enough moans to make my poor ears put in a quit notice!

Are There Pornstars on Jerkmate?

The short answer is YES! There are several pornstars on the platform who do cam shows regularly and play with themselves or fuck their partners all for your viewing pleasure. But that’s something that all the other cam sites also have! So, is there something unique that Jerkmate has to offer? Obviously it does!

This is one of the reasons why I decided to write this Jerkmate review because most of the reviews on the Internet has conveniently ignored this unique feature called the “Command & Obey” pages!

These pages basically feature the most popular pornstars in the industry right now, with a variety of options on the screen that you can choose from. These options include Blowjob, Ass-play, Spanking, Boob-play among others; and when you choose one of these options, you will see the pornstar obeying your commands. You see where I am going with the whole “Command & Obey” thing. Here’s the list of all the pornstars on Jerkmate right now!

jerkmate pornstars

Of course, you can use this feature in the free version, but it is limited. However, if you are ready to sign up and become a premium member, you will be able to not only unlock all the “commands” on the screen, but also enjoy your favorite pornstars obeying all your wishes just for your pleasure!

I would say that this one feature puts Jerkmate many leagues above several other cam sites because it is interactive and a totally amazing concept!

Want to see your favorite pornstar obeying your commands? Then why not check it out right now! Click on the link below to see Gabbie Carter, the most popular babe in the industry, just waiting for you to whip out your dick and give her the commands that she will eagerly obey!

Is Jerkmate On The Straight And Narrow?

Jerkmate appears to be as legit as the pope, though that doesn’t mean I am entrusting my soul and future in the afterlife to them anytime this century! Financial transactions made on the site are from what I can see secure and anonymous and can be made via a variety of means, Paypal included. The site itself employs a verified SSL that ensures no nasty hanky panky by hackers can occur. Moreover, user information is not sold to third parties, which is a big relief.

With all the above I feel free to say that you can jerk off to what Jerkmate has to offer in peace, comfort, happiness, and security! Still, it would do well to be careful, follow commonsense protocols, and make sure you are indeed logging into the site, rather than a fake copy of it where malicious entities will try to steal your login credentials and possibly your banking details.

Moreover, when you get your paycheck do resist the temptation to log in to the site and post your credit card information and the like in a chat room or two! In conclusion, don’t be a fool and you should be all right on Jerkmate!

is jerkmate legit

Jerkmate Review – Final Thoughts!

Jerkmate has a well-conceived user interface, tons of customization options, and enough variety to keep you engrossed till your bones have turned to dust! It is easy to use and free, with premium content being available to those who want to pay for the premium experience.

It also has performers of all possible ages, specialties, sexualities, preferences, and body shapes, which makes it a place where those with the most obscure fetishes can see their fantasies actualized. And less I forget, this site has the kind of name you don’t easily forget, which is part of its charm!

Cons include the fact that some other sites have more cam performers, plus the addictive nature of the cam girls to be found on Jerkmate itself! Yes, you could easily spend you rent money making these girls happy, but at least you get to see them having fun at your expense! Customer support is also reputedly third rate, free users don’t get to enjoy a lot of options and the chat interface could use some improvement.

Overall, with the pros outnumbering the cons, it is fair to say that Jerkmate is a cam site of extensive cum-calling abilities that you need to visit at least once in your life! Go there and jerk your boner around like you are flying the sexiest jet fighter in existence into the coochie of the sexiest girl alive!

I am glad that you read the complete Jerkmate review! Now, all that you need to do is check out the site for yourself and figure out if it lives up to the hype which *spoiler alert* it totally does. Click on the button below to see the magic:

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