They say that all the girls are lesbians until they’ve got the taste of the dick! I don’t really know how true that statement is but as far as porn is considered, all the girls are lesbians who happen to fuck big dicks every now and then. Kylie Page fits the bill perfectly as she stars in this new two-part series where she plays the role of a hot lesbian!

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The busty teen, Kylie Page, is getting hot and heavy with her girlfriend, Ember Snow, when she got thirsty. She interrupted the session to go downstairs in the kitchen to get some water. While she’s in the kitchen, Ember’s brother, Markus Dupree, comes in and impresses the hot babe.

Turns out, Kylie’s never been with a guy before and when she sees what Markus is packing in his underwear, she’s intrigued and would love to give it a try. She goes down on her knees and turns out that she’s a natural at deepthroating a big dick. While, the busty babe is taking every inch of Markus’ meat deep down her throat, Ember comes down and catches the two in the act.

Kylie has to leave everything in between and rush back upstairs to convince Ember that she still loves her and the only way to do that is go down on her and show how much she loves her pussy!

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