10 Best OnlyFans German Male in 2024

German culture is diverse and rich in history, art, and various other traditions, and the top German male models deliver some of the richest content of all. We’ve curated a list of the top OnlyFans German male creators to ensure you can sample some of the best bratwurst the nation has to offer. Find our top picks below.

Top OnlyFans German Male

OnlyFans German Male Models You Can Follow

The Best OnlyFans German Male OnlyFans Accounts

1. Jonas — Top Golden Gay Boy


  • Over 75.2k likes
  • 234 videos
  • 483 photos
  • $9.99 per month

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About Jonas:

Germany is known for its artistic contributions to the world, and Jonas is no exception. As one of the best gay German OnlyFans creators, Jonas features more fetishes and kinks in his contents than there are shades in the rainbow. Showcasing his impressive member and juicy rear, Jonas posts regular HD-quality porn videos featuring blowjobs, wank sessions, cumshots, exhibitionism, foot play, BDSM, and anal play.

2. Vasya & Vlad — Most Versatile Couple


  • Over 5.4k subscribers
  • Over 18.2k likes
  • 234 posts
  • Free subscription

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About Vasya & Vlad:

Get a two-for-one special when you subscribe to Vasya and Vlad, a joint German male OnlyFans couple who team up to create some of the hottest gay content on the site. Together for more than six years, this couple inspires each other to document their sex lives, which they happily share with their many fans on the site. While their content includes aspects of their domestic life, such as road tripping around Europe or hiking on mountainous trails, their most adrenaline-inducing videos feature these two hunks in their most horny and nude forms.

3. Jaden Big — Adventurous World Traveler


  • Over 12.4k likes
  • 34 videos
  • 87 photos
  • Top 0.9% of creators on OnlyFans
  • Free subscription

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About Jaden Big:

Introducing Jaden Big, a 20-something from Germany who aims to inspire, please, and make you cum. Although he’s known largely on more wholesome social media platforms for travel and outdoors content, the best and most intimate of his content is found on his OnlyFans German male page. This perky blonde hunk features solo and coupled content alike on his page, responds to every message, and happily accepts custom content requests to indulge your darkest desires.

4. Dylan Maikel — Most Romantic Encounters


  • Over 27.1k likes
  • 154 videos
  • 588 photos
  • $7.99 per month

Where to Follow:

About Dylan Maikel:

Get a taste of Dylan Maikel, a delicious German creator and self-described twink. This gay German OnlyFans model prefers to top, but happily switches things up to maximize the pleasure of both him and his partner. He regularly collaborates with other creators, blending romantic experiences with hardcore and horny content. You can also request personalized content by sending him a message, or ask to purchase his worn underwear and socks.

5. Lee Coehr — Duplicate Fantasy


  • Over 42.2k likes
  • 102 videos
  • 954 photos
  • $7.99 per month

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About Lee Coehn:

Whether you speak English, German, or another language, Lee Coehr can talk his way into getting you off. Lee Coehr specializes in a twin encounter fantasy, duplicating himself in his content so you can enjoy his insatiable libido in an exponential manner. His OnlyFans German male page includes nude photos and clips featuring edging, cosplay, masturbation, and more.

6. It’s My Secret Life — Not-So-Anonymous Fashion Influencer


  • Over 4.9k likes
  • 143 videos
  • 721 photos
  • Top 10% of creators on OnlyFans
  • $5 per month

Where to Follow:

About It’s My Secret Life:

Enter the horny secret life of this next creator, a relatively anonymous hunk who’s otherwise known as JHNY. With nearly eight inches hidden in his pants, JHNY is eager for his fans to help him unveil his longest, girthiest, and biggest secret.

JHNY’s German male OnlyFans page functions as a platform for him to express his sexuality in full without the constraints of judgment. Explore your fantasies with JHNY, and enjoy his nude photos, solo jerk-off sessions, and other salacious content, as well as his slightly more wholesome day-to-day content featuring travel, fashion, and more.

7. Jon Kuch — Best Booty Poses


  • Over 86.5k likes
  • 91 videos
  • 504 photos
  • $9.99 per month

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About Jon Kuch:

Enter the fantasy world of Jon Kuch, a top OnlyFans German male model. A master of booty poses, Jon Kuch is a horny bottom with juicy cheeks and a deep love for deeply-penetrating cock. Don’t let his cute face and demeanor fool you — Jon Kuch is nothing if not dirty and more than a little naughty. He has hundreds of photos and videos already available on his page, which include a mix of nude and lewd photos, booty jiggling, and videos featuring collaborations with other creators.

8. God Jaden — Dominating Muscle Daddy


  • Over 29.5k likes
  • Regular live shows
  • 367 videos
  • Over 1.2k photos
  • $9.99 per month

Where to Follow:

About God Jaden:

Get ready to worship God Jaden, a beefy and muscular model who is both cocky and big-cocked. Jaden stands at a gargantuan height of six feet and six inches, and that’s not even the most impressive of his measurements.

This OnlyFans German male has earned his position as a fitness model with his shredded abs and throbbing vascularity, but his fans would rather watch him get his heart rate up in the bedroom instead of the gym. Naturally, Jaden specializes in control and domination, preferring his fans to worship his twitching pecs and juicy thighs while they surrender all their cash to his tips.

9. Felix — Best Nude Camera Roll


  • Over 5.4k likes
  • 275 videos
  • 213 photos
  • Free subscription

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About Felix:

Living in Berlin, Germany, Felix is a 26-year-old creator and one of the best models you’ll encounter. Felix has earned his spot as one of the top OnlyFans German male creators without aiming to become a professional pornstar, insteading using his platform simply to express his sexuality and dump the various nudes of his phone’s camera roll.

With hundreds of videos and photos on his page, you can expect a nearly endless supply of his naughty nude photos and solo play sessions. Send him a message for custom requests or simply to get to know him better — he speaks both fluent German and English, and he’s happy to share all his intimate details.

10. Vadim Romanov — Sensual Stage Actor


  • Over 38.3k likes
  • 643 videos
  • Over 1.1k photos
  • Top 1.5% of creators on OnlyFans
  • $13 per month

Where to Follow:

About Vadim Romanov:

We’ve saved the very best for last with Vadim Romanov. Living in Berlin, Germany, Vadim Romanov is a top creator with a sophisticated and sensual presentation. A professional model and stage actor, Vadim Romanov is an expert at entertaining his audiences with performances that are as raw as they are sexy.

Whether he’s attired in full stage costume or in leather restraints, Vadim Romanov always entices and entertains. His page features all the intimate and dirty details of his private life, and you can expect brand-new full-length videos and nudes every week. If you’re lucky, this top OnlyFans German male might even send a special treat to your inbox.

OnlyFans German Male In Conclusion

Whether twink couples, world travelers, or alpha muscle daddies, German male OnlyFans creators offer some of the hottest culture in Europe. Get a taste of these delicious German sausages for yourself, and come back for more of our favorite little schnitzels.

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