14 Best Male OnlyFans SPH Featuring Gay SPH OnlyFans in 2024

OnlyFans is the go-to platform for those with wild kinks and freaky fetishes, and SPH is no exception. If you’re searching for someone to make fun of your member and have you question your worth, you’ve come to the right place.

These male SPH OnlyFans creators will leave you feeling mortified and ashamed after scrolling their pages. They’ll laugh at your puny little penis and make your manhood disappear. So, start exploring if you want to reveal the useless little boy that you are.

Top Male OnlyFans SPH – Best Male OnlyFans SPH

Male OnlyFans SPH – Male OnlyFans SPH Models You Can Follow On OnlyFans

The Best Male OnlyFans SPH Accounts Reviewed in 2024


1. Connor Peters — Best Australian Gay SPH OnlyFans Creator


  • Over 188,000 Likes
  • Close to 850 Photos
  • Nearly 400 Videos
  • $9.99 Subscription

Where to Follow:

About Connor Peters:

Connor Peters is an Australian OnlyFans creator who will make you feel ashamed and embarrassed by your tiny penis. You’ll see how much bigger his member is as he shows it off every chance he gets. With solo videos, sex tapes, nudes, and more filling his feed, you’ll have plenty of content to fawn over.

Subscribing to Connor’s page will reveal hundreds of photos and videos you won’t want to look away from. You’ll have to throw in something extra to unlock his kink and fetish content, but we promise it’s worth it.

2. Dilfy Drew — Most Muscular Male SPH OnlyFans Creator


  • Close to 9,800 Likes
  • Over 500 Photos
  • Nearly 900 Videos
  • $9.99 Subscription

Where to Follow:

About Dilfy Drew:

Dilfy Drew is a muscular daddy who’s always getting down and dirty. He taps into all of your fetish desires, and his gay SPH OnlyFans content will keep you coming back for more. Drew posts everything from solo scenes to sex tapes and domination.

He’ll expose the pig that you are and have you worshipping at his feet, waiting to be humiliated. He doesn’t hide anything behind a paywall, so subscribing will give you instant access to all of his cum-worthy content.

3. Master Troy — Most Hung Male SPH OnlyFans Creator


  • Close to 7,000 Likes
  • Almost 100 Photos
  • Nearly 50 Videos
  • Free Subscription

Where to Follow:

About Master Troy:

Master Troy will take over your life and turn you into his adoring simp. He’s a hung alpha male who spends his days humiliating and controlling beta boys sexually, financially, and emotionally. He’ll make you realize that you’re only helpful for your wallet and make you pay to be in his presence.

Subscribe to Troy’s page to discover daily tasks, domination, SPH, ruined orgasms, and so much more. The more you tip, the faster you’ll get his attention. So make sure to throw in something extra to show your worth.

4. Gary Golden Balls — Best Male SPH OnlyFans Creator Who Dirty Talks


  • Over 32,000 Likes
  • Close to 450 Photos
  • Nearly 500 Videos
  • $4.99 Subscription

Where to Follow:

About Gary Golden Balls:

Gary Golden Balls is a hot Hispanic man who will become your new obsession. He’s a dirty talk enthusiast, roleplay expert, and dominant master who’s the self-elected king of kinky sex. You’ll see his hairy body in full display as you bow at his feet for approval.

Gary will have you running home crying after he humiliates your tiny penis. If you can handle the shame, stick around to explore the rest of his kinky content. You’ll discover cum play, roleplay, jerk-off instructions, and so much more.

5. Officialfinch93 — Most Uncensored Male SPH OnlyFans Creator


  • Nearly 80,000 Likes
  • Over 2,200 Photos
  • Close to 1,500 Videos
  • $24.99 Subscription

Where to Follow:

About Officialfinch93:

Explore the world of Officialfinch93 — if you can handle it. This Russian and Canadian creator will take you for a wild ride as he exposes your secrets and dominates your day. You can admire him in action as he shows off his massive member and makes you feel tiny in comparison.

Finch’s page is filled with fetish and kink content that will drive you crazy. You’ll discover hardcore fucking, anal, rim jobs, roleplay, SPH, and more as you scroll his page. He posts every day, so you’ll always have something fresh to fap over.

6. Ryan Barker — Kinkiest Male SPH OnlyFans Creator


  • More Than 38,000 Likes
  • Over 400 Photos
  • Close to 100 Videos
  • $3.50 Subscription

Where to Follow:

About Ryan Barker:

Ryan Barker is a kinky bisexual boy that you need on your feed. For only $3.50, you get instant access to his page filled with pleasuring posts. He’ll have you feeling shriveled up and small as he shows off his naked body in all its glory.

Ryan shares consistent posts filled with the kinky content you’re searching for. You’ll have to throw in a little something extra to unlock his exclusive extras, including sexting sessions, SPH, and custom creations, but they’re definitely worth it.

7. That Bi Pineapple Guy — Best Bi-Sexual Male SPH OnlyFans Creator


  • Nearly 1,200 Likes
  • Close to 100 Photos
  • Almost 50 Videos
  • $12.99 Subscription

Where to Follow:

About That Bi Pineapple Guy:

That Bi Pineapple Guy will make you his dirty little fuck toy. He’ll have you wondering how you ever lived without him as he exposes your kinks and laughs at your dick. Every sex, race, and fetish is welcome on his page, so you’ll feel right at home once you subscribe.

As you scroll Pineapple Guy’s page, you’ll discover orgies, pegging, toys, BBC, and SPH OnlyFans content. He also offers sexting sessions, custom creations, and other exclusive extras for those who want to take things to the next level.

8. James Keresford — Most Passionate Male SPH OnlyFans Creator


  • Close to 23,000 Likes
  • Nearly 500 Photos
  • Over 350 Videos
  • $9.99 Subscription

Where to Follow:

About James Keresford:

If you’re searching for male SPH OnlyFans content, you’ve come to the right place. James Keresford is a muscular daddy who humiliates and humbles twinks across the globe. His content is completely raw and is as explicit as it gets.

James’ page is filled with full-length videos and intimate photos that you won’t want to miss. Subscribe to his page if you feel worthy and start experiencing his SPH today.

9. Reece Hunk — Best Male SPH OnlyFans Bodybuilder


  • Close to 298,000 Likes
  • Over 1,800 Photos
  • More Than 300 Videos
  • $10 Subscription

Where to Follow:

About Reece Hunk:

Reece Hunk is a 280-pound bodybuilder who will push your limits to the max. His 6’5” body will tower over you as he looks down on your puny little penis. You’ll have to beg and cower at his feet to get even a taste of his attention.

Explore Reece’s page to see him dominate guys, get blowjobs, rim, and more. Tell him about your desires once you subscribe to start experiencing the humiliation you deserve.

10. Marco Polo — Best Male SPH OnlyFans Creator Who Does Roleplay


  • Nearly 94,000 Likes
  • Over 500 Photos
  • Close to 260 Videos
  • $10 Subscription

Where to Follow:

About Marco Polo:

Marco Polow is a male SPH OnlyFans creator who will unlock your wildest fantasies. He’ll dominate your desires as he takes you through a journey of embarrassment and shame. You’ll want to hide away forever after hearing the things he has to say about your small shaft.

Marco offers a little bit of everything on his page, including solos, domination, threesomes, orgies, roleplay, and more. If you turn on auto-renew, you’ll receive exclusive, unseen content to your DMs.

Male OnlyFans SPH – Male OnlyFans SPH In Conclusion

After exploring these gay SPH OnlyFans creators, it’s clear that you’ll never be able to satisfy them with your small little member. They’ve laughed, joked, and mocked your manhood as you exposed what little you have to offer.

Keep scrolling their pages if you feel worthy, but make sure to show your support for the daddies who dominate. After all, what else are you good for other than your wallet and admiration?

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