Are There Any Pornstars Doing Live Sex Cam Shows?

Are There Any Pornstars Doing Live Sex Cam Shows?

You don’t have to do much work to look for a stunning porn video and jerk off to a gorgeous pornstar. It takes barely a minute to find a video that you like featuring a pornstar that you are a fan of.

But sometimes you crave a personal touch, or something real, when you want to fap your worries away. This is one of the reasons why the cam industry is thriving because unlike the porn industry where the videos are properly scripted and professionally shot, cam shows are more of an individual doing things on their own which gives them a more real look.

Now I am not saying that porn videos are bad or are losing their touch, I am just saying that once you want a ton of porn videos and you have a favorite pornstar you love watching no matter how many times you have already watched her, you crave to have something personal.

And this can only be achieved if the professional pornstars also run their own channels on platforms like OnlyFans to deliver raw, unscripted and uncensored content, or if they also host live cam shows on a regular basis. And in current time, when there are several opportunities for adult models to explore in order to grow their fanbase, your favorite pornstar is also bound to be doing everything she can to stay in touch of her loyal fans.

And this brings us to our topic at hand – are there any pornstars who are actively doing cam shows? And the short answer is YES, there are!


Pornstars on Live Sex Cam Sites

Since most of the popular cam sites are visited by millions of people every single day, it would be really stupid for the pornstars to not use their clout and their popularity to gain a better following among their fans, and also make even more money than they would do by just doing porn.

Thankfully, the girls aren’t stupid and they take advantage of all the opportunities presented to them, which is really great for fans like us who love to watch them in unscripted and real action.

If you have been to webcam sites, then I am sure that you know what’s generally going on over there. The cam model comes online to host a live show and performs for the pleasure of her fans, and also for her own pleasure.

However, there’s a cam site called Jerkmate that has come up with a unique thing where you can actually command the pornstar to suck on a dildo, play with her titties, spank her ass and even shove a dildo in her ass.

Of course, Jerkmate is a cam site and is a place where you can find several pornstar cams with a single search where the performers hosts regular shows that you are more accustomed to, but this unique feature really caught my eyes and I had to tell you about it.

There are other sites as well that have tried to emulate this feature, but I personally think that Jerkmate still does it best because they have worked with some of the best and trending pornstars right now to bring this feature to us.

How Many Pornstars Do Live Cam Shows?

The number really depends on which cam site you are talking about because the more popular a cam site is, the higher the chances of finding your favorite pornstars there. Plus, there’s also the benefits that the pornstars have on a particular site that make them choose that site to conduct live shows.

So, it’s just a matter of doing some research because no matter which cam site you visit, if it is one of the popular ones, you will easily find hundreds if not thousands of pornstars over there.