27 Best Roleplay OnlyFans With OnlyFans Roleplay Models in 2024

Crank up the magic and filth for these OnlyFans Roleplay creators who are pushing the limits of fantasy sex. Whether you’re yearning for a nextdoor neighbor scenario or an out-of-this world fantasy suck, these models most likely have created something to your liking. The best news is that even if you don’t find what you need to get off, every one of these creators accepts custom requests, so you can just tell them exactly what you require.

Top OnlyFans Roleplay – Best Roleplay OnlyFans

OnlyFans Roleplay – Best Roleplay OnlyFans Models You Can Follow On OnlyFans

The Best Roleplay OnlyFans Accounts Reviewed in 2024


1. Jame Liz — Best OnlyFans Roleplay Monthly Sex Tapes


  • 2,897 photos
  • 440 videos
  • $10/month subscription

Where to Follow:

About Jame Liz:

At only 4’10” tall, Jame Liz is your petite fun date from OnlyFans Roleplay channels. She loves to have fun and never has PPV on her page. Everything you see, even Jame’s sex tapes, are included with your subscription price. Jame also responds personally to all DMs and loves sexting.

As one of the best Roleplay models on OnlyFans, Jame’s page features more than 100 full-length sex tapes. They reveal her knack for squirting and absolute obsession with anal sex. She likes girls, boys, guys with huge cocks, and toys. She’s also fetish friendly and gives dick ratings.

2. CDXLIV — Best Roleplay OnlyFans Cat’s Meow


  • 2,272 photos
  • 65 videos
  • $12/month subscription

Where to Follow:


Join the fan club for one of the hottest fantasy pages you’ll ever see. CDXLIV, or Emi, has some of the most unique OnlyFans Roleplay content, as she lives in a world of never-ending chaos. See how she documents her wet and wild adventures in what she calls silly little films.

These films are far from silly, though. They are some of the most popular and best roleplay videos on OnlyFans. Give Emi some love, and let her know how good her content really is. If you like anime, you’ll fall in love immediately.

3. Katie Davis — Best OnlyFans Roleplay Porn Personality


  • 16,078 photos
  • 1,199 videos
  • Free subscription

Where to Follow:

About Katie Davis:

If you love girls with toys and porn with personality, you’re going to want to subscribe to Katie Davis’ OnlyFans Roleplay page. She’s in her 20s, single, and uses all her holes to satisfy you and her both. Watch her shove XXL dildos in her juicy gash, and enjoy live nude shows with her lesbian partners.

Katie gladly makes custom videos, and welcomes the dirties ideas you can dream up. Squirting is just a daily pastime for Katie, and that’s how she’s ruling the world of best Roleplay OnlyFans channels. Send her a pic of your dick, and she’ll send you a rating of it.

4. Jessie Sims — Best Roleplay OnlyFans Girl Next Door


  • 2,409 photos
  • 152 videos
  • Free subscription

Where to Follow:

About Jessie Sims:

Gamer, streamer, and heavy-duty squirter Jessie Sims is bursting with sexual energy and setting a crazy pace for OnlyFans Roleplay models. She’s your very naughty girl next door who loves working out, traveling, and getting down and dirty at music festivals. You can even catch her DJ show when you sign up for her channel.

Some of her favorite beats are dubstep and subtronics, and she’s ready to pump up the tunes for you. Jessie is one of the best Roleplay OnlyFans creators because she adds a lot of life to her photos and videos. Check out her content for free, and see if she measures up to your dreams.

5. Sammy Thighs — Best OnlyFans Roleplay Juicy British Ass


  • 6,662 photos
  • 566 videos
  • $7.50/month subscription

Where to Follow:

About Sammy Thighs:

Welcome to Sammy’s thigh and ass heaven on OnlyFans Roleplay. You’re going to love this posh British girl with big, juicy thighs and a bouncy ass to match. Sammy has so many filthy secrets to share, and she wants to show you every inch of her naked body.

As one of the best roleplay creators on OnlyFans, Sammy adores being naked and doesn’t care who watches. She loves showing off her gorgeous pussy and making personal connections with fans. Ready to build a long-lasting relationship with plenty of perks? Sammy is waiting for your message.

6. Bonnie Brown — Best Roleplay OnlyFans Anal Shows


  • 6,279 photos
  • 423 videos
  • $9.99/month subscription

Where to Follow:

About Bonnie Brown:

Bonnie Brown is a spunky little treat from the U.K. who is determined to be your dirty little OnlyFans Roleplay secret. When you subscribe to her channel, you get full access to her dreamy squirting videos and girl-on-girl collaborations. Watch her go down town on some of her sexiest gal pals and take it from behind from the guys she brings home.

Bonnie does free live shows from England, and when she can’t find partners, she sometimes just fingers herself for hours. You can join her on Roleplay OnlyFans for $9.99 a month. She likes it dirty and is always ready to cum.

7. Syren Deville — Best Screamer Videos Roleplay OnlyFans


  • 11,871 photos
  • 4,313 videos
  • $6/month subscription

Where to Follow:

About Syren Deville:

Subscribe to Syren Deville’s OnlyFans Roleplay page to watch her mind-blowing 17-minute long squirting video and 30-minute live stream cum show. You’ll feel like you need to come up for air after watching the waterworks that fly on these blockbusters.

Syren is about as crazy as they come for best Roleplay OnlyFans models. She can switch from sucking dick to munching creamy carpet and loves all the ass play she can get. Spend $1 on anything on her page, and get a reward and unlimited ratings until your subscription ends.

8. Envy Anne 💋 — Best OnlyFans Roleplay Hedgehog Hottie


  • 18,549 photos
  • 553 videos
  • $7.50/month subscription

Where to Follow:

About Envy Anne 💋:

Envy Anne loves OnlyFans Roleplay so much that she feels like she’s seen it all. She’s offering a challenge to new subscribers: give her an idea she’s never acted out before, and she promises to fulfill your every cum-inducing fantasy. She just got a new monitor and new microphone, which upped her game as a top Roleplay OnlyFans creator.

Join Envy for gaming fun and to see her vintage Sonic the Hedgehog collection. You won’t believe the things she does with those furry fellas. It’s not weird. It’s a turn on you’ve never experienced in your life, and a conversation that will bring you back again and again.

9. Rachel Olivia — Best Pegging Roleplay OnlyFans


  • 3,861 photos
  • 491 videos
  • $6/month subscription

Where to Follow:

About Rachel Olivia:

Rachel Olivia is a free-spirited, outdoorsy pervert with a nudity problem. She showcases all her kinks and quirks on her OnlyFans Roleplay page so that she can share each moment with her fans. Rachel doesn’t put on a fake persona, and she’s not a porn star. She’s just a chick who likes getting naked outside.

When you subscribe to her Roleplay OnlyFans channel, you can expect to have full access to more than 3,000 explicit videos and photos immediately. She posts new content twice daily and responds personally to messages. There is no spam and no ads to deal with on Rachel’s page. She guarantees complete authenticity.

10. Violet ⭐ Magic Pussy — Best OnlyFans Roleplay Corrupt Slut


  • XX likes
  • XX photos
  • XX videos
  • $XX/month subscription

Where to Follow:

About Violet ⭐ Magic Pussy:

Violet is a nerdy, slutty girl into Bad Dragons and taboo roleplay on OnlyFans. The idea of being ravaged by monsters and aliens gets Violet super wet. Her sweet little voice and filthy ideas are what makes her one of the best roleplay OnlyFans creators online. If you’re into weird, wet, and wacky, she’s definitely your new dream girl.

Violet is super shy, but her magic pussy is not afraid to open up for you and show you all of its juicy secrets. Lucky for you, Violet is a show-off and gets off when fans watch her play with herself. She’ll describe exactly which monster she’s dreaming about as she takes her flower to other worlds.

OnlyFans Roleplay – Best Roleplay OnlyFans In Conclusion

Take a walk on the wild side with these other worldly OnlyFans roleplay creators. They are pushing the limits when it comes to filth, and fans are having a hard time challenging them with new roles to play. Whether you’re into fantasy roleplay or just need a friendly nurse, these channels are made of magic.

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