What Are Some Good Sex Positions For A Steamy and Aphrodisiacal Weekend?

After a long week of trying to beat the traffic and going to work, anticipating an exciting weekend is inevitable. You can plan to have a euphoric and memorable getaway after a stressful and tiresome week. You look forward to spending some quality time with your partner and a quickie is not something that’s on your mind or even enough to quench your lust.

You need to make some plans, or be spontaneous in your approach, but be open to try new things to make the weekend so enjoyable that it revitalizes both you and your partner. So, there’s no need for the normal sex positions that you’ve been doing all the time. It’s time to ditch the routine sex positions and try some unique and exiting positions to prevent your relationship from getting stale and boring. If you don’t know where to start, then here are some sex positions that you can try this weekend!

weekend sex positions

Dutch Pretzel

Looking for comfort and deep penetration at the same time? The Dutch pretzel is the position to create a steamy environment. To perform this technique, straddle and kneel your partner’s right leg whilst lying on their right side with her left leg wrapped around your waist giving you access to penetrate easily.

Stimulation of your partner is quite easy, rub the head of your shaft against her clitoris slowly but repeatedly to achieve orgasm. When you slide in, you can use your fingers to work her clitoris to keep her in the mood for long periods.


To complement the reverse cowgirl position or when she is on the top, adding doggy-style to the list gets you deeper penetration. Sliding in from behind gives a reach to the cervix exploring another sensitive area. The G-spot is reachable by pressing your waist against your partner’s butt making the walls of her vagina to collapse.

This is an erotic position that sees no need for core strength and flexibility thus allowing you to give your all and show your prowess. If possible, you can get further on top and drop in your shaft for deeper penetration. Be careful not to fall on her. Stability is crucial.

Finally this is a great position for those with limited flexibility in their legs. You can also use it for those who feel they can’t get enough of this position.

Spoon Position

After a long week without having enough time with your partner, cuddling, kissing, and penetrating from the back is achieved through the spoon position. Your partner only has to slightly lift her leg to allow you to penetrate. Fondling and rubbing the clitoris is easy this way and allows further stimulation of your missus. It is an excellent style for an intimate relationship. The hugging raises sexual tension by releasing the oxytocin hormone.

To compensate for the difficulty in shafting, the use of maneuvers like up circular and grinding will increase titillation. This position is recommended for pregnant women or if one of you is bigger.

Reverse Cowgirl

To achieve this position, you need to lie on your back stretching your legs. Your partner gets on top facing the opposite direction while on their knees and straddling your hips. For a dominant and active woman, this position suits her as she will enjoy the control of riding you. You can watch all her moves and at the same time get a great view of her back.

The forward or back leaning movement of your partner on top determines the penetration depth. She will be in charge of the pace. You can also use this to help you to learn to relax and regain control over your body, and it’s also a great way to get back into the swing of things.


The sex positions outlined are sure to keep your partner happy and entertained throughout the weekend so long as you remember to set the mood. Come Monday, she will walk to work like she has climbed a sequoia.

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