10 Best South African OnlyFans Featuring SA OnlyFans in 2024

Bounded by miles and miles of exquisite coastline that meets both the South Atlantic and Indian oceans, this nation is the southernmost on the continent of Africa. It’s incredibly biodiverse, and its people are diverse as well. Though most South Africans are Black, there are also those of European, Asian, and multiracial descent.

All the diversity makes for some incredible OnlyFans South Africa viewing. Though all the models are either from the country or currently live in it, each has her own specialty and unique style that comes right through the camera. All sizes and shapes are represented on this list for you to savor and enjoy.

Top South Africa OnlyFans – Best South African OnlyFans Models

OnlyFans SA – South African OnlyFans Girls You Can Follow On OnlyFans

The Best South Africa OnlyFans Accounts With Top South African Only Fans Content in 2024

1. SkyeBlye — Finest South African OnlyFans Fetish Friend


  • Over 140 photos and videos
  • 1000 subscribers
  • $8.99/month or save with a bundle

Where to Follow:

About SkyeBlye:

When you’re looking for naughty, horny, and crazy original content, this is the page you want to be on! As one of her OF subscribers, you have exclusive access to what she gets up to in front of the camera. And not only does she like fetish, she actively encourages it.

Whether you watch her solo or with a male partner, SkyeBlye always delivers. She likes to tease and please, and you don’t want to miss out on playtime with this content creator who’s got lots of ink to show off too.

2. Lola May Days — Best SA OnlyFans Female-Led Page


  • 45 photos
  • 2300 subscribers
  • $12/month or save with a bundle

Where to Follow:

About Lola May Days:

Located in Cape Town, this amazing South African OnlyFans model is a legitimate mistress in addition to being a mentor. She’s also a coach, especially in female-led relationships, and she likes all things sexuality, relationships, and kink.

Lola May Days knows you’re a sinner and she enjoys that fact! She’ll give you inspiration on a weekly basis, and you can message her if you’re interested in coaching – especially kink.

3. Aria Grey — Naughtiest South Africa OnlyFans With a Nose Ring


  • 30 videos and more than 140 photos
  • 300 subscribers
  • $7.99/month

Where to Follow:

About Aria Grey:

She’s petite (and you know dynamite comes in small packages) with blue eyes and B-cup breasts. She’s proud of being geeky and playing dress-up (but also stripping down, of course). She’s strong, smart, and a bit silly as well so her subscribers get a lot of joy from watching her.

Want to have fun together with such an amazing babe? Aria Grey is ready for you in the DMs, willing to have a chat and a bit of a laugh. She loves to create her content and keep her fans happy as well.

4. Officially Holly Rae — Top South African OnlyFans MILF


  • Over 230 videos and 1400 photos
  • 200 subscribers
  • Currently on sale $5 for 31 days, normally $9.99/month or save with a bundle

Where to Follow:

About Officially Holly Rae:

She might just be the hottest mom on the planet – yet she is definitely the naughtiest mom on the block! She loves getting attention from her subscribers so she encourages you to chat with her in the DMs. Her response time is quick, and she answers you personally.

Feel free to ask for custom requests too so she can fulfill your naughty dreams. Officially Holly Rae has plenty of images for you to enjoy as well, including solo play with adult toys and scenes with male partners.

5. ALLY-GREY – full videos— Finest OnlyFans SA With Freckles


  • More than 350 videos and 1200 photos
  • $14.99/month

Where to Follow:

About ALLY-GREY – full videos:

If you saw her out and about, you would never guess that this freckle-faced redhead loves to create sexy content for her subscribers. She genuinely loves making videos and you’ll see the joy, passion, and love in every item in her extensive library – for her, being watched by strangers is a huge turn-on.

If you subscribe with a bundle, ALLY GREY – full videos will treat you to premium content. The bigger the bundle, the more premium videos you get. You’ll also find some fetish content, which she notes always satisfies.

6. FilthyFrancesca — Best South African OnlyFans Girls Into BDSM


  • More than 25 videos and 240 photos
  • 100 subscribers
  • Free

Where to Follow:

About FilthyFrancesca:

This OnlyFans South Africa creator calls herself tasteful but filthy, and you’ll discover that she’s very creative with her content. She enjoys playing with both men and women, and everyone in between as well. Not to mention her solo play, often with toys and leather to boot. She’s also open to sexting with her fans.

FilthyFrancesca has lots of tattoos, and lots of different interests when it comes to BDSM. You’ll get to see threesomes, rope play, and candles, as well as more traditional shower and bath scenes. Chains and pain, anyone?

7. Lexi — Sexiest South Africa OnlyFans Solo Play


  • More than 340 photos and 120 videos
  • 200 subscribers
  • $15/month or save with a bundle

Where to Follow:

About Lexi:

One of the best things about watching South African OnlyFans girls masturbate is that they know exactly how to bring themselves intense pleasure, whether they’re doing it manually or using a naughty toy. And this dark-haired seductress is a pleasure to watch as she stimulates herself.

What kind of content can you expect from Lexi? When you subscribe, you can watch her masturbate, hump pillows, ride dildos, paint her body, and other kinds of sexy shenanigans. She loves getting the support from her fans.

8. GoGirl — Hottest SA OnlyFans Customs Creator


  • Over 90 videos and 1000 photos
  • $6.99/month or save with a bundle

Where to Follow:

About GoGirl:

She’s out here living her best life, and her subscribers get to watch her sultry scenes. As you can tell from all her photos and videos, she is not shy in front of the camera. She loves making artistic material with both full and implied nudity to tease and please her loyal fans.

GoGirl enjoys treating her subscribers, with special content just for those who turn on autobill. She responds personally to her direct messages only on her OnlyFans South Africa page, and loves to fulfill custom requests.

9. Milah_Boo — Top South African OnlyFans Real Page


  • Over 110 videos and 1300 photos
  • 300 subscribers
  • $10/month

Where to Follow:

About Milah_Boo:

This dark-eyed beauty has a “mom bod”, and it’s an incredibly sexy one. Especially when you see this OnlyFans SA model in all her full glory once you subscribe. She’s about being real, so she doesn’t spam or send messages to her fans in bulk. As you’ll see from her photos and videos, she’s really a fan of quality (even though she has a significant quantity of scenes.)

Milah_Boo likes to hear from her fans, as long as they’re being respectful and not spammy with her. Her motto is “Ask and you shall receive”, so don’t be shy as long as you’re being real with her too.

10. Raven’s Realm — Sultriest South African OnlyFans Girlfriend Experience


  • More than 580 photos and 80 videos
  • 100 subscribers
  • Free

Where to Follow:

About Raven’s Realm:

She may be a delusional degenerate in her own words, but she’s very proud of her phat pinkness. Lucky for all of us, she’s an exhibitionist who adores shooting her own scenes. She’s currently accepting custom requests as well, and if you prefer to check out her PPV storefront, you can do that too.

Raven’s Realm likes to provide an outstanding girlfriend experience for those brave enough to ask, and she also enjoys providing a little peek into her daily life with regular (and safe-for-work) life updates to her loyal fans.

OnlyFans SA – South Africa OnlyFans In Conclusion

As you can see, there are some unique content creators who hail from Cape Town, Johannesburg, and other cities and towns in South Africa. Each one has a specialty that she likes to share with her fans, and you can see the passion and joy that each one brings to her page. You won’t want to miss out on any of our creators’ gifts and all-around sense of fun.

It’s important to us that we carry the cream of the crop for top South African OnlyFans models, so we’re always monitoring the site to make sure we’ve got the best for you. So no matter when you dive in, there’s always someone who can pique your interest and create content for your viewing pleasure.

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