XVideos Red Review & Free Trial Offer (2020)

XVideos Red Review & Free Trial Offer (2020)

Ever heard of XVideos? Of course you have! It’s only one of the most popular and one of the largest tube websites in the porn industry. But you know that they also have a premium subscription model called XVideos Red where you can watch porn videos released by most of the popular porn networks in one member’s area! Sound good, right? It really is, and in this article I am going to tell you everything you need to know about XVideos Red!

When was the last time you paid for porn? Was it last year or two decades ago when the internet was still at its infancy and you were required to buy VHS tapes at the local sex shop or store if you wanted to see old Bob the plumber bonking the pretty housewife and giving her plumbing one hell of a cleaning?

Anyway, precious few pay for porn these days. Free porn sites are all over the place, offering high-quality porn for nothing at all. This means you get to keep your wallet in your pocket and still be able to enjoy seeing superstars like Mia Khalifa spreading their slim legs for the cumming extinction and cock punishment they know will soon follow!

But there are issues with using free tube sites just as there are cons of using premium porn sites, and we are going to see just what they are in the next section.

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Exclusive Porn Videos & Ad-Free Video Streaming

If you want to get videos from all your favorite porn websites, or all the popular porn networks, in just a single membership, then you definitely need to check out XVideosRed. The premium service is available for just $9.99/month, but they also offer a 7-day trial period using which you can explore every feature, watch all the premium videos and find out if it’s worth the subscription!

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xvideosred free trial review

Free Porn Sites vs Paid Porn Sites

Now, as I said, the vast majority of porn is free. They pay for themselves by putting ads in your face and hoping you get to see this when you are busy jerking your cock and making funny faces as the cum flood leaves your body! Still, not all porn is free!

See, on most cam sites you need to fork over some moolah to get the performers to take off their clothes and get nasty. Paying is the price of the performance and if you don’t want to pay, the cam model just might position her foot near your ass and kick you out of her room!

This has parallels with the way the paid porn sites in the world operate. See, shooting porn takes a lot of time, effort, and money. A studio must usually be booked, the porn performers must be paid, as must be the cameraman, sound man, video editor, and the like. And sometimes ad revenues are simply not enough to cover the cost of this all and assure a comfortable living to everyone involved in the porn industry.

So, you may have the option to watch porn for free, but if you want to keep watching new porn videos featuring your favorite pornstars, then you might want to start paying for the porn that you jerk off to because if you don’t pay, the porn studios won’t have money to keep on producing new content.

But there’s also the affordability issue here because it’s virtually impossible for a regular person to pay a monthly subscription to several porn networks. I mean, if you like one porn studio then you can certainly afford that, but what if you love watching videos released by 5 different studios, or may be 15! It will be a serious kick to your monthly budget.

That’s where premium porn sites like XVideos Red come in! It’s more or less like Pornhub Premium which allows you to watch porn from multiple porn networks at one place.

You like to watch videos from Brazzers, you can do so with XVideos Red; you like videos from Blacked or Tushy, you have it here; you like content from FakeTaxi, it’s here; and so on.

The Case of XVideos Red

While XVideos has a free XXX section, that all of us are aware of; it also has a paid section, that not everyone is aware of. This is called XVideos Red!

xvideos red review

To access this you need to pay a monthly fee. The fee is more than reasonable and is much less than you would pay for a plate of food at any good restaurant; and also quite less than what you would pay for a monthly subscription to one of the popular paid porn sites. In return for this fee, you get access to prime content from several studios. And we are talking about really prime and full-length content here!

Quality, exclusivity, and awesomeness are what XVideos Red is all about. Sure, you can get by on the regular XVideos content, but XVideos Red lets you access everything and we mean EVERYTHING on the very popular site, with no limits; and we are going to show you just what is waiting for you in the members’ area!

XVideos Red Review

How It Looks:

Well, XVideos Red looks pretty normal. Don’t be expecting the holy saints and some cherubs going at it hammer and tongs right on the homepage! The XVideos Red section is well designed and if your eye never wandered to the site logo at the top left of the page you could easily think you were on the regular XVideos homepage.

xvideos red dashboard

You get a long search bar at the top left of the page, with this letting you know that almost 10 million paid and free porn vids are waiting for you to warm up some lube and get to the action. Beneath the aforementioned site logo is a pull-down menu that lets you better arrange the homepage to your liking. There’s also a toggle menu button next to the site logo and clicking it provides direct access to Channels, Pornstars, your History, Tags, and lots more.

The top right of the page hosts a Settings and Account button, with these letting you control what happens on-site. As you might imagine, most of the homepage is filled with porn videos, and tweaking these to show content related to your likes and interests is rather easy once you get the hang of it.

Overall, we say the site looks good if a little crowded. The learning curve is a little steep, but nothing most fellas can’t handle.

xvideos red dashboard

Content and Quality:

XVideos Red contains the most exclusive content and we are talking those that don’t make it to the regular site. There are thousands of channels to subscribe to here and so many videos that you could watch them 20 hours a day for months and still never make a dent!

Video quality for content in the Red section is high and downloads are supported. It is OK to rush to download everything in sight once you gain access to XVideos Red, but the content you download better not end up on torrent sites or your ass is toast!

The content playback process is smooth, just like in the regular XVideos. The usual video and playback settings are available and you can tinker with them to make videos playback as you like.

We give XVideos Red top marks in content playback and quality. If you ever experience issues playing a video here, the only proper explanation is that your wicked ex hired some spiritualists to mess with you! Or, your internet connection is acting up!

xvideos red video playback

Ease Of Use:

On ease of use, XVideos Red is good enough. If you are new there, it will take some time and tinkering to know what to do to bring about the best cumming effect.

Of course, you can use the search bar to look for particular content and there are curating options near the top of the homepage that lets you decide exactly what you want to see, be it only XVideos Red videos or all videos on XVideos itself. However, mastering the featured and considerable number of customization options will take you a day or so if you are an avid fapper.

In conclusion, XVideos Red has good ease of use, possibly too many customization options and an unhealthy obsession with making you wage war on your private parts!

XVideos Red Review – Is It Worth It?

Well, that depends on the kind of person you are. If you are an average wankster and cum licker like most of the world population, then a site like XVideos Red would be an overkill.

In case you were unaware, there are hundreds of thousands of porn videos, if not millions, on XVideos and only a small amount of these are exclusive and must be paid for. The large majority of content on this porn platform is free, accessible day and night on desktop, tablet, smartphone, TV, and the kitchen sink and cover all possible categories, from fetish to MILF, teen, voyeur, and African. These should be more than enough to make even the skeletons in an ancient Mayan temple cum and keep on cumming till the end of time!

On the other hand, if you are the type who like exclusive things and hate advertisements that pop-up right when you are about to burst, then XVideos Red is what the good doctor would write in your prescription! On this platform, you get to see the most exclusive and full-length content, in 4K quality no less, that others are denied access to, and without having to deal with annoying ads!

While viewing such exclusive content from high-end studios and stars won’t make your cum turn pink and smell of roses, it is a wonderful thrill on its own! Even better, the cost of admittance on XVideos Red is so negligible it almost defies belief.

And to make things even more appealing, the site offers a 7-day free trial period that gives you complete access to the members’ area. You can explore all the features of the site, watch all the videos and empty your balls of all your cum for the entirety of the trial period and the decide if the site is worth paying for or not. The answer will definitely be a big YES!