Are 3D Printed Porn Star Sex Dolls About to Become the Next Big Thing?

When you think about your favorite pornstars, the last thing you consider is about how easily they could be replaced. After all, they all look completely unique and have the sensual prowess needed to bring any erotic fantasy to life. We all enjoy watching them, but with the advancement of 3D Printing, there is now the opportunity, for those willing to spend a lot of money, to buy a perfect sex doll replica of their favorite stars. Although it would be silly to say that the dolls are going to replace your favorite adult entertainers altogether, it cannot be denied that they are having a large impact on the adult industry as a whole.

What is a 3D Printed Sex Doll?

Unlike the strangely morbid construction process that goes along with a silicon molded sex doll (which can be found on YouTube if you want to unnerve yourself), 3D Printing has only recently been used to create more realistic sex dolls. 3D Printing involves constructing physical objects through layering material from a digital 3d-model. Once the model has been scanned then it canes be uploaded to the machine. The 3D printer will then proceed to create the object through building up its layers.

3d printed sex dolls

As the machine works by using a digital scan or model of a person, that means that it can easily construct more intricate parts of the model, such as individualized face shapes and body proportions. That means that if the sex doll is modeled on someone, in particular, you will find that the majority of the print will be 100% identical to the original.

How can 3D Printing enhance Sex Dolls?

Discluding the cheap blow-up sex dolls that can be found on any adult e-commerce website, the more realistic dolls usually are constructed from silicon. This tends to be a very flexible material. That means it can be easily melded into the shape of a person and can have additional attributes to enhance the pleasure of the user. However, DS Doll developers, a Chinese sex doll manufacturer, are now focused on using 3D Printing in order to speed up the process, as well as create AI Dolls that are practically human replicas. This is to the point where the company is actually preparing to send out its first generation of cyborg companions.

One of the best things about a 3D Printed Sex Doll is in relation to its customization. No matter what sort of physical look appeals to you, your sex doll can be made to fit your exact criteria. Whether that is blonde hair, big blue eyes, a flat chest, curvy hips or even a hairy crotch, that can be added to your sex doll. This can even be taken a step further where your sex doll can be made to replicated your adult workers. If you have found that you are attracted to some of gorgeous escorts in London or have seen a distinct pornstar online and want to recreate their look, this is entirely possible with a 3D printed sex doll. As the doll is created through scanned layers, all that is required is the original look holder’s permission, a picture of their face and body, and then the doll can be sculpted by the printer.

According to Sam, a worker of “Cloud Climax”, a flagship DS doll reseller,

“Whilst previously casts would need to be made and then mould, we can now input and print in a much faster time.”

That means you will receive your sex doll at a much faster rate than what you would normally get for normal silicon moulded sex doll.

Can Sex Dolls be Pornstars?

Take a moment to consider Rule 34 and the idea of “if it exists there is porn of it.” That is why it is not surprising that Sex Dolls are slowly becoming integrated into adult industry, more specifically, pornography skits and videos. Take, for instance, the latest 18+ erotic sci-fi show “erotic Black Mirror”, featuring “The Aura Doll.” This doll was actually a sex robot and was the first of its kind to be featured in an x-rated series. The episodes themselves actually documented a couple looking for a threesome with a doll. It was met with positive feedback from its audience. The director, Bree Mills, in an interview with The Sun, even stated that,

“Synthetic relationships are traditionally seen as being very taboo but, as technology, sexual discourse, and the digital age advances, it is becoming an increasingly hot topic.”

Although some porn stars are concerned that the arrival of sex dolls may take away work from them, as the majority of the dolls seem to be more cost-effective than hiring an actor or an actress. However, at the end of the day, it still depends on the audience who watch the videos. There is a high chance that the hype of using a 3d printed sex doll, or even just a normal sex doll, will just fizzle out and become just a niche fetish genre on the internet. Blair Williams, a well-known porn star, even said:

“I don’t believe that artificial technology could completely replace natural human connection. However, sex robots may fuel the porn industry as a tool for arousal before us.”

At the end of the day, a sex doll tends to be used for a physical purpose and lacks the emotional connection that a pornstar can create. That means that it is very unlikely that sex dolls will ultimately take over the industry as a whole.

What do you think?

Would you like to see more sex dolls used in pornography, or are you happy with being able to watch your favorite adult actors and actresses in their element? Whilst advanced technology can provide us with perfect replicas of our favorite models, escorts and pornography stars, there is not only a big issue with copyright over this, but at the end of the day, it will either add to your fantasies or make you feel a little awkward about watching your favorite star altogether! What are your thoughts?

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