Top 10: Incredible Colombian Pornstars of 2019

If you have been watching porn for a long time, then you’d already know about all the hot Latina pornstars that are currently active. You wouldn’t argue with me at all when I say that these Latina babes are some of the hottest women on the planet! So, it’s only natural that we’d want to explore more about them which lead us to create this amazing list of the best Colombian pornstars. These girls have the perfect body type, the perfect hue of skin and of course, the raw sexual energy that will make any man, or woman, fall for them instantly.

There are scores of Latin babes in the industry and I can’t seem to find even one that I don’t like. It’s like they were created when God was in a really good mood which makes sense that they have everything going for them. They’ve got a gorgeous face, a curvaceous body, some of the best tits on the planet and of course, a heavenly ass that you wouldn’t find on any other girl. All these things make the Colombian pornstars a real blessing for the world as there are people like me who can only watch them on screen and be satisfied with it, because there’s practically no way we could ever be with them. So, check out this list of the best pornstars and watch all their videos and then you can come back here and thank us later!

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Best Colombian Pornstars of 2019

11. Bliss Dulce

bliss dulce

There’s no better girl to begin our list other than Bliss Dulce! The Colombian beauty has had a very short career, with only a few scenes to her name, but she’s showed exactly what she’s capable of. Although she’s not active anymore in the adult industry, you can go back and have a look at all the videos she’s done so far. I particularly like her anal videos because it would be a shame to leave that perfect ass alone, and the pornstar realizes how big of an asset that is. So, watch her bounce her huge ass over a giant dick as the male talent just lays there enjoying while this gorgeous brunette does all the hard work!

10. Jamie Valentine

jamie valentine

Making her debut at just 20-years old, Jamie Valentine has had a long and great career in the adult industry. However, there’s a chance that you may not know about this busty Colombian pornstar because she’s not that regular in releasing her videos, but you’ve got to check her out if you feel oddly attracted to Colombian women. With a curvy figure, a seductive face and plump fake tits, she’s got everything a man would want in her woman and the fact that she loves to fuck, as seen in her many videos, instantly makes her one of the best Colombian pornstars of all time!

9. Isabella De Santos

isabella de santos

Isabella De Santos is one of the prettiest pornstars that you could ever have a chance to watch, but she’s also quite hardcore. Beginning her career with a lesbian scene, she quickly transitioned to hardcore side of the industry and began stuffing her asshole with big dicks. Her anal scenes are legendary and the fact that there’s always a satisfied expression on her face, a feeling of ecstasy, while she’s getting rammed makes the entire video all the more arousing. She’s got caramel skin and she’s all natural, whether it be her perky tits or her juicy ass, and that’s what makes her one of the best babes to watch if you are into Colombian beauties!

8. Valerie Rios

valerie rios

Who doesn’t love watching two hot babes going down on each other? It’s absolutely amazing to watch that! And if feel the same way, then you should definitely check out Valerie Rios because she’s one of the best! The tight spinner is no longer active, unfortunately, but she’s been one of the top lesbian performers in the industry of her time and has had the chance to taste the sexiest babes. The Colombian pornstar loved to fuck which is why she entered the porn industry as soon as she could, but she soon left leaving her fans wanting more of her tight, hot body.

7. Monique Fuentes

monique fuentes

If you are into MILF pornstars, and not the ones that are young and just play step-mom roles, then you will thank us for letting you know about Monique Fuentes. She’s one of the best MILFs in the industry at the moment, with more than a decade of experience to boot, and also one of the best Colombian pornstars. She’s got everything you’d ever want – a seductive face that no one can say no to, a rocking body for someone her age, ripe and juicy tits and a round booty you won’t be able to keep your hands off of! She’s a pro at sucking the biggest of dicks before sticking them in one of her holes, and you’ll find yourself losing control by just looking at her go.

6. Melanie Rios

melanie rios

Cute pornstars are my weakness and ever since I found out about Melanie Rios, I just have one question – why did she stop doing porn? Just look at her perfect figure and those perky, little tits and tell me that you don’t want to keep on sucking those nipples for as long as you can. And of course, how could I ever forget about her tight pussy that grips dicks of all shapes and sizes! If you love watching cute, young girls getting dicked down on screen, then you definitely want to check out her filmography because you won’t be disappointed.

5. Esperanza Gomez

esperanza gomez

Now we are getting into some real, truly hardcore stuff with Esperanza Gomez! I am sure that you must be aware of this gorgeous Colombian MILF; and if you aren’t then you can thank me after you’ve binge-watched some of her videos, and I say binge-watch because you won’t be able to stop at just one. Sporting a super-fit body, a gorgeous pair of fake tits and an even perfect butt, she’s made a huge name for herself in the industry. Even though she’s no longer active, she’s considered as one of the quintessential MILFs of all time and there’s no one who would argue with that statement.

4. Veronica Leal

veronica leal

Most of the Colombian pornstars on this list have either been in the industry for a long time or retired; but here’s someone who’s quite new in the industry but has already amassed tons of experience by performing in a multitude of porn scenes. Veronica Leal began her career just a few years back and in a short time has made quite a name for herself. She’s also one of the top anal pornstars at the moment as she’s taking big dicks in her ass quite often, and enjoying every moment of the pain/pleasure, and sometimes going in for a double-penetration as well. She’s got the looks, she’s got a petite figure with cute little tits and I can’t see any reason why she can’t be in the industry for long because judging by the way she’s performing, she’s aiming for the top!

3. Franceska Jaimes

franceska jaimes

If you tell me that you’ve not heard about Franceska Jaimes, or haven’t seen any of her videos, then you’re either lying or you don’t have good taste when it comes to porn! She’s probably one of the all time greats of the porn industry and if, by some chance, you don’t know her then you should leave whatever you’re doing and watch her porn videos. Not only is see one of the fittest babes in the industry, but she’s also one of the kinkiest as she’s been known to perform in rough, hardcore scenes only. Her scenes are always good, but her anal scenes are legendary considering that she’s got one of the best ass in porn.

2. Ariella Ferrera

ariella ferrera

Unlike most of the other Colombian pornstars on this list, here’s someone who’s been in the industry for a long time and still showing no signs of slowing down! Ariella Ferrera has been in the industry for close to a decade and not once has she taken a break. To this day, she regularly releases new scenes and works with new talents and for all the leading studios in the industry. She’s done all kinds of stuff in her career – anal, lesbian, interracial, double-penetration, anal DP, creampie and more – and she’s got quite a lot to do. In one of her interviews, she mentioned that she’s stop doing porn when she stops enjoying it, which says a lot considering that she’s doing it quite a lot than what she used to!

1. Canela Skin

canela skin

For our number one pick, we’ve got Canela Skin! In my opinion, she’s the perfect Latina babe in the industry right now and I can’t even find anything wrong with her. She’s got great skin, she’s got amazing looks – both cute and hot at the same time – and she’s got the perfect figure. Her tits are fake, obviously, but they are not too large that would gross people out and her tattoo also looks amazing, all things considered. But the one thing that every Colombian is known for is their round, juicy and thick ass and Canela Skin’s got the best deal in that category. She began her career with an anal scene and has been performing more and more anal scenes religiously because it would be a sin to deprive her fans of the sight of her perfect ass!

Who Are Your Favorite Colombian Pornstars?

So, these were some of the best Colombian ladies in the porn industry that you should definitely know about! If you think I missed out on some really great pornstars, and I know I did, then don’t forget to let us know because I am always on the lookout of more awesome babes I can jerk off to. So, don’t forget to leave your feedback and share the article with your friends telling them to check out these hot Colombian pornstars of the year!

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