10 Best Big Ass Redhead OnlyFans in 2024

Variations in human genetics aren’t just necessary for survival, they also result in propagating endlessly attractive traits across the sectrum of existence — lucky us who get to witness! The result of a genetic mutation a millenia ago, for example, brought to the world beings with hair as fiery as the sun peeking over northern hills and mountains as the day begins. We know ’em, we love ’em, we can’t get enough of ’em — say hello to the best redheads with the bounciest butts, the thickest thighs, and the softest bellies, only on OnlyFans. These big booty redhead OnlyFans models and creators invite fans to follow them on a journey of ultimate pleasure.

Top PAWG Redhead OnlyFans Accounts

Big Booty Redhead OnlyFans Models You Can Follow

The Best Thick Redhead OnlyFans Accounts


1. Taylor Gunner – Best Midwest PAWG Redhead OnlyFans Model


  • Over 888K likes
  • $10 a month
  • 701 media posts

Where to Follow:

About Taylor Gunner:

Taylor Gunner hails from the Midwest, bringing that no-nonsense sensibility to her page. Taylor likes to explore her limits, bringing in her fans to watch her find out more about what brings her pleasure as she iterates and experiments with toys, partners, and some good old fashioned self love.

Taylor posts daily, and is very responsive with her fans, allowing the most loyal followers to dictate some very sultry custom content, sometimes on her weekly live shows.

2. Lila Davis – Best Big Booty Redhead OnlyFans MILF


  • Over 341K likes
  • Free for 7 days
  • $8.99 after
  • 3638 media posts

Where to Follow:

About Lila Davis:

Lila Davis’ page is chock full of her modeling lingerie and bikinis, candid boudoir shots, and soapy baths with a knowing wink to the camera. Lila knows what she’s doing, and what her fans love, and she delivers their deepest desires with an artistry unmatched by other accounts.

One of her favorite things to do is host live shows and take suggestions from her loyal fans. (Pro tip — to move to the front of the line, make sure to give her a tip!)

3. MelRose Michaels – Best Thick Redhead OnlyFans Posting Schedule


  • Over 336K likes
  • Free for 1 day
  • $24.99 a month after
  • 3326 media posts

Where to Follow:

About MelRose Michaels:

MelRose Michaels is a daily poster, like lots of redhead OnlyFans models, with one key difference: MelRose posts daily, full-length, high quality videos right to her page. A nymphomaniac by her own admission, MelRose makes sure she gets hers whenever she needs it, and shares the experience with her fans.

MelRose is consistently seen as a favorite across the entire platform, with many fans vowing financial and emotional devotion so long as she continues to bless them with her presence.

4. Alexa Fire – Best Curvy Redhead OnlyFans Ratings Queen


  • Over 182K likes
  • $13.99 a month
  • 1683 media posts

Where to Follow:

About Alexa Fire:

Where Alexa Fire really shines is in the fun ratings she doles out to her fans. Send her a DM, a tip, and a pic, and she’ll respond with highly detailed feedback and a rating based on a rigorous rubric that any fan has yet to take issue with. Alexa really knows her stuff and her fans benefit directly from her logic and experience.

Alexa loves chatting with fans too, and is available nearly 24/7. Make sure to send a tip to get moved up in the queue.

5. Amber Sparkl – Best Thick Ginger OnlyFans Boobs Model


  • Over 179K likes
  • $10 a month
  • 914 media posts

Where to Follow:

About Amber Sparkl:

Amber Sparkl shines with the best of them, and then some. Amber’s claim to fame is being the proud owner of some of the biggest boobs on the internet, coming in at 42G. Her fans love seeing her full nudes and teasing lewds she posts everyday. They also can’t get enough of her sexting, where her and her twins (as she calls them) greet fans good morning and gently kiss them goodnight.

6. Fanny Apple – Best Big Ass Redhead OnlyFans Free Page


  • Over 160K likes
  • Free account
  • 2985 media posts

Where to Follow:

About Fanny Apple:

On Fanny Apple’s page, everything is free! She likes to post tons of pic and vids where she shows off her ss, boobs, and feet while wearing some of the most seductive lingerie ever made to adorn the body of a goddess. Ms. Apple leaves it all on her page, and does offer some opportunities for exclusives and surprises with tipping races and spin-the-wheel contests.

7. Julie With the Cake – Best Curvy Redhead OnlyFans Stepmom Roleplay


  • Over 135K likes
  • $19.99 a month
  • 1198 media posts

Where to Follow:

About About Julie With the Cake:

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years, cake, in the case of Ms. Julie, means a gluteus maximus that is sweet and chock-full of goodness. And Julie with the Cake certainly isn’t lying. That big bottom is part of what makes her the best stepmom roleplay among redhead OnlyFans creators, along with her propensity to bring her fans’ naughty fantasies to life in salacious detail.

8. Ryan Rose – Best Dominance and Humiliation Thick Redhead OnlyFans


  • Over 98K likes
  • $7.99 a month
  • 4731 media posts

Where to Follow:

About Ryan Rose:

Ryan Rose isn’t necessarily a dominatrix, but she’s not not a domme. Ryan specializes in dominance and humiliation of her slavering fans, expertly taking them down a notch to a station more befitting of fans their…stature. Ms. Rose has a legion of fans willing to lock themselves up and throw away the key just for her own amusement. Will you join their ranks?

9. Violet – Best Big Booty Redhead OnlyFans Chubby Model


  • Over 83K likes
  • $9.99 a month
  • 4211 media posts

Where to Follow:

About Violet:

To join Violet’s page is to experience a full-body immersion into the world of pleasure. Violet celebrates her desires and invites her fans to join in. Lots of her content focuses on her ass, her feet, and her toys she uses to tease them. Her delightful Rubenesque frame demands to be worshiped, and we are all too happy to oblige. Besides, like she says, her biggest turn-on is getting her fans turned on.

10. Jessica Jax – Best Thick Ginger OnlyFans Hot Wife


  • Over 44K likes
  • $9.99 a month
  • 968 media posts

Where to Follow:

About Jessica Jax:

The lifestyle, as it’s often called, that Jessica Jax practices is one that sees married wives taking pleasure from other men with their husbands’ full knowledge, consent, and sometimes even participation. Jessica Jax is one of the best cuckolding content has to offer on OnlyFans, with her vivacious nature translating to infectious allure her fans can’t get enough of. Make sure to check out her weekly livestreams, filmed by none other than Mr. Jax himself.

Curvy Redhead OnlyFans In Conclusion

Think you can handle all these curvy redhead OnlyFans models can dish out? Test your mettle by following your favorites from this list, and then continue in your exploration of OnlyFans models and creators plying their unique trades across the platform. Bask in the glory of auburn locks draped over you, blocking out the entire world until it’s just you and your favorite creator behind a curtain of passion. Trace their curves with your eyes, and revel in their emulation of the goddess Juno, blessing you with the gift of their fantasies and pleasure. Thick redhead OnlyFans models bring it all to their pages, and leave it all on the screen.

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