11 Best Serbian Male OnlyFans in 2024

If you thought that only women could make a profit running an OnlyFans account, it might be because you didn’t know that gay men are quickly becoming some of the top earners on the platform. Serbian male OnlyFans accounts are at the forefront of this new trend, using their social media clout and marketing skills to turn themselves into a brand and earn a profit. These sexy men represent a diverse range of body types, from super-cut muscle-bound gym hunks to soft and cuddly bears. Keep reading to see the best Serbian gay OnlyFans models and what they offer.

Top Gay Serbian OnlyFans Accounts

Gay Serbian Models You Can Follow On OnlyFans

The Best Gay Serbian Male OnlyFans Accounts

1. LudiBratt— Best Findom Gay Serbian OnlyFans


  • 42 Photos
  • 620 Subscribers

Where to Follow:

About LudiBratt:

Ludi Bratt is beautiful, famous, and the perfect start to our best Serbian gay OnlyFans list. Join this well-muscled hunk on his reasonably priced OnlyFans journey and view all his uncensored photos and videos. Ludi Bratt offers video calls and chat and specializes in findom and muscle domination, so if being bossed around by a big hunk of man meat is your thing, you’ll love Ludi’s content. This popular TikTok star has made bank by opening an OnlyFans account and is a fabulous example of success on the platform.

2. Airmax Sniffer— Best Feet Gay Serbian OnlyFans


  • 167 Photos
  • 180 Subscribers

Where to Follow:

About Airmax Sniffer:

Airmax Sniffer is a quickly rising star on the Serbian male OnlyFans scene, offering specific fetish content centred around his enormous feet. Offering a size 45 European shoe (which translates roughly to a whopping US size 13), this kink-friendly OnlyFans sensation is racking up the likes and subscriber count. If you’re into feet, specifically sweaty and smelly post-gym spork socks, Airmax Sniffer has the content you crave. This Serbian hottie also offers worn items for sale, so slide into those DMs for a more personalized experience.

3. TOPonlyA — Best Top Gay Serbian OnlyFans


  • 243 Photos
  • 500 Subscribers

Where to Follow:

About TOPonlyA:

Studly TOPonlyA easily captures our best top Serbian gay OnlyFans. As the name indicates, you’ll only find this robust and well-furred macho man in dominant sex positions. TOPonlyA posts photos and videos of his well-hung physique in all sorts of sexual escapades, including feet, domination, solo sex scenes, and roleplaying. If you’re curious about what a naturally strong Serbian model offers, you’ll appreciate the low monthly subscription price of less than seven bucks. This top has something unique to offer fans at an affordable price.

4. JellenaCD— Cross Dressing Gay Serbian OnlyFans


  • 196 Photos
  • 40 Subscribers

Where to Follow:

About JellenaCD:

Sultry JellenaCD created her gay Serbian OnlyFans account to show off her love of crossdressing and to find a little fun and support along the way. JellenaCD features high heels, smoking, leather domination, and an entire host of other BDSM kinks. Jellena has a passion for heavy metal music, movies, nerdy stuff, makeup and all things girly and loves to chat about them with her fans. This brave OnlyFans pioneer would love your support in purchasing new outfits and toys from her wishlist and welcomes your custom content requests. Unlock the mystique of cross-dressing and subscribe to JellenaCD.

5. Broski Fit — Custom Content Gay Serbian OnlyFans


  • 19 Photos
  • 800 Subscribers

Where to Follow:

About Broski Fit:

Unsurprisingly, Broski Fit describes himself as a horny muscle bro who started his gay Serbian OnlyFans page to have fun. This fitness trainer looks fantastic in his many Speedo swimsuits, which he unabashedly models for your viewing pleasure. With heaps of gym-toned muscles visible, Broski Fit quickly gains followers and likes, likely due to his uncensored NSFW content. Subscribing to Broski Fit’s OnlyFans unlocks photos and videos, discreet one-on-one messaging, and discounts on exclusive videos.

6. SERBIAN DADDY— Fetish Friendly Gay Serbian OnlyFans


  • 425 Photos
  • 1300 Subscribers

Where to Follow:


Serbian Daddy describes himself as your porn-loving top coming to you straight from Belgrade. This domination daddy shares multiple fetishes with his loyal fanbase, including content he directs himself. If you like beefy dudes with full, glorious beards, you’ll think Serbian Daddy is hot stuff. Although Serbian Daddy gives sneak peeks of his hardcore penetration sessions on his socials, OnlyFans is the only place you’ll get unfettered access to his adult content. Serbian Daddy easily captures our fetish-friendly gay Serbian OnlyFans nomination for his magnificent, natural dad-bod and his commitment to providing quality content to his fans.

7. Nexter90free — Best Free Gay Serbian OnlyFans


  • 24 Photos
  • 400 Subscribers

Where to Follow:

About Nexter90free:

Nexter90free is a cinch to win the best free gay Serbian OnlyFans nomination. This bisexual guy loves to have fun and chat with fans to get to know them better. You’ll love his provocative photos and videos, and guarantees you’ll enjoy what he has to offer. Nexter90free prides himself on his attentiveness and response time to messages and loves hearing from his fans about what they like and want to see. Nexter90free claims to always be horny and looking for love, and it’s obvious he has plenty of love to give. Check out why this Serbian hottie is on the path to OnlyFans success and hit subscribe.

8. OnlyVU — Fitness Trainer Gay Serbian OnlyFans


  • 195 Photos
  • 600 Subscribers

Where to Follow:

About OnlyVU:

OnlyVU is a horny, muscular, and hung free spirit running an enormously popular gay Serbian OnlyFans account. With a visible six-pack and acres of gym-honed muscle, OnlyVU is a literal beefcake. When you subscribe to his reasonably priced OnlyFans, you’ll enjoy content that’s completely uncensored and exclusive. OnlyVU offers texting, discounts on exclusive videos, and live streams a few times a month. This Serbian sexual superstar is open to your custom requests, so hit him up with what you’d like to see him do.

9. Đana — Best Bottom Gay Serbian OnlyFans


  • 19 Photos
  • 40 Subscribers

Where to Follow:

About Đana:

Lovely Dana exudes a sensual energy that cannot be ignored, earning her a place on the best gay Serbian OnlyFans list. At home with a shaved head or a beautiful wig, Dana works hard to build intimacy with their fanbase and is an up-and-comer to be noticed on the gay OnlyFans scene. When you subscribe to Dana’s saucy, NSFW OnlyFans, you’ll access all of the hardcore picture and video content Dana creates with no extra pay-per-view fees. At five dollars monthly, Dana is an incredible deal. OnlyFans is the only platform with exclusive access to Dana’s content; you won’t find it anywhere online except the OnlyFans site.

10. Vladimir — Top Earning Gay Serbian OnlyFans


  • 257 Photos
  • 1,200 Subscribers

Where to Follow:

About Vladimir:

Vladimir cautions prospective fans that his account is only for real man lovers, and no fake man lovers are allowed. This bodybuilding gay Serbian OnlyFans model serves up a dish of piping hot man flesh with plenty of erotic content to whet your appetite. Vladimir offers exclusive content to returning subscribers or those who buy several months in advance, making him an excellent deal. Vladimir is one of the highest-grossing Serbian male OnlyFans models, and his dedication to his fanbase and hard work drive his success.

Serbian Male OnlyFans In Conclusion

Serbian men are sexy, fearless, and empowered, capturing the rising popularity of gay OnlyFans content. If you’ve reached the bottom of this best Serbian male OnlyFans list, you have a relatively good idea of the spicy content these handsome lads are creating and what Serbia offers to the gay community. This list is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Serbian gay OnlyFans models; stay tuned as we dive even deeper into the gay Serbian universe; you’ll be glad you did!

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