10 Best Male Pornstars on OnlyFans in 2024

Nobody does porn quite like the professionals. The best male pornstar OnlyFans show just why they’ve earned their spots as the most notorious creators in the industry. See our favorite fully-loaded male pornstars below.

Best Pornstars With OnlyFans Males

Male Pornstars You Can Follow On OnlyFans

The Best Male Pornstar Accounts on OnlyFans


1. Maximo Garcia — Threesome King


  • Over 196.4k likes
  • 721 videos
  • 948 photos
  • Free subscription

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About Maximo Garcia:

Maximo Garcia is a professional pornstar, influencer, and model from São Paulo who redefines the meaning of gynecology. Taking a holistic approach to pleasure, Maximo Garcia has earned his spot as one of the best male pornstar OnlyFans creators by touring around the globe and doing explicit photoshoots and photoshoots with the world’s hottest models.

Maximo Garcia showcases his fine physique, complete with broad and tattooed pecs, vascular quads, and a shredded and powerful torso, in a variety of settings, preferring to team up with one or more women at a time. Check out his page to see this dominant pornstar in action in his photos and videos, featuring anal, double penetration, blowjobs, and more.

2. Paul Wagner — Award-Winning DILF


  • Over 189.3k likes
  • 314 videos
  • 626 photos
  • $10.99 per month

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About Paul Wagner:

Paul Wagner is rising from the ashes and making his comeback as one of the best pornstars with OnlyFans male creators. This hunky DILF shares his more intimate and personal details of his life on his OnlyFans page, and his work in the industry has so far earned him various accolades, such as best supporting actor, and he shows no signs of slowing down.

Pairing up with women, men, and any other hot and willing parties, Paul Wagner loves to get dirty in two-somes, threesomes, and other sultry and sweaty groups. Don’t miss out on his solo nudes and play sessions, which feature playful cock rings and anal toys and various kinks.

3. Ben — Social Media Award-Winner


  • Over 1.7k subscribers
  • Over 162.7k likes
  • 922 videos and over 4.3k photos
  • Top 0.19% of creators on OnlyFans
  • $9.99 per month

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About Ben:

Introducing Ben, an award-winning male pornstar OnlyFans creator with accolades such as XBIZ best male premium social media star of 2022 and more. On his best non-professional medical advice, Ben offers at least one 8.5-inch boner-showcasing nude per day to keep the doctor away. Ben frequently pairs up with other male creators, creating fun photo and video content that indulges twink, threesome, and other hot fantasies.

4. Shy Boy — Australian Travelling Collaborator


  • Over 143.9k likes
  • 267 videos
  • 207 photos
  • $10 per month

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About Shy Boy:

Despite his name, there’s very little about Shy Boy that could be considered bashful or self-conscious. This Australian pornstar travels the world to collaborate with women around the world. Heavily-tattooed and frequently pairing up with creators with similar aesthetics, Shy Boy’s content represents alternative sex exploits in several definitions of the phrase. Check out his tattooed O-face for yourself when you subscribe to his pornstars with OnlyFans male page, and enjoy his content featuring threesomes, anal play, blowjobs, and more.

5. Martin Rogers — Most Authentic Experience


  • Over 144.1k likes
  • Regular live shows
  • 724 videos
  • 906 photos
  • $10.99 per month

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About Martin Rogers:

Meet Martin Rogers, otherwise known more casually and intimately as Marti, a top male model and pornstar on OnlyFans from Czech Republic. Marti offers a more personal and authentic porn experience on his page and includes regular chatting on any desired topic and sharing brand-new videos every monday, wednesday, and friday. A top male pornstar OnlyFans creator, Martin Rogers has earned his loyal fanbase with his sensual solo sessions, often featuring anal play and brightly-colored dildos, as well as roleplay team-ups with other male creators that demonstrate ideal technique for anal, blowjobs, rimjobs, and everything in between.

6. Josh Moore — The Porn Librarian


  • Over 123.1k likes
  • 480 videos
  • 347 photos
  • $14.99 per month

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About Josh Moore:

Josh Moore is a professional and international pornstar who needs no introduction. Standing at six feet and two inches and measuring at nine inches long, this stud has one of the largest porn libraries on the internet available on his pornstars with OnlyFans male page. His focus is pure filth, and Josh Moore’s photo and video content includes breeding kinks, anal sex, blowjobs, roleplay, gang bangs, and more.

7. Christian Styles — Best Depraved Content


  • 658 subscribers
  • Over 120.2k likes
  • 420 videos
  • 468 photos
  • $9.99 per month

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About Christian Styles:

Christian Styles, otherwise known as Zachary Christian, is an Arabic pornstar who lusts over depravity. This 27 year-old Palestinian pornstar is muscular, hair, and filthy, earning him a spot as one of the best gay pornstars with OnlyFans male creators. Identifying as a vers sex pig, Christian Styles shares plenty of intimate and explicit content featuring himself and his hottest pornstar and model collaborators. He uploads new full-length videos on a regular basis, which include jerking off, cumshots, and anal play.

8. Primal Instincts — Australian Porn Royalty


  • Over 120.3k likes
  • Over 1.5k videos
  • Over 1.3k photos
  • Top 0.2% of creators on OnlyFans
  • $9.99 per month

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About Primal Instincts:

You won’t be able to control your deepest primal urges when you subscribe to Primal Instincts, an otherwise nameless creator from Australia who considers himself his nation’s porn king. Primal Instincts has a diverse sexual palette, acting on his alpha intuition to find and rail the hottest women around the world.

Primal Instincts’ page features hundreds of porn stars, social media influencers, and reality TV stars alike, all of whom submit to his towering and 220-pound physique. As one of the best male pornstar OnlyFans creators, Primal Instincts’ content includes a wide variety, such as sex advice, sex interviews with women, endless full-length videos, boy-on-girl sex, threesomes, and gang bangs.

9. Chris Diamond — Best Porn Collaborator


  • Over 115.7k likes
  • Regular live shows
  • 752 videos
  • Over 1.2k photos
  • Free subscription

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About Chris Diamond:

Introducing your newest favorite male pornstar, an shameless, underwear-less, and limitless creator. As a top male pornstar OnlyFans creator, Chris Diamond has earned his various accolades and titles by showing off his impressive appendages and expert wielding. Teaming up with female pornstars around the world, Chris Diamond has been stretching out his co-stars for years and shows no signs of slowing down, whether in video production or ramming pace. Check out his page for video calls, chats, and personalized content, and don’t miss his featured solo and partnered full-length videos.

10. Munda — India’s Top Pornstar


  • Over 110k likes
  • Regular live shows
  • 69 videos and 440 photos
  • Top 1% of creators on OnlyFans
  • $50 per month

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About Munda:

Munda is a top pornstar from India who brings the richness and sensuality of his culture to his profession and top male pornstar OnlyFans page. Munda offers a secret virtual boyfriend experience, allowing his subscribers to indulge their dirtiest fantasies when they take advantage of one-on-one chats, customized content, video chats, and live shows. He puts his sexy and fully nude form on display with regular spicy photos, solo play sessions, full-length partnered videos, and other hot content.

Male Pornstars With OnlyFans In Conclusion

Male pornstars represent a variety of fetishes, kinks, sexualities, and more, and these top male pornstar OnlyFans creators are no exception. Whatever your interest, these professionals can provide.

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