What You Need to Know About Inflatable Dolls, Sex Dolls & Robot Dolls?

The sex doll industry is gaining worldwide traction and we are past the days when having a sex doll was considered a social stigma. Recent years have witnessed a manifold surge in the demand of sex dolls – and many companies have hired additional staff to keep up with the demand.

Both women and men are enthusiastic to bring a customized love partner to their bedrooms. When we talk of sex dolls, we are referring to any of the robot dolls, inflatable dolls, or life-size silicone or TPE dolls. All these dolls are meant to provide a romantic company and pleasure to the owners.

Let us discuss the basic features of these three common types of sex dolls.

Robot Dolls

The dawn of the 21st century has brought revolutionary changes in every aspect of our lives – to which sexual aspect is no exception. The advancements in technology have pushed developers to manufacture high-end, robotized love dolls that can show sophisticated movements and closely mimic humans.

Is Robot sex doll a reality?

YES, robot dolls have become a reality. Robot dolls are equipped with hyper-realistic features – made possible due to advancements in AI – such as built-in heaters and sensations to touch to develop the feelings of warmth and intimacy during sexual intercourse. Similarly, the latest robot dolls can smile, speak a few words, and even dance for the owner. The Robot doll Harmony is the pioneer of robot sex dolls and is the first of a kind to offer an “emotional connection”.

sex dolls

A Technological Marvel to Fulfill Your Desires

The developers are using the latest medical research to create robot dolls that can fulfill all the sexual desires of owners. The use of AI in their creation like built-in microscopes to listen to what their owners say and prompt a response maximizes the physical comfort they provide.

The downside of Robot Dolls

To begin with, robot dolls are very expensive, costing on average $12000. A middle-class individual can’t invest such an exorbitant amount. Also, robot dolls are high-maintenance, meaning they are expensive to maintain and require too much care. A slight bug or error in the in-built system can lead to expensive repair costs.

Simply put, robot dolls are not a good investment for the long-term.

Life-Size Sex Dolls

The most popular category of a sex doll is life-size sex dolls made up of silicone or TPE material. These ultra-realistic sex dolls are your perfect companion and fulfill all your sexual desires.

Should You Buy a Life-Sized Sex Doll?

Surely, there come romantic evenings when you sit back and ponder on how to explore your fascinations, interests, obsession, and sexual desires. Sex dolls provide an opportunity to understand who you are and what you really want in your life – or other words, you should buy a life-size doll. These dolls are a replica of real humans, in terms of their bodily features, and provide the same pleasure during sex as you have with a real human.

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Gone are the days when buying a sex doll was considered a social stigma or a symbol of loneliness. Sex doll owners are in no way an exclusive group, rather they are open-minded and contributing members of the community that come from every walk of life. An increasing number of people are buying sex dolls to have a perpetual partner with whom they can share everything and develop an intimate and romantic relationship.

Benefits of Sex Dolls

If you’re interested in owning a sex doll, you’re not alone as tens of thousands of people use sex dolls to get both mental and physical benefits. While there are countless advantages of a life-size sex doll, some conspicuous benefits that owners would have are:

Always be There for You

Sex doll is a functional piece of art that gives you comfort, support, and motivation to achieve your goals. Unlike many selfish humans, your new partner will never leave you high and dry and will stay beside you forever. Once you are satisfied at home, you will get the confidence needed to perform well in your personal and professional life. She will neither badmouth you nor ask for unnecessary expenditures.

Put another way, she will be always there for you, no matter how you look, what is your financial status, or how you perform in the bed. They are perfect companions of individuals who feel rejected, depressed, or deceit by former partners.

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Promote Safe Sex

We all are aware of the hazards linked with having sex with prostitute, professional sex worker, or multiple romantic partners. Sexually engaging with someone having STD (sexually transmitted disease) exposes you to the life-threatening risks as condoms don’t guarantee safety against STDs – and honestly, abstaining from all sexual interactions is the only way to prevent STDs.

But you can have sexual intercourse with a sex doll without having to worry about STDs. Just make sure you don’t share her with a friend or outsider and you can have lifetime moments of joy and safe and healthy sex.

Along the same lines, sex dolls don’t make you a forced father. The cases of accidental pregnancy and forced fatherhood are on the rise that can severely interrupt your personal  and professional life. However, you can prevent all this by owning a sex doll and enjoy romantic moments without have to worrying about pregnancy or forced fatherhood.

That is, you can have lifetime moments of joy and happiness with your new romantic partner.

Inflatable Sex Dolls (Low Price dolls)

What are Inflatable Sex Dolls?

Inflatable doll also called blow-up doll, is a light-weight less-expensive kind of sex dolls. Once inflated, these dolls imitate the appearance and size of a real person to satisfy sexual desires. After the sexual intercourse, the gas is released and they become small in size and light-weight – to carry around, or clean. They can be used repeatedly for longer periods – but not as long as of silicone sex dolls.

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Features of Inflated Sex Dolls

  • Low Weight: Unlike silicone dolls, inflatable dolls are not too heavy and weight between 1-7kg. TPE or Silicone dolls can weight up to 50kg or more.
  • Plastic Smell: Inflatable dolls often emit a bad plastic smell – particularly if they are made of poor-quality material.
  • Air Pump: as the name suggests, inflatable dolls can be pumped with air, so they come with air pump – and YES, you can also use mouth to blow them. When not inflated, these dolls are extremely light and easy to carry around – even in your backpacks.

Inflatable Doll vs Life-like Doll: Which One is Better

Needless to say (but I will mention it anyway) that Silicone or TPE sex dolls are way better than inflatable dolls in all aspects. There are cogent arguments as to why people prefer silicone dolls to inflatable dolls.

Quality Material: Silicone dolls are made mainly of rubber silicone which is a high-quality and long-lasting material. The same material is used in many implants in the human body because it is considered CHEMICALLY STABLE. So, having sex with a silicone doll doesn’t have any negative effects on your health.

Also, this material feels just like real human skin, so you can feel the warmth of a real woman – and it stimulates your sexual pleasure. Silicone is an expensive material but it lasts long and makes the dolls exact replica of your dream woman.

Contrarily, an inflatable doll is nothing more than a piece of leather that gives no real sexual sensations or stimulation. Also, it doesn’t give strong touch feelings as compared to a life-size sex doll. Simply put, you feel like having sex with a piece of leather that also poses health risks as well.

Weight: Sex dolls weight almost equal to a real woman and so, they give the feeling of having sexual intercourse with a real human. The use of Silicone enables the developers to make the sex dolls as heavy as 50kg, which gives them the life-like appearance.

On the flip side, inflated dolls need to be filled with air to get the shape of a human. Similarly, they are too light-weighted and being inside an inflated doll doesn’t feel like having sex with a human – as in the case of silicone dolls. They are internally cold and cannot give you warmth and sensations needed to stimulate sexual desires.

Final Remarks

To sum it all, of all the three main types of sex dolls, namely: life-size sex dolls, inflatable or semi-solid sex dolls, and robot sex dolls, the life-size sex dolls made of silicones and TPE material are the best. They are a replica of the real human being and give the feeling of having sex with a real woman. Lately, the market of life-size sex dolls is through the roof  and more and more people, including women and married couples, are inclined to buy life-size sex dolls to explore and fulfill their desires.

In other words, solid Silicone dolls have become a trend among individuals of all age groups – for the multitude of benefits they provide – compared to robot dolls and inflatable dolls.

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