FAPCAT.com Review & Similar Free XXX Tube Sites (2021)

Free porn is all over the Internet and you simply need to do a single Google search to get overwhelmed by all the sites where you can watch porn for free. But not all those sites are as good as you’d want them to be as most of them are filled with ads. It will take you a long time to start watching the video because you’ll be busy closing all the pop-ups and pop-under ads that appear with a single click on the site.

I hate when that happens because I want to watch porn and not spend my time closing the advertisements. So, what’s the solution to this problem? It’s simple, actually. You just have to spend a little more time researching in order to find a free tube site that doesn’t have any ads at all, or have ads that are non-intrusive and doesn’t really affect your experience on the site. There are quite a few such sites available out there, and you can find them within minutes; but if you don’t want to do the hard work, then you can trust me and just have a look at the free XXX tube sites that I recommend!

As I said, there are many such free sites to watch porn, but in this article I am going to tell you about FAPCAT.com, which I think is what you’ve been looking for all along!

How Good Is FAPCAT.com?

The one thing that immediately caught my attention was the duration of the porn videos on the site. The videos here are much longer compared to the videos available on other tube websites.

fapcat homepage

You aren’t going to find full-length porn videos on FapCat because that’s obviously not legal and it could put the entire website and the owner of the website in serious trouble.

Instead, the website owner has partnered with the top porn sites and publishes only snippets of the porn videos, which are longer than what most sites have, with a link back to the original website in case you want to watch the entire video!

The other thing that I like is the lack of advertisements. Don’t get me wrong, there are advertisements on the site, but you are never going to be bothered by it. The ads here are very less in number, they are non-intrusive and they don’t block the video player so you can watch as many videos as you want to your heart’s content.

And the final thing that really impressed me is just how fast the site loads. You won’t have to wait a long time to open the site, find a video that you want to watch and start watching it. It takes less than 5 seconds on a bad day, and that tells you just how fast the site really is!

The User Experience of FAPCAT:

In the simplest terms, the user experience is really good!

The entire site is very well organized, all the videos are properly categorized and you can easily search through their entire catalog without getting lost.

Their navigation bar features all the top pages of their sites like the videos page, the photos page, the categories page, the models page and more. And the content on these pages is also organized in multiple filters like Top Rated, Latest, Most Viewed, Longest and in Alphabetical Order as well.

fapcat categories

There’s also a search bar at the very top of the site that helps you find exactly the kind of video, or any particular pornstar, that you are currently interested in watching!

The homepage itself is properly organized and you will see all the trending and the hottest videos at the very top. This section features the videos that have the best content and are loved by the other visitors, so you are also going to want to watch them.

Scroll down and you will find a new section featuring the newest porn videos added to the site’s catalog. Scroll further down and you will find a list of gorgeous models, in random order, and clicking on their names open up their profile where you can go through all of their videos.

fapcat sites

What’s Not Good About FapCat?

The only thing that I didn’t like about the site was its lack of amateur and homemade content.

There is an amateur category on the site, but it features videos from networks that shoot porn videos in a realistic sort of way, but they are not exactly the homemade videos shot by regular people who then upload it to tube sites for the world to see.

Other than this one thing, I didn’t really find anything that would make me avoid this website for good. In fact, I think this website is going to be on my “Most Visited” sites list soon!

5 XXX Sites Similar To FAPCAT.com:

1. Fuq.com

This is one of the top websites I would recommend if you want to watch amateur porn content along with professionally shot videos. Apart from allowing you to watch videos on their own platform, Fuq also features videos from other websites which can be really helpful if you want to know about multiple free porn sites.

2. Pornhub

This website needs absolutely no introduction because it is one of the biggest tube sites in the world. You can find almost any porn video, in almost every category, on Pornhub and I don’t think there’s any website live right now that has the kind of catalog that this site has!

3. Fapster

Fapster.xxx is another one of the tube sites that allows you to watch porn videos for free. Unlike FapCat that focuses mainly on mainstream porn, Fapster also features amateur content as well as hentai videos and has a ton of videos for all kinds of people.

4. eFukt

This one website almost entirely focuses on amateur and homemade XXX content. The site’s description is “Adult humor for adults” and this sums up the whole reason for the website to exist. You are going to find some really amazing videos on the site, and if homemade porn videos are what you love to watch, then eFukt.com is the site that you want to visit!

5. DrTuber

Like FapCat and Fapster, DrTuber.com also features hundreds of thousands of porn videos on their site, with hundreds of new ones added on a daily basis. There’s not really some unique feature that stands on out DrTuber, but if you want to watch new content or try out some new website, then you can visit this particular one!


That was all I had for you in this article. FapCat is one really good website if you want to watch porn videos from your favorite porn sites, and although these videos are just a small part of the original video, they do feature all the good parts that you would want to see.

So, make sure to visit the site, check it out for yourself and decide if this site is the kind of site that you would love to visit and let me know what you think!

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