Top 20: Married Pornstars & Divorced Couples in Porn (2021)

There are a ton of married pornstars in the industry and a lot of these pornstars are married to people who have nothing to do with the adult industry. But that’s not what I am going to focus on in this article because here you will only see married couples as well as divorced couples where both of them are a part of the industry, or were at some point. It took me some time to compile the list because the information on most of the couples is quite vague and unless a pornstar is extremely popular, they won’t have a Wikipedia page where you can find info on their personal life.

Being a pornstar is just like any other job, and though a lot of people consider it taboo or think less of the profession, you have to admit it that the pornstars are hardworking individuals as well. This means that people can meet them in a social setting, ask them out, go out on dates and enter into a relationship with them. But I have to admit that being in a relationship with a pornstar requires you to have a pretty strong psyche because you will have to be okay with their job. So, it makes sense that you’d want to date and marry someone from your own industry to avoid complications in your married life. This is one of the reasons why pornstars prefer to marry fellow pornstars!

Top Married Pornstars & Divorced Couples (2021)

23. Charlotte Sartre & Lance Hart (Married)

charlotte sartre & lance hart

If there ever was a sinfully edible female who also likes to spread her legs and get her cunt turned to mush, it’s Charlotte Sartre. Girl is crazy cute, sweet, and pretty, not to mention young, pert and much without limits when it comes to sex. That’s why it’s so annoying to hear that she’s married and gives it up for free to a guy named Lance Hart. Lance is actually an almost disgustingly handsome male pornstar who’s kinky, bisexual and into fetishes. For sure he can handle Charlotte and keep her pussy masterfully entertained!

22. Nina Hartley & Ernest Greene (Divorced)

nina hartley & ernest greene

The Great Nina Hartley was married to Ernest Greene for a rather long time. They had a polyamorous relationship, with both being free to fuck as many people as they wished and suck all the pussies and dicks their mouths could accommodate. The marriage crashed in 2019, but Ernest was one lucky fella, since he could always go up Nina’s ass or any other opening whenever he wanted! In case you didn’t know, that’s something that generations of men would give their right arm for!

21. Stormy Daniels & Brendon Miller (Divorced)

stormy daniels & brendon miller

When you fuck the leader of the free world like Stormy Daniels here did, you tend to get crazy stupid famous! This busty blonde and Penthouse Pet had a little romp with Donald Trump and for that and more speedily made it to the bucket list of every red-blooded male as a chick that needed banging silly in every custom-made wet-dream! Stormy married Brendon Miller – a fellow pornstar and hardcore drummer – in late 2015 and divorced him in mid-2018. She mostly kept her mouth shut about the marriage, which is something she can’t do when she sees hard male rods!

20. Jasmine Jae & Ryan Ryder (Married)

jasmine jae & ryan ryder

Just take a look at Jasmine Jae and imagine saying no to her. For sure this British cougar will have your balls for breakfast if you do not accede to her requests promptly. And that’s regardless of if such requests involve your making love to a porcupine while she watches! Busty, tall, and imposing Jasmine here is the real deal and has been on a cock draining spree for quite a while. She’s married to Ryan Ryder, who’s a rather charming guy with a sweet smile and a cock so straight you can perform complex arithmetic equations with it!

19. Casey Calvert & Eli Cross (Married)

casey calvert & eli cross

30-years old and with a trim body with all the sweet trimmings, Casey Calvert has the knack of giving you boners that look like you are suffering from elephantiasis! She kept them legs closed till she was 18, likes to get spanked and have her cute butthole fucked and fisted and boasts possibly the sweetest pair of tiny and all-natural titties in this list. She’s currently hitched to Eli Cross, an AVN hall of famer and XXX director-cum-actor whose work has won boatloads of acclaim and awards.

18. Nadia North & Peter North (Divorced)

nadia north & peter north

Nadia North is one of those hot blondes whose sultry glance can make your cock open your zipper by itself and dash out to say hello! She has a tiny bubble butt, big fake tits, and a mouth that never says no to lengthy cock chomping and gullet scrubbing! She was married to Peter North, a Canadian-American pornstar and director of no mean repute. The couple got divorced back in 2019 when Nadia filed for divorce accusing her husband of domestic violence.

17. Jesse Jane & Rick Patrick (Divorced)

jesse jane & rick patrick

Jesse Jane is a green-eyed blonde pornstar who acts like she could fall down and die if she doesn’t get daily doses of dick injections! She’s petite, bold and shameless, brassy and nasty, and has been the recipient of more hard BBCs and industry awards than most other pornstars in her category! She married Rick Patrick in 2007 before divorcing him in 2012. Poor guy must still be in tears at no longer being able to get a taste of that prime puss!

16. Faith Leon & Marcos Leon (Married)

faith leon & marcus leon

Those looking for the complete meal that will put them on an equal level with the gods need look no further than Faith Leon! Check out her eyes and see if saying no to her come hither look is something you are capable of! Then examine her long legs, bubble butt, and extremely perky all-natural 34B tits and try to restrain your woody from unlocking its berserker mode! Sweet Faith was active from 2004 to 2016. She’s married to Marcus Leon, a regular bloke, and pornstar who has a battering ram hanging down to his knees!

15. Asa Akira & Toni Ribas (Divorced)

asa akira & toni ribas

We won’t insult you by implying you have never heard of Asa Akira, though we must confess that her exploits and beauty still leaves us in awe. Yeah, Asa is one exotic beauty that cocks love to worship and adore with every length of their throbbing being and a top Asian XXX star. Apart from her peerless face, we get off on those over-firm and ripe oranges on her chest, as well as her passion for having her holes gaped by monster pipes. She was married to Tony Ribas, a well-respected and pretty prominent XXX actor, director, and producer, from 2012 to 2017!

14. Kelly Madison & Ryan Madison (Married)

kelly madison & ryan madison

Kelly Madison is our favorite watermelon seller! She wears size FF bras and those humongous jugs you see on her chest are totally natural and a constant source of wonderment. Kelly is in her early 50s and a blonde MILF pornstar who, with her husband Ryan Madison, runs Kelly Madison Productions. Their content regularly makes it to the top of Pornhub and other sites. Unfortunately, Ryan Madison is at the moment facing allegations of rape, coercion, and sexual abuse, with the number of his accusers growing with abandon.

13. Brandy Aniston & Barry Scott (Married)

brandy aniston & barry scott

Got an abacus nearby? You will need it to properly tabulate all the XXX clips Brandy Aniston has graced with her tireless cunt! Brandy has a resting bitch face that wordlessly tells you to take a hike if you can’t put it in her hard enough to make her jugs quake and is a leggy, stylish cum extractor. She has a beautiful oval face you could kiss all day, perky ass and tits, and is married to none other than Barry Scott. He’s bald, muscled, and tattooed like a biker and mean enough to fuck you in the ass till there’s no possibility of you being able to sit down this year!

12. Leigh Raven & Nikki Hearts (Married)

leigh raven & nikki hearts

Leigh Raven has enough ink on her to paint a mall with and is easily one of the most tattooed pornstars you will find in this list. She’s young, tall and slim, and has the ass and boobs of a lass who saw puberty a week ago! Nikki Hearts is much the same, though she’s not as tattooed. The two gorgeous girls are married and happy as clams and given there’s no dick in the picture, we just have to wonder how much time they spend weekly sucking their own and each other’s snatch!

11. Little Caprice & Marcello Bravo (Married)

little caprice & marcello bravo

Marcello Bravo sure as rain must be the happiest and most satisfied man in this galaxy! Marcello is both a pornographic actor and director and his wife is none other than Little Caprice, an ultra-sweet lass who’s tragically missing on our most beautiful pornstars listing! This is a girl that half the men on this planet dream of having an all-weekend orgy with! Theirs seem like a marriage made in heaven, though the fact that Little Caprice is off the market is not the kind of news her fans want to hear!

10. Anikka Albrite & Mick Blue (Married)

anikka albrite & mick blue

Anikka Albrite is a sensual beauty with more curves than were allocated to women her age, plus mesmerizing blue eyes, long legs, and a big round ass so enchanting that BBC’s pay through the nose to prise it open! She is a stunning performer with enough skills to make any men beg to be fucked by her, and is slutty enough to want it in her ass over her dripping wet pussy. Anikka is for sure one of the biggest consumers of oversized penises and we hope that fellow pornstar Mick Blue, who happens to be her husband, has been giving her enough of his heavy artillery to make her content!

9. Mia Malkova & Danny Mountain (Divorced)

mia malkova & danny mountain

Being a pornstar is much more than opening your legs and having a deep pussy that long cocks can excavate without dragging out your ovaries! Mia Malkova here is the perfect example of the perfect XXX star, with extreme good looks and extreme skills. She’s won awards with the same ease you eat popcorn at the local cinema and is a bewitchingly beautiful young lady with a bust to die for and legs to kill for! And then there’s her ass, the softest and most perfect bubble butt in this universe and beyond! She wed Danny Mountain, a popular male pornstar, in 2014 but they later got divorced in 2018!

8. Francesca Le & Mark Wood (Married)

francesca le & mark wood

Francesca Le looks impossibly arousing from all angles and is a top MILF pornstar who has a knack for achieving the most impossible things, like making you so excited you start to believe your woody really can choke an adult elephant! She has starred in hundreds of porn clips, has directed nearly a couple of hundred XXX videos, and has been married since 2001 to Mark Wood. They are two of the happily married pornstars and have one of the longest-lasting XXX marriages, which is worth a round of applause.

7. Kayden Kross & Manuel Ferrera (Married)

kayden kross & manuel ferrera

If there’s any lasting value you attach to your sanity, you can be sure that Kayden Kross is going to snatch that away. No one else better turns the trickle coming from your pipe into a fountain that drenches acres at a time! Blonde and so overpoweringly beautiful it should be a criminal offense in every state, this top pornstar is the sweetest gift the gods ever blessed humanity with! She’s currently married to Manuel Ferrera, one of the top male pornstars as well as directors who has so many awards that counting them all is pointless.

6. Jessica Drake & Brad Armstrong (Married)

jessica drake & brad armstrong

If you are interested in seeing a more beautiful woman than Jessica Drake, then you really need to travel to Mount Olympus in your birthday suit and with a firecracker up your ass! We are not exaggerating at all, with Jessica being a very leggy, super-gorgeous, busty and blonde pornstar with more sex appeal than a roomful of virgin nuns! She’s married to Brad Armstrong, an overly hung dude with very potent directorial abilities, and the married couple has starred in a ton of porn movies together!

5. Kayla Kayden & Toni Ribas

kayla kayden & toni ribas

Kayla Kayden and Toni Ribas are the newest entrants in the married pornstars category as they got hitched in 2020. The couple has done quite a few scenes together already and both are active pornstars with a flourishing career. Kayla is a curvy bombshell with big titties, a cute face and a gorgeous ass; and Toni is one of the male stars who has fucked hundreds of female stars in his career. I personally am looking forward to what this newly married couple will do for their fans in the future because their sex scenes they have done so far are pretty fucking epic!

4. Savana Styles & Lexington Steele (Married)

savana styles & lexington steele

You never know the true meaning of a third leg till you come across a guy like Lexington Steele! This bloke is big, black, bald, and forever in the mood to impale weeping cunts on that tent pole that he mislabels as a penis! That monster cock looks big enough to demolish a tool shed with, and he has long been busy smashing pussies like he hopes to cripple the owners! Lexington is married to a busty, curvy, and pretty pornstar called Savana Styles. Thankfully, she has a big enough sexual appetite and a tight enough pussy to take every inch of his homing missile and still ask for more!

3. Sophia Knight & Danny D (Married)

sophia knight & danny d

Danny D is a prolific performer and someone who was born to be a pornstar! It wouldn’t be wrong to say that he’s been blessed by the heavens itself as he’s got one of the biggest cocks in porn today, and is highly skilled in the art of lovemaking and making the women-folk around him cum like they’ve never cummed before. He is married to a former pornstar, Sophia Knight, who is quite the beauty herself and has shown off her fucking skills in several videos she’s starred in. Unfortunately, the missus is no longer actively doing porn so there doesn’t seem to be a chance to see the couple fucking on screen in a porn video!

2. Kirsten Price & Keiran Lee (Married)

kirsten price & keiran lee

Kirsten Price has spent a fair portion of her life showing off her sublime body and making the menfolk pay for it one way or the other. She rocks the most amazingly trim and toned body, has a booty that could fit in a ladle, a medium-sized pair of fake tits, and legs that whisper forbidden things into your ears! Her husband Keiran Lee is one of the biggest names in the industry, and reportedly among the best-paid pornstars. He has starred in nearly 4,000 movies and at one time insured his pee-pee for a million dollars. To be sure, he’s gonna be real careful when putting that expensive pipe of his in her snatch!

1. Joanna Angel & Small Hands (Married)

joanna angel & small hands

At just 4’11”, Joanna Angel is among the shortest pornstars in the industry and among the heavily inked ones too. Her booty is a total peach ripe for plucking and extreme porn is what her body craves for, with all her holes experiencing the feel of a hard and thrusting piece of man meat, plus tongues and digits beyond counting. She got hitched to fellow adult entertainer Aaron Thompson, known in the porn industry as Small Hands, in late 2016 and considering how horny the two are, it seems right to suppose they break a couple of beds weekly during their bedroom calisthenics!

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That article took more time than what most other articles on this website took, but I am glad that I was able to finish the list of the married and divorced couples in porn. I am fairly certain that my list has proper information on the relationship status of most pornstars because I took a look at other articles and they still mention pornstars as married when in fact they’ve gone their separate ways.

In any case, if you like this article and were surprised to know just how many married pornstars there are in the industry, then so your love by sharing the article around!

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