Top 20: The Sexiest Pornhub Couples of 2021

Pornhub happens to be one of the biggest porn sites in the world, and it has achieved that place by providing everyone with a platform to not only watch porn but also by allowing people to upload their own porn videos for the world to enjoy! This is the reason why there are hundreds of Pornhub couples who shoot themselves having sex, enact a number of roleplays, incorporate several sexual fantasies, and create the hottest homemade porn videos and upload it to the platform. And people seem to love watching this amateur content as these videos can often be found in the trending section of the website!

I am sure you must have seen a ton of these amateur pornstars on the homepage of the article, and you must have watched their videos as well. These couples on Pornhub have carved a niche for themselves and amassed a huge following by being consistent with their uploads and always giving the best sex scenes to their fans. But if you don’t know the names of the best Pornhub couples, then you don’t have to worry as I’ve got you covered. I have done all the heavy-lifting, watched several videos and shortlisted some of the best couples that have the hottest content. So, scroll through the entire article, thank me from the bottom of your heart and head over to Pornhub!

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Best Pornhub Couples of 2021

23. Hansel Grettel

hansel grettel

The gorgeous blonde here is built tight, with an ass so pert that the thought of not being its nightly plumber makes you weep! Also present are long legs, a pretty face, and boobs that seem to have no comprehension of gravity. He on the other hand is muscled enough to give an adult gorilla serious problems in a wrestling ring, tattooed, and has him a very straight ruler of a penis that has no problems with getting erect and fucking pussies from morning till night if required. The two make up Hansel Grettel and are one of the hottest couples on Pornhub as they put out the sexiest content you’d ever see!

22. ArrestMe


If you got the money and the connections you should look into getting ArrestMe arrested for doing things that no mortal can resist cumming to and turning your cock into a regular cum-exploding cannon! Those are very grievous offenses for sure! This top Pornhub couple doesn’t show their face in the videos, but they sure love asshole excavation and pussy trawling. The girl is built like a supermodel, while the guy has an oil pipeline of a cock! If that monster boner of his goes near your ass, you will be calling for his arrest for trying to wreck your small intestine!

21. Miss Impulse

miss impulse

Please put your hands together in welcome to the chairwoman of the association of glorious bubble butts! We are of course talking about Miss Impulse because a sweeter-looking booty has never been on the market! She also boasts a pair of medium-sized titties, a pussy so clean you could feed its juices to the immune-compromised, and a tight body. She and her partner are averse to showing their faces but that’s not really the issue as you can see all the important things pretty clearly!

20. SparksGoWild


There are plenty of sparks to go around whenever SparksGoWild get horny and want to show us how to fuck like their sexual organs are due for a replacement! This is one of the top Pornhub couples and they look really good together! Shane is the guy here and is a regular pussy eater, cunt robber, and exhibitionist. Stacy is the girl and she’s a leggy, orange-boobed wonder who thinks better when a dick is in her mouth and so far up her coochie it can tell the size of her left ovary!

19. Amadani


We never knew Swedes can frantically fuck till Amadani came on the scene! The girl in this performance team is a redhead with full natural jugs that love nothing more than to flop around and clang together hard enough to be heard in the next county, plus a fat ass and an even fatter pussy. She’s pretty gorgeous, but her partner is an average fella who apparently still cannot believe she’s his and fucks that pussy like it is forever going to be denied him tomorrow!

18. Shinaryen


If you are on the lookout for a redhead goddess then you need Shinaryen in your life. Yes, they are a couple, but the guy is largely irrelevant because once you see the gorgeous babe in the video, you will have eyes for nothing except her. All videos have Shinaryen as its centerpiece, though the dude she’s with is muscled and packing a bone crusher of a penis! She is also very leggy and very beautiful, and she has one of the most bewitching sets of stunning boobies on this list, can moan till your brain is scrambled, and can move around during coitus till you swear every bit of your brain matter is getting squirted from your third leg!

17. Lana Swallows

lana swallows

They say Lana Swallows is the deepthroat queen and she has Swallows in her name because she was born to have a dick thrashing around in her gullet! Lana is built as curvy as a bow and rocks a soft bottom, and the perky tits of a teenager. Showing her face or that of her partner is not something she’s comfortable with and she makes cock-sucking and balls-munching look easy and sweet! So, go watch her now and be really surprised at how she makes blowjobs look so good in each of her videos!

16. TheMigurtt


Yeah, TheMigurtt sounds like cartoon puppets at the local market fair, but their antics get you cumming like a turbocharged fountain, rather than laughing like a hyena! TheMigurtt comprises Lina and Di and how they love sex! Lina is a cute, leggy, and pretty brunette pornstar who wears 36B bras, while Di is pretty much an average fella that you would struggle to recognize from a lineup! Both are tattooed and fuck more than rabbits promised a box of carrots and apples and make up for one of the best Pornhub couples of the year!

15. EvexAdam


There are more legs to EvexAdam than there are tug and rub joints in Hong Kong! Eve is a leggy 23-year old chick who has both tattoos and piercings, plus a bubble butt you could mistake for a birthday cake and smash your head into! Her partner has a straight pipe you could choke a polar bear with and is always shoving this in Eve’s ass and cunt like they are the cause of his problems in life!

14. SecretCrush


SecretCrush is one slutty Australian couple, with the girl being the focus of all the videos and why wouldn’t she be because she looks fucking hot and is for sure one nasty slut! She’s blonde, beautiful, curvy, and often into extreme sex. Her partner is very down for that too and is a bearded male whose cock more than anything reminds us of the reinforced prow of a ship. The couple gets into a ton of antics and since the babe gets turned on by strangers watching her sexual exploits, they often fuck in public and then upload the vid for their fans to see!

13. MySweetApple


Wanna know what this top Pornhub couple do with their time? Why, they travel, eat great food, and fuck like newlyweds who have been virgins all their life. And of course, they document their exploits on video for us all to envy and cum hard to! This couple is made up of a tall, leggy, and sweet-faced beauty who can cream a cock almost like there’s a dairy farm in her slit! Her partner is a hunk, with a veined and throbbing, thick dick that seems sturdy enough to do handstands on! And the couple often invite their friends to join them in their videos for a hardcore threesome fuck!

12. NoFaceGirl


You would have better luck kissing a king cobra than persuading NoFaceGirl to show her face or that of her partner on camera! Both are expert fucksters who want to live a normal life while entertaining us with XXX scenes that should qualify for bucket-loads of industry awards! They are both thin and toned, and the girl has a set of very firm medium-sized knockers, plus a bubble butt that’s never empty of dick! They might be amateurs, but can still teach pros a thing or two!

11. KinkyCouple111


There are more kinks this couple is into than you could imagine in your wettest dreams, and that’s one of the reasons why they are one of the top Pornhub couples that people just love to watch! They get off on your watching them too, which means they put on quite a show! Both are from the UK and the lady is pretty, leggy, and the owner of a rather impressive rack. Her mate is an average dude, but he sure can get it up and put it in like a jackhammer in heat! BDSM, squirting, dirty talks, exhibitionism, and more are the stuff you can look forward to when you got their video loading on your screen.

10. LacyLuxxx


LacyLuxxx has a bubble butt with a capital B and there’s enough perkiness in its shape to whip up a masterful cocktail! Lacey is gorgeous, slim and petite, and tighter than the nuts on the wheel of your vehicle! She has medium-sized jugs that have never fallen and can never be persuaded to take a fall and her cunt is wet enough to take the most savage poundings. These poundings of course come from the arrow-straight dick of her muscled hunk of a partner and the two get it on so sweetly you want to ask them to come teach you the art of intense fucking!

9. Hot Mommy

hot mommy

For a mom, Hot Mommy is hotter than a barbecue grill and perverted enough for us to get to praying for her immortal soul! This lady is big-boned, big-assed, big-titted, and into big dicks that threaten to shove her intestines out of her mouth! While averagely tall, there’s nothing average about the kind of fun this gorgeous MILF likes. She overshadows her partner, which is not easy to do when you have an actual oak tree for a penis!

8. WettMelons


WettMelons is 5’2″, which means she’s one of the shorter performers you will find on this list, but what mighty jugs are in her possession! She’s got a pair of the biggest titties our eyes will ever see and getting a sip of juice from them would thrill us like nothing else! Blonde, well-built and curvier than anyone but a goddess has a right to be, this chick prefers not to show her face, but spreading her legs comes so easy you might think they were springloaded! Her partner is inked, and has a jutting dick so good a nun would get creamy down there at the thought of giving it a good lick!

7. Mia Bandini

mia bandini

We will pay a hundred dollars to the first fella to find an ounce of fat on Mia Baldini. We will also pay a thousand smackeroos to the first guy with recorded proof of her cunt getting tired of the shenanigans it is routinely subjected to! See, Mia Bandini is a very toned fitness freak who loves sex as much as you love your right hand! She’s leggy and pretty, boasts firm boobs the size of ripe oranges, plus holes that never tire of getting traumatized by big dicks! We almost feel sorry for her partner and the nympho he has to try his best to satisfy, but then the hairy fella has been living a good life as he gets to fuck this gorgeous firecracker all the time!

6. Sweet Bunny

sweet bunny

The tastiest rabbit you will ever find in a pot is Sweet Bunny for sure! This is a beauty with few peers, whose big fake tits, slim body, and love for cock gobbling make her sweet to every one of the senses in your possession! How her partner keeps up with her we have no idea and how her pussy takes all that pounding without shrinking into a blackhole remains unexplained! Seeing this girl, entangled across a cock is always an eye-catching sight and her need for sex is so rad we are almost sure her partner chows down Viagra by the bucketful!

5. MrPussyLicking


You don’t need to ask about MrPussyLicking’s occupation, do you? For some reason, this guy has made it his mission in life to lick pussies till they get all creamy and the owners are jerking as if shot with a taser! MrPussyLicking is average looking, except that he has a pussy-thrilling tongue, plus a cock that in a pinch can serve as a truncheon! His partner is rather young, rather cute, rather sweet, and has one of the tastiest looking snatches on the planet. Now wonder MrPussyLicking is very often tongue-deep in this slit, or thrusting his boner as deep as it can go!

4. SexHeroine


Here’s another lass who makes the goddess list. Pay her obeisance tonight or perish! SexHeroine is an artfully crafted piece of perfection, with big and all-natural titties, legs that go on for ages, a toned body, and the kind of fat pussy that can excuse a lot of sins and misdemeanors! She’s not into showing her face, lives in Germany, and is supposedly barely legal. Her partner is not as awe-inspiring as his mate, though these two put on shows that can get you cross-eyed with pleasure in a minute!

3. Fiamurr


Czech pornstars can be rather incredible, which is one of the reasons why Fiamurr made this list of the best Pornhub couples! Fiamurr is an oval-faced beauty from the Czech Republic with great skin, lovely brown hair, a bubble butt, and a mouth that needs frequent cock brushes! She’s on the skinny side, but her cunt is fat enough that the spear of destiny rising from her partner’s groin does no damage to it or her ovaries! She sure can moan and never looks more exquisite than when jism is rolling down her face!

2. DickForLily


There surely aren’t enough dicks for Lily on this planet to make her happy! Give this girl a starship and sure as rain she will go dick hunting across the galaxy! Tall, thin, gorgeous and graceful, imposing, and a sweetheart, DickForLily is what your wet dreams need! Thankfully, there never seems to be a shortage of a hard dick for Lily, as her partner never lets her go without stuffing enough hard meat in her to make her sore for days! This girl was born to unwrap cocks with her teeth and ride on same from coast to coast!

1. LeoLulu


We are at this time convinced that LeoLulu are a pair of fallen angels who were cast down from on high for spending their time exploring each other’s orifices instead of praising the almighty! They look swell, complement each other excellently and are one of the top performers on Pornhub at the moment. Both could be models in fact and fuck like it is a competition neither intend losing! Leo is tall, thin, muscled, and blessed in the cock department. Lulu has a bubble butt you don’t often see on this earth, plus very perky tits. The two together are more than enough to blow your mind and blow a massive wad of jism from your system!

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It took me a while to write this article, but I also had a ton of fun as I discovered some really good profiles and performers who put out the highest quality porn out there, which is sometimes better than the professionally-shot content.

If you are someone who loves homemade porn videos, then you definitely liked this article. Homemade and amateur videos are often erotic and realistic, something that the professional porn lacks, and this is the main reason why they are so popular. So, if you discovered new Pornhub couples from this article and want to thank me, then do so by sharing this article with your friends who also appreciate amateur content!

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