Getting Freaky In Different Countries With Different Fetishes

If for some reason you think that you are weird because you get aroused by certain very specific things, like feet for example, then don’t! This is completely normal and what is called having a fetish! You simply have a kink that makes you like feet more; and it’s not just about feet, you can feel aroused by any other body part, or even different kinds of clothing for that matter. And you certainly aren’t alone because there are different kinds of people all over the world that have all kinds of kinks and fetishes!

We are all different, so it’s not that unusual for people to have various kinks. But, when it comes to these fetishes and likes, it is fascinating how people from different countries tend to like different things. People from your country might be into something that is totally strange to someone who comes from another country. But hey, let’s not be judgy! Why not learn about different countries and their kinks? No matter how unordinary or unique they are, it doesn’t mean they are not awesome. Here you can read what people from all over the world prefer – from BDSM to dirty underwear, let’s see how crazy things can get!

Dirty Underwear and Odour

While in Iran they simply like a good old porn movie and things like Filtercams pornstar videos, things are far different in a country like Japan. Now, Japan has always been unique. These folks are simply out of this world. They tend to do pretty much everything differently, and they like their erotica different.

According to a study, Japanese folks like dirty underwear. It is what makes them inflamed, but this is not something you can expect from any other country, really. Men like it when women have dirty underwear, but what do they do with it? They probably smell it or something. To be honest, women do smell kind of nice!

Something similar happens with Brazil. These folks like to play with kinky odour. It is what thrills them, gets them excited enough to start the action. Who is the one who smells odd? This doesn’t even matter – women can smell weird, or men can smell weird. This is what gets these people going, and they like perfumes that are not ordinary. And when people are horny, they don’t even need perfumes, they like the smell of their partners.

BDSM and Spanking

Some people like adult games, and they are so obsessed they play them 24/7. They do make these games to be very addictive, and we all know people – we tend to get hooked and fall in love with something so much we can’t help doing that thing all the time. It’s in our nature – when something feels good, we keep doing it.

getting freaky

But if you go to Canada, you will probably learn that here sex is all about domination and submission. Oh yes, they like BDSM and toys… But toys that hurt. It’s just something they take delight in. Beware of Canadians – they seem so nice, but when it comes to sex, nice is the last thing they are.

And do you know that the British like spanking probably more than any other nation? To them, this is a must moment in bed. They spank you if you were a bad girl (or boy), but they will find excuse to spank you even if you were good. This is what arouses them, it is in their nature to get excited every time someone is spanked. What do you think about that?

While Canada likes submission and domination, and the UK prefers spanking, the USA is even kinkier – they like it painful. Everything that has to do with BDSM, they will try it. Domination, submission, sadism, masochism, humiliation… Men just like their whores humiliated, they like it rough and extreme. This is something that goes for America, but it is also popular in Czech Republic, and other countries.

Today BDSM is even more extreme than ever before. Some like to torture, others like to be tortured. Some like it both ways. There is something exciting about being treated mercilessly, no matter if you do it, or it is done to you.

Talking Dirty, Leather and Latex Moments

Most of us just watch a good porn video when we are aroused, but some people are interested in other things, like talking dirty in bed. This is actually something they do in Germany, and it looks like these folks are very creative when it comes to pillow talk. People from Germany might not be into spanking and domination, even though they do seem wild, but there are other ways to be wild in bed, and that is to talk dirty things. If you like filthy conversations, you will probably hit it off with a German person. The filthier it is, the better!

getting freaky
Image Credits: The Life Erotic

Have you ever been to Netherlands? Perhaps you don’t even need to go there to know what their kinks are. Latex and leather! Are you into it? These people are, that’s for sure.

They like when chicks wear it, it just turns them on like nothing else. This is a fun experiment, to actually wear something to be able to feel something. Some people like skimpy underwear, while some get aroused when they see see-through tops. This nation likes everything that is made of leather, and latex just makes them tingly down there.

Religious Kinks and Other Kinks That Are Still Odd

For instance, France is a country that doesn’t really like it too kinky. They feel better when things are slightly kinky. What does this mean? We don’t really know, probably different people like different things and what some find kinky, others might find less weird. But Vatican city might be crazy! They don’t just like kinks, this part of the population likes religious kinks! Innocent women, nasty men, naughty women, religious men, who even knows? To them, anything that is religious is sexy at the same time.

Lastly, let’s also mention what they like in Australia and Italy. Australians prefer handcuffs, which is nothing too odd, but still, they really have a fetish that includes it. On the other hand, there is Italy – these folks like slave collars. Any type of bondage wear is amazing to them, and this is what they prefer.


So, these are all the kinks of the world! What do you think? Which country is the most exciting for you? Do you have kinks on your own? Leather, whips, painful toys? If you do, you are not the only one!

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