Top 20: Hot Pornstars with Pale White Skin (2021)

If you want to find out if there are any pale pornstars in the industry, then all you have to do is look and you’ll discover that there are several of them. However, you will have to spend some time looking for the best ones and if that’s not something you want to do, then you can trust people like me to do the job for you. I like pornstars with pale white skin just as much as I like stunning pornstars with brown skin or black skin or any other color, because I just want to jerk off by watching their erotic performances. And that’s the reason why I prepared this list of pale skin pornstars so that I can come back and find a new girl to watch; and so that you too have a list of girls to watch when you are feeling down!

I am sure you must have checked a few articles listing down girls in porn who have pale skin, and wondering what makes this article so different. Well, for starters, this article features only those girls who are actively shooting porn at this moment. I have not added any pornstars with pale white skin to this list who have retired or haven’t done a new scene in months or years. So, you are not going find popular names like Stoya in this list, but you will find pale pornstars who are active so that you can look forward to their new videos!

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Best Pornstars With Pale White Skin (2021)

20. Annabel Redd

annabel redd

For sure Annabel Redd is one of the best pale pornstars, but she’s also one of those marvelous cum extractors that makes you visit the emergency room on the regular, so that doctors can find a way to get your cock to shut off its cumming output! This pornstar has skin like milk, big and natural tits, a bubble butt, a petite build, and a meaty body that’s made for cuddling up to in the Arctic! With the kind of fat booty in her possession, it is no wonder cocks that enter her cunt from the back turn into the leakiest faucets in the world!

19. Kiara Lord

kiara lord

One of the most gorgeous pornstars a woody has ever impaled and pinned to the ground, this European chick with a petite body and sunny smile can always get people hard within seconds! Blue-eyed and busty, Kiara Lord has no compunctions about lording it over you with her A-class performances in the sack and has one of those very kissable mouths that penises are always falling into and emerging looking like they won the lottery for a week!

18. Jewelz Blu

jewelz blu

If you have been looking all over for a jewel of inestimable value, be sure to go on your knees and praise the cumming gods that you found it in the person of Jewelz Blu! This pale-skinned pornstar with the long legs and perky rear loves to dye her hair blue and is rather pretty. This German starlet has a couple of coconut-sized fake tits that could distract a god or two from their eternal job, and has a taste for both throbbing cocks and leaking snatch! No other girl spreads it wider for a better fuck and no better jewel is in existence for sure!

17. Angelina Diamanti

angelina diamanti

A mighty wonder is Angela Diamanti, and the effects she has on boners throughout the galaxy is unmatched! At 5’8″, this babe is one of the leggiest pornstars on any list and at 31-years old, she’s still fresh-faced for her to be mistaken as a sweet piece of tight teenage fruit! This gorgeous starlet has big fake tits and I have been meaning to sit down and count all the massive cocks she has been gargling with, but that would have taken me all year, if not more!

16. Emma Starletto

emma starletto

You can never be too appreciative of the cannon between your legs, at least not till Emma Starletto here shows up on the screen and lets you see what her smile and antics can make it do! Emma is 21-years old and one of the youngest pale pornstars on this list, as well as among the skinniest. She’s blonde, beautiful, and blue-eyed, and her A-cup tits make her one of the most flat-chested pornstars to be seen. Emma does have a thing for anacondas and oak tree woodies and no one appears interested in curing her of this pussy-destroying addiction!

15. Lenina Crowne

lenina crowne

No English rose could smell as sweet or taste as nice to oak tree penises as Lenina Crowne. This very beautiful redhead was born in England and is totally ravishing. Tall, leggy, and busty, her big fake tits, enthralling face, and baby-soft bubble butt make her as unforgettable as a cactus up the backside! Lenina brushes her mouth far too often with hard meat to make a dentist comfortable and her moans are easily capable of milking cum from a block of wood!

14. Lottie Magne

lottie magne

Lottie Magne is one of the few Russian pornstars with pale white skin at the moment; and if that’s not enough, she’s also one of the youngest in the industry who gladly subject their holes to the loving attention of very hard pieces of man meat! Lottie is very slim and petite, adorable and so horny she’s OK with massive woodies stretching her asshole and cunt far beyond their design parameters! You won’t find any cuter slut on this list, nor one that fat cocks are so desperate to eat alive!

13. Dolly Leigh

dolly leigh

Dolly Leigh deserves to be on several of my other lists including this pale pornstars listing for sure! She has the most flawless skin that looks like it came fresh from the udder of a pretty cow, plus a fat pussy, a fatter bottom, and very natural 34B titties that are not in a hurry to fill a cupped hand! Dolly appears to love chocolate, so chill and load up on Vaseline and watch videos of her being impaled on BBCs so big they deserve their own passports!

12. Mary Moody

mary moody

A great way to mess up your day and ensure nothing gets done is to click on videos starring Mary Moody! As one of the most beautiful starlets on any list, this chick has all the right equipment to get your cock moody for days. Unless of course, you take the time to oil up that snake and let it vomit its frustrations into a bucket! Mary is an incredibly sweet pornstar with perfectly proportioned face, a bouncy bubble butt, and 28G big and natural titties. This pale pornstar loves licking wet pussies and performs exclusively with female performers!

11. Lily Rader

lily rader

I don’t know about you, but I sure would love stirring Lily Rader into a pot of coffee and drinking her up! Don’t blame me because this pale pornstar is impossibly sweet! Lily Rader is a thin, blonde, and cute XXX star who would look sexy doing even the nastiest things you can think of! She’s 5’6″, weighs 52kg, has an ass that’s barely bigger than a match head, plus a pair of tiny 32B mammaries. Lily must be looking to have her pussy torn into six or more pieces, because nothing else can explain why she’s always near multiple BBCs and why these have free rein to stab her cunt all they like!

10. Arietta Adams

arietta adams

This pale, pretty, busty, and redhead pornstar has said she’s a nympho and her actions confirm this assertion. Better get your cocks ready before bedtime, pray she appears in your wet dreams and try to fuck some bits of brains and jelly out of her snatch! Arietta Adams is interested in both boys and girls. She also loves to be spanked, given a cock to suck like a bored child, and starts screeching like she just inherited a vast fortune whenever big black cocks spread her fat ass open and dive into the creamy feast that is her pussy!

9. Charlotte Sartre

charlotte sartre

Charlotte is petite, heavily tattooed, and a goth, and one of the sexiest pale pornstars at the moment. She was formerly a webcam model, making the switch only when her cunt had grown too lonely and needed woodies of all lengths, sizes, and colors to dig up the treasures it felt compelled to bless mankind with! This slim and pale-skinned pornstar has little limits, does DP scenes as she likes hard meat in both her holes, and can suck pussy as well as she soaks up merciless poundings from cocks she tormented past endurance!

8. Anna De Ville

anna de ville

Anna De Ville is a 23-year old American stunner who put her holes on the line starting in 2015. Her 34C boobs are natural and she’s both tattooed and pierced and into some pretty extreme stuff. I am talking ass gaping, BBC pussy annihilation, BDSM, and more. Hell, there’s a video of her getting drilled by three different cocks and having her asshole filled with what looks like a flowerpot. How she sits down after all these is a mighty wonder!

7. Ella Hughes

ella hughes

There’s plenty of redhead pornstars with pale white skin on this list and Ella Hughes here could be the most edible of them all! She has one of those very perky rear ends that make your hands ache for a cupping, plus a very appealing pair of 32B very natural tits. This top petite pornstar must have been told that BBC’s contain the key to immortality and prosperity, because she rides these a lot more than a jockey rides his favorite horse! By my count, her cervix has been pulverized so often and so brutally, it’s a miracle that it is still tight as ever and doesn’t look like a cave of ruins!

6. Lexi Lore

lexi lore

Lexi Lore is one sweet cutie, and if she smiles at you that snake in your pants will get big enough to bite an elephant to death! Lexy is a skinny babe, with a petite but hot bod, blonde hair, a gorgeous smile and perfect boobies with pierced nipples! Cocks and cunts make her happy, and happier still will she be when dicks of moderate size find a reason to climb into her snatch or asshole and pump these like a jackhammer on heat!

5. Dolly Little

dolly little

When dressed in her sweet birthday suit, Dolly Little measures 4’9″, which makes her one of the tiniest pornstars to ever bring her pussy into serious banging territory! Dolly is a 25-years old slut, she’s slim and redheaded, has a pert pair of fake tits, plus a bun of a bottom. Dolly is super-adorable and super into letting skyscraper-tall penises take up room in her tiny snatch and ransack the whole place like they own it!

4. Evelyn Claire

evelyn claire

With a skin so clear you want to prostrate and pay homage with the biggest boner you can summon, Evelyn Claire sure is one of the best pale pornstars with the power to move and shake up the fellas! She’s a beautiful lady with auburn hair, tiny boobs, and a pert booty that can arch high enough to tempt the gods into having a lick and a poke! Horny guys with monster cocks think she’s a goddess and you just have to sit back and admire how they jump into her with all possible ardor and pound her cunt like it’s a mound of pepper in a mortar!

3. Hazel Moore

hazel moore

You do really stupid things when you are in love, and once you make the acquaintance of Hazel Moore you can be assured of perpetually being in love! This pale pornstar has hazel eyes, plus very perky and natural 34D boobies that are too full for the sanity of any breathing male, and is slim, toned, and tight all over. Quite possibly the most stunning pornstar on this list and certainly the most edible, Hazel has a way of fucking epic boners that make your woody believe it is the best repeating rifle in the world!

2. Nala Brooks

nala brooks

There are some chicks you just fall in love with like it was divinely ordained and Nala Brooks is a perfect example. This young pornstar with the sweet smile and full titties is 23-years old, averagely tall, and both tattooed and pierced. Her pierced tits are one of the fullest and most natural on this list, and there’s a bubble butt on her that’s the most perfect and juicy object in the known universe! You can’t mention Nala without talking about her love for cervix-smashing cocks and I do love the way she speaks in tongues when boners bigger than baseball bats break her cunt open and get her begging for mercy!

1. Bunny Colby

bunny colby

Bunnies are super-adorable and the sweetest bunny of all is Bunny Colby for sure! None is prettier or better looking than this chick and at 28-years old she is one of the sexiest pornstars in the industry! This blonde and beautiful starlet is the owner of an impressive set of big fake tits, and possibly the curviest bubble butt that ever sat on the back end of a lady! Bunny insists she’s bisexual, but BBCs and other massive cocks must have not gotten the memo, because they go up her snatch more frequently than her cunt gets licked by other hot babes!

Did You Like These Pornstars With Pale White Skin?

These were some of the best pale pornstars currently active in the industry. If you went through the entire article and didn’t find popular names like Stoya on this list, then as I mentioned in the beginning of the article, they were omitted on purpose. This list only features girls that are still actively shooting porn and not the ones who are retired or haven’t done any new scenes in quite a while.

However, I do hope that you discovered some new girls to watch from this list and if that’s the case, make sure to show some love by sharing the article and letting your friends know about all these gorgeous pornstars with pale white skin!

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