Top 50: The Sexiest & Most Famous Pornstars (2021)

Do you know who are the most famous pornstars in the industry, active or retired? I am sure that you know a couple of them, but there will be numerous performers who made a huge name for themselves and yet you have never heard about them. Also, it just so happens that not every pornstar is famous in the truest sense, some are popular all over the world while some are popular in a particular country. There are also a few whose name barely a hundred people know, and there are those who are renowned for one thing or the other, like their bedroom skills, beauty, intelligence, booty, or earth-sized titties.

I have created several articles in the past on this website, but I have always focused on featuring pornstars who are still very much active in the industry. That meant that I had to ignore the legendary performers who were our only support when we were going through puberty and learning how pleasurable it was to play with our cocks. So, I though of creating this article listing the most famous pornstars of all time, featuring not just the active performers but also the ones who have been retired for a long time but still are just as popular as they were during their prime. So, let’s get started and see if your favorite performer found a spot in the list or not!

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50+ Most Famous Pornstars of 2021

Asa Akira

asa akira

Asa Akira is the first Asian XXX star in this famous pornstars listing and by Jove is she naughty or what! Asa Akira is petite, slim, and so skilled in the arts that all she has to do is wink at you to make your cum factory start putting out unpaid overtime! Her boobies are lovely, enhanced, and very firm 32C puddings, while her booty is perfect enough to cause a saint some problems! Asa used to be an exotic dancer and dominatrix, before focusing on getting nasty with pornstars of either sex, for our collective cum-fabulous orgasms!

Madison Ivy

madison ivy

Madison Ivy has won so many awards and conquered so many hearts it is hard to believe she doesn’t stand 10-feet tall! She’s only 4’11” and built like a sex house on wheels! This blonde 31-year old MILF used to dance and shake her fanny in strip clubs, before making the switch to the adult world, where cocks too long to be measured burrow into her snatch and simply refuse to come out of that super wet, warm and grippy hole till they have cummed enough in it to drown a tadpole!

Priya Anjali Rai

priya anjali rai

Priya Anjali Rai is the only Indian pornstar on this list but she is one of the most famous pornstars of all time without a doubt; and she sure is a breeze of fresh air, huge titties and a big ass! Priya is voluptuous, just a little bit dark-skinned and looks so exotic I feel a need to enlist her help to lead me to the promised land of cum outbursts for the rest of this month! She has a pretty face, black hair, fake tits and a mouth that can suck the iron out of a steel rod!

Alexis Texas

alexis texas

Texas appears full of blonde, hot, and blue-eyed temptresses and I must tell you that Alexis Texas is the queen of them all! She’s got a fab body, a phat booty that holds most of the world hostage and natural 34C tits you could never take your eyes away from! A booty like hers could make an angel drool right in the presence of God and she graciously lets XXX stars of all sexes manhandle this chunk of pleasure mountain and explore its caverns!

Lisa Ann

lisa ann

Hope your cock is in the mood to welcome this gorgeous MILF starlet, because Lisa Ann is on her way and she doesn’t brook any opposition! Lisa has massive fake tits and the skills, attitude, and a body to match. This Italian starlet is 48-years old, slim, and the recipient of enough awards to make the staff of the Guinness World Records blush! Lisa freely gives her pussy to anyone that expresses interest and is perhaps most famous for parodying Sarah Palin.

Abella Danger

abella danger

I might have previously said that other pornstars on this list were the most beautiful of all. I hereby withdraw those statements and nominate Abella Danger as the most beautiful in this most famous pornstars listing. Beautiful hell, this petite babe is so hot that the heat radiating off her could power a neighborhood! She rocks pouty lips, and 34C jugs, plus the kind of bubble butt that hides a small cavern yearning for hardcore anal pounding from huge fucking dicks! This girl is super-dangerous, and big dicks love her so well they made her their patron!

Brandi Love

brandi love

Need a fab MILF in your life teaching you all the ropes and letting you see what she can do when called upon to sit on a dick? Brandi Love awaits! She’s a tall and pretty blonde with eyes that sparkle with life and humor, plus the kind of fit & athletic body that could seduce any living thing that has a woody through which blood flows! Her 34E boobs are the products of a surgeon’s work, and she has an unusual passion for sexual gymnastics. Brandi is never too far away from a cock and she does perch on them like they are the most exclusive thrones!

Mia Malkova

mia malkova

There has to be something in California to make all babes from that place look like beautiful princesses! Mia Malkova is Californian born, has a sunny disposition, and a fun-loving mind that sees every hard dick as an obstacle to be conquered on the way to the everlasting cumming paradise! She looks like a movie star with a slim and tall build, blonde hair, the most delish 34C natural jugs, and a big and juicy booty. Mia is an avid gamer and a great cum enabler, and is known for her flexibility that allows her to fuck dicks in multiple unique positions!

Diamond Jackson

diamond jackson

Diamond Jackson is a 54-year old black MILF pornstar who specializes in making multiple cocks convulse at once during orgies and bukakke action scenes! She was a cheerleader in high school and in 2007 took up the task of cheering up dicks worldwide and giving them a great reason to keep on rising, and pouring forth heavy doses of life-giving liquid! Tall and equipped for action with massive fake tits, she boasts the kind of oiled pussy that makes the world spin once you are deep in it!

Riley Reid

riley reid

5’3″, beautiful, super-slim, and as sexy as a witch, Riley Reid obviously takes a no-holds-barred approach to life, not that I blame her! Her face is fresher than oven-baked bread and she’s so talented that a large warehouse would be needed to house all her awards! Riley loves to dance and her stretchy pussy can easily accommodate a locomotive if it ever came to that!

Mia Khalifa

mia khalifa

A famous pornstars listing which doesn’t include Mia Khalifa would be unthinkable at all levels! Mia is famous for many reasons, like her assets, skills, personality and the fact that she’s an Arab starlet who boldly sucks cock on the big screen and rides on the same like she’s going forward to the biggest battle of her life! She didn’t stay for long in the porn industry and did only a handful of scenes, but there’s no denying of the kind of influence she left behind as she’s one of the most popular babes even after years of leaving the industry!

Lana Rhoades

lana rhoades

This one is a beauty and a sweet fuck to the hilt! Lana Rhoades is 23-years old, as fresh-faced as a recently harvested melon and slim, nasty, and able to make your cock do the impossible! Her perfect bubble butt alone put her on this list, while her cock-sucking skills make her one of a kind and reason enough to become one of the best pornstars on Snapchat. When she’s not gobbling mile-long cock like it’s a new lollipop, Lana bends over and takes it in whatever hole is tightest at the moment!

Jayden Jaymes

jayden jaymes

Back in the days, Jayden James used to model and shake all her shakeable assets in her role as an exotic dancer. She has now settled on acting the role of an XXX star and graciously helping us offload all the cum we are not using! Jayden is the typical shameless, merciless and slutty mistress who can often be found riding atop a throbbing BBC like she’s a warrior princess.

Stormy Daniels

stormy daniels

Never heard of Stormy Daniels? She’s that lady that President Trump was supposed to have banged and news of that has made her one of the most famous pornstars ever. Before she got the mainstream recognition, Stormy was known as that sultry blonde with enhanced jugs who likes having her kitten licked and penetrated by any dick that could stand the heat that this flappy hole produced!

Christy Mack

christy mack

Christy Mack has all the subtlety of an onrushing Mack truck! She’s a 5’3″ slut with sleeves of ink, enhanced melons, and perverted morals. Both cunt and cock are on her menu and both her asshole and slit are open for business at all hours, waiting for tongues, fingers, and rods to enter and make a joyful noise!

Dani Daniels

dani daniels

If you are here to catch some new beauties you should be cumming to, better note down Dani Daniels and bring that bottle of lube closer! Dani has very lush hair, a smile so sweet it makes maple syrup jealous and the sort of small and pert booty that makes your heart race like a piston engine being starved of fuel! She has a rabid appetite for all things related to sex which is the reason why when she isn’t shooting porn videos, you can catch her online sharing her nudes on Snapchat with her fans!

Aletta Ocean

aletta ocean

She used to be a pageant winner, before deciding that porn was the right industry for her. Aletta Ocean is a Hungarian hottie whose long legs, big ass, and impossibly-pert haunch make you wonder just why it should be legal for a female to look so good! Her booty has a bottomless ocean for an asshole and jamming this tightly closed with a rigid cock is guaranteed to make her cum on the double!

Jynx Maze

jynx maze

Formerly a model, before making a 180-degree change and spreading her legs for your cumming entertainment, Jynx Maze has the potential to cast a jinx on you and make you love only her forever! Her claim to fame relates to her sweet bubble butt and the asshole it hosts that always stretches to infinity to welcome some of the scariest looking penises that ever grew out of a male groin! Yes, this Latina pornstar is an anal freak and so good at what she does she makes your asshole pucker up!

Moriah Mills

moriah mills

This thick and curvy XXX star is carrying enough succulent meat on her front end to weigh down a truck! Moriah Mills is meaty, slutty to the bone and so booty-blessed you get instant admittance to cloud nine if she squats over you and sits on your face! Wouldn’t you know it, but big boners just love spearing her snatch and capturing enough sweat meat to last them for weeks!

Sasha Grey

sasha grey

There’s no end to the talents of Sasha Grey. She’s an actress, writer, musician, model, and ultra-fuckable slut with tiny ass and boobs, but possibly the deepest snatch in the North American continent! Sasha has loads of followers on social media, is active on Twitch, and is leggy, super-slutty, and an anal-craving & blowjob-loving superstar who makes it so easy for you to turn your dick into the most accurate machine gun ever crafted!

Nikki Benz

nikki benz

Nikki Benz was the Penthouse Pet of the Month for April 2010 and the Penthouse Pet of the Year 2011 and no, she didn’t get them awards by sitting on her ass and praising the Lord! This Canadian pornstar is almost 40 and is a blonde bombshell with massive ass and boobs who rides on BBC like they are the only thing good about this life! Nikki is ever-horny, which means her cunt gets more attention on the daily than a store shelf filled with candy!

Julia Ann

julia ann

At 50-years old, Julia Ann is still beautiful enough to seduce a king and give him the kind of boner he could rule the world with! She’s blonde, bisexual and sweet-faced, curvy, tall, and rocks enhanced 36E fake jugs. This GILF pornstar has a smile you could fist a dragon for and the kind of body you wished your girlfriend had! Watch her videos if you haven’t already because you’ll be begging to be her sex slave soon after!

Peta Jensen

peta jensen

Need someone new to spray your seed on? Try Peta Jensen! She’s one of the most famous pornstars as she should be, sporting fake tits, a pert and medium-sized behind and the kind of legs that are a dream come true for those among us who love those parts of the female anatomy! Peta has some artful tattoos, the tight and toned body of an athlete, and curves to die for. Unfortunately, she’s retired from porn and how I wish that she would make a comeback and drain all the cum out of all our balls!

Leah Gotti

leah gotti

I’ve yet to see a girl named Leah that was not stunning enough to make me want to recruit her to my harem and bone her every second of every day! Now, Leah Gotti is a very edible-looking and cute young lady who happens to be 22-years old. She has the sort of baby face you want to hold between your hands and kiss, as well as 34C natural jigglers that look tastier than any chicken-fried steak I ever ate! Sure she looks so very innocent, but Leah is one professional who gives outsized cocks a home where they can be themselves without judgment!

Emily Willis

emily willis

Emily Willis is beautiful, so beautiful that you would want to go around the neighborhood soliciting for funds to build a statue for her at the local park! She has the slim and perky body of a teen, and is hot enough to melt down the sun! Her 32A perky boobies are real and her booty is pert and small enough to fit into your beer mug! Emily is equally interested in dick and pussy, though you will find enough videos of her being anally and vaginally speared to make your woody spring a leak they will be mopping up till next week!

Jenni Lee

jenni lee

Legs and more legs, coupled with a sweet demeanor are part of what makes Jenny Lee one of the most famous pornstars. Yes, she’s not on this list cos she promised to sit on my face and let some of her premium cunt juice dribble into my mouth! Now, Jenni has a slim & petite body, the tiny booty of a girl in her mid-teens, plus a set of 34C boobies she spent a lot of money on. Long cocks simply revel in the opportunity her fat pussy brings their way, so you will be seeing her mount up on enough of these to build a log cabin in the woods with!

Angela White

angela white

Never heard of Angela White? Well, wait while I put down your name in the list of trouble makers that need to be eliminated in the cumming flood! Angela White is a plump but toned Australian pornstar who loves hardcore pussy action and intense anal pounding in the same way you love your souped-up Harley! Natural 32G breasts jiggle freely on her chest and her ass is big and sweet enough to make a band of monks compose songs of praise in her honor! Everything on this babe is natural and she’s one of the most hardcore XXX stars on this list, with BBC DP, lesbian and anal scenes to her credit.

Gianna Michaels

gianna michaels

This lady goes by a lot of names, not that it matters all that much because she is assuredly worth searching for. Gianna is nearly 6-feet tall and every ounce of that is soft, but toned meat, with her F-size natural jugs getting enough attention to confuse a military satellite, while her big booty hosts the perfect entrance for any pleasure-loving dick! As to be imagined, this babe has a cunt that is a positive cock magnet, and the most massive boners are always finding their way into it!

Samantha Saint

samantha saint

Even the saints on high have been cumming to the onscreen antics of this stunner while acting like butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth! Now, Samantha Saint is one of the loveliest girls in this famous pornstars listing by a mile and a half and is one of those beautiful babes who are so horny they could fuck a load of gravel! She’s somewhere between slim and buxom and is totally toned, leggy to the bone, blonde and busty with pierced nipples, plus the recipient of multiple awards. And did I mention how nasty this girl can be once the cumming spirit is in her!

Summer Brielle

summer brielle

Was there something that Summer Brielle did to massive boners and BBCs in a previous life? Because from what I can see, most of her porn videos show these throbbing telegraph poles getting soaked and slicked down in her throat, before plunging into her snatch for a prolonged jamming session! This lass is one of those tall and busty blondes that look like sluts no matter what they are doing or what they are wearing.

Anya Ivy

anya ivy

Anya Ivy is one chocolate syrup you and every man in all of creation need to have a deep taste of! She’s petite and slim and could pass for a teen if she dressed in mini skirts and wore pigtails. This girl has possibly the cutest little booty in this list, as well as all-natural 36D jugs that look perfectly perfect. Anya is a gorgeous ebony starlet with big tastes, which means she won’t roll with you unless your penis is longer than your leg and you can use the tip to scratch her ovaries!

Remy LaCroix

remy lacroix

Just look at Remy LaCroix! Yes, her beauty is beyond compare and her body pours fuel on your brain matter and then sets it afire! Remy is 32-years old but still rocks the face and body of a cute teenager, boasting a perky booty, a slim body, and real 34B boobies that hang off her chest like the ripest jungle fruits in the botanical park! Gangbangs are what she’s famous for, with this sweet-faced angel able to welcome multiple over-sized cocks into her hole and stay sane!

Jenna Haze

jenna haze

In the land of porn, Jenna Haze is a legend that everyone unreservedly worships and adores! She has won every award that matters and is an AVN and XRCO hall of famer. Jenna is built to perfection and could have made a career out of modeling in elite circles. She’s leggy, slim, breathtakingly beautiful, and able to do everything that makes a cock go crazy!

Tera Patrick

tera patrick

If you had the time and cared to do some research, you could easily fill a textbook with the list of awards that Tera Patrick has to her name! These awards confirm her extraordinary talent and entertainment capabilities and make her eligible for being on this famous pornstars listing. This 90s pornstar is extremely beautiful and voluptuous and always in the frame of mind to finger a slippery snatch or let a cock show her the cumming way!

Jenna Jameson

jenna jameson

This former stripper and model is not just one of the most famous pornstars but also one of the richest pornstars this planet has to offer, and at one time was known as the “Queen of Porn.” She’s slim, blonde, blue-eyed, and has enough skills to fuck a bucket of juice out of a statue! If you are into vintage porn, this XXX star is an excellent choice that will surely get your cock nodding with ease!

Tori Black

tori black

31-years old, active since 2007 and the recipient of enough industry awards to shock a satyr, Tori Black is assuredly the real deal! She’s rather beautiful and petite, with her cunt rocking lips large enough for you to fan yourself with! Tori is among the nastiest girls on this list and has no limits whatsoever, and she often goes to extraordinary lengths to prove this!

Bree Olson

bree olson

Bree Olsen had always wanted to be a pornstar and her dream came true once she turned 20. She’s one of the crazy stupid famous pornstars who has appeared in more than a few reality shows and has been signed up to some of the heavies in the business. Olson is petite, blonde, slim and busty, boasting one of the nicest sets of D-cup jugs your eyeballs ever focused on! And yes, she does very nasty things to penises she likes the looks of!

August Ames

august ames

August Ames is tragically not with us anymore, but she was one hell of a girl and had the kind of slut spirit you always wished your girl possessed when things are getting exciting in the bedroom! She was one of the sexiest starlets and most famous pornstars with legs that stretched from North to South and a very impressive set of all-natural 32D cup bangers. Pay her a proper eulogy by whipping out that knobbly cock of yours and cumming hard in her memory!

Jenna Presley

jenna presley

Jenna Presley was only active for less than 10 years, but within that short time frame she did more than enough to be featured in this most famous pornstars listing. The American starlet is sultry with a capital S, has bedroom eyes that make you wet your pants if you look too closely and could pass for a glamour model. Her assets include the kind of ass you sing praises to, a slim body, beautiful face, and long brown hair, plus holes with a taste for monster rods!

Briana Banks

briana banks

Briana Banks grew up in California and is a hot and blue-eyed blonde, with chart-topping breasts, a slim bod, a really nice ass, and a pussy that tastes so sweet it could be used as a sugar substitute! The German pornstar is famous for her blonde locks, long legs, and surgically enhanced melons that make her chest area look more inviting than paradise!

Capri Cavanni

capri cavanni

Capri Cavanni is also known as Capri Cavalli and is a 38-year old Canadian chick who’s 5’4″ and hotter than any oven to be found in the neighborhood bakery! She has an oval face with perfect bedroom eyes, some tats and piercings, a sleek body, and heavy jugs men beg her to bless them with! Capri does not play favorites as she loves choking on throbbing cocks just as much as she loves licking a wet cunt, and she does both of them with equal hunger!

Lexi Belle

lexi belle

Blonde, hot, amazing, perfect, sweet, and petite, Lexi Belle just seems to tick all the boxes! She has won so many awards that a supercomputer is assigned the task of keeping track of them all and is one of these sleek, angelic-faced, overpoweringly nasty and lovable babes who give their all when called upon to spread their legs and let a big cock thrust them into the middle of next year!

Sophie Dee

sophie dee

A MILF like Sophie Dee makes your cock believe it is a rocket and try to take off on a mission to Mars! She’s an all-round cum manipulator who has driven so many men off the edge that there’s a warrant out for her arrest! Sophie Dee is a British bombshell, and is sweet-faced, busty, plump, and totally amazing. BBCs appear to be the snacks she likes best, though you will occasionally find her nuzzling into pussy and happily munching away! She can fuck, she can suck and she can make that boner of yours so filled up it could just about burst!

Karma RX

karma rx

Karma RX has sleeves decorated with fancy ink, plus fake titties I want to weigh and slap together! She’s a 27-year old hot, tight and leggy blonde who has done a lot for men everywhere, by helping them evacuate so much jism that toilets everywhere are clogged up! Know why she’s on this list? Because she’s so nasty that there’s a radical increase in heart attacks and penile strangulation whenever she releases a new porn flick!

Eva Lovia

eva lovia

Eva Lovia is among the most gorgeous and beautiful pornstars on this cumming earth and a real sweetheart with a sweet fanny! She’s a little petite at 5’3″, but leggy, voluptuous and in possession of some of the best surgically-enhanced bazungas I have been lucky to see so far in my career! Eva swings both ways and her pussy is a thing of beauty. Seldom have I seen a slit so ever-slick, ready, and edible looking!

Ava Addams

ava addams

Hooked on MILFs? Ava Adams is the perfect type and so sweet you get a sugar rush just by looking at her smile at you, plus the hardest boner of your life just watching her do her thing! 5’3”, curvy and artfully tattooed, you could easily ladle this MILF on your plate and eat her up before you know what you are doing! She’s got a pair of the biggest tits in porn and is an equal opportunity fucker who can joyously take it in any hole!

Alanah Rae

alanah rae

Alanah Rae is among the most famous pornstars to be found in this cock-jerking and cum-biting list! She’s either blonde or brunette depending on her mood and what day it is and is a former stripper, and escort, plus a confirmed exhibitionist and nasty girl! This slut always needs a boner in her slit or between her giant fake titties for the world to make sense to her and has been baptized with so many buckets of hot cum juices on set that I can’t help but wonder why her skin hasn’t peeled off!

Faye Reagan

faye reagan

There’s hot and there’s Faye Reagan! She’s a top-class babe with all the eye-candy in the world and is one of the gorgeous pornstars who ever sat on a dick first thing in the morning! Faye is 5’6″, slim and perky, and boasts all-natural 34C breasts that look so good I pray to get my hands on a similar pair sometime soon! In case you were unaware, better know now that this redheaded slut will give you the kind of boner you could use to shoot your way out of trouble!

Layla London

layla london

Born in 1993, Layla London is an oval-faced chick who happens to be pretty and sexy enough to gift you a woody big and hard enough to fight a Xenomorph with; so it’s not really wrong to consider her among the most famous pornstars in the industry! She has a smattering of tattoos, a fat booty, big natural titties and a pussy that thinks it is a high speed tunnel! Layla fancies herself to be the greatest slut on four legs and I would be surprised if there’s any male pornstar with a monster cock left in the porn industry that she has yet to climb on and milk dry!

Abella Anderson

abella anderson

When you wake up, the first thing you should do is kneel and say your prayers to the picture of Abella Anderson hanging on your wall! That’s right, better pay this goddess the homage she’s due or I will be hunting you down by the end of the week! Abella Anderson just screams “danger” to any boner in your possession and is a petite pornstar with a slim build and 34D fake mammaries. Being a Cuban pornstar, she has been blessed with the perfect bubble butt and making that bounce on your woody is what you should be begging the saints for!

Gabbie Carter

gabbie carter

Need to throw one hell of a party for your cock and thank it for its goodness in your life? Well, you will be wanting a babe like Gabbie Carter to preside over the festivities! Damn right this slut is beautiful and classy, not to mention busty and nasty! Sight the all-natural pair of 32E jugs that dangle from her chest and then drag your eyes to her fat booty and judge for yourself if this girl won’t kill you with excitement if you ever get within feet of her! Gabbie is bisexual, tattooed, one of the youngest starlets who was born in 2000, and hosts the perfect asshole for any cock that wants to live a short but very exciting life!

Jennifer White

jennifer white

If you ever see what this babe can do to multiple cocks at a time, you will be running scared and get whiter than a sheet in a second or so! Jennifer looks exactly like the bad girl she is and has the kind of eyes that measure your boner and how long you can keep in the cum she’s calling forth from you! At 5’2″ she’s petite, with long legs & brunette hair, and tiny ass, plus natural 34C breasts that have never felt the kiss of gravity!

Did You Know About These Famous Pornstars?

So, these were all the popular pornstars that have played an immense role in taking the porn industry forward and have earned a place in the hall of fame of porn. I am extremely sure that you have jerked off to, or fingered yourself, while watching these gorgeous babes getting fucked; and if you haven’t, then what’s stopping you from doing so now!

Go ahead and watch the best performances of these famous pornstars and discover the reason why they are considered as legends. Also, if you liked the article, then consider sharing it with your friends!

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