Sex Emulator Review (2021) – Is It The Hottest Porn Game Today?

The world is awash with games and there are new titles releasing almost all the time. Some of these games are the mainstream games where you take on the role of a soldier, visit alien worlds, save humanity many times over and kill enough enemies to fill up just about all cemeteries the planet can boast of. While there are porn games as well where you take on the role of a lusty wanker, create your version of the sexiest women alive and fuck these as you please.

If the later types of games appeal to you and you want to spend hours daily in a world of your own making where the most beautiful ladies jiggle their boobs in your face and shove all manner of XXX toys into their digitally rendered cum holes, then porn games like Sex Emulator are exactly what the good doctor would have prescribed for you!

Sex Emulator is one out of the many sex simulator games out there, and it has been lucky to catch my lecherous eye, so I will be giving it a thorough review today. Better hang on and you will get to know if this is the kind of adult game where you get more cum out of your system than would normally be the case!

Sex Emulator Review (2021)

Simulate The Love, Emulate The Fuck!

Sex Emulator has a top-class website with the site design being so good I might believe sinning angels put it together during a particularly nasty orgy! Once you go to the site you will be met with short video clips showing varied female avatars waggling their fannies, getting fucked in the mouth, and having their cunts plowed hard enough to leave bruises, all while their very full jugs bounce around. I nearly jerked off to this before remembering that I had a review to do!

sex emulator review

So, once on the site, you will be required to choose your gender and that of your partner, plus the age range of your partner and how you like him/her in bed. Once you have clicked on all options, you will have to click a box that states you are not to record or post your gameplay.

Next up is a choice between single and multiplayer, the preferred game difficulty level, options to donate, and a few more. The sign on page then comes up and this obliges you to input the necessary info and verify your age with your credit card details. Do not skip this step and be very sure to read the fine print when doing this or you could end up spending on what you never bargained for.

Once inside you quickly get to know that Sex Emulator is a rather big place! You get a selection of live cam sites atop the homepage, plus some of the latest XXX games whose names would make your grandma blush very fiercely indeed! Talking about games, there are more than 400 XXX games on this site, with names like Mutant Orgy, BDSM Discipline, 3D Sex Sims, Grand Fuck Auto, and Hard Knight Rises.

The variety of games on offer here means that your long term cumming entertainment is guaranteed, which is as it should be!

Don’t have time to read the complete review? Do you not like to waste time reading paragraphs and paragraphs when you could be playing the game and wanking off? If you trust me to make a fair recommendation, then you can skip reading the entire review article and just check out the game to know why Sex Emulator is currently one of the top porn games on the Internet! Click on the button below to get started right now:

Fucking Your Dreams!

Once you are done with all the profile creation thingy, you are prompted to begin creating the woman of your dreams and get on with playing the Sex Emulator game. So, you get a seated lady who tries out varied sex positions while you watch tongue-tied. The graphics here are so good that it looks like this avatar is seated right in front of you, eagerly showing you the way to paradise, just in case you forgot the route!

sex emulator build your doll

During the Sex Emulator gameplay, you can use onscreen icons to control what your avatar does, like finger herself, massage herself, or drill herself. Onscreen options also let you choose avatars of varying ethnicities, hair color, and boob sizes, just in case you don’t like the look of the avatar that was originally assigned to you.

Once you are done with tweaking and customizing your avatar, you can dive into the main gameplay. The avatar likes to get mouthy though, saying the kind of things that in real life would get her rewarded with a hard cock in the ass and an iron hand circling her throat! She has a set list of things she says and will keep on saying this till you let her do something like show off her tits or send a XXX toy traveling up her butthole.

Sex Emulator Review – Skills And Abilities

Ever came across a sexy avatar you can train? Well, in the Sex Emulator game the more you get your assigned wench to do whatever she wants her to do or you want her to do, the more her skill level increases. Increasing skill levels unlock extra games, abilities, special sex acts, and customized scenes. So, be sure to have your chosen female avatar fuck herself on the daily as she will get better at it and be able to attempt more hardcore acts with better vigor and capability.

One thing I like about all this is the fact that during gameplay in Sex Emulator you are given the options to adjust the camera angles and even zoom the action. The latter feature guarantees you never miss anything as your avatar fucks herself or shakes her titties at you hard enough to break your teeth! I say that is quite lovely!

sex simulator adult games

Hundreds Of Games And Limitless Fun

Now, Sex Emulator is only one out of the hundreds of games to be found on site. If the Sex Emulator game is not to your taste you can opt for any one of the hundreds of different games on this site and these all cover all ranges from parodies to hentai games.

Browsing through the range of games on offer is about as sweet as getting your balls licked by a slut who knows what she is doing! Hustle Town was one of the few XXX games on the site that I played while researching for this Sex Emulator review. This particular game is gangster-oriented and sees you take on the role of a young lad moving up in the gangster world, doing whatever needs to be done to get ahead and fucking a lot of ladies who like successful hunks with a bulldozer for a boner!

Sex Emulator Review – Games And Porn Videos

Apart from hosting a good number of top-class XXX games, Sex Emulator also has an impressive set of porn videos that cover just about every niche. There’s even a 3D cartoon section that covers themes that range from alien sex to coeds getting their cherries plucked. There’s seriously lots of porn here and even if games are not your type you might log in to the site just so you can watch your type of cumming fun that don’t often make it to the likes of XVideos.

Full-length DVD clips are also available on the site. Most of these span several hours and just about every theme is covered.

Game Access And Downloads

No downloads are required to play the Sex Emulator game or the hundreds of XXX games within the Sex Emulator website. All games are accessible straight from browsers like Chrome and Firefox and even Internet Explorer, though rumor has it that only Neanderthals still make use of Internet Explorer!

Anyway, most of the games found on the site are mobile accessible and you can also watch media content on your mobile device. This means you can easily access the tens of thousands of porn videos on the site on the go.

sex emulator porn games

Now, while there are indeed hundreds of XXX games on Sex Emulator, some of these games are only trial variants and only those fellas who splurge for a membership upgrade can access them to the fullest. More, even when full and free access to a game is enabled, in-game purchases are sometimes supported and this is not free.

How Safe Is Sex Emulator?

Sex Emulator seems to be pretty safe, though that does not mean you should trust them with your virgin unmarried sister or that inheritance of yours! They use a 256-bit SSL encryption protocol that works hard to guarantee user safety and security and there are other protocols in place to ensure that interested third parties cannot access your financial details. They haven’t been hacked yet, which means their safeguards are good for the purpose.

Final Thoughts

Sex Emulator sure does sound like the perfect thing to use on those days when the world is unforgivably boring and your boner needs a sexy female to talk to it and wiggle her fanny right in its face. It is available in most countries, entertaining, diverting, and features a long list of games with very realistic onscreen characters who perform a broad range of cumming activities even a saint would feel forced to react to!

The gameplay here on all featured games is incredibly interactive and updates happen on the regular too. On the other hand, there can be intrusive ads and not all games here are free.

Overall, given the broad selection of games, cam sites, and porn videos that Sex Emulator hosts, I feel obliged to recommend it to all you horny fellas who like their fun in extra-large sizes!

So, go ahead and give Sex Emulator a try for yourself and see if the game suits your preferences. Also, don’t forget to let me know what you thought about my Sex Emulator review, and make sure to share it with your horny friends as well so that they too can jerk of to animated ladies with big fucking titties!

So you went ahead and read the entire Sex Emulator review! Not bad at all! Now, all you need to do is check out the game for yourself and figure out if it lives up to the hype which *spoiler alert* it totally does. Click on the button below to see the magic:

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