Top 20: The Hottest French Pornstars of 2021

French pornstars are some of the hottest babes in porn, and you will agree to that statement as soon as you finish going through the below list! When it comes to sex and nudity, the French are so laid back they are practically horizontal! That means if you go to the country with your eyes peeled, you are bound to find more than a few French girls, walking around in their birthday suits and totally unaware of the effect they are having on your genitalia! So, France isn’t just known for good food, good wine and good architecture, there are also some breathtaking women over there that you might fall head over heels for!

I have been working double time to complete the several listicles featuring pornstars from various countries, so this list of top pornstars from France was long overdue! In this article, you will find some of the most gorgeous creations of God. I am talking about babes that make other top pornstars look like clumsy, ugly ducklings! I tried to feature only those French pornstars who are still active, but I ended up included even those girls who have retired because they are just that good and I couldn’t ignore them. So, let’s not talk much and just get down to the list and see who are the sexiest French girls in porn right now!

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Best French Pornstars of 2021

22. Luna Rival

luna rival

First on the list is Luna Rival, who happens to be so charming she could make you forget to eat and drink for days in your eagerness to fap a miracle from your prostate! Born in Dijon and one of the cutest starlets that can be slurped up from this list, the slim Luna has been active since 2015, with both her cunt and asshole heavily paying for her misdemeanors! She’s bisexual, but that never stops her from offering her stretchy holes to erect pipes!

21. Arabelle Raphael

arabelle raphael

Arabelle Raphael is one cock-slaying temptress who always delivers sense-destroying orgasms! Born in France, but of mixed ancestry, this 31-year old beauty is the complete package. Her 32G boobs are a little on the floppy side, but what would I give to wrap my face in them! Arabelle is tattooed and pierced, heavily acclaimed, and the winner of the hearts of thousands of fans all over the world. There are no limits to what this bootylicious beauty will do on screen, which makes her one of the most splendid cum enforcers ever!

20. Cassie Del Isla

cassie del isla

Her name sounds like something out of the garden of Eden and you can be sure that Cassie Del Isla will give you all the peace and comfort you crave. But before that can happen, this brunette performer will do things that make your cock realize its potential as a high-velocity cannon! Sweet Cassie is a slim but meaty babe and is pretty as new sin and as enchanting as a new ride. She has a tattoo running down her back, plus a bubble butt that can drive fellas off the edge and into the abyss! Cassie has done it all, from BDSM to orgies and you can be sure that knowing her is highly beneficial to your cumming life!

19. Nikita Bellucci

nikita bellucci

Her name might sound somewhat Italian, but rest assured that Nikita Bellucci is as French as a baguette up the ass! Nikita is fresh-faced for someone who’s supposed to be 31-years old and has the kind of slim and highly flexible body you can put into any sexual position and fuck till bloody! There are stunning tattoos on her gorgeously slim figure, and her 34C jugs are disdainful of whatever gravity has in store for them! There’s precious little that Nikita won’t do, which means her holes are seldom empty and dry!

18. Chloe Lacourt

chloe lacourt

Here comes one of the first blonde French pornstars on this list and a sweet sex goddess to boot! That’s right, you better go down on your knees and get to thanking Chloe Lacourt for having the temerity to be so beautiful and nasty that no jism wants to be left in you for long! This Grenoble native is 26-years old, slim and perky, tight and toned, and boasts a peach of an ass. Her tits are fake, but she makes up for it by getting into some of the most extreme stuff your corneas will ever scrap across!

17. Sharon Lee

sharon lee

Miss Lee is of Asian descent, but was born in France. And that, plus the fact that she promised to blow a tsunami into my erect boner is why she made it to this list! 32-years old, averagely tall, and rocking a slim body sex goddesses only get blessed with when they sacrifice their firstborn offspring, Sharon Lee is certainly traffic stopping on all continents! Her 38E boobs are all-natural sloping wonders, and getting her asshole banged wide and stretched to infinity by oak tree penises is all that she wants in life!

16. Mina Sauvage

mina sauvage

Mina Sauvage is seriously good looking. Yeah, she’s so edible and sexy that once you see her, you will be performing an unscheduled wrestling match with that plank in your drawers! Her thick brown hair that’s flecked with gold frames her lovely face, while her perky rear, slim bod, and all-natural 34D jugs command respect and adoration. Luckily for every cumming being, Mina doesn’t have much regard for limits. All her holes have been baptized in the cumming spirit and enough cocks have sampled her interior to hold up a stadium roof with!

15. Tiffany Doll

tiffany doll

Ever wanted a living sex doll? Don’t be too surprised to hear that Tiffany Doll fits the bill. Sure she’s not for sale, but her sexiness and eternal willingness to get nude and awesomely nasty means there are lots of folks out there who are willing to pay any price to experience her puss! Tiffany comes petite and is cute enough to make your pet rabbit look like an old witch! She has a wide and open face you can trust, a tiny butt, and a set of natural 32B apple puddings. Bisexual and open to practically every sexual act and experience, this is one plucky sex doll that always has what it takes to send wet rockets shooting from your throbbing man meat!

14. Marie Clarence

marie clarence

Standing 5’9″, Maria Clarence is easily one of the tallest XXX stars on this cum-soaked list! She’s quite a handful, with more names than there are grasses on the prairie, plus a face so beautiful it switches off brains! This gorgeous babe has the eternally-tempting body of a teen slut, with this being coupled to impossibly long legs, a butt that thinks it is a ripe peach, and a set of big fake tits that I would give half my liver to weigh and suckle on! Is there anything that Maria cannot do? No! Threesomes, ass spearings, lesbian sex, and much more are well within her abilities.

13. Alice Fabre

alice fabre

Alice Fabre is not as famous as other French pornstars on this list, which is a pity because she has the power to turn your woody into an enemy you must uproot before it drowns you like a wet rat! Born in Paris, this breathtaking pornstar is also a model, adroitly using her slim and perky body to separate the sons of men from the cum juices they hold dear! Alice is yet to star in as many XXX clips as her fans would like. But assuredly, the content of her work portfolio is sweet enough to wean you off sugar, peaches, and cream!

12. Lina Luxa

lina luxa

Want to leg it into the cumming heavens? Lina Luxa is the heroine whose aid you need! She’s about 5’11”, which makes her taller than most talents in the industry, and has the most perfect set of tits I have seen all of this year and the last! There’s also her long legs that are so straight and perfect that they were obviously crafted by angels who know what they were doing! Luna is more than just legs and is a 21-year old beauty who’s all slim and super-edible. Her ass is a tiny bubble of paradise, with her breasts being tart 36B oranges that have never seen gravity in the flesh! This babe loves hardcore anal, has been double penetrated to within an inch of her life, and sucks cock like it’s her favorite feel-good snack!

11. Anna Polina

anna polina

Anna Polina is one of the sexiest French pornstars right now, but she’s also a beauty of Russian descent. She’s gorgeous as she’s been blessed with blue eyes and an enormous ass that can cheekily absorb merciless artillery barrages! She’s tall and big enough down there to bury an oil pipeline in her snatch and tight enough to grab on to these rods like her life depended on it, and few things in the world are sweeter to look upon than her 38D fake titties! Anna loves to play around with both genders, but hard and throbbing cocks might be her favorite playthings.

10. Cara Saint-Germain

cara saint-germain

Goddesses do live among us and some of these do not wear panties on their days out! One such goddess is Cara Saint-Germain, a 31-year old starlet who could pass for a fallen angel made redundant from the heavenly places for sucking the bone out of the boner of someone high above her pay grade! Cara is leggy for her size, slim, petite, and lightly tattooed. Twin 33D fake jugs stand battle-ready on her chest, while her tiny butt could fit in your cupped hands. Cara is bi, just like almost all the French pornstars in this list, though boners have been vacationing in her puss more than it is getting eaten by her female lovers!

9. Ania Kinski

ania kinski

Ania Kinski is 42-years old, but damn if she doesn’t look like a million dollars on payday! She was born in Poland, currently lives in France, and is an ex-stripper. Then she got bored with all that and began looking for how she could sit on and dance atop a throbbing cock for a fee. Hardcore porn scenes were the answer and you would think the fate of humanity is in the balance considering how she puts in 100% in every scene! Statuesque, slim and busty, this stunning MILF has been fucked in every hole and practically every position and she doesn’t mind in the least!

8. Kendra Lust

kendra lust

42-years old and active since 2012, Kendra Lust is in no mood to retire and is determined to keep at it till she has your rod where she wants it! This popular pornstar has no shame or limits and is here on earth for the sole purpose of leading us all into heady sin every day! Kendra has a big ass that cocks are always wanting to romance, a meaty but toned body, and big fake tits. She’s also pretty enough to make any supermodel insecure and is cursed with the hungriest set of holes that any one-eyed snake ever looked into!

7. Clea Gaultier

clea gaultier

There’s just something about Clea Gaultier that makes you want to spread her legs and lick her cunt like you are prospecting for gold! Clea is clearly made for sex and of the most hardcore sort too. She’s young, compelling, and petite enough to be carried up to shoulder height and impaled on a slice of rock-steady man meat that’s in no mood for niceties! Oval-faced, beautiful, and extremely sexy, this slutty pornstar is always a good choice for when you need your little dragon milked dry!

6. Angel Emily

angel emily

Looking for an angel that’s ready to assist a lonely fella to heaven and guarantee an orgasmic pussy overdose that cooks the brain matter into a sweet stew? Well, you just found her, though you will soon be wishing you hadn’t! Now, Angel Emily is a petite bundle of erotic perfection and is cuter than a shipload of puppies. She’s a blonde babe, blue-eyed, and slim, lightly tattooed and pierced, and has starred in enough hardcore clips and done enough extreme stuff to give the guy in charge of angelic affairs on high a severe case of heartburn!

5. Liza Del Sierra

liza del sierra

There’s only so much temptation that a body can handle before madness comes calling! It just so happens that Liza Del Sierra is a certified temptress with holes that call to every boner in range to come and exceed their stated capabilities! Liza is the queen of gargantuan cocks and if she’s not giving them a bath in her gullet, she’s slipping them into her cavernous holes and letting them run riot till spring! Bewitching to the last inch, bootylicious, busty, and perverted to sweet infinity, this is one of the top French pornstars that can reformat your brain and system before you know what’s up!

4. Natasha Nice

natasha nice

Natasha Nice is more than nice and the sight of her is about as welcome as Santa sliding through the chimney carrying a truckload of gifts for you and your cumming kind! This buxom pornstar has more curves than there are stars above and is as bewitching as the sight of a pot roast fresh out of a wood oven! Natasha is blessed with green eyes that can pin you to the wall, and a top-class all-natural rack, plus taste buds that like both hard rods and honeyed pussies!

3. Ava Addams

ava addams

There are rumors that Ava Addams holds shares in a mop bucket factory. That makes a lot of sense because this mature French starlet famous for her humangous tits never ceases to trigger epic drool epidemics whenever she makes an onscreen appearance! Ava is a dream MILF, with eyes full of mischief, tits so big and perfect you don’t need a soothsayer to tell you a surgeon is responsible for their magnificence, and a big butt that mountainous cocks are always rocketing inside of! Meaty and toned, and always ready for whatever any cock holds in store for her, this chick is one top cum fiend you need to beware of or perish!

2. Jade Jantzen

jade jantzen

Jade Jantzen is a multi-ethnic chick and can trace her ancestry to a surprising number of countries, so it makes sense to consider her as one of the top French pornstars. She’s slim, petite, pretty, and unprepossessing, till you show her a cock and tell her to do her worst! Every hole of hers has suffered in this life and tasted monster cocks of the top male talents and she shows absolutely no sign that she’s going to take a break and let her caverns heal up! Before I forget, I need to mention just how fab her bubble butt looks, especially when she’s on all her fours with a thick dick ramming her from behind!

1. Anissa Kate

anissa kate

And so we come to Anissa Kate, the last slut on this list, who spreads her legs so eagerly you might think it is spring-loaded or something! This top French performer has its all – long legs, full and beautiful natural boobs, pretty face, plus an ass so perky everyone should be lining up for a lick and a poke! Anissa is a bad girl with a capital B and if you dare forget that, her willingness to chomp down on a cock and let it reach escape velocity in any of her holes will quickly remind you of the seriousness with which she takes her work!

Who Are The Best French Pornstars of 2021?

These were some of the best pornstars from France that you must know about because the porn that they have done so far is some of the top-notch content you could fap to!

I hope that you are going to love going through the filmography of each and every one of the pornstars mentioned in this list, and I am sure that you must have found some new starlets along with some of your favorites. So, make sure to spread the love by telling your friends about all the French pornstars that you discovered by going through the above list!

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