Top 20: The Best & Hottest Canadian Pornstars of 2021

There are more Canadian pornstars in the adult industry than you would expect, and one thing is common between all of them, they are all fucking hot! Canada is a big place, with more lakes than any other country and possibly more escorts and top pornstars than anywhere else outside of America! Yeah, American pornstars are pretty much the norm in the world of porn, but pornstars from Canada are certainly holding their own and putting their country on the map! All you’ve got to do to appreciate these beauties is spend some time watching their videos and you’d feel like you are on Cloud 9!

Canadian pornstars come in every imaginable shape. Some look like a mother-of-two who’s so stunning that you’d risk your entire life to get in her pants, while others are peerless beauties that make the blood freeze in your veins. In the article today, I’ll be focusing on all sorts of pornstars because almost all of them are beautiful when it comes to how they look and skilled when it comes to how they fuck, and these chicks do their best to ensure you put your Vaseline to good use! So, let’s not waste any more time and check out the best pornstars from Canada!

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Sexiest Canadian Pornstars of 2021

22. Sunny Leone

sunny leone

This exotic Indian beauty was born in Canada and has been setting groins afire for ages! She’s a 39-year old sex goddess, whose long legs, big fake tits, sweet butt, and ageless face never ceases to make cocks on a global scale hiss like the original serpent, tremble with longing and ardor, and hope to be allowed to fertilize the earth with their liquid! To hear this babe moan is to live and she’s so magnificently nasty. But it’s a shame that she’s no longer active in the industry and there seems to be quite a low amount of content featuring her online!

21. Alyssa Reece

alyssa reece

Better put your hands together for the one and only Alyssa Reece! Yeah, she deserves it and a holiday dedicated to her worship would not be out of place in the least! Alyssa is as pretty as her name and is one of the best Canadian pornstars who boasts a bubble butt of unimpeachable perkiness. 34B all-natural mammaries delicately hang on the chest of this lass and she has starred in enough porn videos to keep you occupied with your boner for a billion years at least! Sexy to the limit, slim, stylish, and a multiple award winner, Alyssa is proof that a girl can have it all if her cunt and body are of the most excellent quality!

20. Kylee Strutt

kylee strutt

Got a thing for redheaded pornstars with bodies that even the holiest of saints would prefer to ravish and go to hell for? Then better give Kylee Strutt a royal welcome! She’s among the fittest babes on this list, you will know that as she’s got long, muscled legs and a butt that looks hard and curvy enough to repel a cannon shot! Kylee is a pretty little thing, with her most distinctive asset undoubtedly being her big fake tits. And yes, there has to be a direct connection between her snatch and a power transformer, because any dick that slots into her cunt shortly gets annihilated!

19. Vivian Azure

vivian azure

Ever seen good news on two legs? That’s just what Vivian Azure looks like! She has a sweet and beautiful face most will readily kill to be allowed to lick till the moon falls from the sky, plus a perfect pair of gorgeous fake tits. Vivian stands 5’7″ but loves going down or getting on all her fours and give up all her holes to her partners to do as they wish. Her love for massive cocks is legendary and her bubble butt has to be a first-class masterpiece of world-ending quality!

18. Korina Kova

korina kova

Ever won the lottery? Well, Korina Kova makes you feel like a EuroMillions winner once she starts spreading them legs! Yeah, she keeps your cock convulsing so hard and for so long that all you can do is hold it like a bucking bronco and wait for sweet Korina to finish up whatever nasty thing she’s doing onscreen! Korina is a meaty and busty slut, with an ass bigger than the local factory, plus a pair of mountainous titties. You could just about bury your face between her chest, go to sleep and wake up in the next ice age!

17. Heidi Van Horny

heidi van horny

What’s in a name, they say. Well, Heidi Van Horny has a name that speaks of her character, abilities, and talent. She’s among the most tattooed Canadian pornstars and is a busty and cheerfully nasty slut who would fuck a frost-covered apple tree if you nicely asked her to! Heidi could be a nympho for all I know and has her a cunt that can make the devil himself speak in tongues and confess all his sins! The 29-year old, pretty, bootylicious, and busty Miss Van Horny has little tolerance for bullshit, but will gladly accept having her holes filled with steely man meat that tries all it can to break her in half!

16. Veronica Vice

veronica vice

Beautiful blonde bombshells are a weakness to which we all are susceptible. With that being the case, do be careful of Veronica Vice or risk becoming her eternal slave! At 5’8″, Veronica is tall but not intimidating in the least, though her oval and ravishing face and 32D enhanced knockers are more than capable of sapping you of the will to maintain control! She’s slim and cute, and something of an exhibitionist too. Watch her show it all and get pounded to the brink and back by a skillful cock and you are bound to be shouting her praises forever and ever!

15. Riley Nixon

riley nixon

Riley Nixon is about as distinctive as a big-ass boil on the head of your penis! She’s one of the few women in the world of porn with the confidence to cut her hair low and is a 25-year old sexy pile of sweetness. She comes slim, and is averagely tall, while her breasts are all-natural 34DD pairs that look like they were taken off a teen. Riley fucks both guys and girls and is so good at what she does that she has more award nominations than you have fapped into a bottle all year!

14. Kianna Dior

kianna dior

Age is just a number and a girl like Kianna Dior is all you need to take that statement to the bank and get a cumming reward from the teller! 51-years old and still as fresh-faced and sexy as the local barmaid, Kianna Dior is clearly one of those sluts made ageless by daily cum infusions! Born in Vancouver, this top Asian star has been active since 1999 and more big boners have traveled through her snatch than can be counted during a weekend layover at a mountain retreat! Her massive fake tits, prime booty, experience, and ardor make this lady one of the best lays a cock could ever aspire to dine on!

13. Roxy Ryder

roxy ryder

By their cock riding skills you shall know them and be impressed and to be sure, Roxy is a champion rider. And the cutest too! Yeah, she can top any cute pornstars list easily and is a slim, ultra-sexy minx you will be wanting to cuddle up with and fuck fresh holes in! Blue-eyed, tiny, and tattooed, this babe has worked for the likes of Nubiles Porn, Team Skeet, and Mofos. She used to be a nude model, before the itch in her snatch convinced her she better tap into her skills in adroit cock impalement and make the switch to hardcore porn!

12. Savana Styles

savana styles

Well, lookit the biggest sex kitten of them all! Yeah, I am talking about Savana Styles, who’s probably so named because she knows every sex style in the Kamasutra! Savana is a blondie and is married to Lexington Steele. I reckon the chap never gives her pussy much of a break! Anyway, Savana is 37-years old and still looks as peachy as a freshly-plucked plum. She has a slim and tight body, a fake bust, a couple of tattoos, and a wondrous appetite for both engorged penises and wetter-than-sin pussies! Cocks go into this top Canadian pornstar like every thrust will trigger a cure for cancer!

11. Evi Rei

evi rei

Evi Rei is without a doubt one of the most gorgeous Canadian pornstars and she has never been accused of being stingy with her puffy snatch! That’s right, the young and fab Evi looks like she took a bath in chocolate and is one of the most gorgeous ebony starlets to ever fill a screen. Her smile could crack steel, while her body is fit for the king of kings! 5’4″, slim and friendly, she sports very natural 34D jugs with massive areolas. These breasts are stubbornly resistant to gravity, point in opposite directions, and look to be filled with the sweetest batch of chocolate juice any factory ever cooked up!

10. Sky Pierce

sky pierce

Here’s another totally fabulous blonde and losing what’s left of your sanity over her is an assured event! Born in British Columbia, Sky has the super-slim, sexy, and irresistibly petite body of any top supermodel, blonde hair, and the kind of piercing blue eyes that tells your cock it better get hard, point at the sky, and shoot off your roof with its load or risk getting ripped from your groin! Oval-faced, tight and perky all over, plus bisexual and petite, this babe sure does have what it takes to breathe new vigor into that trembling truncheon of yours!

9. Shay Sights

shay sights

Shay is a sight for sore eyes and every itchy penis in the book! She’s a pretty and nasty slut with a kinda evil smile that tells you to make sure your will is in order before sampling what’s she selling! 47-years old, tall, slim, and loaded with massive 36E fake tits, Shay has so few limits you can count them on one hand while blindfolded! She’s bisexual and one of the best MILFs right now, and while she can lick a cunt into paradise, her own snatch has a predilection for cocks so big they make fire extinguishers look a little on the small side!

8. Cameron Canada

cameron canada

Cameron Canada is a blue-eyed, blonde and sweet-faced beauty who is more than enough to convince you that you need to visit Canada and see what goodness its ladies are hiding away in their drawers! Cameron was born early in 1989, comes lightly tattooed and pierced, and is so bootiful that I am pretty sure that her ass is worshipped as a god on a hidden planet in this solar system! Her knockers are natural 34B handfuls that have never fallen an inch and are not about to start anytime soon, and she loves extreme porn which is one of the reasons why she’s one of the top Canadian pornstars!

7. Sophie Sparks

sophie sparks

Sparks do fly once Sophie Sparks show up on the screen and get to her business! Sophie is just 21-years old and one of the youngest girls featured on this list. She’s also among the cutest and is blonde, beautiful, tiny, and sweet-faced enough to be made into candy! Her apple-sized breasts are the most bewitching I have seen all year, while her tiny but lovely bottom, long legs, and sweet little puss make for a first-rate meal for any man that manages to seduce her. At the moment, Sophie is focused on softcore porn and lesbian scenes. We might well see an epic boner widening her ultra-tight snatch on screen, but for now, let’s be content with watching her finger her cunt like a master pianist!

6. Makayla Cox

makayla cox

Just how many name variations does Makayla Cox have? It’s like she gets a new spelling for her name every time she wakes up and spreads her legs for the camera! Oh well, that’s forgivable because she’s one of the top Canadian pornstars who has been teasing a lot of cum out of a lot of folks since 2004! Makayla is nearly 40 years old and still sweet-faced enough to make you orgasm with a wink! Plus her body is all firm, toned and pert in the right places. Sure, her tits are fake, but she never seems to understand what limits are, and has welcomed most of the male performers to put their erect boners in all her holes except her ear!

5. Jenna Foxx

jenna fox

Here’s another top ebony pornstar and would you look at the curves she’s packing! Jenna is a bisexual babe, 24-years old, 5’6″ tall and so friendly you want to beg her to adopt your cock and take good care of it for the rest of its days! Everything on this girl is natural, from her 34D mammaries to her stunning booty. Her backyard area is extra juicy and well developed, and you are begging for a heart attack if you go searching for clips of her bending over and wriggling her fanny!

4. Emma Hix

emma hix

Better run away from Emma Hix, or this blondie will get your boner dancing to her beats forever! Emma is among the best pornstars from Canada and even on her worst days can transform a saint into a fallen angel in less time than it takes to oil a penis! She’s petite, ultra-slim and sexy, and blessed with a tiny booty that needs sucking like a lollipop. Emma is also tattooed and lays claim to a very pert pair of 34B natural jugs. Yeah, this bisexual lass is clearly armed to the teeth and determined to impress! And oh, her asshole tends to get a lot of loving from massive man-meat!

3. Nikki Benz

nikki benz

Given her contributions to the cumming arts, it is past time that Nikki Benz had a planet named after her! This famous XXX star assuredly knows what needs doing to get you purring like a ticking motor and while bisexual, can suck the flesh clean off a cock if given half a chance! Nikki is a well-built blonde with the ass of a teen nympho, plus fake tits she’s always trying to stuff in someone’s mouth! Let her sit on a cock and you will surely witness your boner going all crazy on you!

2. Capri Cavanni

capri cavanni

Words are insufficient to describe Capri Cavanni, who also goes by Capri Cavalli and Angel Rose. At 37-years, she’s one of the most beautiful pornstars that this planet ever hosted, and one of the most brain-altering too! Capri is a blue-eyed and top-class temptress who believes that driving boners insane is what she must focus on! She’s extremely slutty, tattooed, pierced, petite, blessed in the bottom department, and does not subscribe much to limits. Those fresh watermelons you see on her chest are fake, but there’s nothing fake about the quantities of cum she always manages to persuade folks to let go!

1. Marley Brinx

marley brinx

I will have you know that any top Canadian pornstars list without Marley Brinx in attendance is automatically null and void! Marley gives the word ravishing an all-new meaning and extra oomph and is a very skilled, and committed pornstar whose work is as varied as it is cum-tickling! This minx has a slim body, gorgeous tits and a tight ass, and a beautiful face that make people fall hard for her in their wet dreams! Marley likes her fun hardcore and can either take a mile-long dong in her ass or let two of these explore her sweet holes!

Who Are Your Favorite Canadian Pornstars of 2021?

I am sure you must have been surprised to find some of the names on the list were Canadian. Now, I broke my pattern of only including those starlets that are active at the time of writing the article for this particular topic, but you have to admit that the girls that I picked deserve to be here because they are all not just gorgeous, but frigging epic at sucking and fucking raging boners.

I really hope that you loved the article featuring the sexiest Canadian pornstars to watch out for, and if you did, then please spread the love by telling one of your horny friends about this particular post!

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