Popular Sex Toys That Are Most Suitable For Men

Popular Sex Toys That Are Most Suitable For Men

As people’s enthusiasm for sex increases, sex toys are no longer a term that you would feel ashamed to mention. More and more people have begun to pay attention to their own sexual pleasure. This is mainly because when we make ourselves happy, only then can we make our partner happy in almost all aspect of life, but especially in sex.

And there’s a reason why people are now buying sex toys quite often. There are so many different kinds of XXX toys available that you might get confused between them. It doesn’t matter if you are buying couple toys that will help improve your sex life with your partner, or toys for yourself, there’s an option out there. But if you are completely new to this and want to know exactly what is made for you, then we’ve got you covered. Below, you can find some of the most popular sex toys that are perfectly suitable for men! So, let’s check out what those toys are.

Bestvibe Male Masturbator

Many men like to use their hands to masturbate while watching pornographic videos to help them achieve orgasm. In fact, using hands to masturbate is very boring, maybe you can try this masturbation device.

bestvibe male masturbator

Attach this toy to a smooth surface. The hard suction cup can adjust multiple angles to meet your needs. The thrusting mode is designed to simulate real sex. The masturbator gives you complete solo pleasure. The gears on both sides of the liner can squeeze your penis during operation. The highly simulated internal design allows you to experience a natural and comfortable touch with every step forward, and enjoy the fun of exploration!

Pocket Pussy

Perhaps many men have fantasized about inserting their penis into a girl’s mouth, and feel the flexible tongue teasing you against your penis, bringing you strong sexual stimulation.

bestvibe pocket pussy

In order to satisfy your desire to get the pleasure of oral sex, the tongue and teeth are designed inside this toy. Put your fingers deep into the tunnel to feel the juicy tongue and teeth. Apply a lot of lubricant to the mouth to slide the penis into the toy and feel the special experience of the tongue and teeth rubbing against your penis. Of course, if you penetrate deeper, it drains the air inside which will form a sucking sensation, giving you a deep throat pleasure experience. Toys are lighter and easier to carry. Put her in the suitcase and take her on a trip, and don’t worry about being alone at night!

Penis Pump

There are always men who worry about their sex time and doubt whether they have brought a good sex experience to their partners. The penis pump is designed to relieve this anxiety.

bestvibe penis pump

The electric penis pump uses the principle of vacuum negative pressure to congest the penis through exercise, making your penis look bigger. You can even control the training time. When you feel that the sucking force is very strong, you can press the button to release the air pressure. Of course, the greatest significance of this device is to help men with erectile dysfunction gain self-confidence. Improve your sex life and extend your sex time with regular use of this penis pump!

Prostate Vibrator

The thrill of prostate orgasm is wonderful and gives you an unparalleled experience when it comes to your pleasure. Many people commented that the pleasure of the penis is poor compared to the pleasure of the prostate. Maybe you can also try prostate orgasm, by asking your girlfriend to explore the area and help you experience it.

bestvibe prostate vibrator

Anal toys are the most convenient way to help you reach orgasm, and apply a lot of lubricant to your cute anus. Use the vibration mode of the anal vibrator to relax your anus, and insert the vibrator to find your prostrate point. Men who try anal toys for the first time can lie on their side to make the toys easier to insert. Turn on the toy’s moving ring function, and soon you can experience a different pleasure from the penis.


Regarding lubricating fluid, we have done a survey. Most people use it because they enhance their own pleasure, and also to enhance the couple’s pleasure as it helps you penetrate deeper with ease.

bestvibe lubricant

Squeeze the lubricant on your fingers and rub it gently and warm it up. Spread evenly on the toy or your own sex organs. General lubricants are divided into three types: water-based lubricants, oil-based lubricants and silicon-based lubricants.

The oil-based lubricating effect is good, but it will dissolve the condom and it is difficult to clean. In addition, the oil-based lubricating fluid has the disadvantage of flammability. Silicon-based lubrication has a long-lasting lubrication time and is the most effective anal lubricant. It is most suitable for anal games, but the use of silicone lubricants with toys can cause damage to the toys. Therefore, we strongly recommend this water-based lubricant, which is easy to clean and will not damage your sex toys and condoms.

Final Remarks

Now, the main male sex toys on the market are these types. You can choose the toys that suit you according to your needs. Exploring and satisfying your desires can relax your mood!