Top 20: The Hottest Granny & GILF Pornstars (2021)

Generally, most men and women tend to lust after young women, but there’s a large section of society who also love mature women. If you think that that’s a lie, you simply need to look at the several granny pornstars in the industry and you’ll understand it. It’s a fact that younger babes tend to have boobs that are perky enough to hang a picture frame on, booties so full and juicy that watching them ripple and jiggle gets you feeling like a million dollars, plus holes so tight that cocks dare not enter unless straighter than a ruler and very liberally greased! But the mature babes bring with them the experience that trumps most of the above things!

There are a ton of MILFs in the industry, and if you want to take it a step further, you can find hundreds of GILF pornstars as well. While most of us do lust after young ladies, there are more than a few who prefer the company of older ladies and grannies too, especially when these grannies have the body that could put a teenager to shame. And most of these grannies have more sexual experience than you can expect to gain in this world and are highly skilled at handling cocks of all shapes and sizes! If the sight of gorgeous grannies gets you hard, then get ready to party because today I am putting together a nice list of the sexiest granny pornstars who don’t believe in limits or mercy!

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Best GILF Pornstars of 2021

21. Sexy Vanessa

sexy vanessa

Redheads tend to go temporarily insane when asked to spread their legs and let a cock make its way from their clitoris to their cervix, but Sexy Vanessa is not like that at all! This stunning readhead is in her late fifties and can still shake it, move it and take it with the youngest XXX stars out there. She’s of average length, and has massive fake tits you could almost swear is bigger than everything your mama left you in her will! Vanessa is bi, and likes her snatch eaten for supper about as much as she loves it getting pounded without break by heavy artillery!

20. Lady Sonia

lady sonia

Need one of the best GILF pornstars to pay your regular visits in your wet dreams? Lady Sonia, it is! This older lady is British and classy enough to be invited to a state dinner! Tall, beautiful, and sweet, Lady Sonia has been active from 1982 to 2020 and loves to tease by spreading her legs on camera and inviting folks to dive into her divide and make themselves at home! She has possibly the pinkest pussy in this list and the softest big boobs. Call on this lady tonight and she will surely give you the orgasm of your dreams!

19. Penny Porsche

penny porsche

Know what heaven would be like? Mounting a gorgeous stunner like Penny Porsche here and pumping away till your boner gets scared for its life and gives up! Penny is a pretty granny if we do say so and has a rather nice smile that makes you remember the best home-cooked meal you ever had! She’s blonde and sweet, and her cunt is quite the BBC gobbler! Part of her appeal is her 38F massive and all-natural boobs that always look juicy enough to cure an almighty migraine! Old she might be, but Penny still has more than enough sugar to make you diabetic!

18. Cammille Austin

cammille austin

Cammille Austin has the kind of name that makes you imagine you are licking a spoonful of honey and she’s a gorgeous blonde pornstar from the land of Dixie. Cammille stands 5’2″, has blue eyes that remind you of opals, a small butt you could mistake for a birthday cake, plus a set of massive fake tits. Growing up in the south assuredly has something to do with the fact that her snatch never gets enough of that sweet and hard BBC taste! Not that we blame her for having a preference for the sweetest man sausage in the universe!

17. Sally D’Angelo

sally d'angelo

You asked for top granny pornstars and Sally D’Angelo here is a pitch-perfect example! 66-years old and rather busty, Sally undertook her XXX career at a rather late age and has been active since 2013. She can be quite the seductress, employing all her assets to convince lads that burying their anacondas deeply in the paradise she has ready between her long legs is the proper thing to do! This granny is the hands-on type and rather than taking things easy loves to mount up and ride throbbing boners till they give up that delish creamy liquid they are hoarding!

16. Mandi McGraw

mandi mcgraw

Mandi McGraw is 80-years old, and still regularly bending over for a proper doggy fuck that gets her ovaries quivering with fear! She’s a good looking blonde with massive fake bazoongas, plus a kitten that has lost the ability to say no whenever approached by boners that would appreciate the opportunity of marinating themselves in her internal juices! Mandi has a lot of energy for a girl her age and it is past time that the sweet-tasting canyon between her legs is declared a national treasure!

15. Leilani Lei

leilani lei

Leilani Lei at 56-year old is one of the best GILF pornstars who can smile like she created the entire universe out of her pussy hole! And what a pussy she has, just like an exotic flower that’s mightily edible! One of the most petite stunners on this list and possibly the friendliest, Leilani has a tight body, grey hair aplenty, a bubble butt, and boobies that are so small they could fit up your nose! She’s bisexual, can ride and suck like a teen looking to impress her baby daddy and her pussy has played host to boners longer than your entire lineage!

14. Robin Pachino

robin pachino

Ever heard of Robin Hood? Guy stole from the rich to give to the poor and was one legendary son of a bitch! Well, Robin Pachino here is following in his footsteps, only this time she’s stealing prime black cocks from young sweet teens and monopolizing her access to these cervix-crushing pipes till they have given her all the orgasms she needs in this world and the next! Blonde, and bold as brass, Robin just loves to spread those legs of hers and let oak tree boners bath her uterus with jism so hot it could boil a batch of duck eggs!

13. Marina Beaulieu

marina beaulieu

Someone better go and remind Marina Beaulieu that she’s 60-years old and to slow down and stop riding boners like a champion jockey looking for payday! Not that this French pornstar is likely to listen, and she’s the closest thing to a granny nympho we have on this list! There’s no kind of cock this chick has had in her and gangbangs that get her ovaries clanging together like cymbals are just another day at the office!

12. Persia Monir

persia monir

Persia Monir is clearly not human. For sure, there’s no way an old lady like her can look so amazingly hot, perfect, and ultra-fuckable! 62-years old and averagely tall, Persia rocks legs you need a laser rangefinder to measure, a bubble butt that has been sculpted to perfection, a hell of a smile, and the most amazing big titties you’ll ever see. She has Middle Eastern blood, which might account for her extreme good looks, plus her consistent ability to get pole-axed in the cunt by some of the bulkiest man artillery out there without losing her mind!

11. MILF Amy

milf amy

There are many GILF pornstars out there who would love to get their snatch walloped by well-hung gentlemen like yourself who know the difference between the clitoris and the labia! Amy Goodhead aka MILF Amy is one such granny and she never closes her legs long enough for her cunt to catch its breath! Amy is a blonde and rather attractive British pornstar with a curvy figure, plenty of ass, a charming smile, a great set of boobs, and unlimited enthusiasm. Cocks can’t seem to get enough of the sugar factory between her legs and are always coming back for a drink of juice. Not that you can blame them!

10. Andi James

andi james

It is one thing to be a top MILF pornstar, it is yet another thing to have a daughter who’s also a pornstar like Andi James here. She’s Britt James’ mother and is hotter than a wood stove, with a meaty body, endearing smile, big ass, and heavyweight natural melons that practically shriek and beg to be sucked dry! Andi James embarked on her cum-dribbling career in 2017 and like most other top GILF pornstars on this list has a Ph.D. in seducing stepsons and letting those horny fellas excavate her snatch with their battering rams of joy!

9. Erica Lauren

erica lauren

Born in New Orleans, blonde, toned, and super-horny, Erica Lauren is one of the most stunning granny pornstars on this list. She may not be the prettiest, but she doesn’t need to be when she has a long list of bountiful assets that never fail to make the menfolk drool! Hard-as-nails 34C mammaries stick out of her chest, and though her ass is small, she loves to throw it around and sit down hard on any cock that can slither inside and pump her machinery! Sure she’s bi, but boners are in her too often for that to matter much!

8. Deauxma

Put your hands together for this slutty pornstar, and admire her charming smile and massive fake tits. Just imagine waking up in the morning to roll these jugs around in your hands and suck them like they are the only food this planet has to offer! Now, Deauxma is no slouch and is a pretty famous pornstar who got regular facials, pussy licks, and boner excavations from 2004 to 2017. She stands tall, is brown-haired, and has a wide and open face you can trust with the secret desires of your heart! And how readily she spreads them legs and gives her cunt sweet times to remember!

7. Vicky Vette

vicky vette

Vicky here is of Norwegian descent and is tall, blonde, blue-eyed, and superbly packaged. From nude modeling, she jumped into the porn industry, where her astonishingly good looks, cock-sucking skills, and acting ability were put to excellent use. This GILF is quite possibly the curviest on this list and still one of the sexiest women alive. You have more chance of shitting a gold brick covered in thorns than in resisting her wiles!

6. Julia Ann

julia ann

There’s a most beautiful pornstars list on this website that you have probably checked out. From the look of things, it is time Julia Ann got added to that list since she meets every requirement and then some! Busty like the bank account of a new lottery winner, bootylicious in the most cock-engorging manner, blonde, and curvy like the spiraling entryway to paradise itself, this babe is surely here on this earth to make every boner crow and happily begin the cum-producing task that has been assigned to it! Slutty and impossibly sweet, Julia makes you go through your cache of Vaseline at a rate you really cannot afford to replenish!

5. Darla Crane

darla crane

Darla Crane. Roll that name around in your mouth and drink it down. Then unscrew the cap of your lube and get ready to welcome one of the hottest GILF pornstars with the body of a goddess and the mind of a cock-mad nympho who has seen nothing but hot air up her snatch and is not too happy about that! Tall and very pretty, Darla is an American starlet with enough curves to dazzle a spacecraft full of aliens! She has massive E-cup jugs and takes snaky monsters up the ass and cunt with so much enthusiasm you wonder if the milk they spray in her is what she lives on!

4. Janet Mason

janet mason

Janet Mason is without a doubt one pretty chick. If she showed up in your office, half the guys there are bound to fall in love, while the other half will get erections they could go ice climbing with! Janet has red hair, a face that’s sinfully captivating in its perfection, and a body so good that centuries ago it would be the accepted thing to offer it up to the gods! She’s married with kids, a little on the petite side, busty enough for her chest to serve as a pillow, and always willing to allow visiting privileges to slithering anacondas with one-track minds!

3. Nina Hartley

nina hartley

We have written about Nina Hartley before and she’s there on our top 90s pornstars listing. There’s not much we can add, save for the fact that Nina is far more than a pretty lady who can spread those legs and get a fucking cock in her that goes all the way to the heart! She has a tremendous acting skill, knowing just what to say and do and consistently giving the kind of award-winning performances that makes you feel like donating all your major organs to her in gratitude! Nina is a legend and always will be. Watch her do her job and don’t be too surprised when your cock transforms into a Gatling gun!

2. Syren De Mer

syren de mer

A true siren is Syren De Mer and once she calls out there’s no cock with a connection to a functional prostrate that can say no to her orders! This 51-year old granny happily takes it up the ass and goes out of her way to corral passels of young lads with telegraph poles for penises who can bang her till her innards look like it has been through a shredder! Syren is bisexual, has massive fake tits, and is never gladder than when a BBC is searching for the lost keys to heaven deep in her tight asshole!

1. Rita Daniels

rita daniels

Venus herself is reborn in the person of Rita Daniels, a 70-year old beauty with the greediest sweet puss on this planet! Rita is one of the oldest GILF pornstars on this list, starting her career when she was 60-years old, and working hard to make up for lost time. Tall and beautiful, her fake knockers are the size of genetically modified watermelons, while her pussy is one of those bottomless pits that not even a gang of fellas equipped with oak tree dicks can manage to properly excavate and scrape clean! Rita has no limits, as every cock in her city can testify!

Did You Find Your Favorite GILF Pornstars of 2021?

These were some of the sexiest grannies in porn that you definitely should know about. I am sure that you already are a fan of stars like Julia Ann and Syren De Mer and have already watched them suck huge cocks before spreading their legs for an intense fuck session, but you probably didn’t know about all the granny pornstars mentioned in this list.

So, make sure to go through the entire list and watch the porn videos featuring these gorgeous GILF pornstars and you’ll come back to thank me for preparing this article!

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