Top 15: The Hottest Retired Pornstars Who Should Return (2018)

You and I both know that the adult industry is teeming with new girls making their debut in porn, and new pornstars may come and go, but there are certain names that never really fade away from our memories. These names are so legendary, and gorgeous, that they have left a mark so dense in the industry that it’s nearly impossible to forget about them. However, these babes decided to quit the industry leaving a hole that was never filled and in this article, we are going to list down the hottest retired pornstars that we love and only hope that they make a comeback!

The porn industry is growing at an alarming rate, and although there are several hot pornstars that enter the industry almost every month, they still can’t replace the GOATs. However, there are certain girls that make their mark in a relatively short time and instantly become worldwide sensations, but they quit porn soon after. That’s the ugly truth of the industry as many teen pornstars want to make some extra cash to fund their education and they leave as soon as that’s done, while some pornstars enter the industry trying to make it their full-time profession. Leaving all that aside, we are going to list down some of the sexiest pornstars who have retired, and chances are that they won’t be coming back, but we sure hope that they do, just like Lisa Ann did!

15+ Hottest Retired Pornstars

Sasha Grey

sasha grey

Sasha Grey needs no introduction as everyone knows about this stunning pornstar. She’s considered as one of the “all time greats” when it comes to porn as she’s done a lot of stuff including hardcore interracial, BDSM and domination, double-penetrations, rough anal and many other kinky porn that will turn on every single one of you. She’s got hundreds of scenes to her credit, and is also one of the pornstars who went mainstream and appeared in a number of movies and TV shows as well.

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Mia Khalifa

mia khalifa

She came, she conquered, and she left and it all happened so fast that we never got to comprehend the entire situation! Mia Khalifa sent shockwaves around the world when she appeared in her first scene wearing a hijab and stuffing her mouth with the biggest dick she could find. Having a cute face, one of the most beautiful pair of fake tits, a stunning body and an appetite for sex rivaling every other pornstar, she quickly rose the ladder to success. Moreover, all her subsequent scenes she featured in paired her with guys with huge dicks that she used to stuff all her holes with. She immediately became one of the most popular pornstars reaching the “Rank 1” on Pornhub, and is still very much popular even though she’s been retired for years now!

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Jayden Jaymes

jayden jaymes

If you consider yourself a porn connoisseur, then you’d definitely know about Jayden Jaymes because she is one of the most popular pornstars of all time, and a crush of many back in her days when she was active. At the moment, you could follow her on Instagram where she still shares scintillating photos from her various photoshoots, but if you want to watch her in all her glory, you’ve got to check out all the porn scenes she’s done in her career. She’s got a curvy figure, huge boobs, a mature and seductive face, and she’s done all kinds of porn that you would like to check out! It’s a real shame that she retired because she’s got the potential to continue for as long as she can and no one would get tired of watching her get fucked on screen!

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Tera Patrick

tera patrick

Tera Patrick is one of the hottest Asian pornstars, and also one of the hottest pornstars of all time and someone everyone wishes would make a comeback to hardcore porn. She’s not completely retired like many other pornstars on the list because she still does a lot of videos for her personal site, however those videos are often solo or lesbian scenes and there’s no hardcore boy/girl stuff involved. However, this busty MILF surely needs to make a comeback because who wouldn’t want to see those huge boobs of hers bounce around as she’s getting fucked! If you’ve not checked out her older videos, you definitely need to do that right now; or you could check out her latest offerings that she releases on her personal website!

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Gianna Michaels

gianna michaels

She’s one of those pornstars that everyone knows, and if you say that you’ve no idea who Gianna Michaels is then get ready to get smacked in the face! If you’ve watched porn for as long as most of us have, then you’d recognize those huge natural tits from a mile away, or when they are bouncing around wildly. However, her boobs aren’t the only good thing about her because she’s really good with her mouth as well (or was, because she’s not active anymore and there’s no way to know unless we can actually fuck her, which unfortunately won’t happen) as her other holes as she’s proven on countless occasions and countless videos. She’s one of the hottest retired pornstars, and one that will rock the industry if she decides to make a comeback!

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Jenna Jameson

jenna jameson

Jenna Jameson is one of the hottest, and most popular, pornstars to ever live and also one of the richest female pornstars of all time. This hot MILF was born in 1974 and made her debut in porn in 1993 when she was just 19 years old. She’s worked in a number of scenes, and has worked extensively with Wicked Pictures and Vivid, so if you want to watch her hottest videos, you need to check out those sites. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that this blonde pornstar has achieved God-level status in the porn industry because not only was she at her peak when she was a performer; but even after retiring from the industry, she’s gone on to become an inspiration for many!

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Ashlynn Brooke

ashlynn brooke

Ashlynn Brooke simply looks stunning and if you say otherwise, you are just some random dude who doesn’t understand what true beauty is. The busty blonde pornstar made her debut in the industry in 2006 and then went on to perform in hundreds of porn videos, most of which can be found on New Sensations, which you should definitely check out. Not only has she got the cute face that can instantly make a man’s heart melt, but she’s got a rocking body as well to kick things up a notch and make everything around you hotter, and wilder!

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Bree Olson

bree olson

At first glance, Bree Olson looks like just another cute girl next door but that’s only half the truth which she proved when she entered the porn industry in 2006 and went to star in hundreds of scenes before her eventual retirement. The blonde pornstar’s got an amazing body, natural tits and a cute face, but when it’s time to get down on the knees and show-off her sucking skills, she’s one to watch out for. She’s also one of the few pornstars who went mainstream after retiring from porn, although with little success. You can have a look at some of the her best porn videos below to know why we need her back in porn, because that’s where she truly shines!

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Holly Michaels

holly michaels

There’s no way to say it but I seriously miss seeing Holly Michaels get fucked and her huge natural tits bounce all over the place. I have no idea why she stopped doing porn, because she’s one of the most beautiful pornstars ever, and she really knows how to grind and fuck as she has displayed her skills in almost every single one of her scenes. She’s hot and gorgeous at the same time, and it was a treat to the eyes to see this busty brunette get fucked, or fuck a lucky dude by climbing on his dick and showing him, and us a really good time!

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Jenna Haze

jenna haze

Born in 1982, Jenna Haze has an amazing porn career after she made her debut in 2001. She’s had an amazing career which resulted in her winning several awards, including the 2003 AVN Award for Best New Starlet and the 2009 AVN Award for Female Performer of the Year. She’s one of the few pornstars who have done all kinds of scenes including anal, ass to mouth, lesbian scenes, interracial and even anal creampies, so if you like to see a girl go all out when fucking, then you definitely need to see Jenna Haze doing what she does best!

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Shae Summers

shae summers

Shae Summers is one of our favorites, even now that she’s no longer active, making her one of the hottest retired pornstars. I personally have no clue as to why she stopped performing all of a sudden because one look at her and you’ll know that she’s capable of becoming one of the greatest performers in the industry with ease. She’s got a gorgeous face, a curvy body, a juicy ass and her big natural tits are to die for, and the perfect place t bury your face and dick in, and yet we never got to see her full potential. However, I only hope that she makes her comeback in porn, because me, along with scores of her fans, are eagerly waiting to see her again!

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Abella Anderson

abella anderson

This Cuban-American pornstar is one of the sexiest babes in porn, and we can all agree to that fact without any objections. Not only has she got that seductive “fuck me now” look, but she’s also one of the girls with the best ass in the industry. She had one of the shortest careers on this list, making her one of the hottest retired pornstars that needs to return so that her fans can rejoice. She’s been nominated for a ton of awards, and thanks to having such an amazing ass, she’s been featured in some of the best anal scenes that everyone needs to see!

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If you are into MILF pornstars, then there’s no way you’ve not heard about this super hot MILF. Raylene can be considered as one of the greatest mature pornstars of all time, just because of the sheer intensity with which she performed in most of her scenes. If you love watching mature women seducing and then getting banged by young dicks, then you’ve got to check out her scenes as she’s done all kinds of stuff including anal, interracial, creampie, lesbian and even double-penetration scenes.

Update: Just found out that she’s not retired and is, in fact, active and does feature in scenes and movies at Wicked Pictures!

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Sunny Leone

sunny leone

Sunny Leone is one of the most popular pornstars of recent times, and she got even popular after retiring from porn and going mainstream in India where she’s been enjoying a great career. Before she retired, however, she did quite a great number of porn scenes and although most of them were either lesbian scenes and solo scenes, she did feature in a few boy/girl scenes showing off her amazing fucking talents. She’s got a great curvy body with one of the best pair of breasts in the industry and although she no longer does porn, as she’s gone mainstream now, you can certainly enjoy her previous videos to find out all the reasons why she’s one of the hottest babes on this list!

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Ava Taylor

ava taylor

Ava Taylor is one of the few teen pornstars on the list as she was born in 1995, entered the industry when she was 19 years old and exited the industry soon thereafter. However, in the short time that she was active, she gave us some of the best scenes to remember her by. She’s cute, with a petite little body and the scenes where she appears as a nerd, with her nerdy little glasses, only makes you want to fuck her even more. She’s done lesbian scenes, as well as hardcore scenes, so you can check them out immediately and wonder why she retired so soon!

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Jesse Jane

jesse jane

In my opinion, Jesse Jane is one of the most seductive pornstars of all time, someone who can get her way easily. She’s got the sexiest faces in the industry, and when you factor in her perfect curves, her huge fake tits and her appetite for sex, you get one of the hottest pornstars of all time. She’s had an amazing career where she appeared in a number of porn movies, playing a variety of different characters, but she displayed her fucking skills in every frame she was in to perfection!

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Abigaile Johnson

abigaile johnson

If you are into cute pornstars, then you’d definitely love to watch Abigaile Johnson getting fucked because it’s really amazing. The gorgeous blonde from Czech Republic has a petite body, a pretty and cute face, and she’s even got piercings on her navel and her tongue, and overall is a perfect package when you are looking for hot teen pornstars. She’s done a lot of hardcore stuff in her career which includes interracial sex, creampie sex, anal as well as lesbian, so there’s a ton of content to watch if you’re interested! She’s definitely someone who needs to make a comeback.

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Katsuni is one of the hottest Asian pornstars, although she’s been retired for a long time. She was born in France and her multi-ethnic background only makes her hotter. She made her debut in the porn industry at the age of 23, back in 2002 and has appeared in more than 300 scenes in her decade long career. Like most of the pornstars, she’s got breast implants and became, in my opinion, way more attractive than she was before. Moreover, I think she’s got a thing for getting her ass stretched as she’s been featured in a ton of anal scenes so if that’s what you like to watch, then she’s the one for you!

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You can debate about her body type, whether she’s curvy or chubby, but the fact is that it doesn’t matter because she’s fucking hot and there’s no one who’d say no to her. Siri is one of the hottest redhead pornstars of all time, and her huge natural tits are the talk of legends. Unfortunately, she is no longer active but when she was active, and was featuring in all kinds of porn videos, there was always one thing common – grabbing the dick and burying it in her big tits which was my favorite part to watch. However, she’s more wild than that and you’d better watch out her videos because she’s retired and there won’t be any more content from her, unless she makes up her mind to come back!

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So, these are some of the hottest retired pornstars that, I hope, make a comeback to porn! These babes were some of the most popular girls when they were active, and even today when there are so many new pornstars debuting every month, people like me still love to go back and rewatch their best porn videos. I hope that you liked my article, and all the pornstars I listed; but if you think that I missed out on some legendary pornstars, then do let me know in the comments section below!

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