The porn industry is filled with some of the hottest girls from around the world, but every year new girls enter the industry to try and make a name for themselves. Some of them succeed, while some don’t quite get the same result; but we, as the porn lovers, get the best end of the deal – some of the hottest new pornstars to watch out for!

Since a lot of girls make debut in the adult industry every year, it’s really hard for us, and you, to keep a track of them all. What we have did in this article is find some of the hottest newcomers in porn that made their debut recently and are successfully climbing the popularity ladder. This list not only contains all of the best newcomers in the industry, but only the ones who have been extremely active and have been releasing new videos fairly regularly. So, without taking much of your time, let’s get to the list and see who are the hottest pornstars that made the cut, and should be on your watch list for the entire year!

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Hottest New Pornstars of 2019

Autumn Falls

autumn falls

There’s no one better than Autumn Falls to begin this list because this teenage pornstar has taken the adult industry by storm. She’s got everything going for her – a gorgeous face, beautiful natural tits, a curvaceous body and a round booty – and she loves to fuck which is evident when you find out her age. Born in 2000, she’s just 18 at the time of writing this and in the short time that she’s been active, she has managed to work with the top studios in the industry and will continue to do so in the coming year as well.

Violet Myers

violet myers

If you are into girls who don’t look like they’ve been starving themselves for weeks, then you are going to love watching Violet Myers and her videos! The busty Latina may look mature but is actually quite young and with a bodacious figure like hers, there’s no way you’d not want to check her out. She’s got huge natural tits, a curvy body and big, round booty to complete the whole package and it also seems that she’s a champion in taking huge dicks in her different holes which is something I am looking forward to this year!

Eliza Ibarra

eliza ibarra

Eliza Ibarra is like the girl next door everyone crushes on; but even though she seems to be shy and reserved-type of girl, she’s actually got a voracious sexual appetite that’s only satisfied with endless sex. I agree that she looks fucking cute, especially with glasses on, and her dimples make her even cuter, but that’s only scratching the surface as she would immediately go down on her knees when in presence of a huge cock and shove it down her throat. She’s been in the industry for only a year and she’s done interracial scenes, squirting scenes, lesbian scenes and even creampie scenes and now we only her to do an anal scene and a double-penetration scene which she’ll likely get done before the year ends!

Liya Silver

liya silver

The past few years have been really great for the porn industry as most of the young girls who made their debut were so hot that they put the more seasoned performers to shame. Liya Silver is one of them, and the cream of the crop, and you’ll agree with me when I say that she’s one of the most gorgeous pornstars right now. The Russian pornstar is not only blessed with gorgeous face, but she’s also got a slender body with big natural tits. Plus her abdominal tattoo and her nose piercing only accentuate her hotness and tells us that she’s going to slay her competition.

Sofie Reyez

sofie reyez

Since most of the pornstars who made their debut recently have been teenagers, you could expect all of them to be cute and Sofie Reyez is no exception. The petite pornstar has been doing in one scene after the next, looking hot in all of them, and she’ll definitely keep performing this year as well. I know that most of you are a fan of big tits, but you have to say that girls with cute, little tits are really hot because that’s the reason why some of the most popular pornstars never thought of enhancing their boobs. This particular babe is no exception either because she looks good just the way she is and her fans would prefer it no other way!

Lacy Lennon

lacy lennon

There are quite a few redhead pornstars already active in the industry but that doesn’t mean we don’t have room for more. Lacy Lennon is one of the newest entrants in porn and has already made her mark in the industry by performing in some really great scenes. She’s got a great figure with natural tits, that aren’t too big or too small but just perfect. Moreover, she’s gorgeous and loves it when a big cock is shoved down her throat. With a huge sexual appetite that she needs to satisfy, choosing porn was the perfect decision that this raunchy redhead made!

Melody Marks

melody marks

I’ll be really frank here – I haven’t seen any of her videos at the time of writing this article; but after looking at that hot body of hers, I am going to watch all her scenes available immediately. Just look at Melody Marks and tell me if you have ever seen a performer so beautiful in porn! With a cute face and a gorgeous, curvy figure and of course, her amazing natural boobs all make her a perfect package. I have to say this again, the porn industry is on fire right now as more and more gorgeous girls are choosing to get naked on screen and show-off their raw sexual energy for fans around the world.

Jade Kush

jade kush

There may not be as many Asian pornstars in the industry as there are American pornstars, but that only means that we have quality over quantity in that category. The Asian girls are known for their natural beauty and Jade Kush is proof of that! This petite teenager made her porn debut not too long ago and has already become one of the most sought after talents, with all the studios and male pornstars looking to get a taste and feel of her tight pussy. She’s got huge natural boobs and is one of the few pornstars with a bush, and we wouldn’t prefer it any other way!

Ana Rose

ana rose

It seems that the porn industry is gaining more and more attention these past few years as young girls are making their debut as soon as they are of legal age! Ana Rose is one such cute babes who started doing porn when she was 19 and, within less than a year, has performed in a ton of scenes. She’s already done interracial scenes, anal scenes, creampie scenes and even lesbian scenes and if she keeps up with the momentum, we are going to see a lot more hardcore content from her this year. The only thing I hope is that she doesn’t make any changes to her and I know this is only my opinion, but she looks stunning as she is right now!

Molly Stewart

molly stewart

Molly Stewart began her professional porn career only last year and has only performed with girls so far, making her one of the best lesbian pornstars to watch. Before she entered the mainstream porn industry, she was a Playboy model and also dabbled in camming where she had a huge following of guys as well as girls. With fiery red hair, a perfect face, gorgeous fake tits and a round booty, and a great figure, she’s the complete package. I don’t think that she’s going to start doing boy/girl scenes any soon, but I am not complaining because I love lesbian porn and would love to see her get her cunt licked by another hot babe!

Alyssia Kent

alyssia kent

She didn’t make her porn debut in 2018, but did so in the late 2017 and yet we had to add her to the list because she’s comparatively new in the adult industry. Alyssia Kent is one of the few Romanian pornstars currently active and if the other girls from her country are as hot as her, then we need more of them to do porn. She’s had a great filmography as she’s got to work with the top studios in the industry and fuck some of the best talents and hopefully she’ll perform all kinds of scenes that she hasn’t done yet to give something new to her many fans.

Gianna Dior

gianna dior

I personally consider that Gianna Dior has been a gift from God to grace our screens and help us release all the tension we’re carrying. She’s perfect in all ways as she’s got an all-natural body with perky tits, a tight ass, a gorgeous face and her chocolate-colored skin all the more accentuates her grace. Even though this Native-American pornstar has been in the industry for less than a year, she’s got on the list of the top studios who want to work with her and male pornstars who want to fuck her giving her all the satisfaction they can manage!

Evi Rei

evi rei

2018 was a really good year for people who love teen pornstars as quite a lot of beautiful girls made their debut and Evi Rei was one of them. This gorgeous ebony pornstar has been releasing new content on a regular basis and although she may not be as active as some of her contemporaries, she compensates that with quality. With natural tits, an athletic figure and of course a gorgeous face with an even gorgeous smile, she’s one of the hottest new pornstars of 2019!

Athena Rayne

athena rayne

I don’t know why but whenever I look at Athena Rayne, I think of her as someone who loves to dominate and will tell you what to do and how to do it when fucking and maybe I like her that way! She’s extremely cute but once all her clothes are off, the cuteness transforms into sluttiness as she easily deepthroats the biggest dicks with ease and doesn’t flinch when taking those dongs in her tight holes. She’s also gone quite a few makeovers as she was a brunette and then became a redhead; but as long as she doesn’t change her perky natural tits and her cute little ass, we are all good!

Gia Derza

gia derza

If you are an ass-man, then you definitely want to check out Gia Derza as she’s got one of the best asses in porn industry! She knows that her biggest asset is her ass and she takes full advantage of it by doing a lot of anal scenes. She’s got a curvy figure with tiny tits, but the booty takes all the cake and it’s just a treat to watch her get fucked hardcore by huge cocks and it will only make you wish that you get a chance to experience the tightness of her asshole. Apart from anal scenes, she’s also done quite a few lesbian scenes displaying that she’s equally passionate for erotic scenes as she’s passionate for hardcore scenes!

Emily Willis

emily willis

I have mentioned Emily Willis in a lot of lists on this site ever since her debut and it seems like she will feature in a lot of my future lists as well. I just have a thing for cute, young babes who enjoys fucking and whenever I need to watch a new porn video, I check out her latest videos and enjoy them. Just like I am a big fan of Elsa Jean, I am huge fan of Emily Willis as she’s all natural and her being one of the flat chested pornstars doesn’t bother me a bit. On the contrary, I consider it to be one of her strongest points!

Katana Kombat

katana kombat

Katana Kombat isn’t a teenager like almost everyone on this list, but is mature enough to do MILF porn. She made her debut in the industry only last year and has already shown how much experience she’s got with handling a big dick and a wet pussy which makes us look forward to her future content. The Latin babe has a gorgeous face and an equally amazing figure and her fake tits also look stunning. Plus, she’s been a longtime dance teacher and has appeared in many music videos as well so she knows how to groove to the rhythm, whether on the dance floor or while riding a huge cock!

Aria Lee

aria lee

Tiny teens getting fucked with huge guys with even bigger dicks is one of the most popular genres in porn, and petite pornstars like Aria Lee are the best choice for such videos. When you look cute, have a great figure with cute little tits, people think that you won’t be able to perform hardcore scenes, but Aria Lee is here to prove you wrong. She can suck the biggest dicks without a problem and ride them later gracefully. And you don’t have to expect fake moans either because these teenage pornstars are truly feeling the size of the dick and all the sounds coming out of their mouths are natural!

Paige Owens

paige owens

Paige Owens is yet another gorgeous pornstar that you should know about this year and look at all her videos that she’s done ever since her debut. Technically she started doing porn in 2017 but since she mostly uploaded her videos on ManyVids and made her first professional porn scene in 2018, we had to add her to the list. Interracial scenes, anal scenes, squirting scenes, creampie scenes, lesbian scenes are a few of the scenes that she’s checked off her bucket list and hopefully we are going to see her go even more hardcore this year.

Honey Moon

honey moon

Finishing our list of the hottest new pornstars, we present you Honey Moon! The gorgeous Korean pornstar, who was born in the United States, made her porn debut only last year and became a surprise hit with just a few scenes to her name. The reason for her success would be her cuteness coupled with her sexual appetite that makes her suck and fuck the biggest of dicks with ease. Not only does she have a cute face, but she’s got a rocking figure with amazing tits and a tight ass, and she’s also a pro at giving blowjobs. So, expect a lot of things from this pornstar this year and you’d also see her in our best Korean pornstars list soon!

Who Are Your Favorite New Pornstars?

These were some of the best and hottest new pornstars of 2019 that everyone should know! If you are like us and loves watching new girls getting fucked on camera, then this list is definitely going to help you. If you’ve got friends who love porn, share this list with them, and make sure to leave your feedback and let us know what you thought of these newest pornstars!


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