Who doesn’t like boobs? It doesn’t matter if they are small, or big, or extremely huge, as long as you get to see it, you can only stare at it in admiration! So, when you see girls flaunting their all-natural tits, you can’t help but get excited by it. There are many pornstars in the industry with huge breasts; but if you look closely, there are many girls who are bless with natural tits as well. That’s our topic of this article as we are going to list down the hottest pornstars with big natural boobs this year!

We have already created different lists for the biggest tits in porn as well as another with featuring pornstars with fake tits. I personally prefer to watch porn featuring girls with natural tits, but there are several pornstars with beautiful fake tits that I like to watch as well as I have prepared a list for them too! However, we can keep all that aside for the time being as today we are going to focus solely on the girls who are blessed with ample breasts. And these girls have made sure that everyone, not only their boyfriends and babies, but everyone in the world can have a look at their chests and admire those heavenly creations. So, without wasting any more time, let’s jump right in and check out the best natural tits in porn!

Hottest Pornstars with Big Natural Boobs

17. Darcie Dolce

darcie dolce

This brunette babe has been blessed with one of the best pair of tits in the industry and she’s not afraid of flaunting it at all. However, Darcie Dolce only does scenes with girls and hasn’t done any hardcore boy/girl scene at all. But that won’t be a problem for many because who doesn’t like seeing two hot girls sucking and licking each other, and there’s no weird shots of guys’ assholes at crucial moments so it’s all cool. She’s one of the sexiest lesbian pornstars right now, and has done a ton of scenes with equally hot girls in the industry so you wouldn’t want to miss her scenes because they are fucking intense!

16. Ella Knox

ella knox

The busty Latina can be considered as a newcomer in porn because she’s been active for only a few years; but they’ve been very good few years, both for her and for us! Ella Knox and her heavenly tits have given us some of the very best scenes in the past months because who wouldn’t like to fuck her in missionary and see her glorious tits jiggle with each stroke, and of course there would be tit-fuck as well as those huge boobs are capable of magic as they make even the biggest dicks disappear. I am sure that we don’t have a chance to fuck someone like her, so all we could do right now is take advantage of the various VR scenes she’s done, and pretend that it’s us who’s fucking her!

15. Violet Myers

violet myers

Now here’s a babe who’s got pretty huge tits, even on this list! Violet Myers is one of the newcomers in the porn industry as she made her debut only last year, so I am really expecting to see a ton of her new videos in the year of 2019. The American bombshell is blessed with a curvy figure and equally amazing breasts and she’s already displayed how capable she is with a dick wrapped in her luscious lips and lubed up tits. So, if you are a fan of huge boobs, and curvy bodies, then now you know which girl you should watch first in the new year!

14. Kara Lee

kara lee

As you can clearly see from the picture above, this blonde beauty has got the necessary equipment for an amazing tit-fuck and she’s not one to shy away from doing it! Kara Lee is another new entrant in the industry who’s not just working with the well-known studios, but also releasing her own amateur content for her fans. She’s had a slow start as she didn’t do many scenes, but that’s definitely going to change in the new year because it will be a real shame to keep those huge natural tits hiding under layers of clothing when they can do so much more when released in the wild!

13. Natasha Nice

natasha nice

Natasha Nice is one of the hottest pornstars that we’ve had the opportunity to watch and she’s proven that in countless scenes. She’s got an amazing face, a curvy figure, a juicy butt and of course, the huge natural tits that her co-stars can’t help but keep squeezing every chance they get. You can clearly make out how soft her tits must be from the picture above and there’s no one who wouldn’t want to wrap their lips around her nipples. Being in the industry for a long time, she’s done a ton of scenes for multiple studios in the industry and she also shoots amateur content if you are looking for something unique. Since we’ve been watching her for a long time, I am sure that we all would continue watching her and her huge natural tits this year as well!

12. Sofi Ryan

sofi ryan

I am not really sure what is up with the face of Sofi Ryan because she looks fucking hot in some scenes whereas not so much in others. But if you move down a little bit, then her tits and her body wouldn’t disappoint in the least. She’s been in the industry for two years now and have been featured in a number of amazing scenes, and opposite the best talents. So, it’s only natural that she’d get popular in such a short time. Plus, it’s always nice to see a girl with natural tits and an amazing ass getting fucked hardcore on camera. There’s one thing that I’d like to see her do this year and that’s an anal scene because that ass looks really good and it’s a shame that she’s not taken a dick up there, at least not on camera!

11. Alyssia Kent

alyssia kent

The porn industry is filled with American babes, so it’s a welcome change when a new pornstar of different nationality enter the industry and become popular. Alyssia Kent, a Romanian pornstar, did just that last year as she cemented her position as a force to be reckoned with by working with the biggest studios in the industry! She began her career with a lesbian scene and did a number of solo scenes before getting into the hardcore stuff. Not only is she now doing tons of boy/girl scenes, but she’s also made her anal debut by featuring in a double-penetration scene last year. So, if you are looking for a babe that has every quality of being the top performer, then you need to check out Alyssia Kent and her filmography!

10. Lucy Li

lucy li

If you are looking for girls with huge natural tits, then you are going to find Lucy Li in every single one of the lists! The reason is simple, this Czech pornstar has got one of the best, if not the best, pair of natural tits in the world and there’s no one who would dare oppose that statement. Her breasts are well-proportioned and her curvy figure only accentuates their perfection. She’s been in the industry for some years now, but she’s not as active as her contemporaries. Moreover, she prefers to do lesbian scenes mostly, but she also does boy/girl scenes and they are quite unique and must-watch because her scenes are extremely erotic and not just rough fuck and fake moans that you’d find in other porn scenes!

9. Jelena Jensen

jelena jensen

One of the best MILF pornstars, Jelena Jensen is the babe who you will see in your fantasies as your friend’s hot mom, or the hot busty neighbor! This mature pornstar has been in the industry for more than a decade now and has cemented her position as not only one of the best MILFs, but also as one of the hottest lesbian pornstars of all time. If you are a girl who fantasize about being with an older woman, then watch her videos and even if you are guy, you’d love to see a hot woman dominating a petite, young girl. Not to forget, she’s got a well-maintained body, a seductive face and of course, a pair of huge natural tits to get you all horny!

8. Lena Paul

lena paul

According to me, one of the best decisions Lena Paul made in her life was to start doing porn because if she had decided on becoming something different, the porn industry wouldn’t have its best performer! She made her debut in 2016 and has been one of the most active pornstars in these 3 years as she’s done hundreds of scenes including lesbian, anal, interracial anal, double-penetration, creampie, double anal penetration and more. Basically, there are no “firsts” that she’s yet to do, at least not that I know of! Being blessed with an incredible figure, a seductive voice and gorgeous face, a round and juicy ass and her huge natural tits, the blonde pornstar is the prime candidate of becoming one of the most popular pornstars of all time, and there’s nothing that will prove a hindrance in that path!

7. Penny Pax

penny pax

One look at the above picture and you would instantly fall in love with her tits! If you were not aware of Penny Pax, then you can thank me now because you now know of one of the best redhead babes in the industry, and also one who’s got pretty big natural breasts. I will be really frank with you when I say that I also discovered this gorgeous pornstar only last year and didn’t know about her before that. Apparently, she’s been in the industry since 2011 and did mostly anal scenes, including double-penetration, anal fisting, ass-to-mouth and more which is enough to tell you how kinky this redhead is. Plus, she’s one of the most active girls right now and if you love watching girls being bound and dominated, then you will love watching her scenes because she’s done a ton of them!

6. Aryana Adin

aryana adin

Here’s another hot babe who’s been in the industry for almost a decade now but has always been under the radar as she wasn’t as active as she was supposed to. Aryana Adin only did a handful of scenes in all these years, but she only came in the limelight when she made her debut with Brazzers last year. She’s got the MILF look down and with an amazing curvy body, pretty huge natural tits and one of the biggest asses in the industry, she’s got everything going for her to reach the top. If only she make 2019 her year by giving us a lot of scenes, then it won’t be a surprise to see her among the top performers list!

5. Sheridan Love

sheridan love

Porn may have skewed the fantasies of millions of people around the world because when people fantasize about being with an older woman, they think of someone who’s extremely fit to put the younger girls to shame. Thankfully, that’s not the case with me because my thoughts are more grounded towards reality and for me, fit doesn’t mean being ripped as being a little curvy is also good for health. Sheridan Love is the epitome of MILF pornstars, and a perfect choice to play the hot mom next door. She’s got one of the most seductive faces, the best curvy figure in the industry with amazing butt, and of course who would forget her huge natural tits with pierced nipples. There’s no way I’d ever be with someone like her, but here’s hoping that I am proven wrong!

4. Autumn Falls

autumn falls

There are girls who enter the porn industry as a last resort, and then there are girls who can’t wait to turn of legal age to do things that they want to do! Autumn Falls fall under the second category because she made her debut in the porn industry as soon as she turned 18. She’s one of the few pornstars born in 2000 who knew what they wanted to do, and made the right decision to show the world that the next generation is just as hot, if not hotter, than the ones before them. Autumn Falls made her debut in the later part of 2018 and has already performed for the biggest studios in the industry. The American beauty is all-round perfection with a gorgeous face, stunning body and well-proportioned natural tits that only come once, or twice, in a generation. It’s nice to see that the future of the porn industry is in nice hands, or between nice tits!

3. Candy Alexa

candy alexa

Candy Alexa is another babe who I wasn’t aware of until last year, and I was really pissed off at my own ignorance. The busty MILF has been in the industry for more than a decade now and has been featured in some of the most hardcore scenes where she’s done anal, double-penetration, interracial, creampie and so much more. She’s done hundreds of scenes ever since her debut in the industry, but it seems that she’s slowed down in the past few years but not completely stopped as she still keeps shooting for the top porn studios and opposite the best male talents. Plus, the MILF knows how to fuck and use her huge natural tits to her advantage and give her fans something to focus on!

2. Georgie Lyall

georgie lyall

Georgie Lyall entered the industry a bit late but she definitely knew what she was doing, and what she wanted because the first scene she performed ended with her getting a creampie! And there was no stopping the Scottish blonde after that as she kept working with the best studios and opposite the best pornstars in the industry after that. She’s one of the girls who’s been blessed in all the departments as she’s got an extremely sexy face, she has an amazing body and she’s got all-natural tits that you won’t be able to take your eyes off of. She was really active last year, and I am hoping that she’s keep up the momentum and give us even more scenes this year as well along with her “firsts” like her first anal and of course, first double penetration!

1. Angela White

angela white

I am pretty sure that you all saw this coming because there’s no other candidate right now who’s as awesome and as perfect as Angela White! If you’ve been on this website for a long time, then you must have noticed her inclusion on several other lists and the reason behind that is extremely simple – I love her and for me, she’s the best in the industry. The American babe has been in the industry for a long time, and she may have had a slow start, but she picked up pace and made the last few years her own by being one of the most active pornstars. Plus, she’s done it all as you can find her anal scenes, interracial scenes, double-penetration, creampie scenes, lesbian scenes and more. Moreover, she even performed with a tranny pornstar last year if that’s something that excites you. Coming to her physical attributes, she’s got an amazing figure with sexy curves, a gorgeous ass, stunning face with an amazing smile and one of the biggest pair of natural tits. Moreover, it’s always fun to watch her videos because it seems that she really enjoys getting pounded and doesn’t seem to be faking any of it!

Who Are Your Favorite Pornstars with Big Natural Boobs?

I really hope that you liked our above list of the best women in porn, and if you did, then make sure to share it with your friends and as many people as possible. We would also love to hear your feedback in order to make the list even better and since we have surely overlooked other hot girls, we’d love to know who, according to you, are the hottest pornstars with natural boobs!

Let’s have a conversation in the comments section below, and don’t forget to mention your favorite girls that you’d like to see in the list and we’ll see what we can do in the next update! Meanwhile, have a look at some other lists we’ve posted on the site:


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