Top 30: The Best & Hottest Blonde Pornstars of 2021

Blonde pornstars are always going to be at the top of the popuarity ladder in the porn industry because they just look naturally gorgeous. There’s not a single person who doesn’t find girls with blonde hair beautiful, especially the pornstars because each of them are fucking hot! Since people all over the world love blondes, there’s always a demand of new girls in the industry. If you take a look at the newcomers, you will discover that most of them are blondes but the number of brunettes and redheads is also increasing. So, I thought of creating a list featuring the best blonde pornstars on our site and tell you all about the gorgeous girls you could start fapping to immediately!

Before we begin this list, I would like to tell you that there are literally thousands of blonde pornstars currently active in the industry, with new girls making their debut almost every month. So, it was quite difficult to make the list as I found every other pornstar to be equally hot. But what I did was make a list of the girls that have been active for the past few months, including the teens and the MILFs, and eliminated the ones that haven’t done any new scenes recently. So, without wasting any more time, let’s jump directly in the article and see who are the best blonde babes in porn!

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Hottest Blonde Pornstars of 2021

33. Blondie Fesser

blondie fesser

It’s always amazing to see a woman with amazing curves bending over and taking a cock from behind while we get to admire her lovely figure; and that’s one of the reasons why I love watching Blondie Fesser! Her stunning butt is a work of art and it looks even better when there’s a hard cock sliding in and out of her tight hole. The starlet has been in the industry for a while now but she has never looked as stunning and mouthwatering as she does right now. If you haven’t watched her yet, then you are missing out on some really high quality porn!

32. Savannah Bond

savannah bond

Savannah Bond is one of the few blonde pornstars who have been blessed with a voluptuous figure, and her perfectly round titties are a treat to the eyes. This Australian babe began her porn career back in 2019 and has a soft spot for sticking long things in her butt because in most of the videos that she’s done, she happily spreads her legs wide apart to take a giant cock in her tight asshole. If you are a fan of curvy bombshells with round boobs and giant ass, and love watching a girl who is slutty enough to prefer anal sex over anything else, this babe here is who you should watch!

31. Bunny Colby

bunny colby

There aren’t a lot of girls that I would call my favorite, but Bunny Colby is one of the few girls that I absolutely love! This Russian cutie is flawless physically, and she doesn’t fall behind when it comes to sluttiness either. I may be mistaken but I don’t think she’s acting or faking her expressions in any of her scenes because she actually seems to enjoy all the hardcore sex she’s getting; or maybe she’s just extremely good at acting! In almost all of her videos, you can see her talking to her partners, laughing and giggling, moaning ecstatically and just enjoying everything that comes her way. So, there was no reason for me to not include her among the best blonde XXX stars!

30. Kenzie Madison

kenzie madison

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Kenzie Madison is one of the most gorgeous babes in porn right now. I mean, you just need to look at her to figure out how drop-dead gorgeous she really is! And when you watch her in action – taking off her clothes slowly, dropping down on her knees to give a blowjob, or spreading her legs wide for a hardcore fuck – you will actually fall in love with her. She is blessed with a gorgeous face, a stunning body, perfect boobs and a huge round ass that looks so divine when she’s getting rammed in doggystyle.

29. Angelika Grays

angelika grays

There aren’t many blue-eyed goddesses like Angelika Grays in the porn industry and there’s no need for more because she herself is enough for us all! This Ukrainian pornstar was born to be a pornstar because when she’s not busy making men hard and deepthroating their cocks, you can find her in a gym where she improves her flexibility so that she can enjoy sex in a lot of different ways. There’s not really any need for her to work on anything because she’s just blessed by the heavens with gorgeous looks as well as the sexual aura of a sex goddess which makes men all around the globe hope that they would get a chance to spend at least some time with her!

28. London River

london river

Frankly, I have watched only a few of her videos but from what little I have seen, I can say that London River is one amazing pornstar who can’t be satisfied with a normal fuck session. This mature slut needs a big dick that can fuck her intensely and without mercy in order to achieve an orgasm, and she loves it even more when she gets to suck on huge cocks and bury them as deep in her throat as possible. She also loves fucking young girls and often shoots with the lesbian porn sites to give us some really hot girl-on-girl scenes; so it was a no-brainer to add her in the best blonde pornstars listing!

27. Roxy Risingstar

roxy risingstar

Roxy Risingstar loves playing videos games, but that’s only when she’s isn’t busy playing with her pussy or playing with huge cocks in front of multiple cameras. And thank the lord that she does porn as we get to jerk off watching her beautiful pussy getting fucked! This pale starlet is quite new to the industry but she is getting more and more attention as she has now started working with multiple studios. Apart from her fucking skills, it’s also her stunning figure, her cute face, her juicy ass and her big natural titties that have played a huge role in her rising popularity!

26. Phoenix Marie

phoenix marie

Phoenix Marie is a goddess who just loves to fuck; it doesn’t matter if she’s on camera or off-camera, she’s down to fuck whenever she sees a good cock or a gorgeous pussy! Rocking a perfect figure, a big and juicy ass, huge titties on her chest, a seductive face and a slutty attitude, she has managed to earn herself an amazing reputation in the industry. If you ever feel like watching a hardcore anal pounding, go watch her scenes; and if you ever want to see a dominating lady fucking submissive girls or guys, watch Phoenix as she can be really dominating when she wants to be!

25. Lena Paul

lena paul

When you are interested in a versatile performer who has done all kinds of porn, then you should look at Lena Paul and her extensive filmography! This busty pornstar loves hardcore sex and has done anal, threesomes, gangbangs, double penetration, double anal, creampies and more. She also loves fucking girls as she has shot for a number of lesbian scenes too. Since she is blessed with a curvy figure, huge natural tits and a juicy ass, along with an insane sexual appetite and a slutty personality, her videos are always worth watching. I mean, there’s never a dull moment in her scene and you won’t even feel like skipping ahead!

24. Aria Banks

aria banks

It’s pretty clear that petite pornstars are submissive by nature and it makes sense that they would be flung around and completely dominated by the muscular talents in the industry. If you don’t believe me, then watch Aria Banks as she is the perfect example of a submissive slut who loves a hard and rough fuck. She’s not just submissive, she’s also extremely cute and sexually liberated, which means that she knows what she wants and who she wants, and she’ll be the one to make a move on a guy she likes. So, if you like watching young starlets sucking on and fucking dicks bigger than their forearms, follow Aria and watch her porn exploits!

23. Skylar Snow

skylar snow

Girls with a petite body are really cute but it will be tough for them to grab attention when there’s a voluptuous bombshell in the same room, especially when that bombshell happens to be the one and only Skylar Snow! I had to add her among the sexiest blonde pornstars because she’s been doing some great scenes lately with the top porn studios, and also trying out new genres of porn which I think is really amazing. If that wasn’t enough, she speaks multiple languages and is capable of talking dirty in all of them while her partner pounds her sweet pussy or her tight asshole!

22. Paisley Porter

paisley porter

A lot of pornstars go under the knife to change the way they look, but only some of them come out looking stunning while others have to live with a botched up job! Paisley Porter happens to be one of the lucky ones because she’s a total stunner who could be a glamour model if she wasn’t a horny slut with an addiction of deepthroating giant cocks. She may have angelic looks, but her love for giving blowjobs and her world-class fucking skills are the main reasons why she’s one of the best blonde pornstars right now! Watch her once and you will fall in love with her seductive face, her perfect figure, her gorgeous titties and her stunning ass, and you might end up jerking off multiple times while watching her videos!

21. Lulu Chu

lulu chu

There are not many Asian starlets who rock blonde hair, so I was surprised to see Lulu Chu with golden locks when researching for this list. And I am pretty happy to make that discovery because Lulu here happens to be one of the girls that really turn me on! She’s the perfect combination of cute and sexy, I mean I don’t know if I would spend all my time cuddling with her or fucking her as roughly as I possibly can; and maybe that’s a good thing because it shows just how fucking perfect this stunner is!

20. Kenzie Taylor

kenzie taylor

Kenzie Taylor happens to be one of my favorite starlets because she’s mature, she loves having sex and she is quite open when it comes to fucking and loves exploring all the porn genres, kinks and fetishes! This sultry blonde has shown the world just how how much she enjoys a rough fucking session, and it’s not even tough to get her in the mood because she’s always on the lookout for a good fuck. With a stunning figure, gorgeous fake tits and a round juicy ass, this mature babe has it all. She is able to dominate all the scenes with her presence alone and it doesn’t matter if she’s fucking a guy, a girl or a transgender star, or if it’s a threesome or an orgy, your focus will always be on the stunning Kenzie!

19. Cherry Kiss

cherry kiss

At first glance, Cherry Kiss may look like a total cutie but that’s only until the moment you get her in a room because she will immediately transform into a cock-sucking vixen! This European starlet isn’t embarrassed or shy about her love for fucking and is always open for a good, long and hardcore fuck. Being a pornstar gives her the opportunity to flaunt her flawless figure, show off her perky tits and use her thick buttocks to suffocate her partners. Plus, she’s a fan of everything anal so you will see her getting her asshole stretched in most of her porn scenes, something that the hardcore porn lovers will really enjoy!

18. Skylar Vox

skylar vox

If you are a fan of gorgeous teenagers with big natural boobs, then you must have already watched Skylar Vox in action because she’s one of the most popular starlets right now! This gorgeous performer has been in the industry for some years now, and has made a name for herself by giving one stunning scene after another. Not only is she really good at dominating her partners, she also can be quite submissive when paired with more experienced male pornstars. So, I didn’t have any reason to not include her among the best blonde pornstars because she happens to be one of the girls that you absolutely must watch!

17. Bridgette B

bridgette b

There are hundreds of mature babes in the industry, but only a few who can give the sultry Bridgette B any competition! She has been in the industry for more than a decade now and is one of the XXX stars who absolutely love fucking and love being a part of the adult industry. The Spanish beauty has a gorgeous figure, but her seductive face and her perfect titties are the reason why most men and women can’t resist her advances. And it helps that she can give amazing blowjobs, perfect tit-jobs, and can spread her legs and use both her holes for a hardcore fuck!

16. Kendra Sunderland

kendra sunderland

When we are talking about the blonde pornstars in the industry, there’s no reason why I would ignore Kendra Sunderland because she’s one of the best starlets in porn right now! She is blessed with a gorgeous face and a stunning figure, but she’s also got the finest pair of big natural tits you will ever see. This teenage performer began her career by showing off her tits in a public library, and she immediately leveraged the recognition she got by making an explosive debut in porn; and she has sucked and fucked some of the biggest cocks in the industry so far!

15. Marilyn Sugar

marilyn sugar

I don’t think I am wrong when I say that Czech pornstars are absolutely gorgeous because they certainly are and you’ll agree with me on thta! I mean, just take Marilyn Sugar for example and tell me if you can find any flaws in her body! She’s got an amazing figure with gorgeous curves, and she’s blessed with all-natural tits and a stunning ass. If that isn’t enough, then you’d love to know that she’s a total freak when it comes to sex and loves recording all her sexual adventures so that she can share them with her fans.

14. Alura Jenson

alura jenson

Alura Jenson is the GOAT when it comes to hardcore porn! She is a mature babe, old enough to be a mom of teenagers, but she still is brimming with sexual energy that makes her go down on her knees and open her mouth whenever she sees a throbbing cock! It’s always great to watch her porn scenes because this starlet is known for her dominating personality and seeing her fuck the younger girls and make younger guys her slaves is really arousing. One thing is clear, she is one of the best blonde pornstars at the moment, and those big fucking titties are enough to get your limp dick rock hard within seconds.

13. Tiffany Watson

tiffany watson

Most of the people are stuck in jobs that they don’t enjoy, living a life that is a far cry from what they dreamt of when they were young. But not Tiffany Watson because this stunner is living the dream! She is able to travel to exotic locations, go shopping as much as she wants and she has no issues in finding the next good fuck to satisfy her aching cunt! She always had a soft spot for big cocks so becoming a pornstar seemed like the perfect thing to do; and thank God she decided to make a career out of it because not we can see this slutty performer getting fucked by big dicks and squirting her pussy juices all over the place!

12. Abella Danger

abella danger

Abella Danger may be one of the most gorgeous pornstars in the industry at the moment, but she’s better known for her love for hardcore sex and rough anal pounding! This stunner is blessed with a perfect figure, perky natural titties and one of the biggest asses in porn; and she takes full advantage of her gigantic butt by swallowing up the biggest of dicks inside her asshole. But that’s not all as her pussy-eating skills are also god-tier and her girl-on-girl scenes are pretty fucking epic! So, if you want to watch versatile performers who are good with both cocks and cunts, Abella is the one for you!

11. Eva Elfie

eva elfie

She is one of the most active and one of the cutest pornstars in the industry, so there was no reason to not consider her for this list as she also happens to be one of the hottest blonde pornstars of the year! Eva Elfie has stacked up quite a reputation by giving us some of the most hardcore as well as the most sensuous scenes. You would love to watch her sucking on a cock, but I personally love it when she’s paired with a fellow female performer because that’s when she shows off just how skilled she is at making love.

10. Gabbie Carter

gabbie carter

Gabbie Carter is in a league of her own because she’s not just a sex goddess who loves fucking all the time, but she is also a blessed by the heavens with a body that make men drool and women question their sexual orientation! Unlike most of the girls on this list, she is quite young but she is just as horny as most of the experienced performers. This 2000-born starlet may look cute, but her voluptuous body and her gorgeous natural titties will make you think that she’s an experienced seductress. So, watch out for her scenes because she never disappoints her fans and gives the most fappable content you could ask for!

9. Kenzie Reeves

kenzie reeves

This list featuring the best blonde pornstars would be incomplete without mentioning Kenzie Reeves because this starlet is one of the sluttiest babes right now! Ever since her debut in 2017, this petite spinner has been on a fucking spree as there’s probably no studio she hasn’t worked with and no performer she hasn’t fucked. In fact, most of the male talents in the industry have had the opportunity to drill her tiny asshole multiple times because Kenzie here just loves hardcore anal pounding; which is really fucking hot to watch as she is tiny, petite and absolutely submissive!

8. Cory Chase

cory chase

I know that this list is packed with teenagers, so here’s one girl who put all of them to shame because she’s so hot and slutty that she is capable of overwhelming all the young girls! Cory Chase is a horny MILF and she will immediately pounce on a hard cock and get it all wet and sloppy in order to allow it easy entry in either her pussy or her asshole. Apart from being a slut, she’s also a fitness freak as you can see from that toned body of hers. Her gorgeous face, her perfect titties, her washboard abs, her tight ass and her long legs are enough to get you hard; but when she decides to seduce you, not even God will be able to help you resist her charms!

7. Ryan Keely

ryan keely

If you love watching mature pornstars parking their asses on young girls and dominating them, or using a hard cock of a young guy to fulfill their sexual cravings, then watch Ryan Keely and her scenes! This short-haired bombshell has been in the industry since she was a teenager and she has transformed into a seductress after fucking on screen for over a decade. She is, without a doubt, one of the hottest blonde pornstars who just love to fuck and suck huge cocks all the time. But that’s not all because she’s equally attracted to girls and you would find her licking on a wet cunt more times than you’d find her sucking on a cock!

6. Lola Fae

lola fae

It’s quite normal for young pornstars in the industry to be really petite, and Lola Fae is the prime example of that. She is one of the tiniest, most petite and one of the cutest starlets in the industry; and she’s also one of the sluttiest as she is able to ride cocks that are bigger and thicker than her arms! She has a slim figure, gorgeous flat titties and a perky ass; and she is flexible enough to arrange herself in a multitude of positions and is submissive enough that her partners can fuck her in the most intense manner possible and all she would feel is immense pleasure out of it!

5. Rachael Cavalli

rachael cavalli

If you want to feel comfortable with your naked body, then look up to Rachael Cavalli for inspiration because this statuesque blonde is perfection personified! She is graceful, she is gorgeous and she is totally slutty who loves it when she’s naked. She wants her breasts to be free all the time, so that her partners can play with them and squeeze and bite on her nipples. And this tall pornstar is a fan of big throbbing cocks and a hardcore fuck, which you will figure out as soon as you start watching her videos!

4. Emma Hix

emma hix

I am pretty attracted to this petite princess and I am not exactly sure how to explain this attraction. I mean, she’s gorgeous, she’s got a stunning body and she’s got perfect tits and ass; and she’s also slutty enough to seduce any man within seconds and make folks like us cum with just her words. And yet, I find it hard to articulate just what makes this Canadian pornstar so attractive to me. So I will just leave you watch some of her recent scenes and find out for yourself why Emma Hix earned a position in this blonde pornstars listing!

3. Codi Vore

codi vore

Codi Vore has been in the industry for some years now but she was only doing solo scenes and a couple of lesbian scenes earlier in her career. But she really let loose last year when she started shooting hardcore content and it immediately propelled her to the top and made her one of the most bankable names right now! I mean, you know that when Codi is in a scene, it’s going to be awesome. She just loves fucking as there’s always a smile on her face and her expressions while a big cock drills her tiny pussy are just divine. And just how can I forget the stunning breasts on this American starlet because they happen to be one of the best pair of tits you would ever see!

2. Blake Blossom

blake blossom

The moment I watched Blake Blossom in a porn scene for the first time, I knew that I was going to include her in a ton of my lists and this blonde pornstars listing is just one of them! You can’t even argue when I say that this stunner has mesmerized fans all over the world with her stunning performances. Not just the fans, but all the male and female performers in the industry are eager to work with this sultry babe. She’s got a gorgeous face, an amazing figure, great natural tits and a stunning ass; and she’s a sexual beast who just loves to fuck which is the reason why she is one of the sexiest pornstars of 2021 as well!

1. Kayla Kayden

kayla kayden

I personally prefer natural tits, no matter how big or small they may be; but there are times when I have to admit that fake tits do indeed look amazing. Kayla Kayden is one of the few popular pornstars with the best pair of fake tits in the industry, according to me! She also has a voluptuous body, a seductive face and a perfect butt as well to complete her gorgeous look. Personally, I need to see a girl get naked and fucked hard before I feel aroused, but that’s not the case with Kayla. I only need to look at her once and watch her slutty smile and I will be hard because I know she’s about to deepthroat a cock like it’s never been deepthroated before and use her tight asshole to fuck it like it’s never been fucked before!

Who Are Your Favorite Blonde Pornstars?

There’s absolutely no doubt that there are still a ton of blonde babes in the porn industry that I have overlooked while creating this list. Also I am sure that you may feel disappointed after not seeing your favorite girl in the article above; and if that’s the case, then please let us know who your favorite blonde pornstars are by creating your own list in the comments section below.

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