Porn industry is filled with all hot babes of all ages and we love all of them, but there’s a special place in our hearts for teen pornstars! There are several hot barely legal teenagers working in the adult industry and doing some of the best porn scenes and if you are fan of young pornstars, then you are definitely going to like our list. We already shared the best MILF pornstars list, so this was a long time coming!

Every year, maybe every month, new pornstars make their debut and most of them are young babes trying to make a name for themselves in the adult industry. The reason why I like teen girls is because they have a natural body, without any enhancements on their boobs, their faces or their asses, at least for a while. It’s also quite a huge turn-on to see these young pornstars getting fucked by the biggest dicks, or getting fucked by mature pornstars. So, if you are like us and love to watch the sexiest teen pornstars doing some hardcore action, then you are on the right page. In this list, we have featured new as well as popular girls that are currently the best, has a huge following and perform in some of the best scenes. So, enjoy the list and let us know what you think about it!

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Hottest Teen Pornstars for 2019

21. Bunny Colby

bunny colby

Bunny Colby, or Nadya Nabakova, is someone who I discovered only a few months earlier and I instantly became enamored with her beauty! She’s one of the teen pornstars with huge fake tits, but she looks stunning because she’s got a petite frame with two huge melons hanging on them. However, she’s gorgeous which is one of the main reasons why I like to watch her videos, plus she absolutely loves getting fucked as evident from her videos. You’ll see that she’s having fun with her co-stars, laughing and giggling and just enjoying the entire experience rather than making it awkward with fake moans!

20. Jade Kush

jade kush

There’s no better babe to begin this list with other than Jade Kush! If you didn’t know about this busty Asian babe, then you can thank us later because what you need to do right now is check out some of her scenes. She’s been blessed with everything, especially her all-natural boobs that you wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off of. Apart from that, she’s got a pretty face, a gorgeous figure and raw sexual energy that will take her to the very top of the industry in a short time.

19. Karlee Grey

karlee grey

Normally when you think of teen pornstars, you imagine a picture of a girl with an extremely slim body with very small tits. But that’s not the case always as there are pornstars like Karlee Grey who can give competition to some of the best curvy pornstars with their physique. She’s been in the industry for a long time and judging by her performances, she’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The busty brunette pornstar looks stunning, has gorgeous tits and a firm and round booty that’s a treat to watch when she’s getting fucked in doggystyle.

18. Alina Lopez

alina lopez

If you’ve watched some of her videos in the past year, then you would notice that she’s great at giving blowjobs or licking on clits, because she’s got a really long tongue. This young babe has been one of the most active pornstars last year, giving us regular updates, and she’s done almost all kinds of porn. Not only does she look great when getting fucked by huge dicks, but she looks extremely stunning when she’s paired opposite a fellow pornstar in a lesbian video. If you are like me and would rather watch two hot babes taking off each other’s clothes and getting down to business, then you should definitely check out Alina Lopez and her filmography!

17. Aria Lee

aria lee

Being cute has always been a plus point when it comes to the porn industry because there are a ton of cute pornstars who are on their way to making it big in the adult world. If you look at some of the most recent starlets, you will discover that all of them are extremely cute and sexy, and Aria Lee is one of them. This gorgeous brunette babe made her debut as soon as she turned 18, and she has already fucked for the top porn studios. Her scenes are amazing, her blowjob skills are on par with the veteran stars and she knows how to take a cock, no matter the size, as she’s displayed her sexual prowess in all the videos she’s done so far. So, you should be looking out for her because this stunning teenager might have been born to be a pornstar!

16. Autumn Falls

autumn falls

We can’t stress this enough, Autumn Falls is the best new performer in the industry right now, and she’s aiming for the top! The busty Latina made her debut only last year, as soon as she turned 18, and she’s been doing scenes after scenes with the top studios in the industry. What’s really hot about her apart from her gorgeous face and a curvy body are her huge all-natural tits that you won’t be able to keep your eyes off of. If you love watching porn, then you may have already seen this teenager on your favorite porn sites and you’ll be seeing more of her this year as well as she makes her way to the top, and maybe become the best pornstar of the year!

15. Kendra Spade

kendra spade

Kendra Spade is the perfect babe for you if you are a fan of rough anal sex because this young slut has been featured in a ton of anal videos. She made her debut in 2017 and mostly performed anal scenes, like she was protecting her virginity by not letting the dick closer to her vagina, but who are we to complain as we love hardcore sex! However, it seems that she’s slowed down recently as she started working with more mainstream porn sites and has given the much needed respite to her asshole so that it can remain as tight as it can be. But, she still does more anal porn videos that most of her contemporaries, something that you need to be aware of about one of the hottest teen pornstars of 2019!

14. Danni Rivers

danni rivers

Not all the pornstars have a desire to go under the knife as some of them prefer to stay all-natural. I don’t have anything against girls who undergo enhancements, but I personally love natural girls more than anyone else, and Danni Rivers is one of them. If there was any doubt in my mind about her being one of the best teen pornstars, then I don’t have that anymore as I’ve watched a couple of her latest scenes and she was just perfect in them. You might have noticed that some pornstars deliver over-the-top performances when fucking on camera, like moaning way too loudly; but that’s not the case with this cute pornstar as she’s got a genuine love for having sex and it doesn’t matter if she’s in front of the camera fucking other pornstars, or she’s in the privacy of her own bedroom, she will enjoy the act no matter what!

13. Eliza Ibarra

eliza ibarra

It’s only natural that this gorgeous teen pornstar started getting tons of attention shortly after entering the adult industry because who in their right mind wouldn’t want to work with her! Eliza Ibarra worked odd jobs before doing her glorious porn debut because there’s no way she could keep her sexual appetite satisfied anywhere else outside the porn industry. The gorgeous babe is one of the hottest Latina pornstars at the moment and that’s saying a lot because she made her debut only last year. In the short time, she’s already performed interracial scenes showing her prowess to take down the biggest of dicks, creampie and squirting scenes and also showed her erotic side by featuring in a ton of lesbian videos as well.

12. Anny Aurora

anny aurora

The German pornstar loves fucking so much that she became a swinger as soon as she turned of legal age and was meeting with men and women in Germany to fuck them. Then, she started doing cam shows and naturally, Anny Aurora finally decided to enter the porn industry as that was the natural next step. I am going to be extremely frank here and say that I didn’t like her redhead look from her earlier days in the industry and prefer the blonde look that she’s got going right now as it completely complements her good looks. She’s one of the tallest pornstars right now, is blessed with perky natural tits and a tight, round ass and she knows how to fuck because she’s got quite the experience, even before doing porn!

11. Ella Hughes

ella hughes

If you’ve been watching porn for a long time then you’d have already watched a ton of teen pornstars taking dicks bigger than their hands in all their holes, and Ella Hughes is the cream of the crops! The redhead pornstar looks stunning and it’s just a treat to watch this starlet take in her small hands and shove them down her throat without any gagging. She’s been in the industry for a long time and if you love watching tiny girls being dominated by huge guys, then you definitely are going to love her videos!

10. Natalia Starr

natalia starr

I am pretty sure that you’ve watched this pornstar in action already because she’s been one of the most gorgeous blonde pornstars in recent years. However, she was on a break for some time, but she’s back in action and she’s doing more scenes on a regular basis with the top porn studios. Natalia Starr always had a stunning figure with cute, and seductive, looks and all-natural breasts; but she’s gotten some work done on her boobs to make them look fuller, rounder and more bigger and they look simply amazing. I would say that she’s gotten way hotter ever since she started working again, and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for her fans in the coming months.

9. Carolina Sweets

carolina sweets

I personally love watching the cute pornstar having sex, and only hope that I get a chance to spend some along time with her! Carolina Sweets has been in the industry for more than 2 years now and has featured in a ton of awesome porn videos that you should definitely watch. With interracial videos, anal videos, lesbian videos and the mainstream boy/girl porn videos, she’s done almost everything and hopefully, she’s perform even more hardcore stuff this year as well.

8. Riley Reid

riley reid

You knew this was coming as we can’t just ignore the very best of pornstars from this list! Riley Reid is one of the hottest babes in the industry right now, and if it was up to me, I’d add her in all the list on this website. She’s been working in the industry since she was 19, and is still going strong with no signs of stopping. The reason why she’s one of my favorites is that she’s completely natural, without any enhancements on her body, and I personally love her tiny tits with the perky nipples. Moreover, she genuinely loves having sex as her expressions are truly arousing, and if she doesn’t get you hard, then you should get yourself checked!

7. Alex Blake

alex blake

Like most of the pornstars that are active right now, Alex Blake also started her career with cam shows that she did to satisfy the horny people all over the world. But a little cam show didn’t satisfy her growing sexual appetite and she soon entered the porn industry to get a taste of dicks and vaginas of all shapes and sizes. Ever since her debut, she’s moved on from lesbian videos to hardcore porn, including BDSM bondage, and she’s still going through her bucket list as there’s a ton of stuff that she’s yet to do!

6. Megan Rain

megan rain

She’s been named as one of the sexiest pornstars in the industry again and again, and there’s no reason why she shouldn’t have that title! Megan Rain has been a pornstar for a long time, and although she took a small break from the industry a few months back, she’s back once again and has been quite busy shooting porn with the best performers. The brunette starlet was always a hot piece, but she’s gotten even more gorgeous after making a comeback as she’s got bigger boobs, and her curves also seemed to have improved. And, she’s just as eager to get her tight pussy fucked, and her tight asshole stretched, as she was in the beginning. She loves to fuck, but there’s something she loves even more and that’s sucking on a huge dick and giving it a sloppy blowjob, deepthroat included, so that they don’t need any kind of lubrication when it’s time for penetration.

5. Paige Owens

paige owens

You may have noticed that this list contains some of the most gorgeous babes in the industry at the moment and Paige Owens is one of the best new starlets! The blonde pornstar entered the world of porn with amateur content as she posted her sexual adventures on ManyVids, but she moved the mainstream porn in 2018 and hasn’t looked back since. She’s done almost every kind of porn in the last year including interracial, anal, lesbian, squirting and even creampie and we’re hoping that she’ll keep up the momentum and perform even more hardcore stuff this year as well!

4. Elsa Jean

elsa jean

If you’ve been on this website before, then I am sure that you know how much I love Elsa Jean! For me, she’s the perfect representation of beauty and hotness and I’d love to have a chance to explore that tight petite body of hers. Not only does she have a gorgeous face, but she’s also got an amazing figure and a firm, round butt. You’d say that she’s completely flat, or have tiny tits, but I don’t mind and neither does she because she’s become one of the most popular pornstars by keeping everything natural and depending only on her sexual prowess. I just hope that she keep giving us the best content without undergoing any bodily changes!

3. Lacy Lennon

lacy lennon

I am pretty sure that you don’t know about this redhead pornstar because she’s quite new as she entered the industry only last year and hasn’t performed as many scenes as most of her contemporaries. However, Lacy Lennon has become one of the best teen pornstars for me even though she’s taking it slow! Hopefully, the gorgeous teenager won’t keep us waiting for long for newer content as she’s started the new year with a bang, doing an interracial scene, and showing that she means business and she’s not in the industry just for the sake of it, but she’s here because she wants to fuck as many guys, and girls, as she can!

2. Gianna Dior

gianna dior

This brunette pornstar has got the best genes from all over the world and it’s showing in her body! She’s got the best of the best as she’s been blessed with a stunning figure, perfect natural tits, an amazing booty and of course, a gorgeous face. Plus, she’s shown how much she loves fucking as she’s been one of the most active pornstars of 2018, even after being in the industry for less than a year. However, there are still things that Gianna Dior hasn’t done, for example, interracial and anal scenes, and I am hoping that she’s going to take care of that this year!

1. Emily Willis

emily willis

I am sure that you saw this coming, and if you didn’t, then you wouldn’t even be surprised at seeing Emily Willis at the top of the list! She, according to me, is the best teen pornstar right now just like how she tops of the list of the best flat chested pornstars. By now, you’d have figured out that the size of the boobs isn’t a big thing for me, and I go for the hotness and cuteness quotient. Emily Willis, for me, is the perfect package as she’s got a cute face capable of expressing all the emotions she’s feeling while getting fucked, and she’s got a great body that complements all her features. Plus, the fact that she’s done tons of videos in one year, which includes interracial scenes, anal scenes, lesbian scenes, creampie scenes and more, makes her the perfect candidate for the top spot!

Which Are Your Favorite Teen Pornstars of 2019?

This was our complete ranking of the best teenager pornstars of the year! I considered all the new pornstars, as well as the more established pornstars, while making this list and I know that I might have missed a ton of other girls. If you think that you favorite teen pornstar deserves to be on this list more than some of the girls mentioned, then do let us know in the comments section below and I’ll consider them in the next update. Till then, make sure that you share these hottest teen pornstars with your friends and give them more research material!


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