Top 25: Best Anal Loving Pornstars of 2020

In this article, we have listed down the hottest anal pornstars who love doing hardcore butt stuff! If you are fan of rough anal sex, then you will know which girls do it often and where you can find the best anal videos featuring them.

We all have different fantasies when it comes to having sex and watching porn, and if you happen to like watching girls getting fucked in the ass, then you are going to really love this article where we have listed down all the best anal loving pornstars this year! These are the sexy pornstars who not only do a lot of anal scenes, but they really seem to enjoy it as well. However, we have tried to include only those pornstars who have been active in the past few months, and not included popular pornstars who have either retired or haven’t been quite active recently. So that may be the reason why you might not see the girls you are hoping to see here!

With that being said, let’s have a look at the top anal pornstars of the year who featured in the best scenes! Also, make sure that you leave your suggestions in the comments section, so that we can add them in our future lists.

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Hottest Anal Pornstars of 2020

27. Keira Croft

keira croft

The pornstar that I’d want to start this list off with is Keira Croft, and the only reason why she’s so low on the list is because she debuted in 2018 which is fairly recent and she hasn’t done as many scenes as her contemporaries. However, her debut scene featured her doing hardcore anal and she soon followed it up with an interracial gangbang which also included her getting double-penetrated. Following that, she’s been featured in tons of anal scenes and interracial scenes, so much that her filmography is packed with them. As much as she loves getting her butthole stretched, she loves it even more when there are multiple dicks for her to play with. She does DP scenes quite often and when she’s shooting with just one partner, she whips out a huge dildo to fill her vacant hole as well. I think you might already know about her, but if you weren’t aware of this gorgeous pornstar, then I suggest you have a look at her scenes because they are extremely intense, hardcore and really dirty!

26. Casey Calvert

casey calvert

There are several mature girls in the biz who look gorgeous, but Casey Calvert can be considered a cut above them for her naturally good looks. Ever since her debut back in 2012, the brunette pornstar has taken the industry by storm by giving back to back hit performances and working with all the leading porn studios. She’s done anal, bondage, lesbian scenes, interracial scenes, fisting scenes and more and there’s no way she’s going to stop now that she’s at the top of her game. She’s got a slender figure with natural tits and one of the best bubble butts in the industry; and she has become one of the best anal starlets because she can take the biggest of dicks with ease and she loves to stretch her asshole in anal scenes, including hardcore double penetration!

25. Anna De Ville

anna de ville

There are several reasons why you could consider Anna De Ville as one of the kinkiest pornstars in the industry, and one of them would be the porn scenes that she chooses to do. She started doing anal scenes from the very beginning of her career and hasn’t stopped at all; in fact she prefers buttsex over any other form of sex. However, she has done other kinds of porn as well like regular porn as well as lesbian scenes. But we are only concerned with her anal performances and she has done hundreds of them ever since her debut. Unlike other girls who do anal but keep it strictly formal, she goes a step ahead and let her wild side take over because the bigger the dick the more she enjoys the fuck. She’s done interracial scenes, double-penetration as well as double-anal scenes, dozens of gangbang scenes and group-sex scenes, threesomes, anal fisting and all kinds of hardcore and intense stuff you’d want to see!

24. Arya Fae

arya fae

There are quite a number of cute pornstars in the industry, who can be considered too pretty for porn, and Arya Fae is without a doubt one of them! The gorgeous teen starlet looks quite innocent at first glance, but you would be surprised to find just how much of a sex freak she is! Her filmography is filled with one hardcore scene after another, and she’s not interested in doing softcore porn at all because her lesbian scenes are also both erotic and hardcore at the same time. She’s got one of the tightest bodies in the industry, with cute little tits and a juicy booty, and she’s also tattooed to perfection. If you love watching submissive girls getting dominated by huge guys, or MILFs, then Arya Fae is someone you need to have on your watch list!

23. Kissa Sins

kissa sins

What happens when you want to have a one-night stand with one of the most popular male pornstars in the industry and fall in love with him? You come to terms with your wild, sexual nature and eventually make your way to the porn industry yourself! Kissa Sins, who’s the real-life partner of Johnny Sins, entered the adult industry by chance and used to do porn with only Johnny in the beginning of her career. But she’s now doing more and more hardcore stuff with other male pornstars as well and her videos are getting much better than before. She’s got a great curvy figure, with one of the biggest asses in the industry and she recently got new boobs that look pretty stunning. Her anal scenes are seriously quite hot and if you haven’t watched them yet, then you really are missing out!

22. Kendra Spade

kendra spade

Making her debut in the porn in 2017, Kendra Spade soon went on to become one of the hottest newcomers in the industry. Before she started her career as a mainstream pornstar, she did amateur porn which became quite popular and catapulted her to the fame that she enjoys today. With tons of anal scenes to her credit already, including anal creampie, ass-to-mouth, interracial anal and more, the Asian pornstar has become a favorite among directors for hardcore content. She may have a petite figure, with perky natural tits and a tight butt, and that’s exactly why she’s the perfect choice for porn videos where she’s dominated by guys for a rough pounding!

21. Riley Reid

riley reid

Riley Reid has been in the industry for a long time now, and currently has one of the most active and premium pornstar Snapchat accounts that you can join! The petite starlet has managed to climb the popularity charts in a short time and has retained her spot despite stiff competition. Even today, when there are hundreds of new girls in the industry, she’s one of the top choices for porn studios and directors. And she has managed to do all that because of her insatiable hunger for sex that never dampens. She’s always hungry for more and her porn performances never lack any enthusiasm. She is as enthusiastic about deepthroating a big cock as she was in the beginning of her career, and with experience, her performances have only improved. And the fact that she’s done all kinds of porn made me want to feature her in several of our lists, including this one featuring the sexiest anal loving pornstars!

20. Gina Valentina

gina valentina

There are multiple reasons why people love watching anal scenes, and one of the reasons is that it mostly features a petite performer or a young performer who can be dominated by the male pornstar and fucked in roughest way possible. And pornstars like Gina Valentina are the best choice for such role! She’s one of the sexiest Latina pornstars right now, and even though she’s quite young, she’s gained tons of experience by fucking guys and girls in the industry. She loves doing lesbian scenes as much as she loves doing anal scenes and her petite body with a cute, round butt looks really hot when it’s bouncing up and down a huge cock. Also, she’s really good at giving blowjobs and deepthroating dicks, and the fact that she likes getting dominated and loves it when she’s pounded hard makes her one of the best girls to watch this year!

19. Sarah Banks

sarah banks

When you’ve been closer to the porn industry all your life and have even dated a few pornstars, then entering the adult world and becoming a pornstar is the probably right career choice! And thankfully, Sarah Banks made that exact choice because a normal job wouldn’t quite do justice to her juicy booty. The ebony pornstar has gained tons of recognition and is also called as the “Ebony Anal Queen” because of her spectacular anal performances. The petite babe looks stunning, has got fake breasts with nipple piercings and a giant butt that’s capable of performing magic as it can disappear huge dicks without any issues. I can’t recommend it enough, you have to watch her porn videos if you haven’t because she’ll soon become one of the most popular babes in the adult industry, if she’s not considered one already!

18. Katrina Jade

katrina jade

It’s not really simple to find girls who are perfect in porn because there will always be people who have different tastes and opinions on who they find the best. However, I am sure that we can all agree on Katrina Jade being the closest there is to what a perfect pornstar should look like! The gorgeous babe is blessed with a jaw-dropping, all-natural body with big natural tits, round and tight ass and a pretty face, and she’s also got all the slutty personality traits that make her the sex symbol we all know and love. She doesn’t just fuck because it’s part of her job, but it’s the other way round as she absolutely loves doing it because she is also quite wild in her personal life and totally loves it when there are people watching her get fucked hard. In her long and rewarding career, she’s done all kinds of porn and she’s started doing a lot of anal scenes recently. And even though she loves to be dominated and fucked in the ass in the roughest way possible, she can become the dominant person instead if her partner isn’t as aggressive as she would like them to be!

17. Marley Brinx

marley brinx

If you’ve been on this site for a long time, then you’d know by now that I really appreciate girls who embrace their natural beauty. I really love natural girls and Marley Brinx is one of the best examples of them! The gorgeous Canadian pornstar made her porn debut in 2015 and did mostly anal scenes in the beginning. With a petite frame, cute little breasts, a seductive face and a gorgeous ass, she’s the complete package! The dark-haired beauty has been featured in all kinds of anal scenes, including double-penetration, and has also performed interracial sex scenes. She’s also performed vaginal penetration scenes, as well as lesbian scenes, but I really recommend you watch her anal scenes because that’s what she loves to do and is really good at as well!

16. Emily Willis

emily willis

The last few years have been really good for the porn industry as a ton of talented young performers made their debut. One among them was Emily Willis who soon exploded in the industry by featuring in one great scene after another! She can be considered one of the most active pornstars at the moment as she’s cranking out scenes after scenes for different studios and performing along side the best talents the industry has to offer. The slim flat-chested beauty, with her history of ballet dancing, has some amazing flexibility that allows her to get fucked in various positions which also means that her tight asshole always stays in focus when she’s getting pounded. Moreover, she’s got a submissive nature which allows her to enjoy being dominated and pounded hard. So, if you love all-natural, cute girls getting all nasty, then you don’t want to miss out on her videos!

15. Anissa Kate

anissa kate

I am pretty sure that you already know who Anissa Kate is, and if you don’t then you need to get your head checked! The buxom beauty has been in the industry for a long time and has amassed a loyal fan base who never seem to get enough of her videos. The French pornstar is known all over the world for her anal performances as she has featured in some of the best anal videos, and she continues to do so even today. Being blessed with a voluptuous figure, huge natural boobs, a seductive face and a juicy butt, she’s got everything a guy would want from her woman. That’s probably why she’s still so popular in the porn industry, with her fans wanting to see more of her hardcore anal performances!

14. Luna Star

luna star

Luna Star is one of the few stunning pornstars who were actually born to do porn because without them, the world of porn would be really different. The big booty Latina babe looks stunning and her performances are always the best. In fact, she wants to become the “best pornstar ever” which means that she isn’t done yet and you can expect a lot of hardcore things from her in the future. It doesn’t matter if she’s choking on and deepthroating a huge dick or shoving her tongue deep inside a wet pussy, she gives it her all and there’s never a dull moment whenever she’s fucking on camera. Her curvy frame coupled with her gorgeous boobs and her luscious ass makes for a fine package, and it’s really a sight to behold when she’s got a huge dick in her asshole and her butt-cheeks are bouncing up and down. So, if you love watching gorgeous Latina babes shaking their big booties, then you definitely need to check her out because she’s one of the best anal pornstars this year without a doubt!

13. AJ Applegate

aj applegate

When we are talking about pornstars who love anal sex, we can’t muster up the courage to exclude AJ Applegate because she’s one of the best and the most active ones in the industry. She’s gorgeous, that’s for sure; but what I really like about her is that she’s got a petite figure with small natural tits, but she’s got a huge ass that makes her look really curvy. Moreover, she knows what her biggest asset is as well as what her fans really want to see and that’s the reason why she performs anal scenes most of the time. She does quite a few lesbian scenes as well along with scenes with vaginal penetration, but anal scenes are where she shines the best. It’s really hot to watch her tight asshole gape after a rough pounding and after years of getting her asshole fucked, she only performs with the biggest dicks in the industry or does double-penetration scenes because a normal fucking just wouldn’t be enough to satisfy her carnal cravings!

12. Joanna Angel

joanna angel

If you are into tattooed pornstars, then you don’t need any introduction for Joanna Angel as you’d already be well aware of this gorgeous babe. She’s been in the industry for a long time and even runs her own porn site,, where you can find inked babes getting the most intense fucking of their life. She’s been in the industry for more than a decade now, and is still going strong, and she is also one of the few pornstars who made their debut in porn with a hardcore anal scene. If you look at all the videos she’s done in her career, you will find it filled with anal performances which is a clear indication of how much she loves a rough pounding from behind. Apart from anal scenes, she also dabbles a little bit in lesbian scenes and those are worth watching as well!

11. Tiffany Watson

tiffany watson

Tiffany Watson is a complete package as she not only loves to go shopping and go on adventurous trips, she’s also a proud slut who loves to experiment in bed. She may have been shy as a child, but she’s shed her shyness and embraced her slutty nature as she goes from one porn set to the next in search for the perfect dick that could satisfy her sexual cravings. The blonde bombshell is filled with positivity and tons of sexual energy which is clearly visible in all her scenes because she always enjoys the rough pounding she’s getting, no matter how big the dick is or the uncomfortable position she is in. She’s one of the few pornstars who love to get fucked in the ass, and she’s also a proud squirter because she’s capable of ejaculating bodily fluids through not just rubbing her clit but also through hardcore anal dicking!

10. Lily Lane

lily lane

The gorgeous inked babe began her porn career back in 2012 and she’s only gotten sexier with time. And it’s not just her looks that seem to have gotten better, it’s also her fucking prowess as she’s able to enjoy the roughest sexual encounters which includes not just anal scenes but also double-penetration as well as gangbang scenes. She’s got a gorgeous body that isn’t exactly curvy, but isn’t petite either; rather it sits in the sweet spot between being curvy and petite! However, it’s her gorgeous pair of big fake boobies that makes all the difference to her figure and gives her the alluring aura that no one can resist. Lily Lane has been working in the industry for all these years and her filmography is packed with lesbian scenes as well as anal performances, and I would recommend you to check them both out because she gets completely dominated in her anal scenes while she gets to dominate young girls in her lesbian scenes.

9. Gia Derza

gia derza

Beginning her porn career with a lesbian scene, Gia Derza soon started performing in more hardcore scenes, including a fuck ton of anal scenes. With her thick, curvy booty and buxom figure, the teen pornstar is on a mission to get fucked by huge dicks, as well as lick and fuck all the gorgeous babes of the industry. If you remove her anal performances and her lesbian performances from her porn career, you will be left with only a few dozen scenes, which just shows exactly what this slutty babe loves. I love her lesbian scenes, but if I had to choose, I would go with her anal scenes just to see her getting dominated by her male partner and to ogle at her bouncing ass. Even if she’s getting her asshole pounded mercilessly, she’ll still want something in her pussy and in some of her videos, she has a huge dildo as well to shove it deep in her pussy while her tight asshole is being stretched. So, if you like a girl who is into erotic porn as well as hardcore and intense pounding, then you know which girl you need to check out!

8. Kira Noir

kira noir

Ever since her debut back in 2015, Kira Noir has made it a point to not just stick to one genre of porn because she loves doing all kinds of kinky stuff. And thanks to her gorgeous face, a petite body with natural tits and a tight, round ass, she’s been able to entrance fans all over the world. The ebony stunner is known for her hardcore performances, and although she’s got several lesbian scenes to her credit, she prefers doing the intense porn scenes that have her taking big dicks in her ass. There are several reasons why I consider her to be one of the best anal pornstars right now, one of which is her ability to take in the biggest of dicks in her tight asshole without flinching. And that’s not all because the pornstar has also done several double-penetration scenes as well as gangbang scenes with equal gusto, which is proof enough that she loves it when all her holes are stuffed with throbbing cocks. You can check out her profile on because all her scenes over there are hardcore anal scenes!

7. Adriana Chechik

adriana chechik

If you are into hardcore, kinky stuff – like extremely sloppy blowjobs, shoving dicks so deep in the throat that it becomes difficult to breathe, stretching assholes to their very limit, a pounding so rough that you can’t tell if the girl is experiencing extreme pain or pleasure – then you most definitely need to watch Adriana Chechik! Whenever I want to watch a hardcore scene, I always check her videos out because she never disappoints. Whether it’s anal scenes or lesbian scenes, the all-natural beauty never seems to get bored of intense fucking. With her petite figure, perky natural tits and her tight, little ass, she’s the epitome of what pornstars are supposed to be. She’s brimming with sexual appetite and wants to explore all the possibilities porn has to offer and she will make that happen because she’s already performed several kinds of porn including interracial, gangbang, double anal and double penetration, and she’s also started performing with transexual pornstars. So, yeah, her anal videos never disappoints!

6. Amirah Adara

amirah adara

There may not be many Hungarian pornstars in the industry, but the few that are active are capable of delivering some really good performances that are enough to satisfy their fans’ desires. Amirah Adara is one such starlet and she’s considered as one of the most hardcore performers in the industry because she prefers doing anal over any other scenes. She has done all kinds of anal action including anal creampie, double penetration, interracial anal, anal DP and more; and when she’s not taking huge dicks in her tight asshole, you can see her playing with another pornstar’s pussy in lesbian scenes. So, if watching petite girls taking big dicks in their tight butts is your thing, then you don’t want to miss out on her scenes!

5. Mandy Muse

mandy muse

When it comes to the best anal loving pornstars in the industry, you simply can’t ignore Mandy Muse because this bodacious babe loves everything related to anal fucking! Ever since her debut, she’s never shied away from using her second hole to fit in the biggest of dicks, and that has made her one of the top choices for scenes featuring anal. Moreover, she’s got a huge round ass that jiggles for a long time following a good spanking and the bombshell has totally used it to her advantage. I mean, you just won’t be able to take your eyes off her bouncing butt-cheeks as her tight asshole is being smashed in the roughest way possible. As a former cheerleader, she’s worked to get her petite body to be as flexible as possible that allows her to fuck in a multitude of sex positions. And the fact that she prefers a hardcore pounding over erotic love-making makes her one of the sexiest girls in the industry right now.

4. Blanche Bradburry

blanche bradburry

When a woman classifies herself as a nympho, there’s nothing you can do but take her word for it. However, when someone as hot as Blanche Bradburry says the same thing, there is one thing that you can do apart from taking her word for it and that is watching all her best scenes where she proves her statement right! This gorgeous Czech Republic pornstar first became a webcam girl, but that clearly wasn’t enough to satisfy her because she soon got her start in the porn industry, after which there was no looking back. She’s been doing scenes on a regular basis and getting all her holes pounded every chance she gets and that has allowed her to become quite popular. Even today when there’s an abundance of petite performers, she stands out because of her athletic & Amazonian figure and when you couple her physical looks with her carnal desires, you get a pretty great scene as a result. Although she loves fucking pornstars of all age, I would recommend you to see her performing with more experienced guys because they know how to take care of this slut’s cravings and give her the hardcore & dominating rough fuck that she desires!

3. Jane Wilde

jane wilde

This petite pornstar began her porn career back in 2017, as soon as she turned 18, with amateur scenes, but she got her start in professional porn in 2018 and she hasn’t looked back since. And the reason why I have placed her so high on this list of anal loving pornstars is because she has made a name for herself as a hardcore performer in the short time that she’s been active. Jane Wilde did her first anal scene soon after her debut and that was it, she immediately became the go to choice for directors who wanted to cast a fresh-faced, petite pornstar who loved to do hardcore scenes. It also helps that she loves being thrown around and dominated, and the rougher the sex is and the dirtier the talk is, the wetter she gets! So, don’t forget to check out her filmography because there are a ton of anal scenes including double-penetration, interracial anal, anal fisting, threesomes and more featuring this petite spinner.

2. Angela White

angela white

Angela White is one of my favorite pornstars, as well as one of the most active and the top performers in the industry, so it is really hard to not add her to the list. By now, you may have seen her featured in a number of listicles on this blog and it’s safe to assume that you are going to keep seeing her in the future articles as well. It’s just that this gorgeous performer has done all kinds of porn, from hardcore anal to erotic lesbian scenes, and she still keeps pushing her boundaries by trying out newer and kinkier stuff to do. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that she looks absolutely stunning with one of the prettiest faces in the industry, a voluptuous figure with a huge pair of tits and a big, round ass! And it’s really great to see her porn scenes because there’s never a dull moment in the entire scene. She loves to fuck and it doesn’t matter if she’s deepthroating a big dick or getting all her holes pounded at the same time, she always has a look of satisfaction on her face along with a big smile. So, yes, she’s not just one of the best pornstars, but also one of the best anal loving pornstars of the year!

1. Abella Danger

abella danger

There’s no way we could ignore mentioning Abella Danger in the post listing down the hottest anal pornstars because she’s been featured in some of the best scenes in recent years. She’s the complete package as she’s got a gorgeous face, a petite body with stunning curves, one of the biggest asses in porn and the insatiable sexual appetite that is a prerequisite for a pornstar in order for her to reach the top. The young & famous pornstar is capable of not only deepthroating huge dicks with ease, but is also capable of taking them deep within her asshole with equal enthusiasm. In fact, the more dicks there are to fuck her, the better her performances become because this tight spinner clearly loves to have her tight asshole stretched!

Who Are Your Favorite Anal Pornstars of 2020?

These were some of the hottest anal loving pornstars of the year! I am fairly sure that I might have missed out on some great anal sluts, but there’s no way I could add each and every girl who performs anal scenes on this list. So, I only considered those pornstars who performed anal scenes several times, and also quite recently, and I came up with the above list as a result.

However, if you think that I missed out on your favorite anal pornstars, or you think that some of the names in the above list can be replaced, then do let us know in the comments section below!

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