Who doesn’t love some girl-on-girl action? No one, right! And that’s one of the many reasons why lesbian porn is one of the hottest genres in the adult industry, and lesbian pornstars the most popular! This videos are quite popular among ladies as “lesbian” is one of the most searched keywords by women around the world, and it is as popular among guys as well because they just love watching hot girls do hot things to each other. If you love watching girl-on-girl scenes, then you definitely need to know about the hottest lesbian pornstars right now because there are literally hundreds of them!

I personally love lesbian videos and make it a point to watch all of them in full HD to enjoy each and every frame. The videos are shot quite differently than boy/girl scenes and contains more sensual elements like kissing and caressing, rather than all the hardcore and rough stuff that you normally see. Now, you may find a lot of pornstars who do lesbian scenes in the industry but not all of them do lesbian porn exclusively. There are only a few girls who prefer to appear in only girl/girl scenes, but that doesn’t mean that the other girls aren’t any good at it! So, keeping that in mind, let’s just move on to our list and see the hottest lesbian babes in porn that you need to know about this year!

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Hottest Lesbian Pornstars of 2019

25. Cherie Deville

cherie deville

Let’s begin our list with Cherie Deville who’s quite popular in the porn industry for several reasons. One, she’s fucking hot and is blessed with a stunning figure; two, she’s mature which means she’s experienced and can perform with young starlets with ease; and three, she is open to exploring different kinds of porn and pushing her boundaries. She’s done a lot of hardcore stuff, but she’s also done a huge number of lesbian scenes so it was only natural to list her as one of the best lesbian performers of the year. She’s fucked girls of all age groups – barely legal, teenagers, mature women and even MILFs – so you will have a ton of videos to watch!

24. Abigail Mac

abigail mac

Abigail Mac has been active in the industry for quite a few years now and has also managed to become of the best girl/girl performers. Her videos are so good that it has earned her award nominations for XBiz and AVN’s All Girl Performer of the Year; and Girlsway.com, which is one of the most popular lesbian porn website, crowned her as the “Girl of the Month” back in June 2015. Even after all these years of fingering, licking and sucking on multiple pussies, she hasn’t had enough and is still working with the top performers and showing them that being with an experienced girl is much more satisfying than being with an inexperienced guy!

23. Adriana Chechik

adriana chechik

If you are a fan of Adriana Chechik, then I will just assume that you love the more hardcore stuff that she has done. From gangbangs to anal, interracial scenes to double-penetration, blowjobs and deepthroats, and even creampie, this brunette pornstar has done it all. But leaving all that aside for a second, you have to take a look at her lesbian filmography as well because she’s got a huge list of scenes and each one is better than the other. Moreover, she brings in her experience of raw and intense fuck to sensuous love-making that we normally see in girl-on-girl videos and deliver the hottest content for the fans!

22. Jade Baker

jade baker

Jade Baker is one of the best lesbian pornstars in the industry right now as she has only performed along side girls so far. She was born in Miami which means that she grew up on the sunny shores, spending her days tanning on the beaches. However, when it came to making a career decision, she looked towards the adult industry because she knew that she loves to show off her incredible figure and what’s the best way to do that then shooting for porn along side the hottest women on the planet. Being a teen pornstar, she often plays the submissive roles in the videos, giving total control to the more mature pornstars. And we are not complaining because we only want to see her keep performing for years to come because she’s got a stunning figure with gorgeous natural tits and a tight ass, and I think she’s got a ton of potential that she hasn’t tapped into!

21. Kristen Scott

kristen scott

This particular pornstar may look shy and innocent at first, but it’s not how she actually is because she is a really sexually active person with a growing list of fetishes and kinks that she wants to explore. Being a teenager, Kristen Scott loves it when an older and more experienced woman is going down on her and hitting all the right spots, but she also loves taking control and playing the dominating role and showing her partners how to achieve intense orgasms. So, if you are looking for a girl who has a ton of variety in her lesbian scenes, then you need to check out her filmography because she’s done scenes with a single performer and even had sex with multiple pornstars at once.

20. Alexis Fawx

alexis fawx

If you’ve been in the industry for as long as Alexis Fawx has, you must be open to trying out new things when it comes to shooting porn. Now, this busty pornstar is one of the best MILF pornstars of all time and has given us some of the best content in recent years, she’s also done enough girl/girl scenes that it’s only right to consider her as one of the hottest lesbian pornstars of the year. Since she is quite older than most of the girls in the industry, she plays the role of the “mommy” in most of the scenes and is tasked with showing the younger babes just how to lick a pussy the right way in order to achieve intense orgasms and uncontrollably squirt out pussy juices.

19. Emily Addison

emily addison

Emily Addison has been in the industry for almost a decade and she’s managed to release new scenes on a regular basis. Up till now, she only performed along side other female pornstars, so it was only natural that she would be considered as one of the top lesbian pornstars; but starting this year, she also featured in a boy/girl scene where she showed that she’s as skilled at handling a rock-hard dick as she’s skilled with handling a wet pussy. However, we are not complaining because with a rocking figure like hers, along with one of the best pair of tits in the industry, she should try out new things when it comes to sex but keep doing more lesbian porn because that’s her area of expertise!

18. Serena Blair

serena blair

Here’s yet another pornstar who exclusively performs girl/girl scenes, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that she was featured in this list. Serena Blair is blessed with one of the hottest figures in the industry, along with a beautiful face, natural tits and a juicy, round ass; and she really loves exploring every inch of a women’s body which may be the reason why she’s been one of the top choices when it comes to doing a lesbian scene. But it’s not just sensuous love-making for this pornstar because she also enjoys bondage and BDSM as she’s done several scenes where she’s been tied and made completely immobile and her pussy is fucked savagely by a literal fucking machine!

17. Charlotte Stokely

charlotte stokely

Charlotte Stokely began her porn career back in 2005 and she did it with an interracial porn scene. Over the next few years, this blonde pornstar did a ton of hardcore porn videos that all ended with her receiving a massive facial. But as they say change is a part of nature, she made a transition and has been performing only girl/girl scenes for the past few years. The pornstar may look like a cute teenager, but she is quite mature and has more than a decade of experience working in the porn industry and it shows in her performances. With a petite figure, all-natural tits with perky nipples and a big, round and juicy ass, she’s definitely one of the girls that you need to have on your watch list!

16. Molly Stewart

molly stewart

If you are into redhead women, but you also like to watch only lesbian performances, then you need to check out Molly Stewart and her videos. The fiery babe made her debut in the industry only last year and has exclusively performed along side female pornstars so far. I don’t know if that’s how it is going to be for her in the future, but for now she’s doing a damn good job. She was a Playboy model before becoming a pornstar, which explains why she’s got such a banging body with huge fake boobs and ass. She’s also quite nerdy as she loves comic books and cosplays which makes her all the more desirable to us guys. Ever since her debut, she’s been giving us one hot scene after another and her efforts have been recognized as well because she’s been crowned as Twisty’s Treat of the Month in January 2019!

15. Riley Reid

riley reid

It doesn’t matter what topic we are making a list on because when we are talking about Riley Reid, there’s a really high chance that she would be there. We have already mentioned her in a ton of our other list, and it’s highly likely that she will appear in several more of our future lists because she is one of the all time greatest in the porn industry. This petite pornstar is one of the most active performers and also one of the most gorgeous girls right now. From hardcore anal action to taking multiple big black cocks, she’s done it all and she also loves fucking girls as she’s featured in a ton of lesbian porn scenes along side some of the most beautiful girls in the industry. So, you need to check out her filmography because it is filled with the best content you’d ever want to watch!

14. Penny Pax

penny pax

Natural tits and a gorgeous face is already a deadly combination and when you add the fiery red hair, it only makes the girl irresistible. You may have already seen a ton of porn scenes featuring Penny Pax, but you may not have seen her girl-on-girl performances yet. If you really haven’t, then I suggest you to watch them right now because you are missing out on a lot of erotic action. This stunning redhead pornstar loves to fuck girls, as she’s done scenes with young girls as well as mature women, and she performs with the same intensity as she does when she’s fucking a huge cock. Plus, she’s got a naturally curvy body with huge natural tits and a round, juicy ass and I guarantee that you won’t be able to take your eyes off her for even a second.

13. Alina Lopez

alina lopez

Ever since this teen pornstar made her debut in the industry, she hasn’t worked in any scene that was boring because her performances are always top-notch and will leave you wanting for more. Not only is Alina Lopez one of the best lesbian pornstars right now, but she’s also a truly versatile performer as she doesn’t shy away from pushing her boundaries when it comes to sex and is always willing to try out something new. But since we are talking about lesbian performances, I have to say that she was born to fuck girls. She looks stunning, has a gorgeous figure with natural tits; but the one thing that makes her a top choice for porn directors is her long tongue that she can bury it deep inside another girl’s pussy or asshole and tongue-fuck her. Moreover, she was named as Girlsway’s Girl of the Year 2018 for her awesome work in lesbian porn, so that is another reason why you should watch her videos!

12. Elle Alexandra

elle alexandra

If you love watching a petite and shy-looking girl get all dirty with another girl, then you want to check out the videos featuring Elle Alexandra! The redhead babe is one of the cutest girls in the industry right now and has a huge list of women that she’s fucked on camera, with many more to go. She’s exclusively a lesbian pornstar as she hasn’t done any boy/girl scenes but seeing her strip and get down to lick the pussy juices of another gorgeous babe is really a sight to behold. Plus, she’s got a great figure with red hair that gives her an exotic look, transforming her from a shy girl-next-door to a fiery vixen who loves to fuck. If you ask my opinion, I would say that you need to watch this flat chested pornstar because she’s got a huge list of movies where she has worked with some of the best babes in the industry!

11. April O’Neil

april o'neil

Being in the industry for more than a decade has earned April O’Neil a huge, and unwavering, fan following who love to watch all her videos as soon as they are released. And it does make sense because she has a ton of experience when it comes to porn that makes all her videos better than the previous ones. She’s got a curvy figure, with huge natural tits and a round ass, and she’s got a gorgeous face that is enough to make men, and women, stare at with admiration and lust. And that’s not all, she’s really geeky as well and looks so fucking hot when she’s wearing glasses, as she does in a ton of her scenes. In the beginning of her career, she performed boy/girl scenes as lot; but that has changed in the past few years as she’s now an exclusive girl/girl performer where she gets a chance to fuck some of the hottest pornstars in the industry, along with all the newcomers!

10. Bree Daniels

bree daniels

Bree Daniels made her porn debut all the way back in 2010, but she already had some experience as she was a model and then a webcam girl before becoming a mainstream pornstar. Ever since her debut, she has predominantly performed in lesbian scenes, but there are quite a number of her boy/girl scenes where she devours the cocks with equal ease. She has changed a lot as well over the years as she was a blonde and had long hair during her early years; but at the time of writing this, she’s a redhead with short hair but she looks equally stunning if not more. She’s got a perfect figure, not too curvy and not too petite, and she loves taking control in her scenes as she fingers and licks the girls and shows them what a real orgasm feels like.

9. Carter Cruise

carter cruise

If you have ever wondered what a real sorority chick with an athletic figure would look like when she’s having intense sex, then you need to check out Carter Cruise because she’s got tons of her videos online already. She made her porn debut in 2013 and soon figured out just how much she loves a rough pounding. She’s got an all-natural body, cute tits with pierced nipples, and a tight ass, and she’s really ferocious when it comes to sex because she loves having her tight asshole stretched by huge dicks. However, all that has changed in the past few years because she’s now mostly performing lesbian scenes, with only one or two boy/girl scenes in between. But she hasn’t forgotten the feeling of dicks completely because apart from fingers and tongues, there seems to be a lot of toys in most of her performances as well.

8. Jenna Sativa

jenna sativa

If the girl in question is a Latina, then you will automatically assume that she will be hot as hell and that’s almost always the case. So, when we are talking about Jenna Sativa, you should immediately assume that she is one of the best lesbian pornstars of all time without a sliver of doubt in your mind. The gorgeous Latina babe made her debut in 2016 and instantly became popular because of her insanely good looks and stunning figure. She’s got a curvy body, with a flat stomach and a huge ass, and her cute natural tits complete her exotic looks. Plus, she is quite lucky as she gets to fuck some of the sexiest women on the planet on a regular basis, be it MILFs or teens, and we get to watch it all!

7. Kenna James

kenna james

Kenna James is one of my favorite pornstars of all time, and there won’t be a doubt in anyone’s mind when I say that she is one of the most beautiful pornstars of all time. The blonde bombshell was born and raised in the United States and she figured out her love for women at quite an early age. So, it was only natural that she would perform mostly girl-on-girl scenes when she decided to make her porn debut. Although she can be considered as a lesbian pornstar, she performs in quite a lot of boy/girl scenes as well and they are worth watching as she brings in a sensuous element to the rough pounding sessions. But since you are here for only her lesbian performances, there is no shortage as the cute pornstar loves fucking girls and will continue to do so for her fans all over the world.

6. Scarlett Sage

scarlett sage

I am not sure if you’ve noticed but almost all the lesbian pornstars are fucking cute and Scarlett Sage is the perfect example to prove that! The gorgeous teen started doing porn at the age of 19 and two years later, she is one of the most recognizable faces in the industry. Just one look at her is enough to know that she may look innocent but that’s far from the truth as she is a sexually adventurous person and loves to try out new positions when it comes to fucking. She may have a few boy/girl scenes where she shows off her blowjob and deepthroat skills, but she really shines when she’s paired opposite another cute starlet. And if you’ve got a MILF fetish and love lesbian porn, then you’ve got to watch her videos because she is almost always paired with a mature women who dominates her completely in the scenes!

5. Jayden Cole

jayden cole

Girls who enjoy fucking other girls are insanely hot and Jayden Cole proves that statement with just her presence alone. The fiery redhead has fucked more women in her decade long career than you or I ever could in our entire lives, and all the women she’s fucked have experienced intense orgasms from all the fingering, licking and scissoring! Seeing the girls achieve orgasms is really hot and that speaks a lot about Jayden Cole. The gorgeous babe is blessed with a stunning figure and she’s got perfect boobs and ass to compliment her body structure; so it’s no surprise that she would get a chance to taste different pussies in her videos or get her twat licked licked by a young girl!

4. Shyla Jennings

shyla jennings

I am just going to say it clearly, Shyla Jennings is one of the best lesbian pornstars of all time and not just that, she’s also one of the cutest women in porn at the moment. Being an exclusive girl-on-girl performer has allowed this brunette pornstar to work with the sexiest women in the industry. I mean, she’s slept with women from all age groups – from teenagers to MILFs – and she’s enjoyed every minute of it. And with more than a decade of experience to fall back on, she always delivers the best content for her fans and makes sure that we enjoy seeing her explore every inch of her partner’s body. But she can be submissive at times as well, when paired with a dominating MILF, and those videos are even more arousing to watch.

3. Jelena Jensen

jelena jensen

If you love watching mature women in lesbian scenes where they take control of the situation and dominate the younger pornstars, then you definitely want to see the videos featuring Jelena Jensen. She has been in the industry for a long time, and even before she made her porn debut, she worked as a spokesmodel for several adult companies at porn conventions. So, when she finally made the jump and became a mainstream pornstar, porn lovers all over the world jumped in joy. Over a decade later, she is still as stunning as she was back in her younger days and it won’t be a stretch to say that she’s only gotten better at what she does. Her big natural tits, her curvy figure, her round and juicy ass and her stunning face all make her the complete package; and she’s someone who knows how to take control and fuck their partners to gift them a pulsating orgasm which makes her scenes even hotter!

2. Darcie Dolce

darcie dolce

This smoking hot brunette is one of the best, and most popular, lesbian pornstars of all time and she has proven that by featuring in hundreds of videos in the past few years. Darcie Dolce looks stunning, has a gorgeous face and a perfect body, and her big natural tits deserve all the attention in the world. I do like watching lesbian porn videos, but there is a part of me that wants to see this busty brunette with a dick in her mouth. But that’s not going to happen, at least not on camera, because she is a girl-on-girl goddess and will probably remain that way for her entire career.

1. Malena Morgan

malena morgan

There’s no denying that Malena Morgan is one of the most gorgeous pornstars to ever work in the adult industry, and even after retiring from porn a long time ago, her popularity hasn’t gone down in the slightest. She made her porn debut back in 2011 and was featured in some of the hottest lesbian videos of the past decade. Her performances were always sensuous and erotic, and not like the rough pounding you see today. Standing at 5’8″ in height, her slender frame with long legs and a beautiful face make her look like a goddess. Plus, she was blessed with a tight and juicy butt and a great set of natural tits that only alleviated her sex appeal. So, if you are ever craving some hot girl-on-girl action, I suggest you look up her videos because you won’t be disappointed at all!

Who Are Your Favorite Lesbian Pornstars?

We all know that porn industry has thousands of sexy babes, with several hundreds of them making their debut each month. So, it’s only natural that I missed on a few pornstars in this list because they may have debuted after the list went live. But, I am going to keep the list updated, so if you think that your favorite girl should be on this list, then do drop your comments below.

Also, let me know your feedback on my list of the best lesbian pornstars of 2019! I really love all these babes and really enjoy watching their videos; but if you have any suggestions to share, then let me know because I would love to watch videos featuring new babes!


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