Top 30: Hottest Thick and Curvy Pornstars of 2020

Since different people have different kinks and fetishes that turn them on, there are different nooks and crannies in the porn industry that everyone can explore! While we all have our own personal perferences, we can all agree that curvy pornstars are too damn hot and we all love to watch them getting fucked on screen as the abundance of them in the industry is proof enough of their popularity. I’ve already covered flat chested pornstars in another list and since it mostly contained teenagers, the curvy pornstars list is filled with mature women and MILFs!

There was a time when people all over the world started considering thin girls to be the epitome of beauty. The slimmer the waist, the hotter they were! Thankfully, I wasn’t one of them as I always liked girls who didn’t have bones visible on their bodies and the adult industry was also one of the place that didn’t have that standard when it came to pornstars, because the top pornstars have always been on the curvier side. Also, if you think that chubby & BBW pornstars can be considered thick, then you are wrong because the curvy and thick pornstars have a comparatively slimmer waist, with less fat near their belly area, and well-proportioned boobs and ass that gives them an hourglass figure. With that being said, let’s give you the list of the best curvy babes in the porn industry that you should definitely watch out for this year!

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Best Curvy Pornstars of 2020

31. Mary Jean

mary jean

Latina babes are often blessed with a voluptuous body and a high sex drive that they take pride in, and Mary Jean is no different. She is not just blessed with a gorgeous face, but she’s also a stunning figure with the best curves which look even better with her perfectly rounded big breasts. However, it’s her round, thick and juicy booty that attracts all your attention. She knows that she’s got a great butt, the porn directors know that she’s got a great butt and her co-stars know it too which is the reason why you can often see her riding cowgirl where she could flaunt her perfect ass while twerking non-stop on the dick. These are a few reasons why it wasn’t a hard decision for me to feature her on this particular list.

30. Skylar Snow

skylar snow

People often think of ebony babes or Latinas when they think of thick booties, but that’s just a misconception as there are several white girls as well who have been blessed with the perfect behind, and Skylar Snow is one of them! Now, she’s not just got a thick butt, but she’s also got a voluptuous body with huge natural tits, and that’s why she’s one of the best curvy pornstars according to me. And it’s not just her physical appearance that’s good because her performances are stunning as well. I personally love seeing her deepthroating big cocks, but I can’t ignore her being fucked because her boobs keep bouncing all over the place as she’s pounded mercilessly.

29. Kagney Linn Karter

kagney linn karter

Kagney Linn Karter is the epitome of curvy babes and also one of the few famous pornstars with fake, yet gorgeous tits. The blonde babe has amazing curves, a gorgeous face and has proven to be quite a talented performer as she’s been in the industry for almost than a decade now. Over the years, she’s done almost all kinds of scenes for her fans including hardcore anal scenes as well as interracial scenes. However, I personally don’t care what, or where, she’s performing as long as I get to see her perfect body and her beautiful tits!

28. Phoenix Marie

phoenix marie

Here’s yet another busty pornstar that, I am sure, everyone will be aware of and must have jacked off at least once to. Phoenix Marie is not just one of the best curvy pornstars, but she’s also slowly becoming one of the hottest MILFs as she’s getting paired up with younger talent more often. And thanks to her tall stature, she can easily dominate the young kinds, both guys and girls, in her scenes and give us a dominatrix feel. In fact, there are quite a few of her scenes already where she shows her dominating side, and the guys that she’s paired up with have no choice but to obey her commands and fuck all her holes the way she orders to. There’s a ton of content featuring this busty blonde pornstar as she’s been in the porn industry for a very long time and has also been one of the most active pornstars the industry’s ever got!

27. Natasha Nice

natasha nice

What I wouldn’t give to hold those gorgeous breasts in my hand, or better yet, suck on them for as long as I want! Natasha Nice has been one of my favorites for a long time, and I only want to see her doing more and more porn that I can watch whenever I want. She has become a fine MILF as she’s been blessed with a curvy figure that supports her massive knockers and her round booty. Being one of the biggest names in the industry, the French pornstar has worked with all the top studios and performed in all kinds of porn, ranging from anal to interracial and lesbian to double penetration videos!

26. Angel Wicky

angel wicky

If you want to succeed in your career as a pornstar, then it’s important that you have an innate love for sex and totally enjoy doing it all the time. If not, then there’s no way you are going last even a year in the industry. However, most of the pornstars love having sex and Angel Wicky is the perfect example of what you should aspire to be! This gorgeous Czech porn starlet is an exhibitionist who loves flaunting her juicy curves for people, and she gets horny just by thinking of the people who might be jerking off to her huge natural tits. And she’s not doing porn for the money, but because she actually loves being fucked and what’s a better place than the porn industry to be able to fuck whoever you want and whenever you want without any judgements. So, make sure you check out this thick pornstar if you haven’t already because her years of experience has made her extremely skilled in the art of fucking!

25. Alison Tyler

alison tyler

Alison Tyler is yet another sweetheart who not only performed in some of the most memorable scenes over the years, but is one of the few pornstars who seem to genuinely enjoy having sex on camera. She’s not just curvy, but also one of the tallest pornstars and she seems to enjoy playing the dominatrix in her scenes as she has done quite a few where she dominates petite teen pornstars who are on the shorter side, and it was really hot to watch! She has even done quite a good number of femdom videos that you might enjoy watching. She has done both lesbian videos as well as a huge number of hardcore scenes over the years which has allowed her to work with the top studios in the industry and alongside the best talents.

24. Ivy Lebelle

ivy lebelle

When I wrote this list originally, I didn’t mention Ivy Lebelle here and I don’t really recall why I did so. However, I have corrected my mistake this year and have finally added her in this list for good. I have been seeing her porn videos often since the past couple of months, and the way she’s performing with all the best performers and for the top studios is just mesmerizing. She has done all kinds of porn – be it lesbian scenes, interracial scenes, gangbang scenes, blowbang scenes, anal scenes and even double penetration scenes – and she’s fucking awesome in all of them. And when you combine her sexual prowess by her gorgeous she looks, you get a pornstar whose videos you’ll watch as soon as they are released. I am pretty sure that you might already be following her; but if you don’t, then do it right now because she’s one of the kinkiest pornstars right now!

23. Moriah Mills

moriah mills

Moriah Mills has not been in the industry for as long as most of the babes mentioned on this list because she made her debut in 2017, so she can still be considered as one of the newest pornstars in the industry. However, she’s got the curves to compete with some of the top babes and she has proven that she’s here to stay by performing in some really hot videos. At the moment, she’s only performed with a few studios and doesn’t have many scenes to her name, but you’ve got to admit that the busty ebony babe looks seriously stunning. Although, she has got a lot of work done on her body, which is clearly evident, she can be considered as one of the hottest curvy pornstars because she’s got the curves at the right places!

22. Lena Paul

lena paul

Lena Paul is one of the most versatile pornstars that have graced the adult industry in a long time because the busty babe has worked with almost every other pornstar and almost all the top studios in the industry in a relatively short time. She’s not only got the perfect curves, but she has also got other features like huge natural tits, a gorgeous face with a seductive smile, a great ass and of course, an almost insatiable hunger for sex. Not only has she performed in lesbian scenes, she has also done some pretty hardcore stuff like anal, interracial anal, gangbang, ass-to-mouth, double penetration and double anal penetration, creampies as well as anal creampies, and hopefully, there’s even more to come in the future!

21. Bridgette B

bridgette b

The Latina pornstar has become a go-to option when it comes to MILF fucking younger talents and we’d have it no other way. Bridgette B has been in the industry for a long time as she went from a teen pornstar to a mature pornstar, and now she has become the MILF pornstar that everyone wants to be with. If you have a look at her current filmography, you are going to find a ton of scenes where she’s either playing the step-mom, the busty neighbor, or the friend’s hot mom and she’s perfect for those roles. Blessed with a seductive face that looks even good with a dick in her mouth, those heavenly tits that you’d want in your hands and of course, her perfect pussy and asshole that you could only dream of fucking, she’s easily one of the best curvy pornstars of the year you should know of!

20. Jasmine James

jasmine james

It’s a shame that she is no longer doing porn because it’s really a waste of her potential and her massive jugs that everyone wanted to see. Jasmine James had been in the industry for around 6 years during which she did only a handful of scenes, but all of her scenes were amazing. With a curvy body, huge round tits and her different hair colors (I loved both the purple hair as well as the red hair), she quickly became a top choice for playing mature pornstars. Unfortunately, she didn’t have a lot of variety in her scenes because she’s not done any anal, DP scene, creampie or anything else other than the regular stuff, and we’re not going to get anymore either unless she decides to make a comeback.

19. LaSirena69


LaSirena69 made her porn debut last year and in just a few months, she has performed in several dozen porn videos already. And it’s not just that she has done only a single genre of porn because she has explored several genres and shot anal scenes, lesbian scenes, VR scenes as well as creampie scenes ever since her debut. However, I have to admit that I am more attracted to her body than her performances because just look at how perfect she looks! She’s a gorgeous pornstar as she is blessed with a stunning figure and she’s got big enhanced tits that you’d want to fondle and suck for hours. Also, she’s the proud owner of a thick and juicy booty that gives her the curves that earned her a spot on this list.

18. Payton Preslee

payton preslee

I’ll admit that I have only watched a couple of her videos but I decided to feature her as one of the top curvy pornstars of the year after I saw her picture. I mean, Payton Preslee is so fucking curvy that I didn’t even feel the need to watch how she performs in a scene. She’s got a face and body that’s been made to seduce guys and girls alike, and her massive gorgeous boobs are just a sight to behold. They are fake, but they don’t look fake as they are soft and really jiggle too much when she’s receiving an intense fucking. Moving down, we come to her thick, round ass that looks so good that she prefers being fucked in doggystyle position. She’s one of the newest pornstars, so make sure to check out her already released videos and keep an eye out on her upcoming scenes because believe me, you’ll not want to miss them!

17. Assh Lee

assh lee

If you are a fan of watching big butts swaying with a huge dick digging deep in the tight asshole, then you need to check out Assh Lee’s videos! The gorgeous Spanish pornstar is known for her anal scenes and has done several of them during her long career. She is truly curvy with a gorgeous figure, a perfect set of fake tits and an ass big enough the hide even the biggest of dicks. Plus, she can twerk better than the professionals which makes her scenes even hotter as she puts her hips to work while fucking. But her boobs and ass are not the only things that you’ll notice because she’s got a plump and juicy lips that look even more hot when wrapped around a throbbing cock, and she can do a little seduction routine by dancing around and twerking to get you in the mood before dropping down on her knees!

16. Romi Rain

romi rain

If you are looking for a perfect body type with all the curves at the right places and in proper proportions, then Romi Rain is the one you should be looking at! The inked pornstar looks stunning with her seductive expressions, and her voluptuous figure that supports her huge breasts and a massive ass. Although the mature babe started with lesbian scenes, she soon began performing in hardcore scenes and has done almost all kinds of porn in her long career including anal scenes, double penetration and interracial scenes, creampie scenes and more. And she is still shooting porn scenes regularly and give us more content to watch and fap to!

15. Karlee Grey

karlee grey

I have a few pornstars that are my favorites because when I want to watch a good scene, I always check out if they’ve done something new and if not, I’ll just watch some of their old videos. Karlee Grey is one of them because she looks cute and adorable, but also fucking hot and slutty at the same time. She’s one of the teen pornstars in the industry right now, and I really want her to keep working and transform into a MILF over the course of her career. She has been blessed with a curvy figure and her all-natural tits are perfect, both in shape and size; and I just can’t help but stare at them when she’s getting fucked and the tits bounce up and down with every stroke. So if you’ve not watched her videos, I suggest you look up her filmography because it’s filled with gems!

14. Kristina Shannon

kristina shannon

Kristina Shannon, along with her equally curvy sister, Karissa Shannon, made her debut last year and shot a couple of scenes, but now there’s complete radio silence from her side. I am not really sure if she’s left the industry so soon or she’s just taking a break, but I do hope it’s the latter. The blonde bombshell is too damn hot and too damn slutty to not be in the porn industry; and after seeing her performances, I truly want to see just how hardcore she can get. She’s really good at fucking, be it with a male or a female pornstar, and she has the potential to become one of the best. Moreover, she is blessed with a truly voluptuous body and her giant pair of fake tits look really good on her curvy frame; and she’s got a massive ass as well that deserves a good spanking.

13. Cassidy Banks

cassidy banks

I have said it once before on this website and I am going to say it again, ebony pornstars have totally awesome body type which is capable of making all the other girls jealous. I don’t know if it’s just the girls in the porn industry or all over the world, but these ebony babes seem to blessed with monster curves. Cassidy Banks is the cream of the crop as she’s got a gorgeous face, a curvy figure, an amazing ass and huge natural breasts. She’s also one of the most bankable girls in porn as she has performed in some really great scenes over the years where she has demonstrated how much she loves to fuck. But it seems that she has slowed down a bit as she’s not doing as many videos as she used to do, and I really hope that changes this year!

12. Anissa Kate

anissa kate

If you love to see tight assholes getting stretched by dicks of all shapes and sizes, then you should check out Anissa Kate as she is one of the best anal pornstars. I don’t watch a lot of porn videos featuring this busty babe; but when I want to watch a good anal scene, I make sure to check out her recent work. She seems to love getting her asshole destroyed as she began her porn career with an anal scene and has mostly performed anal throughout her career including scenes featuring double penetration, ass to mouth, anal creampie and more. Apart from all these super hardcore stuff, she seems to like fucking girls as well because she does lesbian porn too during which she gives her asshole the rest it deserves before the next session of intense anal pounding!

11. Victoria Cakes

victoria cakes

I was a little conflicted with adding Victoria Cakes to this list because I couldn’t decide if she would fit here or in the BBW category, but I then decided to feature her as one of the best curvy pornstars. This gorgeous pornstar has been in the industry since 2016, but I only got to know about her when she did a scene for Brazzers last year. However, I am glad that I got to know about her and her legendary ass, which is consider as one of the biggest asses in the industry, and got to watch her videos. I really like watching her videos because her thick and curvy figure gives her a dominating aura that allows her complete control over any porn scene. And, she’s also performing with younger pornstars, who are naturally scrawny, and it’s really hot to see her crush them with her huge ass by sitting on their faces. So, if you are like a little hardcore action along with tons of dominating ass-play, then check out her videos!

10. Karen Fisher

karen fisher

If you are a veteran porn watcher, then I am sure that you know about Karen Fisher as she’s one of the OG MILF of the industry. The gorgeous pornstar made her debut back in 2002 and is still doing scenes, though only a handful each year. Even though she is not as active as some other pornstars, there are still hundreds of videos available featuring her that you can watch right now. She started her career with stripping and modeling before moving on to the mainstream porn industry. And by shooting tons of videos, sucking on hundreds of huge dicks and being fucked by the top pornstars have imbued her with the experience and skills that will make you cum within seconds.

9. Aryana Adin

aryana adin

Aryana Adin is one of the thickest pornstars right now, and one of my favorites! She has been in the porn industry since 2009, but she took a few years off and made a strong comeback in 2018. Ever since then, she has performed in some of the hottest videos, although the frequency is a bit on the lower side. But I am not complaining as I can watch her videos multiple times and not get tired of watching her getting fucked. She was born to be a sex symbol and thanks to her set of massive natural boobs, an equally big ass and a never-ending thirst for sex lead her to the world of porn, she has achieved title! It’s really hot to watch her videos, and you won’t even want to skip any bits, because she’s really good at giving blowjobs, her massive tits are perfect for a stunning tit-job and there’s no better sight than watching her boobs bouncing and her ass jiggling with every intense stroke. So, make sure you watch her new videos as soon as they are released, and check out her older ones right now if you haven’t already!

8. Alura Jenson

alura jenson

If you are into MILFs and fantasize about being with them where they completely dominate you with their strong sexual desires, then you definitely want to watch Alura Jenson! The bodacious babe is known for her insatiable hunger for sex that is clearly visible in all her porn scenes as she takes control of the situation and completely dominates her partners. As such, she is often paired with younger performers – both male and female – who have a tough time keeping up with his sex-loving MILF. Even though she’s quite old, she’s one of the fittest babes in the industry as she works out regularly to keep her tummy toned, her ass perky and her body as tight as possible!

7. Lisa Ann

lisa ann

There’s no one who wouldn’t know about this particular pornstar because people who say they don’t watch porn have a lot of “study material” stashed away in the obscure corners of their computers that no one, but them, can access! So, yeah, everyone knows who Lisa Ann is because everyone has jacked off while watching her videos. She’s one of the hottest pornstars of all time and even after retiring from porn, she came back because she loves fucking and it would be a waste of her talents otherwise. I don’t know if you’ve noticed; but she’s a lot fitter than she was before and her fake boobs also look quite good compared to the mess they were before she retired. But, putting aside all those small details, we’ve got the queen of porn back and she’s brought along all the hardcore action we’ve missed in her absence!

6. Autumn Falls

autumn falls

Here’s yet another “barely legal” pornstar who made her porn debut in 2018 and she’s one of the girls who knew that they want to become a pornstar and did so as soon as they could! Autumn Falls was born in 2000, which makes her only 18 when she debuted in the porn industry. And by looking at the pace she’s been working in the past couple of months, she’s not here to just stay and be just another pornstar but become the best of the best as she’s been working with the top studios and fucking the biggest pornstars right now. Also, the fact that she’s fucking gorgeous, has a curvy body with huge natural tits and a firm, round ass are all contributing factors in her rising popularity!

5. Missy Martinez

missy martinez

Just look at the photo above and mention one thing that’s wrong with this busty babe! Missy Martinez has got one of the hottest bodies in the world, not just the adult industry, and there’s no argument you can make to convince me otherwise. The American pornstar has been working for almost a decade and has given us some really memorable scenes. And the fact that she’s got a gorgeous face and a voluptuous body that’s capable of supporting those huge, round knockers makes her one of the best MILFs that you’d want to fuck. Now that you’ve seen her, I am sure that you will have no choice but picture her in your fantasies with her boobs wrapped around your unrealistically large dick!

4. Julie Cash

julie cash

Does a 40-inch booty make you thick? How about a 40-inch booty and massive 36D tits? No. Then what do you think about thick thighs and a voluptuous figure? And when you combine all of these physical traits, don’t you think that it will make you look curvy and thick as fuck? It absolutely will, and that’s the reason why Julie Cash is one of the best curvy pornstars right now! This bodacious babe is capable of taking the biggest dicks like a champion. She can not only just deepthroat a male pornstar’s huge cock but also stroke it with her tits, put it in her tight pussy and ride it while being anally fucked. I have only seen a handful of her recent videos, and I am already a fan of that thick booty of hers, but I am catching up on her older scenes and I urge you to do the same if you are a fan of curvy pornstars too!

3. Angela White

angela white

If you’ve been to the other lists I’ve published on this site, then you’d know that I absolutely love Angela White. She’s not only one of the hottest pornstars of all time, but also someone who loves to do different kinds of things including anal, double-penetration, creampie and she recently even fucked a transgender pornstar as well. It’s amazing to see her push the boundaries of the things she can do and what do we get in return, we get to see her hot curvy body in full display as she’s fucked in multiple positions, and by multiple men in some instances. Trust me when I say this, you need to watch her videos because no matter how many of her videos you watch, you’re not going to get bored at all and will definitely end up jacking off every single time to this brunette pornstar!

2. Ava Addams

ava addams

Considered as one of the sexiest MILF pornstars, this busty babe also has one of the best bodies in the industry! I am sure that a lot of you might prefer watching young babes with slim figure getting fucked and dominated, but there’s a huge section of guys (and girls) who fantasize of being with a mature woman. And Ava Addams is the ultimate embodiment of that mature babe that you’d want to fuck, or get fucked by! It’s hard to guess, but she’s got fake boobs that look so natural that they are my favorite pair of tits in the industry. She’s been in doing porn for almost a decade now, and has worked with the top studios to give us some of the best porn videos to watch and fap to!

1. Sheridan Love

sheridan love

Finally, we’ve saved the best for the last! Sheridan Love is undoubtedly one of the best curvy pornstars of the year and I am sure you won’t be able to argue with me after seeing the above picture. The reason why she’s so fucking curvy is because she’s quite short in height, in fact, she’s also one of the shortest pornstars right now. Standing at just 4’11”, this busty MILF is able to make her hourglass figure look ever more curvy. And the fact that she’s got a huge ass and one of the biggest pair of tits in porn, she definitely deserves to be on the first place. She has a lot of lesbian videos, as she only performed opposite girls early on in her career, but she started doing a ton of hardcore porn as well!

Who Are Your Favorite Curvy Pornstars of 2020?

So, that was my list of the best curvy babes in the porn industry and I am sure that you must be having a list of your own as well if you like a voluptuous figure! Since there are thousands of pornstars active right now, I must have definitely overlooked some really good ones. If that’s the case, and you think someone else deserves to be on the list, then do let me know your recommendations in the comments section below. Also, share the post with your friends and help us make these hottest curvy pornstars list the best list on the internet!

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