There’s an abundance of brunette pornstars in the porn industry and you can find them instantly on all the porn websites. If you are one of the men who prefer dark black hair over blonde, then this list is going to help you out in finding the sexiest girls with black hair that are currently active in the industry. Since there are always new girls who make their debut in porn, the number of pornstars keep growing and it makes sense to make a list featuring the hottest brunette pornstars, not just for you but also for my own reference in case I want to watch their videos. And since we’ve already made a list of blonde pornstars and redhead pornstars, it was only natural to come up with this list of brunette babes.

Since black hair is much more common than blonde hair, it wasn’t easy to come up with the following list as there are several pornstars with black hair in the industry. This means that it was extremely tough for me to choose the brunette pornstars that ended up in this article; but I think I did a great job considering everything. Before we begin the list, you should know that we have only listed the girls who are still active in the porn industry and still releasing new porn videos, on porn websites or their own personal websites, and so you won’t be seeing the retired pornstars no matter how popular they are. So, go through the entire list and once you are done, let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions to make it even better.

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26. Desiree Dulce

desiree dulce brunette pornstars

I only got to know about her quite recently because she started performing for Brazzers, but it seems that she made her porn debut back in 2017 and only did a few scenes, following with just a single scene in 2018. However, she seems determined to change that because she has more scenes this year than the previous years combined which means that she’s finally becoming more active and doing regular porn shoots. And that’s how it should be because Desiree Dulce looks fucking hot, I mean just look at her body! She’s got a stunning figure, which is as tight as they come and she’s got a gorgeous butt as well. Before becoming a pornstar, she tried out camming for a brief while; but thankfully she decided to enter the industry and I think that was an amazing decision. So, keep an eye out on this stunning babe because she’s definitely going to do a lot of porn, with a lot of studios, this year and hopefully, for many more years to come!

25. Emily Willis

emily willis

There are a ton of young pornstars in the industry and since most of them have petite bodies, they are best suited for submissive roles where their partners take all the control and give them a rough pounding they’ve been longing for! Emily Willis is one such teen performers who have rose to fame more quickly than most of the other girls who made their debut along side her. The cute starlet has a slender body with long legs, she’s got a flat chest, but that doesn’t really matter, and she’s got cute looks, and she looks even cuter when she dresses up in a schoolgirl uniform and sets her hair in pigtails! However, don’t let her innocent looks fool you because she’s one of the sluttiest girls in the industry and loves to suck on big dicks and deepthroat them until she’s gagging for breath. Plus, she’s got a tight pussy and an even tighter asshole, but it doesn’t matter because she can stretch both her holes to their limits and take on the biggest of dicks with ease.

24. Chanel Preston

chanel preston

Chanel Preston is one of the greatest porn performers of all time and she has an award for the “Most Outrageous Sex Scene” to prove that statement. The gorgeous brunette has said on multiple occasions that she’s capable of taking everything you throw at her and she has proven that statement in almost all of her porn videos. She’s been blessed with a gorgeous body with all-natural curves, and her stunning boobs and a round ass make her the perfect pornstar that everyone of us fantasize about. Moreover, she is as hardcore a performer as you’d like because she not only loves doing normal boy/girl scenes, but she actually prefers wild bondage and submission scenes or getting gangbanged with half a dozen huge cocks. She’s also one of the few girls who have fucked two of the biggest black cocks in the industry, and both of those scenes with anal which proves just how wild, and horny, she can be. So, there shouldn’t be any disagreements when I say that she is one of the best brunette pornstars because you won’t find any porn video of hers where she looks bored, rather she would take everything like a champ and still want more of the hardcore pounding!

23. Kendra Spade

kendra spade

Kendra Spade made her debut in 2017 and she cemented herself as one of the most hardcore performers in the industry in just a few months. This gorgeous Asian pornstar loves a rough fucking because she has done more anal scenes in her career than any other kind of porn. Apart from various anal performances like ass-to-mouth and rough anal pounding, she also enjoys big black cocks a lot as she’s done quite a lot of interracial scenes as well. And thanks to her all-natural looks and a stunning figure along with her small, perky and soft boobs and a gorgeous ass, she has managed to earn quite a large following and I am sure that we will be seeing more of her hardcore porn videos for years to come because otherwise, a lot of people will be disappointed.

22. Sheridan Love

sheridan love

If you love curvy pornstars and love watching porn videos featuring voluptuous babes instead of the petite teenagers, that are in abundance in the industry right now, then you would have already watched a lot of videos featuring Sheridan Love because she is one of the best performers right now! With a truly curvy figure, which looks even curvier thanks to her short height, her huge natural tits with pierced nipples and her big, round ass, she quickly became quite popular in the adult industry. It’s always a great experience to watch her get fucked in multiple positions and since she’s relatively big compared to her male partners, she ends up dominating the screen space and there’s nothing I want to change about that. Seeing her huge boobs and huge ass bounce in every direction with every stroke while she’s getting pounded is truly a sight to behold because she is someone who only a few lucky guys can fuck!

21. Victoria June

victoria june

I personally prefer natural tits, but that doesn’t mean that I am completely against fake tits because I actually do love them if they look good. Victoria June definitely has one of the most gorgeous fake tits in the industry because they are huge, they are round and soft and they look so good on her voluptuous body. Moreover, this slutty pornstar is also blessed with a huge, round ass that she loves to shake and twerk while sitting on a big cock. I have watched a lot of her porn videos and I am a huge fan of her tit-fucking sessions because there’s no way she wouldn’t bury a big dick between her tits and try to make it cum; and it would be a shame to not suck on a cock when you’ve got plump, and succulent, lips like hers because she looks so fucking hot when she’s got a fat dick in her mouth!

20. Adriana Chechik

adriana chechik

If you haven’t watched the porn videos featuring Adriana Chechik, then you are missing out the roughest, kinkiest, the most hardcore and sloppiest performances ever! This gorgeous babe is not just considered one of the top brunette pornstars in the industry for nothing and the popularity that she enjoys is hard earned because she has done some of the best porn shoots in recent years. She’s been blessed with a tight and fuckable body, with perky natural tits and a gorgeous butt, and she also has such a huge sexual appetite that she ended up performing in more than a 100 scenes within one year after her porn debut. She had done all kinds of porn – hardcore gangbangs, anal scenes including ass-to-mouth, double penetration, triple penetration, double anal penetration and more – and she’s always pushing the boundaries on what kind of performances she can give. So, if you love watching the most hardcore porn videos, then you definitely need to have a look at this stunning brunette!

19. Alina Lopez

alina lopez

Even though she is one of the sexiest newcomers in the porn industry, Alina Lopez has quickly rose to the top and amassed a huge following among porn watchers all over the world in a very short time! The gorgeous pornstar has been blessed with a stunning figure with a gorgeous face, natural tits that are just perfect, a tight and round butt and she also possesses a really long tongue that she uses to her advantage while she is licking and tongue-fucking on her partner’s vagina. This petite babe has done a lot of lesbian scenes, but she’s also quite fond of hardcore performances as she loves bending down and sucking on the biggest dicks with ease before spreading her legs to receive a hardcore pounding that will make her moan in pleasure. So, if you love watching petite pornstars that love to get fucked in different kinds of ways, then you should check out her porn videos!

18. Lana Rhoades

lana rhoades

She may have been raised in a religious household, but that didn’t stop Lana Rhoades from secretly satisfying her sexual urges. She began her career as a stripper but soon made her debut in the porn industry and found her calling because she finally got to do what she loved the most, which was fuck as much as she wanted! Being a gymnast and a cheerleader, she had the flexibility needed to have sex in multiple positions and she used it to her full advantage. With a gorgeous figure, icy-blue eyes and stunning looks, huge and round tits and one of the best asses in porn, this brunette babe quickly became one of the hottest pornstars in the industry. She was always gorgeous, but she underwent a huge makeover recently where she got her tits enhanced to look more fuller and got her ass enhanced as well; and yet she looks incredible. However, I still prefer what she looked like earlier in her career because of her all-natural looks!

17. Autumn Falls

autumn falls

Autumn Falls made her porn debut only last year and you can tell that she loves having sex from the fact that she entered the porn industry as soon as she turned 18. She may not look that young compared to other pornstars her age, but she’s actually one of the youngest performers and has become the most sought-after talents in the short time she’s been active. The reason for this must be her gorgeous, and voluptuous, body with huge natural tits and a big, round butt; and of course her performances because she has become one of the most active pornstars. She has worked with almost all the top studios in the industry, and performed along side all the popular male and female pornstars in less than a year. And being a Latina pornstar, it’s only natural for her to get all the attention she’s getting because there’s no doubt n my mind that she will soon become one of the greatest pornstars of all time!

16. Dana DeArmond

dana dearmond

If you love watching porn featuring the roughest and kinkiest action, something that pushes the limits of the body and shows you something that you didn’t expect, then you would want to check out all the porn scenes that Dana DeArmond has done in her long career! This gorgeous babe has been active in the industry since 2004 and has done almost all kinds of porn, from hardcore anal scenes to sensuous lesbian scenes, which is why I consider her to be one of the best brunette pornstars. She has a gorgeous body and she loves to show it off as she strips every piece of clothing to reveal her smooth, milky-white flesh, her big and beautiful tits and her gorgeous butt. She admits that she’s got a higher sex drive than most people and she is also open to a lot of things as you can see in her porn videos because this MILF pornstar has done double penetration scenes, interracial scenes, hardcore BDSM scenes along with anal fisting, gangbangs, ass to mouth scenes, creampie scenes, double anal penetration and more. So, she may be one of the most gorgeous women in porn industry, but she’s also one of the kinkiest pornstars that you should definitely know about!

15. Gia Paige

gia paige

Gia Paige made her porn debut back in 2015 and immediately grabbed the attention of the top porn producers because of her cute looks. Before she became a pornstar, she was just like any other regular girl working at the pizzeria but her ravenous appetite for sex soon pulled her to the world of porn because she was already shagging off a lot of guys so it would be better if she got paid to do what she loved to do the most. That’s how this gorgeous babe made her way to the porn industry and quickly amassed a huge following thanks to her epic blowjob skills and her ability to accommodate the biggest of dicks in her tight holes with ease. She was quite petite in her early days in porn, with cute little tits and a bubble butt; but right now, she’s put on some weight and became more curvy and her tits have also gotten quite bigger and her ass is also grown in size. But the quality of her performances haven’t gone down one bit as she’s taking dicks like a champ even now!

14. Marley Brinx

marley brinx

People from Canada may be known all over the world as some of the most polite people, but that doesn’t mean they also have to be really timid when it comes to sex. Marley Brinx is one of the best examples to give when talking about a horny slut because this gorgeous pornstar loves sex more than anything and would love to fuck every waking minute of her life. Ever since her debut in the porn industry a few years back, she’s blowing up and getting more and more popular with every passing day and there are a lot of reasons for her success. For starters, she looks fucking gorgeous and she’s been blessed with a petite figure with small, perky tits and a tight round butt. Plus, she loves hardcore sex more than anything which is the reason why she prefers rough anal fucking over anything else. So, if you want to watch the Canadian pornstars getting all rough and hardcore in porn, then you need to check out this brunette babe right now!

13. Gia Dimarco

gia dimarco brunette pornstars

If you love watching hot pornstars getting all tied up and fucked hard into submission, then you are going to love watching Gia Dimarco as she completely gives control over to her partner so that they can do as they please with her body! There’s no reason why she shouldn’t be one of the top brunette pornstars because she’s been in the industry for a long time and has been featured in some of the sexiest BDSM porn scenes. She’s done all kinds of hardcore porn including anal scenes as well as gangbang scenes, but her bondage scenes are the ones you need to watch. In some scenes, she’s the mistress who dominates her male, and female, partners and spanks them, whips them and tortures them as she pleases; while in some scenes, she’s the submissive girl who gets tied up by her partner so that he can explore all her holes and make her writhe in painful pleasure!

12. Ariella Ferrera

ariella ferrera

There’s no doubt in my mind that Latina women have been blessed with insanely good looks because I haven’t seen even one of them that I didn’t fancy. They have got everything going for them – good looks, a super hot figure with all-natural curves, big gorgeous tits and a huge, round ass – and there’s no way you’d be able to avoid their advances. There are several such women in the porn industry and Ariella Ferrera is undoubtedly one of the best ones of the lot! This gorgeous pornstar has been in the industry for a long time now and has worked alongside the best performers and shot with the top studios to give the hottest content to her fans. Whether she’s giving a blowjob or taking big dicks in her ass, she enjoys it all and she’s also said that she’ll stop doing porn when she doesn’t enjoy fucking any more. But looking at the insane sexual appetite of this Columbian pornstar, I can say that the day of her retirement is still a few years away!

11. Mandy Muse

mandy muse

It’s always arousing to watch anal porn videos because not all of us get a chance to experience what it feels like to fuck a tight asshole. So we settle down for the next best thing, which is to watch pornstars take huge cocks in their tight assholes. There are several such pornstars who love buttplay, and one of the best ones among them is Mandy Muse. She’s really cute and you wouldn’t even think that she’d be into hardcore stuff unless you see her taking her clothes off, bending down on her knees to lubricate the thick cock with her saliva and then stretching out her butt cheeks to get ready for the rough anal pounding. It’s not just luck that she’s considered as one of the top anal pornstars because most of her videos have anal action in them and it’s only natural when you have a look at her huge, round ass which is her biggest asset and everyone would love to look at it bounce up and down on a huge cock.

10. Lexi Luna

lexi luna

I am big fan of amazing tits and the moment I laid eyes on the heavenly boobs of Lexi Luna, I immediately became a fan! I mean, you just need to look at them and you’d know what I am talking about. They are perfectly round, they are firm yet soft at the same time, and they are well-proportioned to complement her body. And if you want the complete package, then prepare to be surprised. This gorgeous babe has one of the best, tightest and the most athletic bodies in the porn industry with an insane sexual appetite to match. When she’s not shooting porn and gulping down the long, fat cocks of her male co-stars, you can find her masturbating to relieve her sexual cravings or engaging in bondage and submission as a mistress. She’s also quite active on cam sites and features in a lot of amateur content on Pornhub as well, apart from doing a ton professional porn, and that is more than enough to consider her as one of the sexiest brunette pornstars!

9. Osa Lovely

osa lovely

If you are into ebony pornstars because you love voluptuous bodies with smooth, creamy skin and gorgeous curves, then you are going to love Osa Lovely as well because she’s one of the best ones in the industry right now! This gorgeous brunette made her porn debut more than a decade ago but she left the industry to study, get married and open a couple of businesses; but there was nothing to satisfy her carnal desires and she soon found a way back to the world of porn. Ever since then, she’s featured in some of the best content you could watch including gangbang scenes and hardcore anal scenes. If you ask me what I love about her then I would say that I am a big fan of her huge tits, which are fake yet round, firm and beautiful and her huge, round ass that she can twerk while sitting on a big dicks!

8. Natalie Brooks

natalie brooks brunette pornstars

Don’t get fooled by her innocent looks and cute smile because Natalie Brooks is a natural-born slut who loves giving long and deep blowjobs. The cute pornstar made her porn debut only last year but has clearly made a name for herself as she’s worked with some of the top studios in a short time. From shooting hardcore boy/girl scenes to performing in sensuous girl/girl scenes, she’s done everything and she’s recently started doing more hardcore stuff as she’s done interracial as well as creampie scenes. There’s no reason to not consider her as one of the best brunette pornstars because she loves to have sex and would immediately get rid of all her clothes if you give her a chance to do so!

7. Janice Griffith

janice griffith

When I first saw Janice Griffith in a porn video, I was so fucking aroused by her performance that I had to watch as many of her videos as I could in a single sitting, and I did just that. She look stunning, she’s got a petite figure with small yet perfect boobs, and she’s got a tight ass as well and her cock-sucking skills can put a lot of pornstars to shame. She wasn’t quite active in the past few years and I thought that she has retired for good from the industry, but thankfully that wasn’t the case as she’s back and has started doing porn scenes. If you like watching brunette pornstars getting fucked and enjoying each and every second of the rough treatment, then you definitely should watch her porn videos because they are amazing!

6. Missy Martinez

missy martinez

If you are a fan of big tits and round booties, and you lust after girls who are also avid gamers, then you are going to immediately fall in love with Missy Martinez! This gorgeous women is blessed with an hourglass figure, with curves in the right places, and she’s got massive breasts that require all the attention you’ve got. She’s as fond of playing games as she’s fond of hardcore sex; and when she’s not online playing her favorite games, she’s probably on all her fours getting stuffed by a huge dick and moaning in pleasure. It’s quite evident that she really, really loves to have sex as she’s always eager to bend down on her knees to give a deep blowjob or get settled in different positions for a hardcore fucking session!

5. Angela White

angela white

If there’s any pornstar that you can consider as the “complete” pornstar, then it’s got to be Angela White because her performances have put her a level above the rest of the women in the industry! Physically, she looks stunning as she’s got one of most voluptuous bodies in the industry and she’s been blessed with huge natural tits and a plump, round ass along with a gorgeous face that no one in their right mind could say no to. Plus, her porn videos are always of the top quality as she’s able to deepthroat the biggest of dicks with ease and get her tight pussy as well as her tight asshole fucked by them with ease. I haven’t seen her lifeless or get bored in any of her scenes because she’s always cheerful and genuinely loves the rough treatment she receives. In her long career, she has done all kinds of scenes including rough anal scenes, double penetration, interracial, creampie, lesbian scenes and even shot porn along side transgender pornstar. At the moment, she is also one of the most active performers in the industry and it’d be a shame if you didn’t watch her porn videos because they are literally the best!

4. Kissa Sins

kissa sins

You might already recognize that last name of hers because it’s associated with one of the most popular male pornstars in the industry! Kissa Sins is the real-life partner of Johnny Sins and she entered the porn industry thanks to him. In the beginning of her career, she only performed with Johnny and later started doing a lot of lesbian scenes; however, she has now decided to perform with other male pornstars as well and started shooting porn for other popular studios as well to give us some of the hottest content. There are a lot of things that make her one of the best brunette pornstars and some of them are her seductive looks, her curvy figure, her gorgeous tits and her perfect ass, which is among the best in the industry! Trust me, the moment you watch her performances – her dick-sucking skills to her anal fucking abilities – you will immediately become enamoured of her!

3. Aletta Ocean

aletta ocean

It’s not a mistake when millions of people all over the world consider Aletta Ocean as the sexiest women to grace the porn industry! If you think it is a mistake, then you haven’t watched her porn videos and if that’s the case, then you should leave everything you are doing and watch some of her best performances. This Hungarian pornstar has everything you’d want from a perfect pornstar – huge fake tits that look surprisingly good, big buttocks for the perfect POV action, gorgeous eyes, a voluptuous figure and plump dick-sucking lips. She’s done all kinds of porn in her career, but if you ask me then I would recommend you  to watch her anal porn videos as those are really hot and it’s really arousing to watch her suck hard cocks before shoving them deep into her tight asshole!

2. Rachel Starr

rachel starr

If you are looking for a pornstar that’s absolutely perfect in everything, then you won’t be able to find anyone better than Rachel Starr! This gorgeous babe made her porn debut back in 2007 and has been in hundreds of porn videos ever since. She is not showing any signs of slowing down; instead she’s becoming more and more sexually ferocious as she gets older. She’s slowly becoming a true MILF as she’s been performing alongside a lot of younger talents where she’s displaying her fucking prowess and showing just what it takes to satisfy a women. Moreover, when she’s not shooting for porn, she hits the gym to keep her figure in perfect shape and she also indulges in MMA training. Moreover, she’s got perfect breasts that complement her body type quite well, and she is also the proud owner of one of the best, and tightest, butts in the porn industry making her one of the top brunette pornstars right now!

1. Katrina Jade

katrina jade

This gorgeous pornstar has been in the industry for quite some time and I can say it with a guarantee that you won’t mind me putting it at the number one spot for the best brunette pornstars! Not only physically is she perfect, but her performances are also always of the best quality as she loves getting fucked and never once shows any dissatisfaction on camera. Katrina Jade has done almost all kinds of porn including interracial, creampie, anal, double penetration, lesbian scenes and even fucked shemale pornstars and you can be assured that she’ll continue to perform hardcore scenes for years to come. She’s been blessed with an amazing voluptuous body with seductive looks, huge natural tits and a gorgeous ass and she’s got some tattoos and piercings on her body that only enhances her overall beauty!

Who Are Your Favorite Brunette Pornstars?

So, these were some of the sexiest brunette babes in the porn industry that you should definitely know about. If you think that I made some mistake by not adding a popular pornstar, or someone who is your favorite, then do let me know about them and I’ll surely take a look. Also, I really welcome your feedback or any kind of suggestion to make the list even better and if you can share a list of your favorite brunette pornstars in the comments section below, then that would be great. So, do let me know your views and also share the article with your friends as well!


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