Top 30: The Hottest Latina Pornstars of 2020

There are several hot pornstars in the adult industry right now, but if you try to look for the hottest ones ever, then I guarantee you that you will come up with a list featuring Latina pornstars mostly! This is a fact not only because Latin girls have really hot body, with their naturally tanned skin, but they also have the best curves that you don’t find anywhere else. Plus, their attitude towards sex and how much they enjoy their fucking sessions brings a breath of fresh air as most of the porn is quite monotonous and girls don’t really seem to enjoy the pounding they are receiving. But Latina babes on the other hand love to get fucked and doesn’t shy away from exploring the depths of their sexuality.

So, if you are fan of girls who are blessed with the best physical attributes along with a love for hardcore sex, then you are going to love our list of the hottest Latina pornstars of the year. I have tried my best to put together the perfect list you could ask for featuring not only the newest but also the popular pornstars that are currently active; but if you think I missed out on your favorite girl or made some mistake, then the comments section is open for you!

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Hottest Latina Pornstars of 2020

32. Gia Milana

gia milana

Gia Milana used to be a free-spirited girl even before she made her porn debut and her love for sex has made it possible for her to establish a foothold in the industry. I absolutely love watching this gorgeous pornstar giving blowjobs to the male performers because her luscious lips look great when they are wrapped around a throbbing cock. She’s got a great figure, a gorgeous pair of fake tits that are round and firm and a tight, round butt that you can’t help but spank. So, if you enjoy watching big dicks sliding between massive titties followed by hardcore pounding sessions, then you need to watch her scenes right now!

31. Catalina Ossa

catalina ossa

Catalina Ossa is one of the new starlets in the porn industry and she also happens to be a horny babe with a love for hardcore sex. Currently, she has been featured in just a little over a dozen scenes, but she’s slowly working some of the top studios in the industry and fucking the best performers. You can see that the Colombian pornstar is blessed with a petite body and tiny perky tits, but she’s got a thick Latina booty that’s soft, round and juicy. So, make sure to check out her work and keep an eye out on this Latina performer as we are definitely going to see more of her in the coming months.

30. Violet Starr

violet starr

Violet Starr has been in the industry for some time now and you must have already seen her in several videos. The Florida native used to be a stripper that helped her pay her way through college, but she’s always been an exhibitionist and a little slut with an insatiable appetite for sex which is the reason why it didn’t take long for her to find her way to the porn industry and get a foothold in a very short time. And in the few years since her debut, she has sucked the biggest cocks and licked the wettest cunts of the top performers, and she is showing no signs of stopping as she’s now more experienced and more hungry for hardcore sex!

29. Eliza Ibarra

eliza ibarra

There’s no doubt in my mind that Eliza Ibarra is one of the sexiest Latina pornstars right now, and I am sure that she’ll soon become one of the all-time greatest and earn her place in the porn hall of fame where the entire world will know her name! I mean, this gorgeous chick is blessed with a stunning figure which is slim and toned, and she’s got beautiful tits and a perfect ass to go with it. Plus, she looks cute as fuck and has an adorable face which looks even more adorable when she smiles and show off her dimples. But you shouldn’t take her lightly just because she looks adorable because she’s got an overtly sexual nature and would deepthroat huge cocks at the drop of a hat and take them down her wet cunt without flinching even a little bit!

28. Azul Hermosa

azul hermosa

Azul Hermosa is one of the newest pornstars in the industry! She’s literally the newest girl mentioned on this list because she only has 8 scenes to her credit at the time of writing this. However, I couldn’t ignore her from this list because after watching a couple of her videos, I was completely enamored with her and I think she deserves a spot among the top Latina pornstars! Ms. Hermosa has been blessed with a banging body, gorgeous boobs and a toned booty, and is a total slut who loves going down on her knees to suck on a stranger’s cock. So, if you haven’t watched her videos, do so right now and you’ll agree with my decision to add her in this list.

27. Isis Love

isis love

Isis Love has been a smoking hot babe ever since she first appeared in a porn scene, and years of fucking and getting facials and cum-sprays all over her body has only made her even more alluring. Out of all the Latina pornstars on this list, I always go back to watch some of her older scenes because I’ve got a few favorites and I love to watch them when there’s no new content that’s up to my taste. Isis has a heavenly figure with stunning tits that almost look natural and a juicy asshole. She’s horny most of the time and slutty enough to fuck both men and women, and her love for sex is visible in all her scenes because she sucks cocks and licks cunt with equal enthusiasm!

26. Serena Santos

serena santos

When you are born and raised in Miami, lounging by the pool or tanning at the glorious beaches, you get to enjoy all the pleasures the world has to offer. Serena Santos has been quite lucky in that department as she got to spend most of her life in paradise where she got to show off her athletic body and huge tits in tiny bikinies and being slutty with all kinds of men that come to spend their youth on the beaches of Miami. So, after enjoying her time exploring the depths of her sexuality, it was only natural that she would enter the porn industry and see what she was capable of. Since she considers herself to be a party girl, and loves to fuck while getting paid for it, she has made the right decision to become a pornstar and gave us a chance to admire her gorgeous Latin body!

25. Jynx Maze

jynx maze

If you’ve been researching about the best Latina pornstars, then I am sure this particular starlet must have appeared on every single list. At first glance, Jynx Maze looks really shy and innocent but that’s a far cry from what she actually is like. Watch just one of her videos and you’ll know that she is anything but innocent because she prefers a rough pounding over sensuous love-making. She’s got a great figure with perfect natural tits, but she seems curvy too because of her big juicy butt. She’s not only eager to suck on hard cocks, but is even more eager to get down on all fours so that her partner can slide his cock in her tight asshole for a merciless drilling!

24. Ella Knox

ella knox

As soon as she made her porn debut back in 2017, she made a big impact in the industry thanks to her stunning figure and big titties. With hundreds of scenes to her name already, Ella Knox is still exploring new genres of porn as she has started performing anal scenes as well; and I am sure that more hardcore stuff like double-penetration and gangbang scenes are going to come soon. The fact that she’s got a cute face, a curvy figure with a juicy round butt and one of the biggest pair of tits in the industry has made her a favorite among porn studios.

23. Abby Lee Brazil

abby lee brazil

All you need is one look at this Brazilian bombshell to know that she’ll be the one in control if you ever manage to get her in your bed, and she’ll be the one doing all the fucking. Abby Lee Brazil just oozes sexuality, and her perfect titties are just waiting to get sucked and once she is aroused, her tight pussy will already be wet with all its juices. She’s got everything going for her, both physically and sexually, as she’ll not only suck a cock dry but also drive her partner’s soul out of his cock by her out-of-the-world riding skills. And the best part of watching her is to see her turn around and twerk her stunning ass while there’s a dick her hole holding on to dear life and just trying to last a little bit longer!

22. Alina Lopez

alina lopez

Alina Lopez became an overnight sensation after her porn debut and is currently one of the most gorgeous starlets in the industry. The petite beauty has performed in a lot of hardcore scenes like interracial and creampie scenes, but she’s yet to do an anal scene with a real cock. Thanks to her anatomically-gifted body, her perky natural tits and a juicy butt, Alina has managed to gain a huge following in a very short time and she’s still climbing the popularity ladder. Apart from being fucked by huge cocks, she also loves having sex with women which is the reason why you’ll find several videos of her fucking the best female performers in the industry and giving them explosive orgasms with just her long tongue!

21. Lela Star

lela star

I am pretty sure that you don’t need any introductions on who Lela Star is because you might have already jerked off while watching her videos! Often compared to Kim Kardashian because of her big and voluptuous figure, she’s one of the most popular Latina pornstars of the industry. She started out as a cute teenager but soon went on to make a ton of changes to her body which resulted into the epic, curvaceous babe that you see today. With perfectly round tits and one of the biggest butts in the industry, it’s hard not to get aroused especially when that big butt of hers is bouncing up and down with a big cock in her tight asshole. She is also one of the shortest pornstars right now, which also plays a part in making her look even more voluptuous.

20. Victoria June

victoria june

Everyone has their own personal kinks and fetishes, some people like petite teenagers while others prefer to go for voluptuous and mature babes. But one thing we can all agree is that we all really get turned on by busty babes like Victoria June. I don’t know what it is about her, but I feel that she radiates some kind of raw sexual energy which reduces even the studs into drooling admirers. Ever since this brunette pornstar made her debut in the industry, I have loved watching her perform for various studios and get fucked by different male performers in a multitude of positions. With a curvy figure, a set of huge fake tits, plump lips and a juicy ass, she has quickly become everyone’s favorite fuck doll!

19. Gina Valentina

gina valentina

If you thought that Latina beauties only have curvy body types, then you are dead wrong because here’s Gina Valentina who is blessed with a petite frame. This starlet made her debut in 2015, just after she turned 18, and has established herself as one of the best performers in the industry. With hundreds of scenes to her credit, including interracial, creampie, lesbian and anal scenes, the petite pornstar has proved that she’s in no way less compared to the more established pornstars. Plus, having a slender body like hers, with a small juicy butt and perky succulent tits along with a tight pussy that grips big dicks easily, doesn’t hurt her chances one bit.

18. Violet Myers

violet myers

If you are always looking for fresh faces in the industry so that you can watch new girls fucking on camera, then you need to check out Violet Myers. She made her debut in 2018, but she’s become one of the best Latina pornstars right now for me! With a gorgeous face and a cute smile, a curvy body with huge natural titties, and a big juicy butt, she’s on her way to make a huge impact in the industry. She has already performed in several videos and worked with the top porn studios, and I am hoping that she keeps shooting at a regular pace and give us new content to watch and fap to!

17. Vicki Chase

vicki chase

I initially thought that Vicki Chase was an Asian, but that was a mistake on my part because she is also among the top Latina pornstars in the industry! Vicki’s a veteran pornstar who’s been in the industry for more than a decade, and this has given her the experience to satisfy all her partners and help them achieve explosive orgasms. The gorgeous Mexican starlet has an amazing figure with 34C natural titties and a juicy ass that instantly reminds people of her Latin heritage. She’s is flexible enough to fuck in more positions that any other girl could, she can suck cocks and lick cunts better than most and she loves getting her asshole stretched to the max; and these are only a few reasons why she deserves to be on this list!

16. Ariana Marie

ariana marie

Ariana Marie is one of the few starlets who has managed to stay all-natural, despite being in the industry for some years now. I mean, her boobs and ass are as natural and juicy as they were when she shot her first scene, but I do feel that her face has changed a bit. But that’s of no consequence because she hasn’t gone overboard with anything and looks just as hot as you remember her to be! The gorgeous starlet has a petite body with small boobs and a perky butt, and has over the years performed in almost all kinds of porn scenes – from sensuous lesbian scenes that leave her squirting to hardcore anal scenes that leave her ass gaping!

15. Jenna Sativa

jenna sativa

If you are into cute babes that mesmerize you with their gorgeous looks, then Jenna Sativa is the one who’ll make you keep “cumming” back for more. The gorgeous babe is one of the best lesbian pornstars in the industry as she only performs with girls and haven’t experienced what a real dick feels like, at least not on camera! I absolutely love watching two cuties get all down and dirty with each other and if it’s someone as hot and beautiful as Jenna Sativa, then it is the best! Moreover, thanks to her Cuban origins, she’s blessed with a curvy figure, natural tits and an amazing, round ass that will make you pause the video to admire her curves.

14. Katana Kombat

katana kombat

Katana Kombat made her debut in the industry just a couple of years ago and is one of the newest babes on this list, but she is also one of the most active babes in porn as she has performed in over a 100 scenes already and the number is only increasing. The gorgeous starlet is one of my favorite Latina pornstars right now because she’s just perfect in every way. She’s been blessed with a gorgeous figure, that she keeps in shape with rigorous workouts, and she’s got stunning breasts and a beautiful ass. Plus, this Miami-born starlet looks beautiful even when she’s dressed from head to toe, but she looks even more gorgeous when she’s completely naked and looking at you with those seductive eyes of hers hoping that you’d get the clue and take out your cock so she could have a taste!

13. Lily Lane

lily lane

Lily Lane loves being a slut and when there’s no cock around her to satisfy her carnal cravings, she’ll whip out her trusty dildo or vibrator and go to town on herself. But that’s what she does when she’s home alone because most of the time she’s on set and surrounded by people who’d do anything to get a few minutes with her. Lily is just filled with a sexual aura that turns people on wherever she goes and that stunning body of hers covered with tattoos, that’s not too curvy but looks curvy and voluptuous because of her big fake tits and her round buttocks, is an envy of many women around her.

12. Gabriela Lopez

gabriela lopez

There’s something really hot about a girl who seems to be innocent and soft-spoken until you get her in your bed only to discover her wild and slutty side. Gabriela Lopez is quite similar as she’s a soft-spoken babe who doesn’t talk much, but that all changes when she’s naked and ready to get fucked because that’s when she starts talking dirty. Making her debut is 2018, she has managed to etch out her own place in the adult industry thanks to her gorgeous looks. And she’s so horny that when she’s not on set or with one of her boy-toys, you can find her on platforms like Jerkmate where she puts on shows to make her fans cum all over their keyboards!

11. Julianna Vega

julianna vega

Here’s yet another buxom pornstar who’s got one of the curviest figures in the adult industry at the moment. Making her porn debut back in 2014, Julianna Vega only became active recently when she started performing for the top studios like BangBros, Naughty America and Brazzers Network. This Cuban beauty has been blessed with a truly voluptuous figure with perfect tits and a big butt with equally thick thighs to support it. She’s also an exhibitionist who loves to show off her gorgeous curves and fucking skills, and it’s a treat to watch her gobble down big cocks with ease. So, if you are looking for a gorgeous MILF who also happens to be a Latina, then you now know one!

10. Miss Raquel

miss raquel

Miss Raquel has been in the industry for a long time but only performs in a handful of scenes every year. However, the few scenes that she has done are enough to show us just what this buxom beauty is capable of if she decides to let loose and start performing more frequently. The Dominican beauty has a voluptuous body with gorgeous curves, and huge fake tits that are round and firm and compliment her body structure perfectly; but it’s her booty that is her biggest asset! She is one of the Latina pornstars who are known for their big butts and their love for hardcore anal pounding because she absolutely loves showing off her round, thick and juicy butt while a cock’s exploring every inch of her asshole!

9. Emily Willis

emily willis

She may be one of the newcomers in the porn industry but she’s already more popular than most of the established names on this list. Emily Willis has been in the industry for only a few years, but she’s already done more than a hundred scenes. Her filmography is also quite large as she’s performed all kinds of porn scenes which includes regular anal scenes, anal creampies and ass-to-mouth scenes, interracial scenes as well as double penetration scenes. She doesn’t shy away from big dicks but instead can’t wait to wrap her luscious lips around it to get it lubricated before burying it deep within her tight pussy. Since she is a petite teenager, she can play the role of a submissive girl who’s at the mercy of her more mature co-star as they dominate her and pound all her holes in the roughest way possible!

8. Luna Star

luna star

Luna Star has been performing in the adult industry since 2012 and she is one of the most popular pornstars who keeps releasing new videos regularly. Born in Cuba, she was quite studious and got herself a college degree before taking a turn in life and entering the porn industry. I think she made the right career move because she just loves to fuck, as evident in all her porn scenes; and it doesn’t matter if she’s fucking an older guy or a younger stud, she just ride that big dick till it explodes all over her face. She is also into girls as she does a lot of lesbian scenes and if you are a fan of hardcore scenes, then you need to watch her anal videos where her huge Cuban ass is on full display!

7. Alina Belle

alina belle

Aline Belle is one of the newest pornstars in the industry, as she made her debut in 2019, and I am sure that you must have watched at least one of her videos because she’s worked with all the top porn sites right now! Alina may be new to the world of porn, but she’s not new to fucking as she’s making her way through the industry and fucking the best talents with such skills that would make you think she was born to be a pornstar. She’s also got a rocking body, huge fake boobs and one of the best butts and these traits has helped her get a foothold in the industry. And she’s only just begun exploring the many genres of porn, so I am assuming it won’t be long before one of the cocks find its way deep down her perfect asshole!

6. Canela Skin

canela skin

Canela Skin is one of the best Latina pornstars of the year and will remain in the list for a long time. The gorgeous babe has a wonderful face with a cute smile; but as soon as all the clothes are off, that cute smile turns into a seductive smile that is capable of making any man drop down on their knees. Thanks to her Colombian heritage, she’s got an amazing body with perfect curves, and even though she’s got fake tits, they look good and compliment her body shape quite well. But it is her ass that takes the cake as it is one of the best in the industry and she knows how to use it to her advantage as she’s known to perform a ton of anal scenes.

5. Rose Monroe

rose monroe

The adult industry is the only place where girls become more gorgeous as years pass by and Rose Monroe is the perfect example of that. With a stacked and curvaceous body like hers, it’s no wonder that she would turn heads of everyone around her wherever she goes. Born in Venezuela, she moved to the United States and made her porn debut back in 2011. Like most of the Latina pornstars, she’s got amazing fake tits with an equally amazing ass so it’s only natural that she would do a ton of anal scenes in her career. Her entire filmography is filled with one hardcore scene after another and if you love watching mature babes getting pounded hard, then she’s the one you ought to watch!

4. Desiree Dulce

desiree dulce

There are a few porn starlets that I really love and Desiree Dulce comfortably sits at one of the top positions of my list. She is among the top pornstars who I always watch, again and again, and keep an eye out on the new scenes because they are just so good at sucking and fucking. And Desiree is especially stunning when she is giving blowjobs because her perfect face looks even more heavenly when there’s a cock in her mouth. She’s slutty, she’s got a petite body with gorgeous fake boobs and a juicy butt, and she’s got stunning long legs too. Moreover, she is so active in the industry that I feel she’s given herself a mission of sucking every single cock before the year ends!

3. Ariella Ferrera

ariella ferrera

Ariella Ferrera is not just one of the best Latina pornstars, but one of the best performers of all time, period! She’s a gorgeous MILF who is paired with younger talents more often than guys her age; but it doesn’t matter who she’s fucking because she makes sure that she does it with equal enthusiasm and gives her fans the hardcore fucking that they are expecting. And for someone who said that she will stop doing porn when she stops enjoying fucking, I would say that that particular time hasn’t come yet as the busty Latina releases new scenes regularly and gives her fans new content to jerk off to!

2. LaSirena69


When you are looking for a lady who’s just perfect in every way, then your search will end when you lay your eyes upon Maria Antonella, aka LaSirena69! This gorgeous starlet started her porn career just last year, but she has been beating her competition with every new scene. Her popularity is off the charts and that’s exactly how it should be considering just how good she is at what she does, which is sucking cocks and licking cunts and opening her legs for a hard pussy pounding or spreading her buttcheeks for an anal drilling. She is without a doubt one of the most stunning Latina pornstars at the moment, and you should drop everything and watch her performances if you haven’t seen any of her scenes!

1. Autumn Falls

autumn falls

She may not look like it but she’s one of the youngest pornstars working in the industry at the moment as she was born in 2000 and made her porn debut as soon as she turned 18! One look at her and you can say that she was blessed with perfection as she’s got a cute face with a gorgeous body that has curves in all the right places. Plus, she’s got massive natural tits and a big, round and juicy ass that will instantly grab your attention. Ever since her debut, Autumn Falls has performed in a number of scenes with popular pornstars as well as new talents in the industry and she’s been lucky enough to work with the top studios. So, there was no reason why I wouldn’t consider her as one of the top Latina pornstars in the industry at the moment!

Who Are Your Favorite Latina Pornstars?

The porn industry has no shortage of Latina babes because every year, dozens of new girls make their debut. And none of us are complaining because Latin girls are super hot and they love to fuck all the time so it’s only natural that they would choose to become pornstars and make money while doing the thing they love the most. So, I am sure that you would love the list of the best pornstars I have made above!

I am not saying that this is the ultimate list because there are many girls that I omitted and only mentioned those that have been active for the past couple of years, as well as the ones that are so popular that I couldn’t remove them; but if you think that I missed out on a couple of popular Latina pornstars, then do let me know and I will add them to the article in the next update!

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