Top 20: Sexiest Inked Pornstars with Tattoos Right Now (2020)

Pornstars with tattoos are as common as high school teens getting wet dreams. Some girls are covered head to toe in tattoos, while some have little tattoos on different parts of their bodies. But I am not here to debate the merits and demerits of the ink on this or that pornstar but to point out a host of the best, sexiest, most erotic and filthy-minded pornstars who happen to have some ink on their sweet flesh. Wanna know who these pornstars are? Then keep on reading mate!

Getting some ink on your body has become quite popular, both in mainstream and in the porn industry, and you can even find people with tattoos around you all the time. And a good tattoo looks really fucking hot on a girl because it shows her rebellious side and make you wonder just how in-control that girl can be. So, when you see pornstars with tattoos, it’s only natural that you’ll get attracted to them, especially when their tattoos are really well done. And if you do like inked pornstars, then this post is especially for you because I have compiled a list of the sexiest pornstars who have amazing tattoos and are active in the industry right now. Before we begin, you should know that you won’t find pornstars like Christy Mack on this list because they are no longer active!

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The Hottest Pornstars with Tattoos (2020)

23. Romi Rain

romi rain

MILFs don’t come hotter and more depraved than Romi Rain. This 32-year old Bostonian is blessed with the kind of full booty any man would gladly give up his soul for! Her bosoms are some of the fullest you could ever manhandle and her pussy and cock sucking skills are stratospheric. She’s got a big ass tat on her back, while her pussy is softer than buttered eggs and jam! With years of experience in sucking cocks and riding dicks, she is one pornstar that you don’t want to ignore.

22. Kleio Valentien

kleio valentien

Kleio Valentien is the original freaky lady, and one of the best inked pornstars of all time. Born in Texas, this 34-year old blonde babe has too much in the way of talent. She’s bisexual and inked, and will take it up the ass or pussy like she means to break a cock in half right within her holes! Kleio is as pretty as they come too and can ride a dick for hours, intent on milking the last drop of holy juicy cum out of it! She’s far out and makes any porn flick come alive in her special way.

21. Katrina Jade

katrina jade

This exotic beauty has it all, from tats to piercings. Her boobies are sweet 30G melons, which were all-natural but she recently underwent a surgery to get rounder and fuller breasts, and her specialty is nuzzling or choking on a BBC, before taking it so far up her cunt that we might almost feel sorry on her behalf! Katrina also has a most curvaceous rear end that she uses to seduce anyone who comes her way. And her moans are said to be so fucking hot that they drive the devil himself wild!

20. Alice Judge

alice judge

Alice Judge is 5’7″, which is kind of a disappointment because her reputation suggests she would be around the same size as an Amazon! She proudly rocks a pretty face and a mouth that readily pouts and moans, plus a massive pair of fake titties. This British pornstar is also tattooed all over her body and looks as edible as a plate of perfectly barbecued chicken-fried steak! Her ass is curvy enough to give you sleepless nights and she can take a brutal DP and emerge unruffled like she just went to get her nails cut at a salon! Watch her videos if you haven’t already because you are gonna love this gorgeous slut!

19. Brenna Sparks

brenna sparks

Brenna Sparks looks very much like she just decided modelling at agencies like Victoria’s Secret wasn’t for her and went into the adult porn industry. That is not the case however, as this absolute bombshell has stated she does what she does because she likes getting rammed by penises six ways to Sunday! This Asian babe happens to be bisexual, and looks innocent and shy only in the beginning because she’s a horny slut through and through. Anyway, Brenna must be the perfect fuck ever, with enhanced C-cup jugs, long legs, and the cutest, most edible ass. She has a few tats on her arm and shoulder and a pussy I have been dying to smell since the start of this year!

18. Tana Lea

tana lea

There is absolutely no doubt that Tana Lea was born for bending cocks in two and stubbornly holding onto them till they have discharged every ounce of liquid in them! She’s unforgivably depraved to the point that I believe lying on her back and taking a long, pulsing penis in her deep cunt is her favorite activity! The redhead babe is built for sex, with enhanced knockers, long legs, curvy booty and holes most would die to dive into and swim in! She has tats in abundance which makes her one of the best pornstars with tattoos, and shyness is not in her vocabulary.

17. Charlotte Sartre

charlotte sartre

At 5’3″, Charlotte is one of the more petite babes on this list. She used to cam and show off her assets to horny trucker teens and bored family men, before taking the big step of spreading her legs on the big screen to a bigger audience. She’s a 25-year old tattooed goth, with lots of slave and punishment flicks to her credit. There’s not much skin on her, but she does have a booty you can’t help but dream about licking like it is made of your favorite ice cream, and an asshole that can accommodate two long cocks at the same time.

16. Gia Dimarco

gia dimarco

At 36, Gia Dimarco is hotter than just about any mature slut and much more obsessed about sex. She’s said to be a nympho and seeing her in action, with her cramming every inch of cock she can into her pussy can be enough to melt down your brain matter! The brunette slut has curves and tattoos aplenty, is shameless, and can spread her legs so wide a train can easily barge into her pussy and travel home to her G-spot! Did I mention her bubble butt? They happen to be the most cum-sparking cheeks I have yet seen!

15. Anna Bell Peaks

anna bell peaks

Peaks aplenty she does have, with this slut rocking a pair of enhanced boobies with pierced nipples and enough ink to paint Central Park afresh! When she’s not showing off these monster milk jugs, Anna Bell Peaks is opening her legs for a good licking or spreading her ass cheeks so wide that viewers get brain bleeds! This busty babe assuredly loves getting intimate with all kinds of very sizable penises and licking some sense into these is something she’s rather good at!

14. Bonnie Rotten

bonnie rotten

While you were busy stuffing down hamburgers and milkshakes, Bonnie Rotten was hard at work winning awards and getting tied up and fucked near to coma! Her pussy is the fat kind that can take any beating and emerge unscathed, her asshole stretched to the brim with countless hours of rough anal pounding, while her mouth can suck a cock into heaven and in mere minutes too! Bonnie is a massively skilled slut with more tattoos than you see on a hillbilly biker and a can-do attitude that is taking her places, including atop endless hard cocks that do not belong to you!

13. Marley Brinx

marley brinx

Marley Brinx is a relative newcomer, but has been going about it like her cunt has an expiry date! You can see her in some flicks, with her asshole getting gaped to the very extreme by BBCs, while she wails and tries to get them deep enough to kiss her lungs! This little titted freak is bisexual, as she loves to suck on cocks and lick on wet cunts alike, and has little if any limits with her pussy boasting the most charming trimmed hair I sure would love to pull! There’s some ink on her, plus a booty that appears to taste like the thanksgiving dinners momma used to cook!

12. Leigh Raven

leigh raven

Leigh Raven is so good at spreading her long legs and moaning at the camera that she has been nominated a bunch of times for one award or the other. Her sexy body has appeared in a few hundred XXX flicks and she is a model cum makeup artist. Leigh is so open-minded that she almost makes other XXX stars look like staid grandmas and is inked to the limit all over her body. She is one of the kinkiest sluts, and there’s little she won’t agree to do, nor any hole she won’t open up for severe slamming and you can’t help but wish she was your next-door neighbor!

11. Kali Roses

kali roses

Kali Roses is inked, pierced, and bad to the bone, which is always an unbeatable combination! She’s quite pretty, though her cunt is arguably prettier and sweeter than her face. It’s not that big though, which means massive boners are barred from accessing its warm and wet interior, except once in a while! She’s the type of babe you finger during a movie scene at the local theater, before spreading her cum juice on your burger and chomping away! This gorgeous teen pornstar has orange-sized boobies of sweet perkiness and is to kill and cum hard for!

10. Indica Flower

indica flower

At 5’2″, you can bet this is one petite flower. Take a sniff of it though and you are quite likely to lose your senses and cum like a waterfall during a hurricane! Indica Flower is a very lovable lass with a heavy-duty haunch and full natural boobies I would pay to carry for her! She has skin like butter, with some ink here and there and seems to spend too much time with her ass in the air, busily receiving all kinds of ministrations from erect dicks! This babe even has piercings on her coochie and would make any wet dream of yours so hot you will have to call the fire service!

9. Monique Alexander

monique alexander

She’s a little on the old side, but few can care for cocks with such devotion as Monique Alexander! She’s a toned slut who was born 1982 and a seductress of no mean skill! Monique has flowers and butterflies tattooed on her back and side and still has more than a few things to teach her younger contemporaries. Why, this slut with the fake boobs does a doggy fuck like few before or after her, and squeezing hard cocks to jelly with her pussy muscles is a hobby of hers! Better keep her on your wish list this Christmas because there’s several reasons why she’s considered as one of the sexiest MILF pornstars!

8. Karmen Karma

karmen karma

Karmen Karma is what happens when you cross a witch with a vampire! Aged 28 and with 34DD jugs that are so big they practically blot out the sun at midday, this curvy slut moans like it’s her fundamental human right! She boasts legs that reach from here to the North Pole, has a fabulous bubble butt so curvy it is practically razor-sharp and ink on most of her body. Perhaps the best thing about Karmen is her pussy. It looks like the most edible one I have seen so far this year and every cock that has gone into it has never emerged without frothing at the mouth and bleeding cum like a burst tap!

7. Ivy Lebelle

This American lass came screaming and kicking into this world far back in 1987. She began doing the nasty on the big screen when she was 30-years old and only focuses on fellas with the biggest cocks. So, if it is not longer than a telegraph pole and thicker than a bullet train, she’s not going to be interested! Ivy Lebelle got her first ink when she was 18-years old and has not looked back since. She can chew on pussy meat, but what she likes best is getting her coochie parted by massive cocks that then proceed to pound her into the ground!

6. Liya Silver

liya silver

When you want to get stunned into silence by beauties, you go to see babes like Liya Silver. This is a Russian pornstar that could easily pass for the most beautiful woman in the world. Thankfully, rather than keeping that beauty hidden, she flaunts it in all her porn scenes, spreading her legs so wide that the longest cocks slide into her pussy with no trouble at all! Liya is busty and inked, sweet and tender, and has the kind of pouty mouth you could kiss all day and night! Perfect skin, a trim but curvy ass you could cup and cum in quite easily, long legs, and those jiggling boobs complete the rest of her arsenal.

5. Karma RX

karma rx

Karma RX is a 27-year old broad who was born in California. She’s 5’4″ and has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, along the way getting enough cum juice splashed on her to fill up a fair-sized Olympic swimming pool! She has ink on almost every part of her body, spreads her legs like she’s obligated to do so by someone up in the wild blue yonder, and is either getting her long-suffering pussy pounded or her asshole stretched close to infinity! Pretty, nasty, and curvy, she’s all that a pornstar should be, with her booty often triggering orgasms across entire continents!

4. Joanna Angel

joanna angel

They say Joanna Angel is 39, but this babe looks so good that anyone would enter her into any top modeling show on this green earth! She has rad come-fuck-me eyes, all-natural breasts and is only 4’11”, which makes her one of the shortest pornstars. There’s a bucket and a half of ink on her and her face is a perfect oval that men rave about like they have seen a supernatural event! Equally comfortable with licking wet cunts and sucking throbbing cocks, she happens to own her own studio. Joanna Angel has to be the most fuckable angel by far and her butthole and pussy will bear witness to the fact that she likes it hard and fast!

3. Lily Lane

lily lane

At 32-years old Lily Lane is certainly no spring chicken, but she can bounce around on an erection far better than teens half her age. Helping her at this is a bubble butt that makes me sweaty every time I see it, plus a pussy that can make a hero look like a coward! Lily has some impressive looking ink that covers half of her body, big fake titties that bounce like balloons at a party, and can get down and dirty at the drop of a hat! As you might imagine, she’s not the kind to take prisoners!

2. Rocky Emerson

rocky emerson

Rocky Emerson is really tall, 6’3″ to be exact, and every millimeter of that is trouble! She’s 28, slim and sexy, has more than her fair share of ink, and is never happier than when a cock is balls-deep in her mouth, tickling her tonsils and leaking liquid down her throat! Doggystyle fucks appear to be her specialty, and she can always be found on all fours taking more cock in her than any cunt should be allowed to welcome. As to be expected, fucking this slut is a rocky roller-coaster that triggers the most heavenly orgasms!

1. Jessie Lee

jessie lee

Tatted to the nines, Jessie Lee is bad and proud! She’s a 5’3″ slut who never has to be persuaded to bend over and have a BBC plow her from booty to mouth! Talking of booty, hers is a deeply curvy one that is forever seated on any dick she can see, riding hell-for-leather and eager to arrive at any suitable cumming station! This American pornstar loves slurping some cum juice from any frothing cock and is the kind of bad girl your grandma always told you never to sample!

Who Are Your Favorite Pornstars with Tattoos?

Well there you have it, the best and the baddest selection of inked pornstars who are hard at work helping men everywhere offload some of the cum in their pants! I am sure that there are still several pornstars that I may have missed, and if you have a favorite that you want to see in this list, then drop a comment below.

I try to keep all the articles on this site updated and am always on the lookout for new pornstars, especially the ones that I have never seen before, so that I can keep the listicles updated and recommend you girls that you will definitely want to see. So, make sure to let me know your favorite pornstars with tattoos, especially if they aren’t present on the above list!

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