Top 20: Best BBC & Black Male Pornstars Right Now (2021)

When you think of big cocks, you immediately visualize black male pornstars because it has become a norm in the porn industry that a black guy will definitely have a huge cock. I don’t know how true that is in the real world, but when it comes to porn, all the black guys truly have been blessed with a huge size. Most of the guys are so big that young petite girls barely manage to fit their cocks in their mouths or their holes. But since the porn industry is a place where big cocks are kinda worshiped, huge BBCs show up in a lot of porn movies where female starlets of all age look forward to experience a hardcore pussy pounding!

BBC pornstars are often called upon to use their frightfully long anacondas in all kinds of porn movies and cause all kinds of damage to every opening large or small! But if I know one thing after watching so many scenes is that a black male having a cock long enough to play a badminton game with does not automatically make him a great pornstar. Lots more things are required, like his fucking skills and experience, but the size alone is never enough. That’s why I have created this list of the top black male XXX stars who are not just blessed with long and thick cocks, but also have the skills to make any woman orgasm like she has never before!

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Best Black Male Pornstars of 2021

20. Joss Lescaf

joss lescaf

Joss Lecaf is a perfect example of what a perfect cock looks like and he is always ready to show off what he is blessed with by getting naked on command! His cock is long enough to fuck anyone who volunteers and is Joss’ biggest weaponry in the never ending-war being waged on creamy cunts belonging to sluts of all kinds! Joss is black, average looking and less than 6 feet tall. In case you didn’t know, stuffing his extra-thick salami into booty holes is what he excels at!

19. Lil D

lil d

BangBros signed this dude up in 2018 after he emailed them asking for a chance to get paid for sticking that twitchy boner of his where the sun doesn’t shine! Lil D is a sweet-faced boy who doesn’t look old enough to shave, let alone to be allowed to fuck his way through a long roster of horny MILF XXX stars! He’s mighty cute though and can drill chicks that weigh like thrice his size till they are breathless and eager to spray some sweet liquid anywhere they can!

18. SlimPoke

slim poke

SlimPoke is a slim guy and he does like poking into the ladies more than most! This guy comes equipped for pussy pleasing with the kind of long pipe a plumber just might leave lying around in his truck for the really big jobs! SlimPoke doesn’t talk much, but why would he need to open his mouth when the mere outline of his long cock is more than sufficient to get the ladies to drop to their knees, do their best to swallow him whole and bend over for some fancy, frenzied and brutal pipe laying that will leave them shivering like their kidneys got stolen!

17. Jason Brown

jason brown

Jason Brown is not known for finesse, as all this top male XXX star cares for is doing things to a pussy that will make it remember him for the rest of its life! He’s as lean and muscled as a sack of beef jerky and between his legs dangles the kind of cock that could conceivably do battle with a king cobra and win! Jason is a cunt shredder par excellence and watching him doing his thing and sticking it to a stunning blondie will impress a fair bit of holy cum outta you!

16. Isiah Maxwell

isiah maxwell

The reason why Isiah Maxwell is one of the top black male pornstars is because he is tall, handsome, and polished enough to pass for an investment banker and the like! Who would have guessed that he makes a living by cracking open the legs of the ladies, jamming his prophetic pipe into their ready snatch, and preaching the holy word to their cumming holes! Isiah is easy on the eyes, tattooed, and anxious to both give and receive pleasure. He can lick a mean streak out of a pussy and leave the owner merrily floating around on cloud nine, before filling the slick opening with his giant cock and pumping for valuable crud!

15. Charlie Mac

charlie mac

I call this guy Mac the Knife. He’s a tall, lean, and attractive guy who packs a lot of heat in his shorts! His boner slopes up to form a kind of C, with this meaning that once he slips it into a pussy, it will head straight for the G-spot and ardently romance this like any proper lover would! Charlie Mac has drilled and pounded away at a lot of teen girls, with Mia Khalifa at one time getting the long end of his sharp and cumming knife and barely able to keep up! This guy knows his business which is impaling tight cunts till they suck all the cum out of his balls!

14. Jax Slayher

jax slayher

Well it might be me, but I don’t think any guy named Slayher means anything good for the ladies, apart from shifting their wombs on command that is! Jax is a big dude in just about every way you can think of and is impressively jacked. His cock is about as straight as a ruler and has been making the ladies scream for years! He literally slays slutty girls by sticking his pipe in them in such a fashion that they lose their minds and call him the greatest plumber there ever was!

13. Rob Piper

rob piper

Rob Piper is one of the multi-talented black male pornstars with enough award nominations to his name to make us all green with envy! He’s a good definition of eye candy, with a very handsome face and a rock-solid body even a confirmed dyke would want to ride to the apex! Rob Piper bangs pussy and butthole with evident enjoyment and slides in there like he is greased with lube from the gods! Watching him doing his thing gives you a woody you could plant in your garden this spring!

12. Prince Yahshua

prince yahshua

Almost all the black male pornstars on this list have anacondas you could spear a blowfish with, but Prince Yahshua’s is on a whole other level! This thick meat is the original pussy destroyer, is bigger than your head, and wickedly adept at splitting cunts open like you would do to a watermelon with a knife! Prince is a massive fella with massive hands, shaved pate, and the aforementioned telegraph pole of a cock! Watching him turning booty this way and that and sliding into a screeching cunt like he has a big stake in its cum production is one of my most favorite things in the world!

11. Nat Turnher

nat turnher

Nat Turnher is a muscle-bound giant with tats and a surprisingly gentle and passionate lover. He has the kind of face women dream about and can zip his massive cock into snatch deeper than you might believe possible! Nat gives his all during his performances and likes all kinds of chicks, from blondes and redheads to ebony babes with a jiggly booty. He gets these girls to oil up his boner with their spit, before holding their legs apart and shoving his way into their stomach like he wants them to digest his rod properly!

10. Louie Smalls

louie smalls

Louie Smalls has a more than passing resemblance to a Rasta, only this guy chooses to get high by filling every inch of all cunt holes he comes across with all the meat on his giant dong! Louie is tall, lean, and dreadlocked. He is about as handsome as my backside on a cold morning and is good at finding sweet babes who need severe punishment meted out to their coochie! He is without a doubt one of the top BBC pornstars in the industry right now and you’d do well to watch his performance as he often gets paired with the most gorgeous babes!

9. Ricky Johnson

ricky johnson

Ricky is a real treat to the eyes and a massively talented cunt exterminator with a roomful of awards and nominations that testify to his skills in making the ladies screech and bleed out cum! The guy could pass for a rap star, rocking braided hair, the sweetest ebony skin I have seen in a long while, a lean body, and a fat booty I wouldn’t mind getting a little close to! Ricky makes the ladies so happy they beg him to dig out their brains through their wet cunts and is a smooth operator and an impressive fucking master!

8. Flash Brown

flash brown

Flash Brown used to play pro basketball, before embarking on a career that would see him become one of the top black male pornstars capable of manhandling the balls of sweetmeat on the chest of the ladies and cumming in the wet mouth of these moaning bitches! This guy has a rod that’s nearly a foot long, plus balls that from the look of them could weigh a ton and half! Flash is a towering mountain of a man who looks like he could eat your liver for lunch just cos he wants to! He has loads of muscles too, so impaling cunt and banging this like a drum on Christmas eve poses no problems for him!

7. Sean Michaels

sean michaels

If I had Sean Michaels’ cock I would be the happiest guy in the world! Sean has the exact type of BBC that makes the ladies cream their panties like it is a sort of competition. He can slip this home too like the pro he is and has been fucking loads of cum out of teen and MILF twats and buttholes for so long he should be in the record books! He wears glasses these days and is still as tall and muscled as ever. I would guess he has to tie down his mandingo to walk normally and avoid looking like he got heavy artillery in his pants!

6. Julio Gomez

julio gomez

If you want to get shocked more than a little I would recommend checking out the full-grown oak tree that Julio Gomez carries around and insists is his penis! The thing is so long it could get mistaken for an elephant trunk and the sight of it reportedly makes the ladies so wet they could slip in their ooze and hurt themselves! Julio is a young and good looking fella with nice abs and a washboard stomach. Choking petite chicks on his horse dick seem to be what he does when he’s bored and any slut that consents to ride this monster BBC is a brave soul indeed!

5. Jason Luv

jason luv

Once you see Jason Luv you can never forget the guy and what he can do. He’s a black piece of eye-candy who’s more handsome than most top male actors and more tattooed than a pain addict. Jason Luv looks down on the world on legs strong enough to hold up a bridge, has abs to die for, and a stomach that’s toned enough to be used for cracking walnuts! He has one of the biggest and most beautiful BBCs in the world and chicks simply can’t seem to get enough of every inch of this magnificent meat!

4. Rico Strong

rico strong

Our boy Rico here is the kind of man you can trust to fuck a chick so hard she might need to get her cunt replaced! He rocks a boner that curls up like it intends to do some serious cervix smashing and is a strong performer in every film he graced with his thrusting presence! Rico Strong is big and flabby, but his cock muscles work just fine, which means any chick that wants him in her better get ready to visit the hospital once his python is done gorging itself on her sweet muff!

3. Mandingo


Oh yes, Mandingo does have an oversized cock that looks like it could choke a horse and push down the main gate at Fort Detrick! There’s nothing remarkable about his looks and he would be so readily forgettable if he didn’t have an oak tree he skillfully uses to put proud cunts in their places and get a steamy rise out of them! It wouldn’t amaze me at all to see this guy walking around on three legs, but he better don’t bring that extra leg of his anywhere near the girl I fancy!

2. Dredd


Dredd comes all slim and sly, dark and rad and mostly engages himself with making slim chicks wish their mama was nearby to help them out of the hot mess they just landed themselves in by agreeing to let him have a taste of their slit! This guy is blessed with one of the biggest cocks in porn, and he is a profound eater of cunt and an asshole destroyer of uncommon valor and excellence! Once he lets this snake loose, the ladies are in for a hard time, as their holes will be needing fresh stitches in a little while or so!

1. Lexington Steele

lexington steele

And now we come to the last but certainly not least – Lexington Steele himself! Hail the chief and roll out the drums cos this guy deserves it all and more! Lexington Steele is a total badass who pounds at pussy almost like he’s hard at work discovering the cure for cancer or something! You can almost always recognize the chicks that were brave enough to spread it and let him drive his BBC into them by the half-crazed look in their eyes and the funny way they walk!

Who Are Your Favorite Black Male Pornstars?

These are some of the male actors who are blessed with BBCs that women go crazy for, and the reason why interracial porn is one of the most popular genres of porn today!

I hope that you were able to find new black male pornstars from this list, and also got to see some of the popular ones. So, make sure to watch the performances of their actors because you’ll be amazed at how lucky these guys are as they get to fuck one stunning babe after another every single day!

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