Top 20: The Nastiest, Dirtiest & Kinkiest Pornstars (2020)

There are multiple genres in porn where you can watch either the softcore, erotic lovemaking scenes or you could go for the hardcore, rough fucking scenes. There’s literally no shortage anywhere as there are tons of websites who specifically shoot just one genre of porn. And if you lean more towards the hardcore porn videos, then you are going to enjoy this list because it’s filled with the nastiest & kinkiest pornstars in the industry right now who prefer the roughest sex possible instead of an erotic lovemaking. You will see pornstars who enjoy double & triple penetration, love doing gangbang and blowbang scenes, eagerly take a huge dick in their mouth for a deep throat-fuck and enjoy doing a lot more hardcore stuff.

Before we begin this list, I just want to mention that you are not going to see kinky pornstars that you already know of on this list. These include Sasha Grey, Ava Devine, Belladonna, Bobbi Starr, Asa Akira, Roxy Raye and others like them simply because they have been retired for quite some time and you already know about all of them already so it’s no use to mention them once again. That’s why I am taking this opportunity to introduce some of the most hardcore, the dirtiest and kinkiest pornstars in the industry at the moment. These performers don’t shy away from any scene especially if it includes multiple hard dicks, sloppy blowjobs that makes them gag or requires them to do the nastiest BDSM stuff. So, if you love watching hot women enjoying the roughest sex of their life, where they look gorgeous in the beginning but by the end, they are covered in cum, saliva and all kinds of bodily fluids, then this is the list you want to refer to!

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Dirtiest & Kinkiest Pornstars of 2020

21. Kristy Black

kristy black

Although Kristy Black has been in the industry since 2015 and has done dozens of scenes since then, I only discovered her a few months ago when I was looking for the most hardcore porn scenes. She started her career with a solo scene, followed by a lesbian scene and immediately after that, she did a double-penetration scene that ended with a creampie. That is enough to tell you just how kinky she could be! And she’s done some really hardcore and dirty stuff over the years. Her career is packed with dozens of anal scenes, including ass-to-mouth, gangbang and blowbang, interracial anal, double-penetration, double-anal penetration as well as triple penetration, anal fisting and even golden showers. Right now, she’s doing some really dirty scenes on a regular basis, and I highly recommend you check her out because she’s no doubt one of the best and the most hardcore performers of the year!

20. Ivy Lebelle

ivy lebelle

Ivy Lebelle entered the porn industry as a makeup artist, but after seeing the pornstars getting fucked and having all kinds of fun, she was convinced that she too wanted to do that. She did her first hardcore scene back in 2017, and there was no looking back for her after that. In just a few years of being active, she has managed to become quite popular because she’s consistent and pretty active in the industry and her performances are always top-notch. It doesn’t matter if she’s doing a lesbian scene or going all out in a hardcore anal scene, you will always get horny watching her. She has the perfect body type with huge tits and round ass, and her seductive face looks so fucking hot when she’s sucking on a rock hard dick. If you haven’t watched her porn videos, then I can guarantee that you are missing out on some really good content.

19. Jane Wilde

jane wilde

At first glance, you will think of her as a sweet, innocent young girl but you will be so wrong in assuming that because she’s anything but innocent. Jane Wilde maybe young but she’s filled with raw sexual energy to the brim and has proven that in almost all her performances. The petite spinner loves a hardcore fuck and if that fuck involves her asshole getting stretched, then she’d be really happy. It won’t be wrong to call her an anal princess because she loves having anal sex, and what makes her one of the kinkiest pornstars is that she loves double-penetration even more. She loves getting spit-roasted between two huge dicks, getting her pussy and asshole filled with cum at the same time and she doesn’t even flinch when two BBCs are ramming her holes in the roughest way possible.

18. Leigh Raven

leigh raven

If you think that inked beauties are hotter than anyone else, then you are going to love watching the videos featuring Leigh Raven because she’s been featured in some pretty hardcore stuff. The petite babe loves getting tattoos as much as she loves gagging on big cocks and if her porn scenes are any indication, she loves it even more when two huge dicks are stretching her asshole and her pussy at the same time. Moreover, she’s a bisexual starlet which means that you won’t just see her fucking and squirting on huge cocks, but also fucking some of the sexiest women in the industry.

17. Karma RX

karma rx

Karma RX got her start in the industry in 2017, and within just a short span of time, she’s managed to become one of the top performers. Her phenomenal rise to success can be credited to her gorgeous looks and her insatiable sexual appetite that is on full display in all her scenes. I mean, it’s just amazing to watch this tattooed pornstar go down and deepthroat a huge dick without gagging, and she didn’t waste any time after her debut to perform her first anal scene either. At the time of writing this, she’s ticked on almost all genres of porn because she’s done interracial scenes, creampie scenes, double-penetration as well as double-anal scenes, lesbian anal scene, ass-to-mouth and even did a scene with a transgender pornstar recently.

16. Ana Foxxx

ana foxxx

I read somewhere that Ana Foxxx entered the porn industry only because she wanted to learn how to give a good blowjob; and if that is true, then that’s a really wild reason to become a pornstar. I don’t care why she entered the industry because years later, she has found her calling and she didn’t just learn how to give a good blowjob but also learned how to use her holes to drain her partners’ load. The gorgeous ebony pornstar was nominated for the best starlet award after she made her debut and after dozens of hardcore scene, most of which feature her with a huge cock up her ass, it’s only natural that we consider her as one of the kinkiest pornstars. And talking about the reason why she entered the industry, her blowjob skills have surely improved because she doesn’t just suck on a cock but can also deepthroat it without giving its size a second thought.

15. Gia Love

gia love

Gia Love has been in the industry for more than a decade now and she’s gone from an 18-year old teenager to a more mature performer during her career. While she was performing regular porn scenes in the beginning of her career, she started doing anal in 2015 and started doing it more frequently from 2017 onwards. And since she has amassed a ton of experience, and improved not only her fucking skills but her deepthroating skills as well, she can now take on multiple dicks in all her holes at the same time. The blonde pornstar recently did her first ever gangbang scene for where she took on 5 guys at once and also got to enjoy double-penetration and double-anal penetration while still having two big cocks to play with!

14. Charlotte Sartre

charlotte sartre

Now we are really getting to the nastiest pornstars in the industry starting with Charlotte Sartre because her filmography is packed with scenes that is surely going to make you cum within minutes. This stunning babe has always loved to fuck as she used to have sex with guys and girls, enjoy threesome sex and get filthier and dirtier with each encounter, and that’s all before she even became a pornstar. And once she made her debut, there was no stopping her from satisfying her insane sexual energy. Right now, you can see her doing all kinds of hardcore porn because she not only enjoys threesomes and hardcore anal pounding but also loves getting fucked by a transgender pornstar. She’s also done gangbang scenes and orgies, and even a handful of hardcore lesbian scenes; and there’s one thing you can be sure of seeing in all her videos and that is a perfect shot of her gaping asshole!

13. Holly Hendrix

holly hendrix

You’d have often heard that the best things come in small packages; and if you ever doubted that statement, then Holly Hendrix is here to prove it right. The kinky babe stands at only 4’10”, which makes her one of the shortest pornstars in the industry, but that hasn’t had any effect on her career because she’s been featured in some of the most hardcore porn videos in recent times. She loves receiving a hardcore anal pounding, and if she’s going to get a double-penetration, then that’s even better. And she can handle more because she apparently loves big black dicks and the feeling it gives when they are ramming her tight holes at the same time. However, I personally think that her blowjob bits are the best because she gets manhandled by the male performer most of the time. It’s really hot to see her partner get a hold of her tiny head and then ram his dick deep down her throat for a rough face-fuck, and she takes it like a champ.

12. Joanna Angel

joanna angel

Joanna Angel is the ultimate fantasy for people who love alt-girls, and she is basically like the undisputed queen of them all! Even though she grew up in a extremely religious family, she couldn’t keep her sexual energy bottled up and she soon become the smoking hot pornstar that you see today. She’s got her gorgeous body covered in amazing tattoos, she’s got great natural tits and a round ass, and the reason why she’s on this list is because she’s one of the best when it comes to hardcore sex. Although she owns and runs a successful alt-porn website called, she also performs for several other studios which gives her a chance to indulge in some pretty wild and kinky sex. She’s one of the best anal pornstars and she takes it to the extreme as she does double-anal penetration scenes a lot more frequently. Plus, she also fucks big black dicks and even tranny pornstars on a regular basis, and she’s pretty good at hardcore and rough bondage sex as well!

11. Amirah Adara

amirah adara

Here’s another pornstar who loves anal sex so much that she almost exclusively does anal porn scenes only! Amirah Adara has been in the industry for a long time and although she did softcore scenes in the beginning of her career, she soon transitioned to doing hardcore porn and has not looked back since. If you are going to shoot an intense anal porn scene, chances are high that you’ll consider this Hungarian pornstar for the role because she’s just that good at it. This petite babe has been featured in interracial scenes, anal scenes including double-penetration and double-anal scenes, and she even loves to do gangbang scenes where she’s completely at the mercy of several men. She also does quite a few lesbian scenes as well, but they too have that rough element added because she loves butt-play and there’s always a huge dildo that she, or her gorgeous partner, could shove up her tight butt.

10. Saya Song

saya song

Saya Song may not be as active as the other pornstars featured in this list, but that doesn’t mean that she is in any way inferior to them. In fact, she has every right to be considered as one of the dirtiest and kinkiest pornstars because her scenes are always intense and you would see her getting dominated completely by her male partners. She’s got a petite body, flat chest and a cute, little butt and all this makes her the perfect candidate to play the role of a submissive little girl who won’t be able to do anything but obey what her partners tell her to do. If you love being the dominating person while having sex, then you are going to love watching this Korean pornstar get fucked. It’s really hot to see her being arranged in various different positions for an intense pounding and she’s even lifted and hanged in the air while two guys ram their cocks in both her tight holes at the same time.

9. Katrina Jade

katrina jade

This girl right here is the ultimate fantasy of men all over the world and the ultimate seduction queen in the porn industry! Katrina Jade is not a pornstar by chance but choice because she’s someone who loves to fuck and wants people to fantasize about her. She’s got multiple tattoos all across her gorgeous body, with “slut” written on her right hip and “Daddy’s girl” over her pussy, and she’s been blessed with huge natural tits and a perfect, round butt along with that seductive look that’s enough to make men hard and women wet in an instant. And when you learn that she doesn’t like making love, but prefers hardcore sex where she’s spanked, choked and her hair pulled along with lots of dirty talk involved, you’ll understand why she’s present on this list. I personally am a huge fan of her and always watch her porn scenes because it doesn’t matter who she’s performing with, or whether she’s doing anal, threesomes, lesbian scenes, DP or DAP scenes, gangbangs or anything else, she always gives it her all and quite naturally manages to make it really dirty and hardcore!

8. Riley Reid

riley reid

She doesn’t need any kind of introduction because there’s literally no one who watches porn who hasn’t heard of Riley Reid or watched any of her videos; and if you have no idea who she is, then you should kindly get off my site right this instant. She’s one of my favorite pornstars, as well as one of the hottest pornstars of all time without a doubt. She’s pretty active in the industry because she shoots porn with all the top studios on a regular basis, works with the best pornstars and even runs her own website where she fucks guys and girls quite frequently. The thing that I really like about her is that she’s completely natural and hasn’t had any work done on her body. She is blessed with a petite figure, perky little tits and a gorgeous butt and although her body is small enough to be dominated, she takes charge in several of her scenes and end up dominating the guy instead. She has done all kinds of scenes which includes fucking big black cocks, having anal & double-penetration sex, getting spit-roasted, giving sloppy blowjobs and deepthroating cocks, fucking shemale pornstars and even having lesbian and creampie sex. She’s basically the most versatile pornstar at the moment along with being one of the kinkiest pornstars of the year!

7. Kenzie Taylor

kenzie taylor

I don’t really know exactly what it is about her but I am really attracted to this gorgeous pornstar! I think it’s her maturity or her being pretty close to being a MILF while still retaining that youthful glow on her skin. I don’t really have any words to describe my attraction towards her, but I think that Kenzie Taylor is one of the sexiest babes in the industry at the moment. Just look at her perfect body and her gorgeous curves, even her huge fake boobs are better than almost all the other fake boobs in the industry. She’s got a seductive face as well and she loves to get fucked, preferring the rough and hardcore treatment. She has done quite a lot of scenes in her career, but she really excels in anal scenes and doesn’t mind taking big black cocks in her tight ass. Other than that, she’s also done quite a few BDSM and bondage scenes, and she recently even fucked a tranny pornstar. But if you want my recommendation, I would suggest you watch her blowjob bits because she’s literally a goddess when it comes to sucking a big dick and shoving it deep inside her throat, which is followed by her getting her tight holes fucked!

6. Dee Williams

dee williams

I have to admit that I only discovered Dee Williams a few months back and I was quite surprised that I didn’t know about this gorgeous slut! She’s been in the industry for more than a decade now and has hundreds of porn videos to her name, and it’s not just one thing that she does because she’s done all kinds of porn and gotten fucked in almost all the ways imaginable. There’s no reason to doubt that she’s one of the most hardcore and kinkiest pornstars active in the industry right now because there are dozens of videos featuring her with bondage, tied to a contraption as her partner (or partners) have their way with her. Plus, she loves anal sex and I recently saw her interracial gangbang scene as well and I can say that this MILF pornstar can definitely handle multiple dicks, no matter the size, and is capable of draining every last bit of cum from her partners. I can’t describe the different kinds of videos she’s done, so I’ll recommend you to click on the link below and see just what she’s got in store for you!

5. Emily Willis

emily willis

Emily Willis made her debut in the porn industry at the end of 2017, when she was just 19 years old; but by the end of 2018, she had become one of the most popular and most bankable performers in porn. She did her first interracial scene, her first lesbian scene, her first anal scene as well as her first creampie scene all within a few months from her debut. And by the time I am writing this, she has done more than 250 scenes for the top studios in the industry. Although, she is just one of the teen pornstars in the industry, she possesses an insane sexual energy that rivals that of the experienced performers which makes her an ideal choice for a hardcore scene because she loves to be dominated and fucked in the roughest way possible. Moreover, she not only loves to suck on and deepthroat a huge cock, but she also loves to talk dirty and that’s one of the reasons why people, including me, seem to love her more than anyone else. Trust me, if you are looking for the kinkiest pornstars in the industry, then Emily Willis is the one you should watch out for!

4. Chloe Cherry

chloe cherry

Chloe Cherry may look like a cute, innocent girl at first glance, but she’s much more kinky than you could ever imagine. This petite babe lost her anal virginity the same night she got her pussy fucked, and she made her porn debut shortly after turning 18. Ever since then, she’s managed to do some of the hottest scenes that has earned her the popularity that she enjoys today. If you are not into the regular and vanilla porn scenes and want something more hardcore and dirty, then you need to take a look at her videos because she just loves having multiple big cocks in each of her holes at the same time. She loves fucking which is the reason why her performances are so real and you will enjoy, and be aroused by, watching her fuck again and again. And, she’s a big fan of Riley Reid, so you know that she is going to be in the industry for a long time!

3. Angela White

angela white

If there is any pornstar that I consider to be perfect, then that would be Angela White. I would be okay if I had to watch porn featuring only this busty babe because each of her performances are better than the last and there’s never a dull moment that will put you off in her videos. There’s a reason why Angela White is so in demand, she not only works for the top studios in the industry but also runs her own production company that is responsible of releasing some of the best-selling content of the year. The curvy bombshell has done all kinds of porn, from erotic lesbian scenes to hardcore gangbang scenes, and she’s done it all with equal enthusiasm. I personally prefer to watch her hardcore scenes because watching her huge tits bounce while she’s being pounded hard by a big cock is just amazing. Plus, that huge smile on her face and that expressions of nirvana that she has also alleviates the scene!

2. Bonnie Rotten

bonnie rotten

I am pretty sure that none of you need any introduction to who Bonnie Rotten is, and I also think that you already know the reason behind me choosing her as one of the dirtiest and kinkiest pornstars of the year! She has been in the industry for a long time, and although she announced her retirement, she made a comeback in porn back in 2018 and has been shooting new scenes actively. She’s one of the top anal performers and has done some of the best anal scenes in her long career, and that’s not all because there are threesome scenes, double penetration & double anal penetration scenes, gangbang scenes and intense interracial scenes as well. And who can forget just how much she squirts while receiving a hardcore pounding!

1. Adriana Chechik

adriana chechik

You saw this coming, didn’t you? I mean there’s no better choice for the number one spot on this list than Adriana Chechik at the moment and I am sure that you all will agree. She’s one of the most active pornstars in the industry because she works with all the popular studios and has fucked almost all the top, as well as new, performers in her career. Apart from hardcore porn, she’s also quite good at lesbian porn scenes and does that quite regularly. But it’s her intense anal porn scenes that have earned her a huge following and recognition, and one can say that she literally works her ass off. The American pornstar has done a ton of anal scenes including ass-to-mouth, double-penetration, double-anal penetration as well as triple penetration, and she’s also great at giving sloppy blowjobs and deepthroating big cocks to the point that she starts gagging. Plus, she’s a squirter and one of the dirtiest bitches in porn right now. Whenever you watch her videos, one thing is certain and that is she will be dominated so hard and fucked so roughly, that she will look completely different at the end of the video compared to the beginning as she will be covered in cum and saliva and the other bodily fluids!

Who Do You Think Are the Dirtiest & Kinkiest Pornstars?

So, this was the list of all the nasty, dirty and kinky pornstars that I think you should know about. I am sure that you must have known about quite a few of the girls mentioned above, but I also hope that you came to know about new performers through this list.

In the end, I want to know your views about this list. Also, I want to know which pornstars would you consider the kinkiest and the dirtiest. Tell me about it in the comments below!

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