Top 30: Hottest Ebony & Best Black Pornstars of 2021

Black pornstars are fucking hot, not just because they are blessed with amazing bodies but also because none of them ever shy away from sex and are always open to exploring new kinks. Watching them sucking on a big cock or using their tongue to measure how deep a pussy goes is just one of the things that can cure your erectile issues; and when they get the dick ready and get in the cowgirl position, it is guaranteed that you will make a record for how far you shoot your load. Since I am kind of an expert at making list of sexy ladies, I decided to publish one featuring the sexiest ebony pornstars of 2021 and here it is!

I am not sure if I am saying this right, but I either heard someone say it or read it somewhere, “once you go black, you never go back”, and it seems to be true, at least when it comes to the adult industry! Once you watch the black pornstars in a hardcore fuck marathon, you won’t want to look at anyone else because now you are accustomed to watching gorgeous girls with curvy figures, big titties and big asses taking control of the biggest of dicks and fucking them in the most intense manner possible. So, if you are a fan of rough and hardcore sex scenes like me, these are the girls that you should be watching.

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Hottest Ebony Pornstars of 2021

33. Julie Kay

julie kay

Julie Kay might give off a romantic vibe at first, but once you get her in bed, she will expect you to give her a rough and intense treatment! The gorgeous babe is an absolute stunner who is blessed with a beautiful face with adorable dimples, plus she’s got a great figure along with a nice set of natural boobs and a perfect ass. She has been in the industry for some time now and has fucked the top performers in order to achieve the best deepthroating skills among her peers!

32. Michelle Anderson

michelle anderson

Michelle Anderson is one of the hottest debutantes in the industry that you’d love to watch because she oozes sexuality and is a force to be reckoned with when on screen and out of her clothes! The teen stunner was born in 2001 and with a gorgeous body, a perfect ass, a cute face and a seductive smile, she has managed to make a name for herself in a short span of time. What makes her one of the best ebony pornstars of today is the raw sexuality that she brings in her scenes; plus the fact that she gets eager at the sight of throbbing cocks is proof enough that she’s a slut who should be on your watchlist!

31. Osa Lovely

osa lovely

If you are into black pornstars who are not only voluptuous, but also have bodies that you’d die to embrace just once, then you will definitely love watching Osa Lovely’s videos because she’s the perfect kind of curvy! The gorgeous babe made her debut over a decade ago, but the allure of the porn industry and the ability to fuck all kinds of people, taste all kinds of dicks and lick all kinds of vaginas made her stay and thrive. This slutty brunette is known for her hardcore scenes which are pretty epic, and it’s a great sight to see her juicy round ass bounce up and down while she’s riding her partner furiously!

30. Jezabel Vessir

jezabel vessir

Jezabel Vessir has been a pornstar since 2014 and was one of the sexiest black pornstars for a long time. She took a break from porn for some time during which she didn’t shoot any new scene. But it seems like she is back in action as she is shooting new scenes on a regular basis. She used to be one of the sexiest, and now she’s back to being on of the sexiest as she’s performing again! The reasons why she made it to this list are her gorgeous body, her gorgeous natural boobies, and her jaw-dropping and cock-hardening performances that she gives without much effort!

29. Harley Dean

harley dean

I may have watched just a few videos featuring Harley Dean, but those videos were enough to convince me that she’s one of the best black pornstars at the moment! She is friendly, gorgeous and a total slut who loves the sexual freedom that comes with being a pornstar. She may have been blessed with good looks – a gorgeous face, epic boobies, perfect body and a stunning butt – but she also is sexy and popular enough to arouse men and women all over the globe with ease. Watch as she gives a sloppy blowjob to thick dicks and twerks her ass to make her man moan with pleasure before he rewards her with every last drop of his cum!

28. Nia Nacci

nia nacci

Nia Nacci happens to be one of the sexiest youngsters right now, and also one of the sluttiest babes in porn who loves spanking, hair-pulling and being choked! She’s been a pornstar since 2017, and has worked in hundreds of scenes across a variety of genres. You will see her shooting scenes like hardcore anal to sensuous lesbian scenes, and also do a ton of creampie, interracial and ass-to-mouth scenes. Along with her slutty nature, it also helps that she has a slim yet curvy figure with all-natural 32DD titties which get a lot of attention whenever she’s paired up with a male performer!

27. Victoria Cakes

victoria cakes

I do consider her as one of the top-tier ebony pornstars right now, but she hasn’t done many scenes even though she’s been in the industry for quite a few years now. I don’t know what the reason is behind her not performing regularly, but the scenes she has done are pretty fucking epic and worth re-watching multiple times; so that’s good! This gorgeous slut used to be curvy as hell, but it seems like she’s slimmed her body down, although not too much. She still has her gigantic titties and her gigantic butt and she uses them both to smother her partners while she uses their dicks and mouths to satisfy her sexual cravings!

26. Hazel Grace

hazel grace

There aren’t many petite babes in the industry who are blessed with big natural titties, but Hazel Grace happens to be one of the lucky ones! It’s always a treat to watch this horny slut wrap her luscious lips around throbbing BBCs, followed by a tit-job and then spreading her legs wide apart so that her partner can use her tight and wet pussy to fuck her as much as he wants. She is new to the industry, but she is skilled enough to fuck both men and women and show off her awesome skills that can make anyone she’s paired with cum without issues.

25. Jeni Angel

jeni angel

Jeni Angel is one of the youngest black pornstars on this list, and also one of the cutest starlets! If you like adorable girls with a love for large cocks and a desire to be dominated by older guys and girls, then Miss Jeni here will prove to be the perfect pornstar for you. In the short time that she’s been in the industry, she has shown us just how capable she is at sucking cocks and licking cunts, and her dick-riding skills are just otherworldly. Plus, watching her adorable smile while a giant cock rams her tight cunt is so arousing that you will have to unbutton your pants and free your own cock!

24. Zaawaadi


There are several ebony pornstars on this list who do really hardcore scenes all the time, and there’s a new addition to that which happens to be Zaawaadi! Her scenes are always a good mixture of sensuousness and a dominating fuck, and watching this Kenyan beauty taking the biggest of cocks deep down her throat or one of her holes is really erotic. She is one of the newest starlets who made their debut in 2020, but she has already done threesomes, gangbangs, anal and DP scenes, and I am sure we will soon see her trying out other hardcore porn genres as well!

23. Amari Anne

amari anne

Amari Anne is one of the starlets who are not only blessed with a skinny body but also with a gorgeously round ass that gives them a sort of voluptuous look. She’s also not lacking in terms of how slutty she is because she seems to love all things sex! She loves dressing up in sexy outfits, is an exotic dancer and a gorgeous camgirl on top of being a popular pornstar. So she knows how to captivate men and women with her charm, make them her slaves, make them shower her with compliments and fulfill all her demands, sexual and otherwise!

22. Honey Gold

honey gold

When you have a voracious sexual appetite that can’t be satisfied with normal means, then becoming a pornstar to fuck some of the hottest people on the planet would probably be the best option. This thought came to Honey Gold when she decided to make her porn debut; and in a short time, she was able to show the world just how big of a slut she actually was! Apart from being a lover of giant dicks, this short haired slut also happens to be a fitness freak and a connoisseur of leaking pussies, and gives hot performances no matter who she is paired with!

21. Nicole Kitt

nicole kitt

There aren’t a lot of starlets on this list who just made their debuts, but Nicole Kitt is one of the few ones as she started very recently and has done a little over a dozen scenes so far. But after watching a couple of her scenes, I can say that she deserves to be among the top black pornstars of the year. She not only looks stunning, but she also has the skills needed to be in the industry. She knows how to suck a cock and lick a pussy, and the way she can spread her legs to allow her man to pound that pretty pussy of hers as hard as possible is enough to make her a subject of your fantasies!

20. Jenna Foxx

jenna foxx

Ever since she started doing porn, Jenna Foxx has been giving us some of the hottest scenes that we can fap to, and I for one am really grateful for that. Her videos aren’t the only thing that’s good, she herself looks absolutely stunning! She has a buxom figure, big natural boobs, and a plump and round booty that looks even more perfect when she’s being pounded from behind. After doing more hundreds of scenes, including lesbian scenes and hardcore anal scenes, she’s without a doubt one of the best black pornstars of 2021!

19. Misty Stone

misty stone

Unlike most of the mature ebony pornstars who have buxom bodies, here’s one with a petite figure with perky natural tits and a bubble butt. Misty Stone is a MILF pornstar who can be seen fucking younger talents in most of her videos. She’s both submissive and dominant by nature and it all depends on who she’s about to have sex with. She is submissive when she’s with a strong guy who can lift her up and pound her without mercy, while she is dominant when she’s fucking a scrawny dude or a young girl. So, if you are into versatile performers who can do all kinds of scenes with perfection, then Misty Stone is the one you should check out!

18. Anya Ivy

anya ivy

I am not sure why but Anya Ivy seems to be taking it slow recently because the number of the scenes she do has dropped by a lot. I really hope that she’s just taking a break and not retiring because I want to see this gorgeous pornstar strip on screen and have hardcore sex for as long as possible, while I jerk off furiously to empty my balls! She has a stunning figure, her all-natural boobs are absolutely perfect and she has an innate ability to seduce and arouse anyone she wants; which is one of the reasons why I think she is one of the best ebony pornstars; and also why her leaving the industry would be bad news!

17. Daya Knight

daya knight

I have to admit, I wasn’t aware that this angelic beauty was doing porn because I would have added her to the list when I first published it. But I am correcting my mistake now by adding Daya Knight to her rightful place as one of the sexiest black pornstars! She’s a gorgeous babe who’s always dressed up in the best clothes and wears perfect accessories, and is skilled enough to suck a cock and even teach a novice a thing or two. If you haven’t watched her yet, do so now because this American pornstar has the face, the tits, the ass and the curious and kinky personality that you’ll fall in love with immediately!

16. Ashley Aleigh

ashley aleigh

Ashley Aleigh is one of the top-tier performers in the industry who gives her all in every scene she does, and she hasn’t disappointed her fans at all! The stunner is packed to the brim with sexual desires and loves it when a man can take control of her body and use it the way he pleases. She loves hardcore treatment, and is flexible enough to arrange her body in a multitude of positions in order for a unique fuck session. She is petite with small boobs but she has a round ass and long legs, and she uses all of it to her advantage when she’s naked and ready for a rough pounding!

15. Lacey London

lacey london

When Lacey London is on your screen, you can be assured that you are about to watch a fire scene that will leave you begging for more. And it makes sense because she’s stunning – she has a tight body, gorgeous boobs and a perfect face with a beautiful yet seductive smile! Plus, she’s a self-proclaimed slut who’s not only flexible but also someone who loves being in control and dominate her man or woman while they are fucking. Her body may be petite, but her ass is banging and so is her sex drive and ever since her porn debut, she’s on a mission to have all kinds of sex, and she will achieve that objective if she keeps shooting for the top porn sites!

14. Tori Montana

tori montana

Although she is one of the newer performers, there is no doubt in my mind that she’s one of the best ebony pornstars of 2021! This stunning 2000-born babe made her debut at the ripe age of 18, and went on to show us just how horny and slutty she really is. She loves twerking her gorgeous ass and uses her sexual talents to mesmerize fans who would give anything to spend some alone time with her. And so she decided to use her skills of making men horny and became a pornstar; and ever since then, she’s been giving one good scene after another that not only makes men hard but also a lot of women wet!

13. Lala Ivey

lala ivey

If you look at her filmography, you will notice that Lala Ivey is one of the most versatile performers among the ones mentioned in this list. She has done solo scenes, creampie scenes, lesbian scenes, anal scenes, blowjob-only scenes and even ass-to-mouth scenes, and I can say that there’s a lot more that she has in store for us! This curvaceous stunner is not only blessed with an appetite for sex, but she also has got the looks needed to enamor any men and make him release all his fluids inside her. She loves getting fucked, but she is personally a fan of blowjobs as she loves swallowing and doesn’t like it when even a single drop of cum goes to waste!

12. Daizy Cooper

daizy cooper

Daizy Cooper is the kind of seductress who will offer to suck your cock and the only thing she wants in return is you shooting your load inside her throat. She absolutely loves sucking on giant dicks, and is a total slut who enjoys sex more when it’s naughtier and kinkier and features tons of bondage and fetish elements. And with a body of a goddess, titties that any one would want to play with and an ass that bounces with perfection, there aren’t any men or women who would say no to dominate this tattooed babe and give her what she deserves the most – a huge load on her face or inside her mouth!

11. Halle Hayes

halle hayes

Halle Hayes is one of the few ebony pornstars who look absolutely stunning when they’ve got a huge dick inside their tight assholes, and this is why I want to watch her do more anal scenes! She’s got the perfect body, and she’s got gorgeous big fake boobs that complement her body pretty nicely. Ever since her debut, she has worked with only the best in the industry and shown that she can completely dominate any scene that she’s in. She loves to fuck, as evident from all her scenes, and it doesn’t matter if she’s fucking a girl or a guy, she always gives her one-hundred percent and makes sure everyone involved achieves an orgasm!

10. Cecilia Lion

cecilia lion

Not many pornstars are as bubbly and enthusiastic for a hardcore fuck as Cecilia Lion is, and it is visible in every single one of her scenes! It helps that she’s a total cutie who is loved by everyone, but she can also be slutty when the scene demands and that makes men want to fuck her even more. She has no qualms in deepthroating huge dicks, she is in fact eager to do that, but she is also a fan of fucking girls and has done severan lesbian scenes. Owing to her petite figure and her short height, she’s mostly on the receiving end of a hard pounding, which is exactly what she likes and it’s as glorious to watch as it sounds!

9. Ebony Mystique

ebony mystique

There’s never going to be a shortage of MILFs in porn because we all have fantasized about being with an older women and wondered just how good the sex could be! And when we are talking about the best ebony pornstars of the year, we have to talk about Ebony Mystique who seems to be getting more and more popular with every new scene! The mature babe has an athletic figure, huge fake tits, a tight pussy and a huge butt, and she can devour the biggest of cocks with ease. If you love hardcore porn filled with intense pounding, keep an eye out for her new scenes because she won’t disappoint you in the slightest!

8. Alina Ali

alina ali

Alina Ali is probably the perfect example of a girl who any sane man would love to spend his entire life with! Her all-natural boobs, her gorgeous figure, her round butt, and her curly hair make her a dream come true for many folks; and she uses her physical assets to get what she wants without facing much resistance. She is without a doubt one of the sexiest pornstars at the moment, and even though she is new in the industry, it won’t be wrong to consider her one of the best black pornstars too. If you disagree with my statement, then all you need to do is watch her videos and see just how good she is at draining cocks and cunts of all their juices!

7. September Reign

september reign

Being trained as a gymnast gives you a body that can be arranged in a multitude of sexual positions, and September Reign proves that to be true! She is really adventurous as she likes to explore the wild outdoors, but she is also really sexual because when she’s not shooting porn, she is either webcamming and chatting with her fans or she is taking advantage of some me-time to have fun with herself. However, I am more concerned with her videos because I want to see this gorgeous stunner take big cocks and see her perfect boobs being played with while she is fucked in missionary with both her legs behind her head!

6. Alexis Tae

alexis tae

Do you like watching skinny babes getting dominated by muscular dudes? Do you feel aroused seeing a tiny stunner becoming a sex slave? Do you love watching a petite babe being used as a human fleshlight? If your answer is yes to these questions, then Alexis Tae is the girl that you need to watch right now! She may be new to the industry but she is without a doubt one of the top black pornstars who has fucked more men and women than we could even dream of fucking in our entire life. And her scenes are pretty amazing as this flat chested pornstar loves being dominated while her tiny asshole gets stretched beyond its limits by giant cocks!

5. Moriah Mills

moriah mills

Moriah Mills rose to fame almost instantly after her porn debut which allowed her to work with some of the top porn studios. With a truly voluptuous figure, giant round titties and an even bigger booty, it wasn’t tough for her to make her name as one of the most curvaceous starlets; and it helped that she already was a popular social media model that catapulted her fame to new heights. I have loved watching her performances because her entire body seems to be built for seduction. Her lips her luscious enough to make her blowjobs intense and erotic, her boobs are a work of art, and her ass is large enough to cause earthquakes while she bounces over big cocks!

4. Ana Foxxx

ana foxxx

If you are a fan of hardcore blowjobs, especially the ones where the girl deepthroats huge cocks, then you should watch Ana Foxxx’s sexual exploits! She knows how to suck off her man and bring out the biggest load of cum ever. But that’s not all that makes her one of the best ebony pornstars, it’s also her love for intense sex! She wants to be dominated, she wants to be fucked without mercy, and she wants her partner to rip apart her pants and ravage her tiny asshole and make her his sex slave! And having a petite body that was built to be dominated, it’s a regular thing for this slut to be on the receiving end of a hard fuck!

3. Demi Sutra

demi sutra

Demi Sutra made her debut in 2015 but it wasn’t until 2018 that she started performing regularly by working with the top porn studios. And since then, she has given us some of the sexiest content that help us engage in the best jerk-off sessions! She has an athletic body along with a heavenly booty, and she takes good care of them with regular yoga sessions. Thanks to her workouts and yoga sessions, she has also achieved a high degree of flexibility that makes her shine in a porn scene. And recently, she got new boobs which look really amazing on her petite figure, and make her scenes even hotter!

2. Scarlit Scandal

scarlit scandal

There’s no denying the fact that Scarlit Scandal is one of the most popular black pornstars right now, and I am not just saying that without any proof because her scenes are proof enough! The slutty teenager loves intense sex, the bigger the dick is the more horny she becomes, which is why male performers are always eager to work with her and get the opportunity to taste her perky nipples, drink her pussy juice and explore the depths of her tiny holes. And I don’t blame them because she is one sexy babe with a great body, perfect titties and a perfect ass, and has a craving for sex so intense that it makes her even more attractive than any other starlet of her age!

1. Kira Noir

kira noir

You already knew she would be on the first spot because there’s no one more deserving than her to be at the top of the ebony pornstars list! She obviously looks stunning, but she also has a sexual appetite that can be quelled only with an intense and merciless fuck marathon. This is one of the reasons why her filmography is packed with anal and double penetration scenes, and that too featuring cocks that are bigger and thicker than her forearms. She was always sexy, with a petite body and a gorgeous ass, but now she’s got new boobs that are of the perfect size and shape and can be grabbed by her partners for support while they ram her holes even harder!

Which of These Black Pornstars Do You Like?

These were some of the best ebony pornstars in my opinion, and I hope you liked my list. There are still several babes in the industry who are active, but I can’t exactly add them all in a list because then it won’t be a list featuring the best ones. So, if there are some ebony pornstars that you really like and would want to include them in this list, let me know and I’ll check them out.

Till then, do make sure to share the article with your friends and tell them about this list of stunning black pornstars that you found, so that they too can watch some of these girls in action.

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