If you love black pornstars, for a lot of obvious reasons, then you are going to love this page as we have listed down some of the hottest ebony girls in the porn industry. We personally love black girls because they are extremely sexy, have amazing bodies, and the most important thing of all, they know how to turn on a man (or woman) with their amazing skills. And there must be a pretty solid reason why they say “once you go black, you never go back”!

Ebony pornstars not just look much, much better in a porn scene compared to others pornstars but they are also really wild when it comes to fucking. If you’ve watched their porn videos, you will see that these babes love an intense fuck and the bigger the dick is, the deeper they’d want to stick it in their throats. Plus, most of the black pornstars have really curvy body, with massive tits and big ass, something that fans all over the world really want to see in the girl of their fantasies. So, we decided that it was time to update the article with new information and add some of the best ebony babes in the industry at the moment. So, let’s not waste any more time and get right down to the good stuff!

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Hottest Ebony Pornstars of 2019

20. Nicole Bexley

nicole bexley

Having a perfect figure requires tons of hard work and a proper diet, but all that stuff is for normal people because Nicole Bexley is blessed with good genes and can maintain a good figure without much work! The young pornstar made her debut back in 2015 and went on to work with some of the top studios in the industry. She used her petite schoolgirl-like looks, with her natural tits and ass, to feature in several porn videos and garnered a huge fan base. And she deserves all of it because she’s straight-up savage when it comes to fucking. Although she’s no longer active in the industry, she is someone that you should definitely know about!

19. Nia Nacci

nia nacci

Nia Nacci is another young ebony starlet that made her debut in the porn industry quite recently. In the short time that she’s been active, she has raked up quite a good number of porn scenes to her name and is performing for multiple studios and working alongside the best talents in the industry on a regular basis. What I really liked about the pornstar was her slim, yet curvy figure with all-natural tits. But, it seems that she’s gotten her tits enhanced as they look a bit bigger, more firm and round, compared to her early videos. I guess, it doesn’t matter because she didn’t go overboard with her tits and she still looks stunning as always.

18. Harley Dean

harley dean

Talking about fake tits, here’s Harley Dean who also looks much better than most of the other pornstars with fake boobs. The reason behind that is she didn’t go overboard with her obsession with big tits and took her body type in consideration as well. You can clearly see that her boobs, with those cute little nipples, look so good on her naturally curvy body. Combine that with her proficiency in sex and her insatiable hunger for a good, and rough, fucking and you get a pornstar you’d want to watch everyday. Ms. Harley has been in the industry for some years now and has been consistently releasing new scenes by working with multiple studios!

17. Evi Rei

evi rei

If you are going to become a pornstar and start fucking on a regular basis for money, then you should have a passion and an appetite for sex otherwise it’s just going to get dull very soon. Thankfully, that’s not the case with Evi Rei as this young starlet loves to fuck (or get fucked) and has shown that through her several scenes. She’s a newcomer in the industry, as she debuted in 2018 only, but she’s raked up a good scenes count and can easily be considered as one of the best ebony pornstars of the year. With a beautiful face, a petite figure and big natural tits, she’s got everything you’d ever look for in a pornstar!

16. Kira Noir

kira noir

If you’ve been a fan of ebony girls in porn, then you’d have this notion that all these girls have a voluptuous body, but that’s not really the truth. There are several pornstars, like Kira Noir, who have got petite body structure as well. This mature pornstar has been in the industry for quite some time and has worked along side some of the best talents in the industry. With a petite body and a juicy, round butt, this flat chested pornstar has made a name for herself by performing in different kinds of porn videos, including anal and lesbian scenes.

15. Sarai Minx

sarai minx

Almost all the pornstars mentioned in this list have been working for a long time, but not Sarai Minx as she made her debut only last year. The busty pornstar still has quite a ways to go before she can catch up to her contemporaries, but I can say that she’s got the potential after seeing a few of her videos. She’s got an amazing figure, huge boobs that are weirdly too far apart, and an amazing butt and although she’s only done a handful of videos so far, I am hoping that she picks up the pace and starts working with different studios!

14. Jenna J Foxx

jenna j foxx

Beginning her porn career in 2015 with a hardcore anal scene, this young pornstar went on to perform in some of the best ebony videos in recent years. Jenna J Foxx looks stunning as she’s got a gorgeous face, a curvy figure with huge natural tits, and a plump booty that looks even more perfect when she’s being pounded from behind. With more than a hundred scenes to her credit, including lesbian scenes and hardcore anal scenes, she’s easily one of the best black pornstars in the industry at the moment and you should check out her best work if you haven’t already!

13. Demi Sutra

demi sutra

Demi Sutra made her porn debut in 2015 but didn’t do a lot of scenes in the following years. That all changed in 2018 when she started performing actively and released dozens of videos with the top studios in the industry. The gorgeous pornstar has a petite body with a truly heavenly booty and she takes care of her figure with regular yoga sessions. This has allowed her to achieve a high degree of flexibility that’s necessary for all the different positions she likes to get fucked in, and she’s also really good at deepthroating a cock for a long duration of time before she’s ready to shove it deep down her tight pussy!

12. Misty Stone

misty stone

Here’s yet another ebony pornstar who’s got a petite figure with perky natural tits and a bubble butt. Misty Stone, unlike most of the girls on this list, is a MILF pornstar as she’s most seen being paired with younger talents and she’s both submissive and dominant by nature as it depends on whom she’s about to have sex with. She can be submissive if she’s with a strong guy, or she can be dominant if she’s fucking a scrawny dude or a young girl. So, if you are into girls who can perform any kind of scene with perfection, then you most definitely need to check out Misty Stone’s filmography as it’s got almost everything you’d ever want to watch.

11. Aryana Adin

aryana adin

I love curvy pornstars as much as I love petite pornstars, and Aryana Adin is one of my favorite voluptuous babes. She’s truly thick in all the erogenous regions on her body, be it her massive boobs or her even bigger ass, and her thighs are also thick enough to smother anyone if she decides to sit on their faces for long enough. It’s always a treat to watch her luscious lips wrapped around a throbbing hard cock followed by a tit-job and then finishing the guy of by bouncing her huge ass up and down on the dick to reach climax. I can’t stress this enough when I say that you definitely won’t be able to hold it in, even if you are just watching her videos and not actually having sex with her!

10. Jasmine Webb

jasmine webb

Jasmine Webb is one of the few ebony pornstars who love getting their assholes ravaged by huge dicks. She’s got a perfect body, not too petite and not curvy either, and she’s also got truly gorgeous fake boobs that complements her body. The mature pornstar has been paired with some of the best talents in the industry in her long career and she’s shown that she can match the sexual appetite of even the younger girls. She loves to fuck, as evident in all her scenes, and it doesn’t matter if she’s having sex with a girl or fucking a dude, she always gives it her one-hundred percent and enjoys the experience!

9. Kiki Minaj

kiki minaj

If you are into British pornstars because their accent arouses you, and you like black pornstars as well, then you definitely need to know about Kiki Minaj! The busty babe has been in the industry since 2013 and has performed in so many anal scenes that you’d think that she’s here only to get her asshole stretched. She’s got a curvy figure and her huge boobs are fake, which don’t look too weird unless you count the visible cuts, and she’s got a plump booty as well that’s on full display when she’s getting pounded from behind in her asshole. Apart from anal scenes, she’s also done a few vaginal penetration scenes as well as lesbian scenes, but it’s her anal performances that are totally worth checking out!

8. Aaliyah Hadid

aaliyah hadid

Aaliyah Hadid is one of the best young porn starlets in the industry at the moment and I really loved her videos when she made her debut. The gorgeous pornstar exudes sexuality and dominates all her scenes with ease. She’s got a great figure, her fake boobs aren’t too huge to look weird and they are surprisingly quite soft, and she rocks a great bush as well. She’s also quite good at giving blowjobs, especially deepthroating big dicks, so you don’t want to skip that part of her videos. However, she underwent a phase where she got a haircut and I really didn’t like the way she looked; but thankfully she’s getting her original groove back as she’s getting back in porn with the same energy and appearance that she had when she made her debut in the beginning.

7. Cassidy Banks

cassidy banks

Cassidy Banks is probably the perfect example of a girl that any man would love to spend his life with! The gorgeous babe has huge natural boobs, she’s got a great curvy figure and a voluptuous butt and all this makes her the center of attention wherever she goes. Not only is she one of the hottest pornstars at the moment, but I consider her to be one of the best black pornstars of all time. All her videos are really arousing and they all feature intense breast play, including a long tit-fucking session because who wouldn’t want their dicks massaged with those soft funbags. You most definitely need to check out her videos because they are a gold mine of porn!

6. Layton Benton

layton benton

I honestly thought that Layton Benton is a newcomer in the porn industry because I only watched her videos last year. However, when I looked at her filmography, I found out that she’s been in the industry for a long time, although she didn’t work consistently. She even looked a lot different than she looks today as she had a more petite figure compared to right now where she’s got a more chubby look with big boobs, a huge ass and thick thighs. I haven’t seen any of her old videos, and only her new ones, so I personally like her thick avatar and would love to see her perform more consistently now that she’s back in action!

5. Diamond Jackson

diamond jackson

MILF pornstars are always going to be in demand in the porn industry as everyone, at some point in their life, have fantasized about being with an older women who could show them what true fucking really looks like! So, when we are talking about best ebony pornstars, we have to talk about Diamond Jackson who’s been in the industry for a long time and is considered as one of the best. The mature babe has an athletic figure, huge fake tits that still look great, a tight pussy and a big butt and she’s quite freaky as well which is evident by the way she devours the biggest of dicks with ease. It’s always an erotic experience to watch this MILF take on younger guys, or girls, and completely dominate them showing them what it takes to satisfy her sexual hunger!

4. Anya Ivy

anya ivy

I don’t know what happened but it seems as though Anya Ivy is taking it slow in the recent months as she’s only performed in one scene this year. I would certainly hope that she’s just taking a break before she comes back and starts releasing new scenes consistently because her fans, me included, would love to see this gorgeous pornstar fuck on screen for as long as possible. She’s blessed with a gorgeous face, a petite figure and huge natural boobs and all of this makes her a truly perfect pornstar. She has been in the industry for a long time, but hasn’t performed any anal scenes so I would really love to her cute butt in action.

3. Honey Gold

honey gold

When you’ve got a voracious sexual appetite that can’t be satisfied anywhere else, then entering the porn industry where you can fuck the best pornstars in the world is the best option. Honey Gold thought it through when she made her porn debut in 2017, and in a short time, has amassed quite the popularity. She is also quite the fitness freak and loves to squat which is quite evident seeing her tight body and her gorgeous booty. Moreover, she’s got some really cool tattoos, and she’s blessed with amazing tits and a tight pussy that easily grips dicks of all shapes and sizes. Since she loves having sex, she’s performed in both hardcore and lesbian scenes so she has videos catering to all her fanbase!

2. Moriah Mills

moriah mills

The moment Moriah Mills made her debut in the porn industry is the moment she became a force to be reckoned with. She instantly rose to fame in the industry with just a few scenes in her kitty and went on to perform for the top porn studios. She’s got a truly voluptuous figure, with giant tits and an even bigger booty, which is why she’s considered as one of the best curvy pornstars at the moment. The buxom babe rose to fame as a social media model, amassing followers from all over the world, before making her porn debut where she continued her winning streak with one hot scene after another. However, it looks like she’s on a break as she has not done any new scenes for several months now. I only hope that she’s going to make a comeback because it would be a shame to keep that rocking body of her, and her huge ass, away from the camera for a long time.

1. Sarah Banks

sarah banks

There’s no denying the fact that Sarah Banks is probably the best ebony babe in the industry at the moment. I am not just saying that without any proof because if you want proof, then you just have to watch a few of her recent scenes. The gorgeous teenager loves rough anal sex which is why she’s considered as one of the best anal pornstars of the year. She looks stunning, has a great body structure, and she’s got fake boobs with nipple piercings that are big enough to complement her body type and accentuate her sexual aura. If you haven’t seen any of her scenes, then you should definitely have a look at them because her tight asshole and an even tighter pussy are totally worth watching, especially with a big dick in them!

Which of These Black Pornstars Do You Like?

These were some of the best ebony pornstars in my opinion, and now I would like to know if you agree with the list. There are still several babes in the industry that are quite active and releases new scenes regularly, but I couldn’t get them all in the article. If you think that I missed out on some really good pornstar, or if you think that one of the above pornstars can be replaced with a better one, then please drop your view in the comments section below.

I would also love to know your list of the best black pornstars, so make sure that you mention your favorite ones in the comments section. This way I’d be able to learn about new girls to watch and maybe add them in the article in the next update!


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