When you think of porn, a picture is painted in your mind and it features the sexiest babe you can imagine with huge tits. And that has been true for a long time for porn as most of the pornstars have huge tits, or at least tits that give them a feminine appearance. But as things always change, so did this trend! Now, there are a ton of hot girls with no tits at all and they are doing rather well for themselves. In this article, we have listed some of the hottest flat chested pornstars of the year who have become quite popular in the past few years and are currently considered some of the best pornstars.

If you’ve been on this website for a long time, then you’d know that we’ve already covered lists of pornstars with natural tits as well as the ones with fake tits. We even covered the most extreme and featured pornstars with the biggest tits in porn; so it was only natural that we covered the exact opposite of it – pornstars with no tits! If you think having big breasts and a curvy body is what you need to become popular, then you couldn’t be more wrong because this girls are some of the cutest babes in the industry and can outperform most of the busty pornstars. So, without wasting any more time, let’s have a look at the best pornstars with flat chests!

Hottest Flat Chested Pornstars of 2019

17. Aria Alexander

aria alexander

There’s no better pornstar to begin our list with other than Aria Alexander! With a petite body and a cute face, you’d expect her to squirm when dealing with a huge dick, but she actually loves taking it in all her holes as is evident in all her videos. She’s not as active as we’d like her to be, but there are a ton of videos featuring this petite babe that you may want to check out. Plus, she may be a flat-chested pornstar, but her nipples are really amazing and get erect with the littlest stimulation. So, if you haven’t watched her yet, or know of her, then you should definitely check her out right now!

16. Kristen Scott

kristen scott

Kristen Scott has been featured on a number of lists on our blog and she deserves to be in all of them! She’s also one of the few pornstars who still keep a bush that isn’t too thick and not too trimmed and looks just as sexy as it’s supposed to be. She may be cute, but don’t let that fool you because once all the clothes are off, she’s one of the kinkiest pornstars right now with tons of scenes in her kitty. She’s sucked and fucked the biggest dongs in the industry and has no troubles burying them deep in her throat or in her tight little asshole. Apart from anal scenes, she’s been heavily featured in lesbian scenes so if you like to see two hot girls fucking each other, you know where to look for!

15. Rosalyn Sphinx

rosalyn sphinx

Normally people like girls who have huge boobs, and I do too; but there’s something really cute about girls with tiny tits and I am sure that you won’t be able to deny that. Rosalyn Sphinx is one of the best flat chested pornstars to have entered the industry recently and she’s already shown everyone that she’s here to stay for a long time. Her tiny tits, petite frame, cute little butt and a tight pussy combined with tattoos, a nose ring and her cute face make her a complete package and someone you should definitely watch out for in 2019!

14. Emma Hix

emma hix

Emma Hix has been in the industry for some years now, but 2018 was her best year as she got to perform for some of the biggest studios in the adult industry and opposite some of the best talents. She may not exactly be a flat-chested pornstar, but her tits are really small and her nipples are the ones that make them look a bit bigger. The Canadian pornstar knows what it takes to be popular and knows how to suck and fuck like a real pornstar. She may have a petite frame with a tight little pussy, but that doesn’t stop her from stretching it out to its limit by stuffing them with the biggest dicks she can find. Moreover, she’s done anal, interracial and even creampie scenes that you’d love to check out!

13. Naomi Woods

naomi woods

Naomi Woods was once one of my favorite pornstars to watch, but that was before she got all the fake tan on her body, went from blonde to brunette and had some work done on her face. Thankfully, she hasn’t gotten a breast enhancement which qualifies her as one of the best flat chested pornstars, but I am afraid she’ll soon get that one too. Putting all that aside, if we just see her performance in all the porn videos, then she definitely deserves to be on every top lists possible because she’s got an amazing body that I can get my hands on only in my dreams!

12. Alex Grey

alex grey

If you are fan of tiny girls that are always dominated in all the scenes, then you are going to love watching Alex Grey as her petite frame makes her the perfect fuck toy. The blonde pornstar has tiny tits that are squeezable, and is not exactly flat chested; but they are not big enough to not be considered in this list. Moreover, she’s one of my favorites as she’s blessed with perfect proportions that suit her perfectly – a cute face, a petite body and a tight little butt and pussy. Plus, she looks stunning in all her scenes, with and without her clothes, and I always feel jealous of the guys who get the fuck her again and again.

11. Hannah Hays

hannah hays

Hannah Hays may be one of the best flat chested pornstars in the industry right now, but frankly speaking, I am not a big fan of hers and haven’t watched as many of her videos as I should. I don’t have any particular reason behind that but I just don’t feel horny enough when watching her get fucked. Don’t get me wrong, she’s done some really amazing scenes in her career, and along side some of the hottest pornstars too, but nothing seems to get me off. That opinion may change in the future as I see her future videos, but for now I am just going to present her to you because you may end up liking her more than the others.

10. Whitney Wright

whitney wright

Whitney Wright is one of the most active pornstars of the year 2018 and hopefully, she’ll be just as active in 2019 as well. She’s one of the few pornstars who did anal scenes early on in their career which means clearly shows that she’s got the appetite for sex that’s needed to stay in the porn industry for a long time. If you have a look at all the stuff that’s she’s done in the past years, then you’ll see interracial scenes, lesbian scenes, squirting scenes, ass-to-mouth and even creampie scenes and she does them all with equal enthusiasm. It doesn’t seem like she’s doing it for the money, but more like she’s a slut and love getting her holes stuffed with a new dick everyday!

9. Gina Gerson

gina gerson

Gina Gerson is one of the skinniest pornstars right now, so skinny that you can actually see her bones when she’s squirming with pleasure! And since she’s skinny, she’s got flat chests, or tiny chests if she squeezes them together, with erect nipples that constitute as one of her pleasure zones. If you are into pornstars who look like they haven’t eaten in days getting fucked hardcore while being carried and flung all over the room, then you will definitely love watching this petite babe as she’s the best in the industry at the moment!

8. Dakota Skye

dakota skye

Dakota Skye has been on our radar for a long time, but she’s not been as active as we would like her to be in the past few years. But keeping that fact aside for a second, we’d like to focus on what she’s done when she was active and there’s lots of good stuff. The short hair pornstar has been featured in a ton of anal videos, where her pain/pleasurable expressions are enough to get you turned on, and she’s also done quite a few lesbian scenes as well. I personally love watching her get roughly fucked, and I only hope that she makes a comeback in 2019 and give us all the content that she’s kept from us in the past years.

7. Misha Cross

misha cross

I am pretty sure that most of you reading this article would rather prefer to be with a girl with huge tits because who doesn’t like to keep squeezing those fun bags every chance they get. But there’s something about girls with tiny tits, like Misha Cross, that makes them a much better option. For starters, these girls have a petite frame with a tight pussy and even tighter asshole to explore, and they are fucking cute! Coming to Misha Cross, this Polish beauty began her career with an anal scene and did mostly anal scenes only in the beginning before exploring lesbian scenes and interracial scenes. But if you love to see tight assholes get stretched to their limits, then you’d want to check out her filmography as it’s filled with a ton of anal videos, including double penetration and creampie scenes.

6. Kira Noir

kira noir

Ebony babes are known to be voluptous and have amazing tits and ass, because all the black pornstars in the industry look like that. However, there’s Kira Noir who stand out from the crowd thanks to her petite body, but equally stunning looks. This flat chested pornstar knows how to fuck and has proven that in multiple videos as she takes dicks after dicks in all her holes with equal ease. So, if you like anal pornstars, you may want to keep her on your watchlist because not only has she done a lot of amazing anal scenes in the past, but she’ll likely continue doing it in the future as well as it seems she loves getting fucked in her ass more than her pussy.

5. Kimmy Granger

kimmy granger

Kimmy Granger, in my opinion, is one of the cutest pornstars in the industry right now and someone who I’d like to fuck to if I ever get a chance. With a gorgeous face, a perfect body, cute little butt and a tight pussy, she’s the perfect woman who’s got the potential to become the greatest pornstars of all time! I have watched a ton of her videos, and my personal favorites are the ones where she gets roughed up by the guy because she doesn’t look uncomfortable in those scenes, and rather looks like she’s really enjoying the rough treatment and would like to get fucked in the same manner all the time. I also recommend watching the POV videos because they give you an extremely closer look of her body as she fucks the dude!

4. Alexa Grace

alexa grace

Alexa Grace is as skinny as some of the other girls on the list, and one of the best flat chested pornstars as well, but she’s also quite tall that makes her look even more skinny. She’s also, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful pornstars right now and her porn videos are more erotic rather than rough ones that you might be familiar with. She’s done a ton of videos including quite a few of lesbian scenes and interracial scenes, but she’s not yet done a real anal scene which is something we hope she does this year. However, if you were looking for petite girls with flat chest, then you’d definitely like to watch all her videos and see what I am talking about!

3. Riley Reid

riley reid

Riley Reid is one of the hottest pornstars of all time, and also one of the very few who’ve stayed natural without getting any kind of enhancements on their bodies which is one of the main reasons why I really like her. She entered the industry in 2010, at the age of 19, and has performed in some of the best videos in the porn industry which led to her getting nominated in different award categories and also winning a ton of them including the Best Anal Scene, Best DP Scene, Female Performer of the Year and more. The teen pornstar may have a petite body, but she’s got the butt quite big and firm compared to her overall frame. Moreover, she’s done almost all kinds of sex and hasn’t shied away from anything. She’s also one of the few girls who truly enjoy doing porn because no one can stay on top of their game after years in the porn industry, something that Riley Reid has done and will continue to do so for many more years!

2. Elsa Jean

elsa jean

This blonde American pornstar is one of my all-time favorites because I normally watch, and re-watch, her videos quite often. Elsa Jean has got everything in perfect proportions – she’s got an amazing figure, a nice and round butt with a tight asshole, an even tighter pussy with lips that have an amazing grip and her face is stunning with a gorgeous smile and seductive eyes. She may have a tiny figure, but she’s got the sexual appetite that rivals the biggest names in the industry and she’s proven herself capable of taking on the biggest dicks in porn as she’s done a lot of interracial scenes in her career. She mostly plays the shy, submissive girl in her videos who loves having sex; but when she tries to dominate, she looks so fucking hot that I can’t even describe. I just want her to keep doing what she’s been doing so far, but I also hope that she loses her anal virginity in 2019 and give us her first anal scene!

1. Emily Willis

emily willis

The reason why Emily Willis is one top of the list is because she’s newest pornstar, and my current favorite, in the industry making her debut in late 2017 and completely dominating the industry in 2018 with several scenes. She’s not just done hardcore scenes which includes interracial scenes, anal scenes, creampie scenes, ass-to-mouth scenes but also several lesbian scenes as well. Moreover, she’s fucking cute and has a petite body making her one of the hottest flat chested pornstars of 2019. If the previous year is anything to go by, we are going to see her be even more active in the new year as well as she’ll explore genres in porn and will even give us her many firsts including first double-penetration, first BDSM and more! You have to keep an eye out for her because she’s surely going to be the next big thing in a short span of time.


So, these were my picks for the best flat chested pornstars of the year! If you think that some other girls deserve to be on the list, then do let me know in the comments section below. As more and more pornstars are making their debut each month, I’ll try my best to keep the list updated so as not to miss out on any hot babes and I’d like your help in doing so because a man can only watch so much porn himself. So, let’s all work together and make this list the best resource anyone can find!