Since I have shared dozens of articles on hot pornstars, and even covered the ones who had the biggest boobs, you might have seen this coming because today I am going to list down the sexiest pornstars with small boobs who are active in the industry right now. There are literally tons of pornstars who have small, natural tits; but while compiling the list, I discovered that only the young pornstars had small boobs and most of the mature women and MILFs were rocking big tits, natural as well as fake. I don’t know if I didn’t look properly or if that is really true, but that’s something I thought you might find interesting.

Before we begin the list, I would like to tell announce that when I say pornstars with small boobs, I am talking about boobs that are at least big enough that you can see without the girl having to squeeze them together. Moreover, these boobs are big enough to be cupped in your hands and if you thought that we were talking about extremely tiny tits or no tits, then you might want to check out our flat chested pornstars list. So, now that you know exactly what criteria I had in mind while making the list, we can start looking which pornstars with small tits made the cut!

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Best Pornstars with Small Boobs

21. Allie Nicole

allie nicole

Don’t let her cute and innocent looks fool you because Allie Nicole is one of those girls who are fucking freaky in bed. This gorgeous pornstar made her debut only last year, but immediately got the attention of the big studios and started shooting a ton of porn scenes with the top performers. Born in 1999, the blonde bombshell loves to fuck as most of the teenagers do but she takes it a step forward with her hot porn scenes. She’s been featured in interracial scenes and has also done creampie scenes, and this is just the beginning of her career so you’ve got a lot more content to see. With her amazing dick-sucking and fucking skills, her petite figure with perky small tits and a tight round ass, she’s definitely going to become one of the top pornstars in the industry in the coming years!

20. Ginebra Bellucci

ginebra bellucci

There’s no shortage of teen babes in the porn industry and all of them are so fucking gorgeous that it’s not even fair. Ginebra Bellucci is one such gorgeous teenager that made her debut in the industry a year back, but she’s already proved her mettle by doing some of the most hardcore porn scenes. The Spanish pornstar is a huge fan of anal sex and prefers getting a huge dick in her ass rather than her pussy, and I don’t think anyone would be complaining about that. She’s got a gorgeous figure with amazing tits and ass, and the fact that she’s horny all the time makes her even more desirable. For me, there’s no reason why she shouldn’t be considered as one of the best pornstars with small boobs. In fact, I would say that she’s going to appear in several different of our lists in the future because her porn scenes are just that good!

19. Liv Wild

liv wild

I only discovered her a few days ago while I was researching for this list, but I have to say that I am quite enamored by this gorgeous babe that I want to see more content featuring her! Liv Wild made her debut last year and ever since then she’s gotten a ton of recognition for her dick-sucking skills, especially because of her big, luscious lips that looks perfect when wrapped around a throbbing cock. But it’s not just that because the petite beauty loves getting her pussy wrecked, whether it’s the result of a rough pounding by a big dick or by a more experienced female pornstar, and that’s the reason why her scenes turn out so amazing. If you haven’t seen any of the videos featuring this gorgeous pornstar, then you’ve got to make up for it right now because you’ll definitely see her quite often in the coming months!

18. Paige Owens

paige owens

Paige Owens may look like a cute, innocent girl who’s never even seen a dick in her life, but that couldn’t be far from truth because she could write an entire book on how to be a filthy slut! This gorgeous pornstar loves to have sex, especially giving sloppy and deep blowjobs, and she also loves to get completely dominated and be at the mercy of her partners. She’s been blessed with an amazing figure with perfect tits and a round ass, and she can twerk as well which is quite amazing to watch especially when she’s got a dick in her ass and she’s twerking up and down to get all the load out. So, if you are looking for the best pornstars with small boobs, you don’t want to miss out on this gorgeous anal queen because innocent-looking girls who are the biggest sluts in bed are everyone fantasy!

17. Natalie Brooks

natalie brooks

At first glance, Natalie Brooks looks just like any other college-going student and although she’s fucking cute, she’s also quite sex positive and delightfully horny most of the time. As soon as she turned 18, this gorgeous brunette babe got in touch with an agency and within days, she was having hardcore sex in front of the camera. And judging by all the videos that she’s done, I can say that she definitely knows what it takes to make her fans horny by just staring at their screen and watching her get fucked by a well-built stud. With a stunning figure, gorgeous natural tits and a bubble butt that keeps bouncing all the time, she is someone you should definitely watch out for!

16. Kimber Woods

kimber woods

When I first saw her in a porn video, I was surprised to see Natasha Nice without her huge natural tits and wondered if she underwent a breast reduction surgery. Thankfully that wasn’t the case because the pornstar I was watching was Kimber Woods, who look quite similar to Natasha Nice if she had a petite figure and small boobs. Looks aside, her sexual prowess is also on par with industry veterans and her bubbly and energetic personality makes her a delight for whoever is fucking her that day. Plus, she’s got an amazing booty and the combination of that booty along with her petite body gives her amazing natural curves. There’s no doubt that she is one of the best pornstars with small boobs, and I am sure that the bisexual beauty will definitely become quite popular in the coming years!

15. Janice Griffith

janice griffith

I wouldn’t be surprised if I found out that Janice Griffith is addicted to sex because she herself has said that she becomes miserable if she don’t have at least 10 orgasms a day. But she’s in the perfect place to satisfy her sexual cravings because in the porn industry she can have as many orgasms as she wants while fucking new people almost on a daily basis. Ever since her debut, the petite pornstar has managed to give awesome performances, and I personally am a huge fan of her videos because she’s a submissive slut who loves being dominated by her partners. And seeing her writhing in pain and unable to move, while squirting out all her pussy juices, is definitely something that will turn everyone on!

14. Scarlett Bloom

scarlett bloom

She looks really cute at the moment, but give her a few years and you will see her transform into a seductive dominatrix who’ll totally dominate her partners, men and women both. Scarlett Bloom is tall, like one of the tallest pornstars in the industry; but considering that she’s still a teenager, you don’t get to see her dominating side as she’s mostly stuck to playing the role of a submissive girl who has to pretend that she’s not a slut. Moreover, she loves experiencing new things because her performances are getting more and more hardcore and I am hoping that we’ll get to see her having anal sex before the year ends!

13. Sovereign Syre

sovereign syre

Sovereign Syre made her porn debut back in 2011 and shot only lesbian scenes in the first few years of her career. Although she did BDSM scenes as well, almost all of them were with another girl. However, she soon started doing hardcore boy/girl scenes and even after doing quite a number of them, she still can be considered as one of the lesbian pornstars because her filmography is dominated by her girl-on-girl performances. Even though she’s been in the industry for a long time, this gorgeous babe still hasn’t done an anal scene but thankfully, she has done interracial and creampie scenes, so there’s a possibility that some director will get to her ass soon enough. So, if you didn’t know about this stunning Native American pornstar all this time, then you need to make up for it by having a look at some of her best porn performances.

12. Ariana Marie

ariana marie

If you love to have sex and want to do it all the time, then being a pornstar is the right career choice and that’s exactly why Ariana Marie chose to be one! Being a pornstar allows her to travel around the world, meet thousands of her fans and have plenty of great sex with different people all the time; but that’s still not enough because when she’s not having sex on camera, she’s doing it off-screen as she’s a swinger in her private life as well. You can’t tell by her innocent looks, but she is quite slutty and loves having hardcore sex and admits that she enjoys the experience of new things – sucking on a new dick, licking on a new pussy, playing with new tits – and that’s why she tries her best to fuck all the pornstars in the industry, new and old as well as men and women! So, don’t ignore this gorgeous Latina pornstar because she’s been featured in some of the best porn scenes you’d definitely want to watch.

11. Honey Gold

honey gold

I became a fan of her performances ever since I first saw her in a porn video and I have watched all her recent scenes as well, but I have to admit that I liked Honey Gold more with short hair than the longer hair that she sports nowadays. The brunette babe looks stunning with her gorgeous skin, her seductive looks, her perfect boobs and her tight, round ass. Moreover, she’s also got tattoos on her left hand which make her look a bit more slutty and seductive which is quite necessary if you want to make your fans horny by watching you getting fucked by other men. Moreover, this ebony pornstar has got an insane sexual appetite that lets her enjoy all kinds of sex, from sensual to rough; and even after getting fucked all day long, she still has to masturbate multiple times a day to quell her sexual hunger.

10. Jenna Sativa

jenna sativa

If you love girl-on-girl action more than boy-girl, then you might already know about Jenna Sativa and might have already watched a ton of her videos. The gorgeous pornstar has been blessed with stunningly good looks and her voluptuous body with perfect curves is enough to make men go rock hard, and make pussies go wet, within just a few seconds. Now, you may argue that she can’t be considered as one of the pornstars with small boobs because her breasts look kinda big. And although I admit that her breasts are big enough to squeeze, suckle and fondle throughout the scenes, they aren’t as big as some of the tits we’ve seen in the industry. So, that’s why I have included her in the list and if you think otherwise, let me know in the comments below.

9. Kenzie Madison

kenzie madison

When a girl admits that she finds it hot to think about a guy somewhere jacking off by seeing her do all kinds of naughty things on camera, you will get an idea of how big of a slut that girl would be. And the porn industry is the perfect place for freaky girls like her who don’t mind expressing their sexuality. Kenzie Madison loves it when someone gets aroused because of her which is why she began her adult career as a cam girl before transitioning to the porn industry to give her fans the complete package. Although she loves watching porn and using sex toys to pleasure herself, she really enjoys getting dominated and manhandled and I personally would love to see this gorgeous blonde pornstar get her wish fulfilled over and over!

8. Carolina Sweets

carolina sweets

There might be a few people who will argue that Carolina Sweets doesn’t have tiny tits and I agree that they aren’t as small as most of the pornstars on this list; but they aren’t huge either. I would say that they are on the tiny to medium scale which is why she is included in this list. She started as a cam girl but there was no way that she would stay as a cam girl because it would be impossible to keep that pretty face and stunning figure out of the porn industry for long. And ever since she made her debut, the cute pornstar went on to work with the top studios in the industry and got a chance to fuck some of the best porn performers, both men and women.

7. Kenzie Reeves

kenzie reeves

If you are one of the shortest pornstars in the industry as well as a teenager with a tiny figure, you are bound to get roles opposite a dominating personality who will fuck you in every position imaginable and make you a submissive slut. However, there are many girls who love to be at the mercy of their partners and it seems that Kenzie Reeves is one of them because her petite figure and cute looks allow her to be as submissive as she wants while obeying the orders of her partners. Her body may be petite, but it doesn’t look malnourished; in fact her body is quite toned which shows that she hits the gym regularly. Also, her cute face is a sight to behold when she’s choking on a huge dick while her makeup gets ruined with all the tears and the saliva.

6. Adriana Chechik

adriana chechik

It doesn’t matter if she’s one of the pornstars with small boobs because Adriana Chechik is definitely one of the most fuckable girls in the adult industry. If you look at her filmography and all the scenes that she’s done so far, you will be amazed at the variety of her scenes. She’s done all kinds of stuff, from intense hardcore to erotic lovemaking, and it’s always a great experience to watch her fuck on screen. Although she’s done a ton of lesbian scenes in her career, I personally am a fan of her hardcore scenes because I want to see her choking on a big dick, desperate to take a breath, before she’s fucked senseless in the roughest way possible. Not only does she love an intense anal pounding, but she also likes it when all her holes are filled at the same time which is why her gangbang scenes are always a work of art. So, if you love to watch kinky pornstars getting dominated, then Adriana Chechik should definitely be on your watchlist!

5. Kali Roses

kali roses

I was following her on her Instagram page even before she decided to make her porn debut, and I was so fucking happy when her very first porn video was released. Being┬áblessed with a perfect body with natural tits and an amazing ass, Kali Roses is without a doubt one of the most beautiful pornstars in the industry at the moment. And that’s not the reason why she’s in demand; the reason is her fucking skills that leave you wanting for more! She knows what it takes to make her partners cum and she is capable of handling the biggest of dicks with ease. Plus, she’s as good in lesbian porn scenes as she is in hardcore ones and she loves to push her boundaries because she has also started performing anal scenes. So, there’s no doubt that she is one of the best pornstars with small boobs that should be on your radar!

4. India Summer

india summer

There aren’t that many MILFs or even mature pornstars in the industry who haven’t swapped their small natural breasts for big silicon bolt-ons, but India Summer is one of the most popular ones. This gorgeous MILF pornstar still rocks her natural looks on screen and her porn performances never leaves you unsatisfied. Before she was a pornstar, she was a swinger and an exhibitionist which means that she was always comfortable with her body and her sexuality and she knew exactly what she wanted in order to feel satisfied. And that is quite visible in her scenes as she not only loves dominating her partners, boys and girls, when she’s paired with younger talents; but she also loves to get dominated by a big, dominant guy as he makes her a little slut, pins her down and pounds her in the roughest way possible.

3. Aidra Fox

aidra fox

Before she was making people cum with her porn scenes, she was running hot cam shows leaving hundreds of her fans wanting for more; but Aidra Fox was way too horny to be satisfied with plastic dicks and not experimenting with the real ones! This gorgeous pornstar loves hardcore fucking and she’s never hidden that fact because one of her biggest fantasies is to be taken charge of in bed. She wants a hot, dominant guy to just take complete control of her body, make her his slave, fuck her brains out and make her achieve sexual nirvana; and that says a lot about her personality. I have watched quite a few of her videos and there’s never a dull moment because this brunette pornstar not only loves getting fucked, but is also equally enthusiastic when it comes to sucking dicks, a skill that she’s mastered by practicing on hundreds of dicks!

2. Ella Hughes

ella hughes

We are talking about the best pornstars with small boobs, and there are a lot of girls who have small tits which are perky as hell and with nipples that get erect with the slightest stimulation, and Ella Hughes is one of them! This gorgeous pornstar has been in the industry for a long time and we have seen her do some of the most hardcore stuff in her scenes. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this petite beauty loves getting fucked by the biggest of dicks that pose a threat of rearranging her inner organs, and she absolutely enjoys seeing her tight holes stretched to their limits. Plus, this British pornstar is blessed with a gorgeous figure, a small yet tight ass and perky tits and it’s a treat to watch her get utterly ravaged, teetering between the points of pain and pleasure, due to an intense and hardcore pounding!

1. Alina Lopez

alina lopez

I am pretty sure you saw this one coming because I can’t think of anyone better than Alina Lopez to be one the top of this list. Ever since her debut, this Latina teenager has only earned praises from her fans as well as her co-stars and she’s a strong contender to join the list of the all-time greatest pornstars of the industry. And looking at her filmography which includes all different kinds of porn including including hardcore interracial as well as erotic lesbian lovemaking, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that she’s mastered all kinds of porn performanes. If you ask me, I would say that her lesbian scenes are fucking hot because this teen pornstar knows exactly how to use her long tongue to tongue-fuck girls’ pussies and make them cum, and her clit-licking and fingering skills are also on par with the veterans of the industry!

Who Are Your Favorite Pornstars with Small Boobs?

So these were my picks for the hottest pornstars in the industry who have small tits, and I would like to know what you think about it. I am sure that not all of you will agree with my choices because there are literally tens, maybe hundreds, of other girls I may have overlooked and that’s why I need your feedback. Let me know which pornstars do you think deserve to be on this list. It’s not quite possible for me to include each and every girl on this list so having your feedback and suggestions will help me in making the best list of the top pornstars with small boobs!


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